Chapter 34 – And One Step Back

Chapter 34 – And One Step Back

February 13, 2004

“So what do you think Gran?”

“I think it’s a good plan Sookie.  I know you love Eric, but take this time for yourself.  Visit with Tara and Lafayette, go dancing, be lazy at home – lord knows I have enough nurses and other help.”

“Gran, did I tell you I found out he paid them all for a full year, up front!?”  She shook her head as if those actions surprised her.  “He didn’t want me to worry about anything.”

“I know he loves you.  That doesn’t mean he’s not going to hear about his actions from me, but I think he really did leave you thinking it was best for you.”

“Eh, enough about all this.  What can I fix you for dinner?”

“Oh, tomorrow I need to get back to my more normal schedule for meals.  You eat every meal too late due to your vampire hours.”

“What about vampire hours Gran?”

“Oh, good evening Pam, Thalia.  How are you ladies tonight?”

“I’m fine.  Sookie, you seem better.”

“I called him.”

“Everything is good?”  Pam’s face lit up a bit and Thalia actually smiled.

“Well, we’re taking the time apart to reflect and be sure.”  Pam’s face fell.  “It’s just some time Pam, I think it’s a good idea.”  Pam simply nodded.

“I regret that I actually must leave you tonight for Fangtasia, so I can only visit for a short while, but Thalia will be staying.  If it’s OK, I plan to come here to rest again though, I mean as long as Eric is away.”

Gran answered while Sookie took Pam’s hand.  “Pam, you ask every night since Eric left and I keep telling you, this is your home for as long as you want or need it to be.”

“Thank you Gran.”

Thalia took her position outside, relieving Peter while Pam stayed with the women in the kitchen.  She watched Sookie carefully, looking for any clues since she really didn’t understand this ‘some time’ business.  While Sookie cooked, Pam set the table for Gran, Sookie and the nurse, an act that still surprised the Were nurse.  Soon enough though, dinner was over and Pam reluctantly left for Fangtasia knowing Sookie would be asleep when she returned.  She didn’t like Sookie on human hours.


The next evening, Sookie and Eric were having their first daily talk.

“The flowers were lovely.  Gran suspects you had quite a hard time finding asphodels – especially since you had them delivered last night after we spoke.”

“It was necessary.”

“Gran also translated them.  I know you regret what happened.  We need to think and talk about moving forward, OK?”

“Yes I agree.”

“Let’s move on.  How was your meeting after we talked last night?  Wait, can you tell me?”

“Of course I can.  We are working on a plan to have two of the local vampires’ pets infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun to act as spies while the Sheriffs, Godric and I work at night following up on leads we find from their interactions.”

“Is that safe for these humans?”

“We also have two Weres to go in with them, and the four of them are acting as two couples looking to join the church.  The Weres should be able to provide protection.  Everyone is willing min älskade.  How is Gran’s rehabilitation progressing?”

“I can see her getting stronger every day.”  He could see the smile on her face through the tone in her voice.  “Stubborn woman still refuses Pam’s blood to help her along.”

“That’s her choice Sookie, don’t harp on her.”

“I have gossip if you’re interested.”

“If you’re talking, then I am interested.  Is this Were tittle-tattle?  They are a never ending source.”

”Were and Daemon.”

“Potts and. . .”

“Alcide.  He broke up with Debbie; she’s been cheating on him for a while.”

“Are you just guessing?”

Sookie was smiling, she knew he really didn’t care about the couple dating but he was being attentive to the conversation.  “Well, I’ve gotten signals from them for about 2 weeks but then last week when Alcide told me he broke up with Debbie I nudged him on it.  They are on friendly date tonight.”

“What the hell is a ‘friendly date’?”

“Well, Potts knows he just broke up with Debbie, even though the relationship has been dying a slow death for about 2 months.  They just want to try and be friends outside work; work is us by the way.  They asked me to go with them, just to get out.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I don’t know, Gran said something similar about going out dancing with Tara like we used to do all the time.”

“Take extra guards but go.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, I didn’t know you liked that.  We can go dancing together when I come back.”  Eric offered.

“I’d like that.”  Eric was thrilled, a spike of happiness barreled through the bond.  “What made you so happy?  Dancing?”

“No, that you were talking about seeing me when I come back.”  She smiled to herself as he said the words.

“Do you have any meetings tonight?”

“We are combing through the data we already have and prepping our spies.”

“You’re sure you can’t use a telepath’s help?”

“I don’t want you anywhere near here.”

“Not if it will bring you home sooner?”

“It’s not safe here, we won’t discuss this further.”

“Ok, ok.  I don’t want to waste our one call fighting, let’s move on.”

“Certainly.  Is it safe for me to call Pam?  I’ve only been emailing or texting her about business since I left.”

“Why wouldn’t it be safe?”

“She announced to me that she’s leaving me.  Giving me her share of Fangtasia, telling me she was going to take care of herself from now on.”


“She was pissed at what I did.  I don’t know if she’s over it enough for me to risk calling her.”

“But she’s giving up your credit cards?  Your bank accounts? . . . PAM?!”

“I told you she was pissed.”

“I’ll talk to her.”

“That might help.  I need to go; Godric is making the hurry up motions.”

“Be safe, both of you.”

“You be safe too.  Send me pictures if you go dancing.”

In Dallas Eric and Godric headed to the Dallas nest.  “We should end early tonight so we will have time to talk.  I know the separation is difficult.”

“I have a plan for the nights we end early; you’re welcome to join me.”

“What has you smiling?  What is this plan?”

“A surprise for when I return to Sookie.”

“Tell me min son.  You are very excited.”

“Well. . . “


Back in Shreveport, right after Sookie ended the call with Eric; there was a knock on the door.  Sookie found Andre standing there with a grimace on his face.  “Delivery for you Miss Stackhouse.”

“Thank y. . .”  He had turned and was at his car before she could finish saying thank you.

“Who was it Sookie?”  Gran called.

“A very rude Andre.  He had a delivery for me.”

“Well open it.”

“Oh my!  It’s an iPod.”  The red Valentine wrapping paper went flying as she excitedly ripped it off; then started checking out the playlists.  One was called ‘Sookie’s favorites’ and sure enough he’d pre-loaded dozens of her favorite songs.  Another list was called ‘Eric’s favorites’ and she scrolled through to see what he added.  The final playlist started some tears.  It was called ‘Wishes’ and as she scrolled through, she was sure every romantic song that had wish in the title or was otherwise about wishes was loaded.  She laughed.  He even included ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ and ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ from Disney movies.  She connected the iPod to the external speakers, started the wish playlist and opened the letter.

Min Alskade:

Thank you for giving me another chance.  Enjoy your music and think of me when you listen.

Happy Valentine’s Day,



The next night, another delivery arrived via Andre and Sookie asked Eric about it.  “Why did you send Runaway Jury?”  Sookie was settled on her chaise in the Compton estate having another call with Eric.

“Last fall I asked you to go to the movies one night, and you said no.  It was the night we toured my gardens reviewing your plans.  I automatically thought your reason for not going to the movies was personal against me, of course now I know it probably had to do with your telepathy.  I pouted off and you stopped me, and once you explained you were tired . . . well we even had dinner together.  It was . . . you admitted that night you no longer saw me as the scary monster you met at my warehouse.  Anyway, the movie I wanted to take you to that night was Runaway Jury.”

“You . . . You remember that?”

“Of course, it was a pretty pivotal evening for us.  Well the whole week was.  When I called my video store and they said it was about to be released, I had Andre deliver you an early copy.”

“I’ll wait to watch it with you.”

“Well, that will defeat that I got you an early copy.”

“That’s not what matters.  The movie could suck, but why you bought it means everything to me.”

Eric smiled.  Thank Gods he was getting some of this right.  He rose excited for their call each night and then deflated right after knowing a full day would pass until the next call.  This was the third day and Sookie had started cheating by sending some texts in between calls.  His heart leapt at each one – even if it was just a tidbit about the house or Gran.  She felt the need to share and that’s what mattered.  She stopped his thoughts by changing the subject.  “Eric.  We need to talk about something.”

‘Ugh, I hate this part of the calls’.  Sookie would have something important to discuss, and while they needed to do it, it didn’t make it any less uncomfortable.  “Yes min kära.  What is the subject tonight?”

She took a breath and so did he to prepare.  “Your legendary logic.  Where was it?  And more importantly, how can we deal with this.  You can’t throw logic out the window when I’m involved.”

“I agree.”  This topic he could handle, he’d prepared with Godric.  “I’ve spoken to Godric about this since I arrived in Dallas.  Getting a handle on this is a must if for no other reason than our safety.”


“As I’ve told you, the root of my decision was fear that you would leave me.  I believe once we put that behind us, as you want to do with this time and these talks, it will be a huge relief.”

“I can see that, but what else can we do?  That you made such a rash decision is something that scares me; that’s not you Eric.”

“It scares me too.  I can only hope to have learned from this.  I’ll continue to work with Godric as well.  You may need to remind me.”

“Totally prepared to do that.”  She laughed a bit and he joined her.

“I knew you would be fine with that.”  Hoping they were done with that topic he moved on.  “How is Gran progressing?”

She answered and steered the discussion to the daily gossip.  He was relieved that the hard part for tonight was over.


A little over a week had passed since Eric and Sookie started talking again and Gran was getting stronger by the day.  She wouldn’t be able to live on her own anytime soon, but she was able to make it around the house with a walker and an assistant much more easily than when she first arrived home.  Her progress made Sookie very happy, as did the daily gifts that arrived from Eric.  She knew flowers were cliché, and he even admitted it, but a fresh bouquet arrived each day.  Her Gran knew the meaning behind most flowers and translated for Sookie upon their arrival, though Eric had her looking up some meanings for a few varieties.  One night, right after they talked Eric had a huge bouquet of white heather delivered, which left Gran stumped.  When she turned to her flower book, ever present on the coffee table in the living room, Gran found they stood for wishes coming true.  Sookie was blubbering and unable to explain the meaning to Gran until she calmed down.  Sookie had known for the past two days that she had no plans to leave Eric.  She did want to have a serious talk about children, however they could have them, but nothing he said would change her mind about Eric.  If he wanted children, great; if he didn’t then she would love him all the same.  She simply wanted to know.  Ensuring equality in the relationship was also something she felt needed to be discussed.  No, she didn’t expect to be equals in the vampire world, but at home?  Unless it came to safety she wanted to be true partners – the high handed decision making had to stop.  She hoped Eric had good news when they talked tonight, since she wanted him home so they could talk this all out in person and move forward.  She’d had it with only having phone calls for these discussions and planned to finish their talks face to face.

Just when she was about to call Eric, she received a text instead.

E:  We rested at the nest today, meeting starting before sunset so I can’t talk.

E:  Love you.

S:  I understand.

S:  Love you too.

The situation was the same the next night and Sookie deflated a bit.  When Pam rose, she noticed a difference right away.  “What did he do?”

“Nothing Pam, they are just staying at the nest now and the meetings start almost as soon as the oldest vampires rise so we don’t have time to talk tonight, same as last night.”

“Get dressed; I’m calling Tara and Potts.  You’re going dancing.”  She put her head out the back door.  “Thalia!  Do you have anything you can wear dancing.”

“I don’t dance Pam.”

“You do tonight.  Sookie needs to go out.”

“I will guard, you can dance.”

“Let me call a few Weres for backup.”

“No need.”  Potts said as she ran into the kitchen.  “Alcide and I were heading out; I just called him to tell him it’s dancing now.  Where are we going?”

Pam got a wicked look in her eyes.  “A new bar in Ruston called Rumors, it’s ladies night.”

“A strip club?  PAM!  That’s not the place for me.”

“Suck it up Crumbcake, I have the perfect dress.”

“I don’t wear your size.”

“I bought one that’s big in the bust, it’ll fit fine.”  Then she mumbled.  “As long as you don’t bend over.”

About an hour later, they had piled into Eric’s SUV with Sookie fidgeting in her too short dress.  “Muffin, sit still and smooth that skirt out; you’ll get all wrinkly otherwise.”

“Skirt?  Someone actually called this a skirt?  It’s a wide belt; they only sold you half a dress.”

“Lucky for you you had a clean thong.”

Potts and Alcide chuckled at the conversation.  “PAM!  Alcide is sitting back here with us; he does not need to know that level of detail!”

“Just think about dancing, you’ll forget all about your dress.”

“I better not; one wrong move and I’ll be the entertainment for the night!”

Pam whispered and everyone but Tara could hear.  “One could only hope.”

Once Sookie heard the beat from the parking lot, her aggravation at Pam ended.  She put up her shields, grabbed Tara and pulled her into the club, paying the cover for her group of ‘guards’.  The music called Sookie to the dance floor before she even found a table and she didn’t stop for another 5 songs when Tara begged her for a break.  After they were seated and had finished their first drinks, they were approached by a gorgeous man with short blond hair and a set of shoulders that made Eric look whimpy.  He introduced himself as Darren.  Tara stared for a few minutes before blurting out “You dance here, I’ve seen you.”

“Yes, I am one of the dancers.  I’m also the owner.  “I came to see if this charming creature.“  He nodded towards Sookie.  “Would dance with me?”

The waitress approached the group and Darren announced the group’s drinks for the night were on the house.  Alcide and Potts shared a look.  This wasn’t a good thing; Darren was standing too close to Sookie and there were other vampires in the club; vampires that would recognize Sookie as Eric’s.  Before they could say anything, Sookie stepped away from the group with Darren.

They danced the end of a fast dance and when the music slowed, Sookie tried to leave the dance floor but Darren held her back.  She moved his hand from her rear back up to her waist before shooting a glance at Alcide and mouthing ‘help’.  Alcide had also had enough of Darren so he told Pam to pull the car up to the entrance with Tara while he and Potts went to retrieve Sookie.  Thalia kept watch in case she was needed.  The retrieval of Sookie caused a bit of a skirmish on the dance floor but Alcide prevailed when some of his fellow packmates stepped into help.  He had to carry and upset Sookie out of the club and directly into the car.  “Guys, I’m sorry.  We can go to another place if you want.  That guy was just too handsy and I couldn’t get him to stop.”

“Sookie, why don’t we just grab a late snack?”  Pam suggested.  “We can talk more when we get home.”

Sookie didn’t like the sound of that since Pam seemed pretty upset.  Thinking over the time in the club, she tried to pinpoint what made Pam upset and it dawned on her.  “Shit, I had my shields up and didn’t check.  There were Area 5 vampires in that club weren’t there?  I shouldn’t have danced with another man.”

“No Sookie, you really shouldn’t have.  We’ll need to get ahead of this with Eric so he’s aware.”

“But I really didn’t do anything.”

“Remember we talked about appearances, all those months ago?”

“Yeah.”  She put her head in her hands.  “Just go home so we can figure out who should contact Eric and tell him.”

“Yes, it might be better coming from me.  We’ll discuss it like you suggest.”


In Dallas, the meeting with the spies had just concluded so they could retire.  The volunteer spies needed to keep close to regular human hours while they were spending time almost every day with Fellowship members.  Before the follow-up session started, Eric quickly checked his phone and he was surprised to find an email from Malcolm, one of his Area 5 vampires.  The email delivered a video that infuriated him.  Sookie was dancing with a human man at a local club.  He threw his phone against the wall and was about to storm out when Godric caught up to him to understand the problem.  “Sookie’s out with another man.”

“Are you sure that is what is really going on?”  He guided him out the side door into the yard next to the garage.

“There was video.  His hands were on her ass while they danced.”

“Min son, keep your head.  We still have a meeting to conclude and our plan for tomorrow requires your focus.”

“I can’t lose her now.  I’ll rip apart every member of the Fellowship since I’m required to be here instead of with her.”

“You told her to go dancing.”

“With Tara, her girlfriend!”

“Eric, we must return to the meeting.  Get it together.  Your part in the next few days is very important.”

Eric moved to go to the door but his mind was clearly elsewhere.

Hugo, one of the pets being used as a spy with the Fellowship had been in the garage listening to the whole conversation.  He smiled:  A distracted Eric would be good for their plans.

The Texas vampires continued their meeting until breaking up a few hours before dawn so they could research the members of the Fellowship they’d been ‘assigned’.  Each vampire was linked to one of the key members of the Fellowship, the names and their Fellowship roles having been supplied by their spies.  The donors made their way into the room after the meeting concluded, but Godric and Eric waved them off.  Eric had taken from donor earlier in the evening, mostly for appearances, but he didn’t want to partake from another human anymore than was necessary; he missed Sookie.  Thinking of Sookie caused the earlier pain to return.  He was shocked that she would be with another man especially after having proclaimed that she could never be with a human at all.  Now he had no phone until a new one arrived tomorrow night via Hugo.  At least Isobel’s human was good for something.  As far as Eric was concerned he hadn’t proven himself worthy as a spy.  The other members of the team were able to gather significantly more information than Hugo.  “Godric, I need to call Pam and understand what happened, Sookie is likely asleep already and I’m too distracted to wait until tomorrow.”

“Yes you are.  Might I suggest you also find your way to trusting Sookie?  You have video out of context sent to you by an underling who doesn’t really respect you.”

“I know what I saw.”  Godric shook his head at his son’s stubbornness while he handed him the phone.

Pam answered on the first ring.  “Master, we have been trying to reach you for hours.”


“Calm yourself, it isn’t. . .”

“I saw video Pam; she was out with another man wearing the equivalent of a sash for a skirt.”  In the background he could hear Sookie curse and call him a jerk.  “She’s awake?  I WANT TO SPEAK TO HER NOW!”

“Not as angry as you are.  It’s not what you think and now you’ve got her mad because you jumped to conclusions.”

“How can it not be what I think?  He had his hands on her practically bare ass IN PUBLIC!”

“Calm down.  The dress was mine, she wasn’t comfortable but I pushed her and she was never exposed.  Eric, you’d know the story if you took the time to read my texts.  Why didn’t you call me back or read my texts?”

“My phone broke.”

“Hmm, after you saw the video I guess.  Who sent you the video?”


“You didn’t suspect the video given the source?  Did he send you the part where she tried to get away from him and she needed to motion for Alcide to help?  Did he show the part where Alcide needed to grab two other Weres from his pack to subdue him without hurting Sookie and she was so upset he needed to carry her to the car?  Did you see all of that MASTER?!”

He did it again, he overreacted.  Gods, he lost all rational thought when it came to Sookie.  “No, I didn’t see any of that.”

“And before you start in on her about dancing with a man in the first place, she realizes the mistake she made.  To her, she was in a human establishment, she didn’t register the vampires in the bar because she was so excited to be out and she had her shields up.  He asked her to dance and she went off with him for a fast dance.  When the music changed to a slow song, he kept her on the dance floor even though she resisted.  That’s when he got grabby.  She looked to Alcide for help immediately.  Are you ready to apologize yet?  Though I warn you, she’s hopping mad.”

His tone was significantly softer now.  “Put her on, please.”

Please huh, he knows he was wrong.  I like having Sookie around.  Hope she forgives him quickly though.  Given her mood, that’s not likely.’  She handed the phone to Sookie.  “He wants to talk to you.”

“Eric.”  She spoke coolly into the phone.

“Min kära. . .”

“Don’t you dear me.  You believed a video and got yourself worked up before you even spoke to me?  By the way, Pam has been trying you all night to inform you.  So you’ve got some nerve starting out pissed on a call when you have no fucking idea what really happened.  This is a trust issue Eric.  You’re in Dallas with donors. . .”  He tried to interrupt but she ignored him. “and we’ve discussed this, I know you need to feed, but I trust that it’s not more.  You could show me the same courtesy and ASK first before you blow up on Pam then demand to speak to me.”

He was quiet for a few minutes before he said.  ‘I’m sorry.”

“I know you are, but I’m tired and mad that you reacted first without thinking we’d been trying to get to you for HOURS.  I’m going to bed.  I stayed up to talk to you so I could be sure you were not mad, but I can see that was a wasted effort.  Don’t call me tonight, I need to cool off.”  With that, she handed the phone to Pam.


“It’s Pam, she went to her bedroom.”  She sighed at hearing her master being so upset.  “Just give it some time.  She spent all day with her Gran then she really did stay awake all night after the incident to try and reach you.  She got herself worked up pretty good about the possibility of you being so mad that you weren’t answering our calls.  By the time she heard your voice, I was sure she was going to rattle apart.  I’ll talk to her tomorrow night if you want when I rise and update you.”

“I won’t be available tomorrow; you can try to text me.  Isobel’s human is getting me a replacement phone.”

“So you’re taking action, is that why you aren’t available?”

“We’ve really already started.”

“Can you talk about it?”

Pleased that Pam was actually talking to him, he decided to let go of the dance discussion and respond to her question since he’d missed his connection to Pam.  “For a few minutes.  You know we have four spies?”

“Yes, but I don’t know what you’ve been doing with the information, or even what information you’re gathering.”

“Were planning to discredit the organization.  The spies have been gathering information on the names of the leaders.  Once we have the names, we research them; gathering addresses, bank information, car make, model and license plates.  The plan is to plant V in their cars, have them caught with prostitutes, boost their bank accounts from nefarious sources.  All of it leading up to a government raid on the Fellowship since we have learned they have vampire weapons and they are planning genocide of the vampire race.  The raid will be easy to swing since we have Weres in the FBI.  Once we lay the foundation with the arrests of the leaders, they can justify the full raid of the Fellowship.  Tomorrow night, we’re setting up the first known leader by planting V in his car then calling in a tip.”

“Wow.  I figured you guys were just going to charge in and kill them all.”

“How would that help?  Another group would just take their place and then they would have a massacre to use as evidence of our evil.”

“And you got Weres to help willingly?”

“They’re planning their own reveal.  The Fellowship will be a thorn in their side all too soon.”

“Makes sense.”

“Godric and I still have work to do before dawn so I must go.  The good news is I may be home within a week.”

“That’s something.”

“I just hope there’s something to come home to.”

“Eric, you’ll need to work through this.  For now, just give her space; you focus on your mission.  I’ll help Sookie here.”


The next day, Sookie woke early to help with Gran and as a result, spent the day stewing while in her completely grumpy mood.  The household gave her a wide berth as she progressed through the day.  Honestly, she knew she was tired and should take a nap knowing things would look better if she wasn’t dead on her feet, but she just felt like wallowing.  Waiting for Eric to call all last night had literally made her sick with worry and then he justified all the worry by flying off the handle.  Did she make a mistake by accepting the dance invitation?  Given her role in Eric’s life; yes, but he should have talked to her about it first before starting the call angry.  This reaction was another thing to add to their list when he returned.  For now, she was just too pissed off to think more about it.

She decided to attack the front garden bed while Gran napped after lunch.  Potts observed from a distance as Sookie worked through her anger.  The past few weeks had been very trying for her young friend.  She could understand Eric’s upset at the incident with Darren, but he still should have given Pam or Sookie a chance to explain what happened.  Of course they would get passed this, but the timing couldn’t be worse since they didn’t have the ability to talk through the issue.  She almost felt sorry for the weeds Sookie was using as her relief from ire.  After watching her complete one bed, she decided to step in.  “Sookie, you really should nap.”

“Potts, you are not my mother.”

“No, I’m your friend.”

“I appreciate that, but I want to finish this bed before Gran wakes.  I’m hoping I can get her to walk this far to check it out.  She’s been doing so well.”

Seeing Sookie’s reasons for staying outside had her backing down.  ‘I’ll just get Pam to work on Sookie napping or sleeping early.’  She patted Sookie’s shoulder.  “I understand.  Would you like help finishing so it’s done when she wakes?”

“That’d be great, but isn’t it your day to cook supper?”

“It is, but we’re having chicken pot pie and the casserole is ready to go in the oven already.”

“Must be nice to not need that much sleep.”

“It comes in handy.”

As she planned, Potts pulled Pam aside after dinner and talked to her about getting Sookie to sleep.  Having been there when Sookie didn’t sleep at all the night before, she readily agreed.  Knowing that Sookie would be cared for, Potts went off to her night class.  Pam found Sookie in with Gran, helping her settle in for the night.  She joined her, getting Gran out of her robe and adjusting pillows as she knew she liked.  “Pam, do the vampires of Area 5 know you take such good care of your adoptive Gran?”

“They better not.  I have a reputation you know!”

Gran just chuckled as the girls finished their tasks and kissed her goodnight.  She held Pam’s hand when she leaned over and asked her to stay for a minute.  They watched as Sookie left and following Gran’s hand motions, Pam turned on the dehumidifier to cover their conversation.  “Can you glamour her into a better mood?”  Gran asked.

“Lord Gran, I would if I could.  She just needs sleep and she needs him to get back.  I’m going to work on the sleep part right after I leave you.  As for Eric, he hopes to be home within a week.”

“That’ll be good.  I appreciate that you’ve stayed here.  I know it’s a pain traveling between Shreveport and Bon Temps.”

“It’s been a pleasure Gran.  Now, I’m off to get your grandbaby into bed.”

“I wish it was Eric saying that, she needs it.”

“GRAN!  You’re so bad!”  She chuckled as Pam left the room.

The house was quiet so Pam went in search of Sookie outside.  Bubba saw Pam searching and pointed to the side yard.  “Weeding at night?”

“I’ve got some nervous energy to expend.”

Pam just shook her head and sat at the end of the chaise.  “Sookie.  Can I convince you to go to bed early?  I really think you need to shut down.”

“If I lay in bed I’m going to think about it.”

“What are you going to think about?  Are you really THAT mad at him?  Not that he didn’t deserve what you told him but you’re still that mad?”

“Pam, I’m fed up with Dallas and all this time to reflect.”  That worried Pam.  “I have things I want to discuss with him, and NOT ON THE PHONE or TEXT.  I want to move forward and I guess last night did upset me because I was so worried about his reaction and then he went and reacted just as I feared.  I know I need sleep, but I don’t want to think about it.”

“Come on.”  Pam stood and put her hand out for Sookie.  When Sookie stayed still, Pam repeated her request.  “Sookie, come on.  You’re going to get yourself sick if you don’t sleep.  You’ll see things better after.”

“I just told you I don’t think I can sleep.”

Pam leaned down and pulled Sookie to standing and started toward the door.  “You’re going to take a long shower, dress in comfy PJs and I’m going to tuck you in and sit with you until you fall asleep.  I’ll rub your back.”  Sookie looked at her sideways.  “Not like that.  I’m not making a pass at you; I’m just trying to help you relax.”  Sookie nodded and headed into the house for her shower.  Just as she promised, Pam tucked Sookie in and rubbed her back until she fell asleep.  Since she’d already called Chow, their new bartender to tell him to watch the bar; she was able to stay with Sookie and work on some of the Area 5 reports.  It was nearing midnight when she got a feeling of panic from the bond she had with Eric; at the same time Sookie sat up from her sleep and screamed his name.

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