Chapter 28 – 38 Nights

Chapter 28 – 38 Nights

January 31, 2004

“I can feel that Andre is returning to the Palace.” Sophie-Anne announced when she entered the meeting room where Eric had sat for the past hour waiting for news. Sophie-Anne kept to herself that she called him back from his fucking to get some answers. She was pretty sure he was involved, likely the leader but wanted to keep that information to herself for the moment. Indira was unable to find any flight information as the plane took off from a small private airfield with no staff onsite. She had gone to the Shreveport Airport to meet with air traffic control but she’d had no luck so far, even with the Bon Temps Sheriff helping.

“He certainly enjoyed himself.”

“He always does.” Her attention perked up. “He’s here now.”

They heard a commotion from down the hall and walked out to investigate. “You idiot, she’s bonded to Northman, you can’t smell that!?”

“You told me to capture her, I did.”

“You BIT HER?! She was meant to be a gift for your Queen and you bit her?”

“Have you tasted her? She’s irresistible.” Andre knew his happy surprise for the Queen was about to become a cluster. He had no idea that the girl, this landscaper he set out to capture as a gift to Sophie-Anne, was bonded to Northman, nothing from the information he’d gathered indicated they were more than an occasional date. The bonding was obvious from her smell, yet Bill and his idiot maker had ignored that.

Eric ran down the hall to see Sookie limp in Bill Compton’s arms. “Give her to me.”

Bill actually hesitated until Sophie-Anne joined them. “Bill, give the girl to Northman.”

As soon as Sookie was handed to Eric, Sophie-Anne shocked the group with her next orders. “Guards! I want Andre, Compton and Ball taken to holding.”

“My Queen, I was operating under orders.” Bill was the only one that whined; the others being mature enough to know they were just plain screwed.

Sophie-Anne indulged him by responding. “You were ordered to kidnap a bonded companion? You were ordered to end another vampire in our state?”

Bill, the idiot that he was, stood tall and answered. “I was ordered by Andre to return to my home in Bon Temps, summon my maker and appear to mainstream until he called me to capture the asset. I was assured by Andre they he’d done reconnaissance in identifying the asset and I was to just take it.”

Eric seethed. “Did you bother to listen to what this woman or the vampire tried to tell you? If you did, you would know that both tried to tell you she was bonded to me even if you couldn’t smell it.”

“How do you even know what went on?”

“There was another vampire on the property you asshole. Bubba called me after you left.” Turning to Sophie-Anne, he requested. “Is there a guest room I can use?”

“Certainly, but I’ll need to go with you, I want to ensure we document any wounds and the details of her captivity once she’s conscious.” She looked at her three vampires with the guards. “So I can be sure the punishments fit the crime of a registered asset and bonded companion of the Sheriff of Area 5.”

The vampires paled at her words, but Eric was focused on Sookie. She was certainly alive, but he could see bite marks on her arms, and who knew where else. He would quickly find all of them before he healed her. He and Pam followed Sophie-Anne to a palace guest room and Pam went to the bathroom to gather some towels to lie on the bed for Sookie. Eric hated that he needed to examine and heal her with an audience, but it was a necessity. The good news was that Sophie-Anne was clearly on his side (or putting on a terrific pretense) and she wanted to know what happened. This was just not how he imagined the introduction between Sookie and his Queen. With Pam’s help, they identified 19 different bite marks and bruising on her arms and ankles from her ropes. At least there was no evidence of anything else. With the check-up complete, he bit his finger and put it in her mouth while holding her in a semi-sitting position. He thought for a moment about their first night in his house when he roused her after she fainted. How different things were between them, but how violent Sookie’s life had become since she met him. He sighed at the thought while he stroked her neck to encourage swallowing.

After a few seconds, her eyes fluttered open and the bond opened up. She was shocked to be in Eric’s arms and once that reality settled in, she reached up to hold him around the neck and started crying. “Pam, can you get something for Sookie to eat and drink?”

“Yes Master.”

Without realizing it, Sookie’s movement caused her towel to move and she exposed herself. Eric readjusted the towel to give her some semblance of privacy. “I’m cold Eric.”

Shocking Eric, Sophie-Anne moved to hand him a blanket for Sookie. “Thank you.” He wrapped Sookie in the blanket. “We’ll warm you in the bath in a moment. I’ll heal you fully as well. I know you probably want to forget everything, but we need to know the details before we sentence the guilty parties. Are you able to tell me what happened?”

She nodded then took a breath to start. “Ivan had captured the Bon Temps killer; it’s Rene Lanier by the way. I called Bud, our human sheriff and he was sending a car to pick him up. I was on the porch listening to Rene so I could give as much information to Bud to go on as possible. His thoughts were horrible, so much anger – no not just anger, pure hate. Since I was focused on him I didn’t even hear the vampires approach from the cemetery. The male barreled into me so hard I lost my breath and couldn’t speak at first. Then when I tried, the female gagged me before I could finish my sentence that I was bonded to you. If it matters, I know I got out ‘I’m bond . . .’ but I’m pretty sure that’s it. I’m so sorry about Ivan. His focus was keeping Rene from me and he approached the kidnappers while he still had a hold on a struggling Rene. Eric, he also tried to tell them we are bonded but they ignored him citing they were operating under orders from the palace.” With that statement, she spared a glance at the Queen.

“Miss Stackhouse, I’m sorry we have to meet under these conditions. I want to ensure you that we will get to the bottom of this. Please be aware that I have no intention of interfering with you or your bonded.” She moved to pat Sookie on the arm. “I know you just want to get cleaned up but I need to know everything.”

“I understand. I thank you for your words. Please call me Sookie.” She sighed and turned back to Eric so she could finish and get the bath Eric promised her. “After Ivan tried again to approach the vampires, the female descended on him and cut his head off without any further discussion. The killer, Rene, escaped at that point. When she returned to me, I was threatened with the same treatment so I stilled my struggling and sent you as much panic as I could.”

“I got it.” They both smiled briefly.

She whispered, “I like the bond by the way;” then continued with the story. “So the woman left to get a car and, um . . .” She shifted nervously.

“It’s OK Sookie, you can tell us.” For comfort, she took Eric’s hand and played with his fingers as she often did. It was a move that did not go unnoticed by Sophie-Anne.

“He touched my face and told me how sweet I smelled. His hope was that his maker would let him enjoy me on the way to New Orleans. With that comment, I was quite concerned about his plans for me but at the same time, he was taking me to you, well New Orleans. That part was good so I knew I just needed to focus on survival. He put me into the backseat and when he sat with me I panicked again. I felt you respond in the bond.” She paused when Pam quietly returned to the room and took the drink that Pam offered. “As we drove off, I heard Deputy Andy screaming at the vampires and I hoped he would help somehow, but that didn’t happen. The female told the male to call someone to ready a plane and then she passed a cloth over the seat.” Sookie started to shake a bit at the memory. “He put the cloth over my mouth and I had no choice but to inhale and I lost consciousness. I didn’t wake up until now. So I don’t know, I me . . . mean I feel f . . . fine, but I don’t know what they d . . . did.” She ended the statement with sobs.

“Sookie shhh, it’s OK. They bit you but nothing more. I assure you, they will pay for their crimes.” She blushed as she realized they had checked her out somewhat while she was still unconscious. Eric could feel a bit of embarrassment at her realization. “I’m sorry min kära, it was necessary to know the extent of your injuries before you were healed by my blood.”

“I hope they get staked for all this.”

“She’s a bloodthirsty little thing Eric.” The Queen added.

“Not normally, but another attempted rape and a kidnapping will do that to you.”

“Another attempted rape? I think I would like to learn more about her history. For now, I’ll leave you so you can get cleaned up. I’ll be in court when you are ready. If you need to stay, stay. If you need to go, my plane is at your disposal, I just need you in court for the sentencing at least.”

“Thank you, your Majesty.” Eric made no move to get off the bed and bow and Sophie-Anne left without a thought to his action, or lack thereof. Pam moved to join them on the bed to she too could comfort Sookie and assure herself that her friend was fine.

“Sookie,” Pam started, “I spoke to Alcide, he and a few Weres can join us in New Orleans within an hour and a half and can stay with you to fly us back during the day tomorrow so you can see your Gran.”

“It’s really do-able? I mean, what time is it now?”

“It’s not even 1AM. I think we should fly Alcide down.”

“Yes, I want to go home. Why can’t we just leave now?”

“I will ensure you are doing well first; then the kidnapping needs to be handled. I want to make my claim tonight and begin to mete out punishments. We could leave, but I would need to return tomorrow night to do this. I would rather take care of it now so I can be home with you for several days.”

“I get it, I agree. Right now though, I’m still cold and I want to wash them off.” Eric was off the bed immediately and Sookie heard water flowing in the bathroom.

Pam rose. “I’ll go find you some clothes while you take care of that. I can’t believe you were wearing La Perla pajamas tonight that are now ruined. It would have been the perfect opportunity for you to destroy some Wal-Mart ‘fashions’. You know how I want to get rid of all those Wal-Mart clothes.”

“I’m truly sorry Pam, really how horrible for you.”

“The tub is full enough to get in min kära.”

“Will you help me?” She asked with her arms raised, but lowered them and whispered. “Can you help me?”

“We have no worries. Well, maybe we did, but the cat’s out of the bag if you will. Sophie-Anne is quite aware that you’re not just a contract for me.”

She gasped as he lifted her. “Are you in trouble?”

“No, I’ll explain more later. You’re shivering and the tub will warm you.”

The water did feel warm and wonderful as she just sat with her eyes closed for a moment. The scent of the body wash filled her nose before she felt Eric starting to wash her back. Once she was warm, he offered her his bitten wrist to complete her healing and she moaned at the taste.

Once she was healed, her curiosity bloomed. “Eric.”


“All those puzzle pieces: the Queen’s Christmas party when Jesse Compton coincidentally died, the arrival of Bill Compton when you were at the palace, you being called again to be away tonight. They were all part of this, weren’t they?”

“Yes, those were all part of this kidnapping plot, I’m sure.”

“I don’t get it.” He looked at her not understanding. “This took months of planning. Why wait? Why not just capture me?”

“Honestly, a few months is nothing to vampires that are centuries old – we think long term.” He continued to wash her gently as he spoke. “After Andre first saw you with me; he likely did some investigating to determine if the folks in Bon Temps knew about us. He needed to be sure I had not claimed you. He probably did this when Jesse Compton died. That your Gran was away at that time was probably quite infuriating to Andre. I think his vampire brothers, the Berts, were in Bon Temps then and glamoured around the town looking for information.”

“Wait, then why didn’t he learn about us?”

“Well, most folks in Bon Temps don’t know about us, and even if they found someone who did, glamour isn’t perfect. You need to ask the right questions. This is where your gift is superior. You hear all the thoughts, not just the answers to the specific questions.” He snorted. “Of course, Andre isn’t exactly a strategist considering just a review of the Shreveport newspapers would have given him more intel then glamouring around Bon Temps considering we’ve been in the society pages together. The asshole could have just done his job with Companion contracts and known you were mine.” He helped her stand so he could rinse her body then wash her hair more easily. “I’m just glad you’re back Min kära, I was frustrated knowing something happened and I couldn’t get to you.”

“I knew you would find me though, I only needed to hold on til you got me.”

“That’s my girl.” He had finished her hair and was giving her a final rinse. “Sookie, you need to be aware of some information I learned tonight.”

“Because we haven’t had enough excitement?”

“I’m sorry the timing is not ideal, but you really need to know this.”

“You have my attention, even though this water feels heavenly.”

“Sookie, your cousin Hadley is here at the palace.”

“Hadley is here?”

“Yes, she is Sophie-Anne’s bonded companion.”

“Hadley is here and not strung out on drugs?”

“No, according to the Queen, she’s healthy.”

“I would like to explore this further but we may not have time since I really want to get home to Gran. Oh God, nobody told Gran anything did they?”

“No, Pam told them to keep it quiet. What are you concerned about? I can feel it.”

“Will it be bad form to leave without seeing Hadley? I don’t think I’m up for a family reunion.”

“Sookie, you’ve been kidnapped, bitten and bound against your will by vampires working under orders from Sophie-Anne’s second. Even before the kidnapping, Sophie-Anne was trying to get me back to you and Adele.”

“That’s unexpected.”

Now he used their sign for quiet as he needed to stop this particular conversation. The room could be bugged and he didn’t want to have Sookie accidentally insult the Queen. He decided to change the subject. “Will your Gran rehab at the hospital or a facility?”

She caught on right away and went with his direction. “I don’t know yet.” He felt some sadness.

“What are you sad about?” He asked as he took her from the tub and started drying her.

“The fact that her rehabilitation at home is not an option.”

“Why not?”

“Cost, the fact that I don’t live with her, 24X7 resources.”

Fuck! More problems that wouldn’t be there if Sookie wasn’t involved in my world.‘ He needed time to think about this situation. Now that she no longer had to stay with him due to Jason’s crime, she could move back with Gran. Feeling raw from the scare of her kidnapping, he pushed those thoughts aside for the moment and responded vaguely. “I guess we should just learn more about her condition then discuss options.”

They heard Pam from the bedroom. “Crumbcake, I have your clothes.”

“You can come in Pam. I’m just drying.”

Pam discreetly walked in and left a pile of clothes on the counter. That she made no lewd comments or teased Sookie about being naked in any way indicated that the kidnapping attempt had truly impacted Pam. Eric quickly dried Sookie, helped her into the clothes then braided her hair rather than trying to dry and style it. “Can you leave Pam here while you take care of the stuff?”

“Sookie,” he paused. “You’ll need to attend court for this situation.” Knowing she was going to explode he sent calm and kept talking. “I know this is not what you want to do, but I need you to be strong Sookie. We don’t have to worry about appearances with regards to affection. I’ll hold your hand; you can sit with me I don’t care about that. You just can’t defy me, and that will be hard for you. I want to hurt these vampires, and you can’t cry out for mercy or react much at all. Your compassion runs deep Sookie, but it can’t appear in court. Can you remember that?”

“Yes, it helps that I want them to be punished, but not by me personally.”

“You realize that Pam and I will probably both participate?”

“Just don’t tell me about it later.”

“Agreed. We should head to the throne room for court now.” They left the room to head to court and Pam fell in behind them.

“Do I need to bow or something in there?”

“When you approach her, bow your head towards the Queen. I’ll be bowing too, so you’ll know when. You might see Hadley in there, but don’t make any overt motions or call out.”

They reached the double entry doors to court and waited to be escorted in, Eric squeezing Sookie’s hand and sending her love and calm. Finally the doors opened and Sookie took in the large and elegant room. On the far side sat Queen Sophie-Anne on her throne with two huge vampires flanking her. They walked straight through the room to approach her, Sookie standing tall on Eric’s arm and focused on the dais. Eric could feel her apprehension and felt nothing but pride for his companion since it didn’t show at all. They reached the Queen and bowed; Sookie to Eric’s right and Pam to his left. Eric spoke for the group, “Your Majesty.”

“Eric, Pamela, Sookie, welcome to court. Shall we bring in the charged?”

“Yes your Majesty.”

“Rasul, bring them in.” She turned back to Eric. “Won’t you sit, please?” She indicated a group of chairs to her right.

“Thank you your Majesty.”

They were just getting seated when Rasul and several guards escorted Andre, Lorena and Bill into them room in leather covered chains. Sookie was relieved that the silver was not in direct contact: THAT she didn’t need to smell, or see. Rasul summarized the charges including the kidnapping, bodily harm, bites and drinking blood from a bonded registered companion without permission from her master. Additionally, they were charged with the unwarranted death of another vampire. Eric felt a pang of annoyance when Sookie heard the phrasing; specifically that the crime was against Eric as her master and not her as the victim. Then Sophie-Anne stood and informed the witnesses in the room; “Let me add to the charges.” She looked around before continuing. “The crimes were against this woman.” She motioned towards Sookie. “She is a protected asset of Area Five’s Sheriff and as such, is also included as a victim of the crimes. Further, the guilt of these vampires has been established as they were caught with the unconscious and bitten victim. Our goal is to determine appropriate punishment for these offenses.”

Sophie-Anne was being so considerate of Sookie that Eric actually worried about the intent. While he might appear to enjoy such graciousness, he would keep his guard up against the Queen. As he was lost in thought for a moment, the Queen stood and approached the guilty vampires. “We will sentence Ball and her progeny first. Eric, we found 19 bites, or 38 actual marks, correct?”

“Yes your Majesty.”

“We’ll use that for the number of nights for corporal punishment. I can transfer them to your dungeon in Shreveport so you can take care of it personally, or they can stay here. You’re welcome any night if they stay here.”

“We’d like them to stay here, and I will be down several times in the 38 nights. Lorena will need to pay Ivan’s maker for his death.” He paused and thought. “One other request.” The Queen nodded. “I would personally like to remove Mr. Compton’s fangs.”

“Yes, of course. Unfortunately, one of Bill’s hands should also be removed for touching Miss Stackhouse, but I need his hands to complete some computer work.”

Pam chimed in. “A suggestion, your Majesty?”

“Yes Pamela, I always enjoy your input on torture.”

Pam was giddy. She’d had a run in with Lorena in the past and was very pleased for the opportunity to set her punishment. “As we have his maker, and a maker can stand in for their child’s punishment . . .”

The Queen interjected. “I like where this is going. Yes, we’ll take one of Lorena’s hands.”

Lorena had been quiet but at that revelation she could not contain an outburst. “ALL THIS FOR A SOME HICK HUMAN? WE WERE UNDER ORDERS!”

Eric crossed the room in a blur, grabbed Lorena by the throat and smashed her face to the floor. “You will hold your tongue you ignorant bitch. Don’t forget I will be here to participate in your punishment and you don’t want me angry, well angrier because you continued to insult my bonded.” He ground her head into the floor a bit more until he heard some satisfying crunches from her nose and cheek bones. “Now I suggest you apologize before I continue to crush your face to the floor and you can’t.”

She mumbled an apology and Eric let up his hold for her to raise her head, telling her to say it again. She looked at him and apologized for the outburst. “Lorena, I don’t need the apology. You need to apologize to my Queen and my bonded.” He could see Lorena’s eyes flare at his request but she conceded and made the apologies. Once that drama was complete, he rose and returned to the seat next to Sookie sending her pride. He’d felt her conflicted emotions during the episode but said nothing. She truly could perform as the perfect companion when needed.

“Well, what an interesting evening. Rasul, please ensure Mr. Compton and Ms. Ball make it to the cells below. I believe Eric will have enough time before he leaves to start some of his personal corporal punishment before dawn.” She waited until they were gone and turned to the room. “Now we must punish my child. First let me announce to Sheriff Northman, his second, Ms. Ravenscroft and his bonded Miss Stackhouse; I am truly sorry for what my child conspired to do. I understand it was not his intention to kidnap a bonded companion but the fact is he did. I have learned that he’s been shirking his responsibility with pet and companion contracts and that oversight contributed to this situation. I will rectify that failure myself, the rest of the charges that apply to Andre will be determined in this public forum.”

Eric was conflicted since he knew from his own maker/child bond that whatever they did to Andre, Sophie-Anne would feel. Still, he wanted him punished. Pam, again, offered an idea. “Your Majesty, I have a suggestion.”

“Go on.”

“Well, we could always use help in Shreveport. I guess what I am suggesting is providing Eric with a slave for the same 38 nights that Bill and Lorena will be in custody.”

Eric praised the idea. “Excellent timing since I am about to lose my day man. Andre will need to run at least my nighttime errands while I interview a replacement.”

Sophie-Anne smiled in relief. She was prepared to sentence Andre to corporal punishment as she felt it was necessary but this suggestion was good. The humiliation would certainly hurt Andre deeply. Still, she knew something else was needed. “I agree, however, his fangs will be removed before he leaves the palace and he can have only True Blood until they grow back. I will also command him to not touch, smell or otherwise engage Miss Stackhouse. Eric, do these suggestions satisfy you and Miss Stackhouse?”


“I believe we are finished at court. Pamela, could you escort Miss Stackhouse back to the guest room?” She walked directly to Sookie. “I know Hadley would like to see you, but my guess is that tonight is not the best time.”

“I agree your Majesty, thank you for your consideration.”

After the closing ceremony of bowing and exiting, Pam took Sookie’s hand to guide her. “Hang on Pam.” She turned to Eric. “Eric, you need to know something right now.”


“Yes, it will only take a moment.”

He spoke to the guards. “I will be downstairs momentarily. Ok Sookie, what’s the emergency?”

“The room behind the throne room is full of spies.”

His eyebrows rose. “You’ve been reading everyone?” She nodded. “And you heard what, their orders?” She nodded again. “Pam, take Sookie to the guest room and await next steps. I’m going to inform the Queen.”

“Yes master.”

He kissed Sookie and vamped back into court.

A short while later, there was a knock on the guest room door and Pam moved to answer it while Sookie finished a snack that had been delivered for her. “Rasul.” Pam simply acknowledged.

“Pam, I’m here to escort Sookie back to court. You may join us.”

“I will be staying with Sookie per my master’s orders. Give us 5 minutes and we will be out.” She shut the door and moved to Sookie who was seated on the couch. “Crumbcake, I suggest you do a ‘human needs’ check before we head down. I don’t know how long this will take.”

“Good idea Pam, I’ll be right out.”

When they approached the court doors this time there was no wait, in fact, the doors were open and the Queen was waiting for them in a mostly cleared out room. Pam and Sookie bowed to the Queen before she spoke. “Miss Stackhouse, Sookie, I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. I didn’t request for you to listen so I was quite surprised to find that you could be here in court with us AND get a bead on the donor pool in the room behind us. I’m impressed with your multitasking ability. I apologize that this needs to be addressed instead when I’m sure you would like to rest.”

“I understand your Majesty.”

“I’m curious about the details; do you know what kind of spies I have?”

“Fellowship of the Sun and some Sandy woman from Vegas. I apologize; I don’t know the implication of the woman, just that she is paying donors for information.”

“Understood, both are a threat. How do you want to proceed?”

Pam and Sookie had spent the time in the guest room strategizing the best way to weed through the donors, so they were prepared for the question from the Queen. “How many donors are in the palace now?”

“Twenty, they’ve all been moved to the donor waiting room.”

“Do vampires feed in that room, or do they select a donor and take them somewhere private?”

“Donors are typically taken by the vampire for feeding and other entertainment.”

“Would it be possible for me to join them in there, start some conversation and determine a subtle signal for those that need to be removed? Then perhaps a vampire in the palace can come in and ‘select’ that donor for a feed?”

“Yes, we can do that.” She moved to summon Rasul, but Sookie interjected.

“My apologies your Majesty, but one other thing.”


“Once they are removed, can they be held for a further reading? Some may have check-in calls they need to make or other procedures with their um, spy bosses. I don’t want to cause other problems by just pulling donors.”

Sophie-Anne stared at Sookie until she became uncomfortable. “Your strategic skills are impressive for a young human.”

“Thank you your Majesty. Hearing the thoughts of thousands has probably impacted me in that regard.”

“Yes, I believe so. Rasul, please work out the details of the signal with Miss Stackhouse and gather vampires to aid in removing donors from the waiting room. I’ll be in my chambers.”

“Yes your Majesty.”

Shortly after the Queen left and the details of the plan were in place, Sookie entered the donor waiting room. She simply listened for a few moments and identified three Fellowship of the Sun spies right away and made the sign to the waiting vampires. From there, the spies were removed. It only took 20 minutes for her to make rounds through the room, and identify another 8 spies. Sookie thought that was a bad ratio, more spies than honest donors, but it wasn’t for her to judge.

She met with the spies individually and garnered any check-in or other relevant information while Pam held her hand for support and Rasul took notes. Sookie did spend a moment thinking about the future of the humans she identified and felt some remorse, but she snapped out of it. These humans had chosen to spy for either money or in the name of God and therefore had chosen their own fate. Now they had only two hours before dawn and Sookie wanted Eric. She’d heard some voices from the palace entry so she knew Alcide and Potts had arrived to fly her and her vampires back home.

Pam snapped Sookie out of her thoughts. “Let’s get back to the guest room; Eric will be there in a moment.”

“How do you know that?”

“I was just handed a note. You were so lost in thought you must have missed it.”

“I guess.”

On the way to the guest room, Sookie was hit with a barrage of emotions from Eric. She felt him close the bond at some point and was glad; she didn’t need to feel his fury and honestly his enjoyment of the torture. Now she felt overwhelming lust and it caused her to stumble. “Pam am I going to be ok with Eric? He’s quite um . . .”

“It’s the bloodlust we spoke of before. He won’t hurt you, but it’s going to be probably more” she paused for the right word, “well more frenzied than the two of you have been. I suggest you disrobe before he gets to the room so I don’t need to hunt down more clothes. Don’t be frightened Sookie, enjoy the ride. “Pam stopped walking and had Sookie look at her. “If you’re really unsure just tell me and I’ll get him a blood donor and he can calm down.”

“No I want him – I need the connection. I trust you Pam, and I’ll kick your ass later if you are lying to me and he hurts me badly, ’cause he wouldn’t want that either.” They had reached the door to the room.

“You won’t need to kick my ass, I promise. Now get in there and strip, I’ll wait here outside the door until Eric arrives.”

Sookie was both excited and nervous as she stripped and got in the bed. She only needed to wait a moment before he emerged, shirtless and still dripping from the shower he took to wash off the blood. His eyes Fangs were fully extended and his eyes were dilated to full black, even in the lit room. “Mine.” He said in a hoarse voice, and he pounced. His hands and tongue were everywhere as Sookie struggled to keep up and eventually she just relaxed and gave him complete control. Pam was right, this was a ride and though he was quite energetic and possessive, it was nothing more than that. He held her hands above her head while he pounded her with more force than she’d experienced before. In short, he was claiming her and she knew it. Needing the confirmation after others had dared to take her; he asked her continually to whom she belonged. He was a bit insatiable; cumming twice with no recovery time needed before flipping Sookie over and enjoying her while she was on her hands and knees; one hand gripping her hip to keep her in place as he plunged. Sookie found this new position exciting since Eric could go deeper and still provide extra stimulation using the hand not holding her hip. The bed was hitting the wall with each thrust and it seemed to only spur him on more. Just before he came, Sookie felt him swell even larger and he bit her shoulder then finally roared his last release of their session. While this was not a tender coupling, he still ensured she was satisfied several times before he finally collapsed.

He was now lazily licking the back of her shoulder and purring. Sookie questioned her own thoughts. ‘Purring? That’s exactly what it sounds like though.’

As he rolled her over he asked. “Did I hurt you min älskade?”

“No Eric, I mean, I might be a bit sore and I don’t think my legs will work, but that was hot. It helped that Pam provided guidance.” He raised his eyebrow in question. “Well, when you re-opened the bond, your lust overpowered me and I did get nervous. She talked me out of a panic.”

He simply nodded and got up. “We need to dress and get to the plane. At this rate, I think Pam and I will need to be transported in the coffins and you will have Potts and Alcide with your for takeoff.” She looked a bit panicked.” I’m sorry min kära; I know you don’t like take-off.”

“Potts will help me. Hey, you didn’t feed much?”

“I drank several bags of blood before I left the torture area; I needed to take my bloodlust down a notch before seeing you.”

“So, this wasn’t the full bloodlust affect?”

“No.” He answered as he started dressing Sookie. “Lift.” He requested so he could slip on her panties.

“Next time, let’s go with the full thing.” She raised her arms and he pulled her dress on; then moved to don his pants. Though I can hardly imagine that since I’m pretty sure there are headboard shaped dents in the wall.”

“We’ll try a little more the next time and build to the full effect. Now we must leave for the plane.” He bent to lift her. “Since you said your legs don’t work, I’ll carry you to the palace entry.”


“Of course.”

Sookie cringed when she saw the coffins at the doors. “Min kära, the coffin is the safest way for Pam and me to travel to the airport. I know you hate the idea and didn’t want to see us in such a contraption, but it can’t be helped, the sun will rise soon.”

“I understand, but I don’t like it.”

When they reached the entryway, Sookie was handed to Alcide by Eric, shocking them both. He shrugged at their awed expressions, he simply trusted the wolf. “Sookie has had an overly exhausting night, please carry her to the plane and then ensure she sleeps for the ride.” He looked to Sookie and waggled a finger towards her to emphasize his request. “I don’t want to hear that you stayed up.”

Alcide answered for her. “Yes Northman.” His eyes darted between Eric and Sookie. “Actually, we have a shot from Dr. Ludwig to take care of the nap. Knowing what Sookie’s been through she thought Sookie might need it.”

Sookie gasped when Eric smiled his approval. “Excellent, may I have it?”

Potts handed him the prepared syringe and she called her a conspirator. Potts only laughed in reply. “Eric, no, I’ll sleep.”

“Yes, you will.” He said and he dispensed the needle into her arm. Then he leaned down to whisper. “You can’t defy me here and I’m doing this because I’m concerned about you min kära. You can yell at me later.”

She whispered back. “Oh I will.” He smirked at his little spitfire before reaching for Pam to lift her into a coffin; then secured himself in his. The last thing Sookie saw was their sign, wish, and she returned it before his lid and her eyes closed.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 28 – 38 Nights

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  2. Good that Sookie didn’t suffer more than bites… It looks as if the Queen is not plotting against them but there may be more to her than we know now… Interesting that there are so many spies from the Fellowship & also Nevada… Perhaps Louisiana is a weak state or the Queen’s security services are just not up to scratch… Eric seems to be wondering about the effect of his presence in Sookie’s life… Mmmhh… that train of thought is going nowhere good and isn’t it a bit late since they’re bonded?

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