Chapter 32 – Surprise

If you haven’t read 31 right before you read this – I posted ahead of schedule (meaning  more mistakes).  It was that – or possibly waiting a whole week.

Oh – and to quote one of my favorite fanfic writers (KJWRIT) – this chapter has some gassy unicorns.  There might be more.


Chapter 32 – Surprise

The next night, everyone on the island except for their guards, stayed on the guest side. Eric and Sookie had only two nights before they headed to their Council meeting and they were taking the time to be alone.

Though the timing seemed off, Eric still had items left in his box from Godric and he’d planned to go through it with Sookie. Sookie knew he wanted to go through those items so she decided to get started on the sex part of the evening before Eric rose. Her thinking was that a good fuck would help him through anything difficult. With that in mind, she returned to their bedroom about twenty minutes before he would rise and straddled her husband. Seeing him naked was all she needed to get her engine running and she started pleasuring herself while she was poised on top of him. Each time she got close to climaxing, she’d back down for a moment or two, then start again. Sure that he’d really love it; she took her wet fingers and painted his lips and chest with them, over and over again.

The twitch of his nose was the first movement she noticed followed by his grin. “Lover, are you being naughty?” His beautiful blue eyes sparkled with happiness.

She shook her head. “I’m surprising my husband.”

“Good girls don’t touch themselves while their waiting for their husbands to wake.” He swatted her ass and she squealed in delight.

She changed to a serious expression. “This one does.” She leaned over so she could kiss him. “Don’t you like waking up and smelling me right under your nose.”

“Maybe. Maybe I like swatting your ass more.” He pulled back and hit the other cheek. “I can feel you’re pussy is getting hotter. It seems you like it too.”

“I think you’re the naughty one. Sleeping all day, only making love to your new wife twice in the past eighteen hours.” They were both smiling widely as they played with each other.

“And now you can’t punish me with toilet scrubbing, you promised in front of all our friends.”

She waved her hand. “Pfft. We’re married now. The punishment is sex once a week.” She tried to refrain from laughing but couldn’t hold it in and she burst out laughing. “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen with us.”

“It will never be like that with us. You’ll know every night, maybe several times a night, how much I love you.”

She melted at his wording and her eyes filled with tears. “I already do Eric. I already do.” They shared a look and the bond was singing with love. After a few minutes, she broke them out of the intensity. “Well, now you have work to do.” She rose up again and maneuvered her sex over his very hard cock. “Time for my husband to love me.”

“Anything my wife wants.”


“I want to swim.” Sookie announced when they were deciding what to do next. They both knew that Eric was going to open the last items in his box from Godric; she wanted to do something else first.

“Stalling for me?”

She shook her head. “No. It’s selfish. I do want to swim while we can since we’re supposed to get rain later tonight. I mean, who knows when we’ll have beach time once we start working and traveling.”

“Very well. My wife wants to swim, we’ll swim.”

She smirked. “You like that dontcha?”

“Swimming, of course . . .”

“Not that. Calling me your wife.”

“Very much.” He pulled her out of the bed and over his shoulder. “Me Man, you my woman.”

“You forgot the grunt.” He grunted for her and headed to the stairs. “Ah Eric, you also forgot swimsuits.”

“Really?” His eyebrows rose like his voice did when he asked. “The guards will be discreet.”

“I know that but I need more time to get accustomed to their presence before I skinny dip when they’re close.”

“Fine. But be prepared to be pawed while we’re in the water and they can’t see what my hands are doing.”

“I’d expect nothing less from you.”

They played and groped each other in the water until the rain clouds came in; then headed for a shower together. When Sookie suggested a swim, it really wasn’t to stall but now she found herself afraid that whatever items were left in Godric’s box could be hard to handle. Her thoughts while Eric washed her hair were interrupted when he said, “I can feel that you know.”

“I’m sorry and I’m scared. Well, I’m sorry because I’m scared. I don’t want you to hurt but I want you to see what’s there. But what if it’s painful . . .”

“You’re rambling. I’m scared a little too, but I’m also ready. Pam is still here until first light. She’s only a call away if you need her.”

“Okay. Let’s finish.”

Eric set Sookie up on the porch swing with a snack while he retrieved the box from his chamber. Before joining his wife, he made a quick call to Pam reminder her about what he was doing. She promised to stay alert for a call from Sookie.

He arrived with the box in hand. “Ready.”

“Yes.” She patted the mattress of the swing and he sat with her.

Since he’d never shown anything from the box to Sookie, they went through the already opened items first. The first two items were relatively easy. Well, the joke about Vikings and horns was funny. The story about Eric making a comb for his mother was sweet. When Eric pulled out the pendant and told her it was a gift for her from Godric she fell into a crying fit. Eric explained it was called Sacred Wedding and that it was a reproduction for the original found Helgo, Uppland, Sweden. He fastened the chain holding the necklace around her neck and they both put their hands over the pendant and Eric spoke softly. “When Godric and I spoke those last few minutes before he sacrificed his life for ours, he made me promise that I would pursue a relationship with you. He would have loved you and I’m happy to finally give this to you.”

“I love it Eric.”

After fastening the necklace on her, Eric pulled the letter out and offered it to Sookie. She shook her head. “If you want me to read it . . .”

“I do.”

“I’ll read it when you’re down for the day. Let’s open the other items as planned.”

“Very well.” He pulled them both out and set them on the swing. One was larger than the other, but it was the smallest item that weighed the most. Wrapped in tissue, it was no larger than a golf ball, but had to weigh at least five pounds. He opened the larger item first since part of it had poked through its wrapping and he already knew what it was. He smiled and pulled out the note to read with Sookie:

Now you can have the final word on our argument. I give to you my treasured quadrant astrolabe from 1315. Whether you display it, or decide to donate it is entirely up to you. I’m not sure if you’ve gone through my other collections yet. Those each have strict instructions on how they should be handled. This one though – it’s your choice. Since we argued many times over whether something this rare should be kept by an individual.

“Eric?” Sookie’s face showed her confusion. “What is it, why is it rare?”

“This is a quadrant astrolabe; it combines the features of a quadrant and an astrolabe together.” She was still confused. “It’s an early astronomy tool. It was used to measure and calculate as an astrolabe would. Only seven dating from medieval times are known to exist. I thought it should be shared with the world, on exhibition. Obviously Godric did not.”

“What will you do?”

“Compromise. I’ll loan it out for periods of time.”

“Good idea.” She pointed to the note. “What about other stuff he mentions?”

“His former dayman Michael has gone through some of it. Godric left specific instructions on bequeathals or donations. Most of it is for us to display in our homes. At this point, I figured we could incorporate some of the items into the design of our new home. I have a digital catalog.”

“That will work.” She picked up the last item. “What is this – it weighs too much for something this small.”

“I have no clue.”

Pulling back the paper revealed a small box and inside Eric found an ancient coin secured in glass. The whole thing was the size of a large marble. Eric turned it around over and over again but couldn’t figure out how it weighed so much. The box also held a scroll that was the note from Godric.

I know you; you’re wondering why this weighs so much. It’s spelled for a wish my son. The magic is very strong; so strong it added weight to the coin that was preserved in glass. Per the witch’s arrangement, I had to part with a personal treasure in addition to paying for the wish. This coin is the only artifact I have from my time in Gaul. You mean more to me than any trinket though, so it was an easy decision. There’s a list of rules from the witch in the box so be sure to read that before you waste it. It can’t bring me back from the dead or make anyone love you. Choose your wish wisely my son.

“Eric dropped the glass-encased coin back in the box like it was a hot potato. “Why did you drop it? Should we be afraid?”

“No, nothing like that. I didn’t want to inadvertently wish for something while it was in my hand. We should read the rules then decide together.”

“ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s your wish.”

“But it’s our life.”

“Look, I refuse to argue the day after our wedding. You can read these rules and do some thinking.” When he stared at her – sporting a grimace that expressed how unhappy her statement was, she picked up the list of rules to read on her own. ‘Stubborn man! I can’t believe he wouldn’t wish for immunity from the sun and silver.

If Sookie wasn’t going to decide with him, he didn’t need to do any thinking on it; the wish would be for Sookie and he knew exactly what to wish for. Honestly, it was perfect since it would be a wish for both of them. She interrupted his thoughts when she started blurting out the list on the paper.

“The wish can’t be for malice. It doesn’t have to benefit mankind, but it can’t be for evil.”

He laughed at her attempt to speak the word evil in a spooky voice, but she carried on.

“The wish can be for yourself or another.

The wish can’t bring back the dead or kill anyone.

The wish can’t be used to wish for other wishes.

The wish can’t make anyone fall in or out of love.”

She put the paper down and looked at him. “Dem’s the rules. I’ll leave you to think on it.”

He grabbed her hand. “I really want to decide together.”

She sat next to him and cupped his face in her hands. “Sweetie, that’s not going to happen, you’ve already made every wish I could ever want come true. This is all yours.”

You’re all mine. I don’t need anything else.”

Sookie kissed him and stood to leave. “I have to take care of some business. I’ll be back quickly. You should start a list of ideas, consider the pros and cons.”

Sookie didn’t know it, but there was nothing to consider. Since it seemed that the rules allowed it, he would wish for Sookie to bear his child – actually children. He stopped to smile and daydream about strong sons and beautiful daughters.

Before they bonded, they discussed having children and while the door had been left open for alternative methods Eric could selfishly admit that he wanted Sookie to have his biological children. For him, fathering children was a desire that kicked in a thousand years too late – unless this spell could change that.

“Iiii’mmm back.” She announced in a sing song voice. “What are we doing until sunrise?” He waggled his eyebrows at her. “Very well then. I’ll get the scrabble board out.”

He put his hand to his chin like he was thinking hard. “Since this is our honeymoon, is that code for another naughty outfit?”

She nodded and smiled. “Gimme ten minutes.”

“I’m timing you. . . . GO!”

She squealed and ran off for their bedroom hearing Eric’s laughter from behind her. Getting into the outfit she had planned in ten minutes would be tough, but she could do it.

She was so excited, she did it in nine. “READY!”

Eric sped to the bedroom and stopped short in the doorway. The outfit stunned him. “How did you get yourself into that?”

She turned and lowered her arms from her chest. “I practiced a few times.”

He licked his lips and motioned with one hand across his own chest. “Where is . . . there’s no . . . we can keep it . . .”

“Eric? You doing okay there? It’s cupless, I didn’t realize it would make you brainless.” She smirked at his open mouthed stare. “I’m sure as hell not turning around, you might break.”

Frozen in the doorway, he looked almost nervous; then he visibly swallowed. “There’s more?”

Sookie loved his reaction and decided to splurge on more scrabble outfits. “Actually, it would be more correct to say there’s less.” She spun around to reveal the back, or lack thereof. The top was a choker around her neck and one ribbon connected the back of the choker to the crotch. That was the extent of the back. “Should I just take it off? Would that help you function better?”

Eric shook his head to clear his thoughts and smirked. “I think I’m functioning perfectly lover.” With flourish, he pulled his pants down to reveal just how well he was functioning. “I’m ready for you, wife.”

“Come and get me.”

He did.


Sookie and Eric enjoyed their mini-honeymoon for the short two nights. It was approaching dawn of their second night and they would be flying out for the Council meeting at first dark. As they often did, they snuggled in bed together reading when Sookie glanced at the clock. “Eric.”

“Yes Sookie?”

“Umm, you didn’t take that much blood today, right?”

“Only a sip, why do you ask?”

“Eric, it’s 9:00 AM. The sun rose at 7:00 AM.”

Eric sat up quickly and grabbed his phone to check the time. “Is it rainy? Rarely something like this has happened in the rain.” Sookie shook her head. “I don’t . . . I can’t explain it.”

“Do you feel any draw?” He shook his head no. “It’s like the days I do take you blood; I have no need to rest and no need to seek shelter.” After donning some pants he moved to the door. “Let’s check it out in the daylight.”

“Slow down Eric. Let me grab a blanket to throw on you in case.”

He huffed but waited until she was prepared. Upstairs, he had Sookie open the door first and wait for him on the other side. He started by sticking a hand out, then his whole arm. Gaining confidence, he slowly maneuvered his entire body through the door and moved to a window.

“Anything?” Sookie asked while watching his skin for any smoke.

“Nothing. I don’t know if this is today only or a dream come true but . . .” Sookie gasped when something occurred to her. “What Sookie?”

Her eyes filled with tears and she couldn’t speak; she only shook her head over and over.

“Sookie, what’s wrong?”

“I need silver.” Was all she finally got out. Eric’s eyes grew wide. “A small piece for a . . . t test.”

“You’re scaring me lover.”

“This is my fault I think. I did this.”

“If you did then I’m happy, even if it’s only for today.”

“You don’t understand. I . . . I stole your wish.” Her voice rose with her statement and when it was out, she collapsed in his arms and started crying again in earnest.

He carried her to their favorite porch swing and held her until she stopped crying. “Sookie, you need to talk to me. I don’t understand why you’re so upset.”

“When you unwrapped the spelled coin. . .” She paused to take a deep breath. “In my head I said I would wish for immunity from the sun and silver. If you’re immune, then I did this. I stole your wish.” Fearing what she would see if she looked at him, Sookie buried her head in his chest.

“Sookie. Look at me.” When she didn’t comply, he raised her head gently with his hand. “You didn’t steal anything – if that is in fact what happened.”

“You mean, this is what you would’ve wished for?”

“I can’t lie to you; I was thinking about a different wish but that doesn’t make this bad.” A few tears escaped again at her guilt over his lost wish and he wiped them away. “This does mean something significant though.”

“Of course it does, if you can daywalk.”

“I mean, I want to wait as long as possible to change you since you won’t have the same ability – or you likely won’t. I’ll keep you young for as long as possible with my blood.”

“You’re assuming I want to be turned, I’m not sure I ever confirmed it outright.”

He could feel she was teasing him so he went with it. “Well then I’ll replace you with a younger model when the time comes.”

She slapped his chest. “YOU. WILL. NOT!”

“No, I would never. We’ll be together with you as a human as for many years, then I’ll turn you.”

“Viking! Sookie cannot be turned!”

Both Sookie and Eric were startled by a booming voice from the edge of the deck. Eric moved in front of Sookie to shield her from an attack and when he turned he gasped. Standing there on his property was the Prince of the Sky Fae: Niall Brigant.


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  4. It was just beautiful and touching for them to go through the box items together. I wonder if Sookie was actually able to take his wish or if this has something to do with their bonding, marriage, and whatever fairy stuff might be going on. I hope Niall is accepting and they find out about her heritage without the baggage. I also hope Eric can still get his wish, I think he would be a great dad. Loved it all! Thanks for the twofer!!!

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