Chapter 3 – Traitor

Chapter 3 – Traitor

Waking from a sleep where Bill never appeared in her dreams was wonderful for Sookie. She woke and stretched and in a very mature move, blew a raspberry towards Bill’s coffin. It was 3:00 PM; she had an hour before her clothes would arrive. The suite included a luxurious bath and Sookie decided to take advantage of it. The tub was a deep soaking tub and she stayed in, adding water to keep it warm, until she pruned. Then she took a shower to rinse off all the bath oil and wash her hair. She was in a robe still undecided about how to style her hair when there was a knock at her door. The first thing she saw was a huge rack of clothes covered with bags from stores she never thought she’d patronize. “What’s this?”

Eliane appeared from the side of the door where she was grabbing more bags. “Your clothes Sookie.”

“This seems like more than we discussed.”

“It is. I got a text from Mr. Northman. He added to the order.”

“Well, you may be returning many of the items then. I don’t plan to keep anything I don’t wear for business on this trip.” Of course she wasn’t shocked he splurged on her; Eric had been so kind to her in the morning after Bill went to his rest. Given the look on Eric’s face when she walked back into the sitting area once Bill was in his coffin, she knew that Eric had heard every word Bill said. The pathetic attempt to cover his voice with the bathroom faucet running didn’t work for her soon to be ex-boyfriend. The sweetest part was when Eric said he wished he could give her a hug since it seemed like she needed it, but he was worried that too much of his scent could transfer causing more problems. Even after that, every time Sookie sniffled and held back more crying, Eric winced like he was being hurt and squeezed her hand. The man probably sent the text to Eliane thinking new clothes would make her feel better.

Eliane’s eyes were wide at Sookie’s comment. She hadn’t met anyone like this almost innocent and certainly selfless woman before. In a word; she was sweet. No wonder Mr. Northman wanted to spoil her like his text said. “Shall we try these on? We have time, right? Sunset’s not for another two hours or so.”

“Do you have time for that?”

“I have plenty of time.”

“How about after dinner? I haven’t had a chance to eat yet today. According to Eric, we’re leaving here at 7:00 for work so we should have time. Would you mind?”

“Mind? Sookie, I enjoyed our visit last night and I’d love the opportunity to get to know you better.” She paused for a moment. “We can go to the restaurant downstairs, it’ll be quicker. You do have lots of outfits to try on here.” The woman shifted some bags around. “Here’s something for right now.”

Sookie took a quick check into her thoughts and found the woman was telling the truth about wanting to spend time together. “Well, let me get dressed and we’ll go.”

They returned after eating, giggling down the hallway from their dinner. Eric had risen by this time and was pleased to hear Sookie sounding so happy. The laughter continued, he could hear, while they played dress-up. Their mood was serious only for a moment while Sookie explained the wounds still healing on her back and that she’d been jumped on by a large dog. Even though Sookie’s explanation didn’t sound convincing, Eliane seemed to accept it and they moved on to the first ensemble. Every new outfit was exclaimed as Sookie’s favorite and Eric couldn’t keep the smile off his face. He heard Sookie trying to decide what to keep and what to return and he just shook his head. Whatever she thought she was returning would be shipped directly to her house. His troublemaker volunteered to help him find Godric as soon as she heard of his abduction. He owed her more than the measly amount she agreed to take for the trip and much more than the cost of a few outfits. Regrettably, he needed to leave his sitting room for the shower. He loved listening to Sookie’s fun, but he also needed to be ready the moment Bill rose. Leaving Sookie exposed to that monster was unacceptable.

Back in Sookie and Bill’s suite, Eliane noticed that Sookie was becoming less jovial and actually more nervous as sunset got closer. Hoping she hadn’t done something to offend her, she asked. “Sookie, is something wrong?”

Sookie bit her lip trying to find the strength to ask for a favor. “Eliane, can you stay with me like you need to help me with something until Eric gets here tonight?” Sookie’s face was one of absolute fear.

Confusion was replaced with understanding for Eliane as soon as Sookie’s eyes drifted to the bedroom where Bill was. “I can do your hair; something more sophisticated for your meetings.” At that statement, Sookie visibly relaxed. Eliane was quiet thinking about what she just discovered. Her tone was soft as she touched Sookie’s shoulder and asked, “Do you need help Sookie?”

“It’s a long story but I’m getting the help I need. It’s just a pretense for a few days – vampire politics and all.” Sookie paused then added. “Thank you.”

“Very well then. And you’re welcome.”

Having finished his shower, Eric had heard the conversation between Eliane and Sookie. The personal shopper was going to get a bonus with her payment. He was also proud of Sookie for thinking to keep the woman with her as a buffer. He’d stay close to his door and listen just in case, but likely Eliane’s presence would prevent Bill from being the monster Eric now knew he could be. He quickly came up with another back up plan to help with Bill and made the calls to put it in place.

To say Bill was shocked when he came out of the bedroom and saw Sookie sitting in one of the straight-backed chairs while some woman was doing her hair was an understatement. “Sookeh! What is the meaning of this? Have you been playing beauty salon with some human while I’ve been resting?”

“Bill, this is Eliane the personal shopper Eric hired. She offered to do my hair for tonight.”

Bill grabbed Sookie roughly from the chair to bring her closer while he continued. “I was at rest Sookeh. This was a security risk and you know it.”

Making sure to speak loudly enough for Eric to hear it, she responded. “Bill, you’re hurting me over nothing. I would never allow anyone in here that was a risk.”

“Sookeh! . . .” Bill’s continuation was stopped by someone knocking on the door. He released Sookie and stomped over. “Northman, I’m not in the mood . . .” His words stopped when he opened the door to see a petite red-head. “Can I help you?”

“Room service for Mr. Compton.”

“I didn’t order room service.”

“I did.” Eric’s voice surprised the women in the room. “We both need to be at our best tonight as does Sookie. I figured you wouldn’t want to take a chance drinking Sookie’s blood while she’s still recovering from her wounds.”

With a grimace, Bill replied. “Very well. I’ll be right back.” Sookie watched as he left the sitting room with the donor and when the door shut to the bedroom, she let out a breath she’d been holding since she heard the knock on the door. Saying anything was too risky so she just looked at Eric and mouthed her thanks. Eric could see she was rubbing her elbow and he wanted to kill Bill, but with great difficulty, he let the rage go – for now.

A short while later, Thalia joined them and they left for Stan’s as planned. On the drive, Eric had Thalia take the wheel so he could turn and speak to Sookie about strategy. “So you have the background on the humans that we discussed this morning?”

“Yes I reviewed it again today.”

“Do you want to interview them individually? Touch them like we did when you listened for the thief at my bar?”

With a snarl, Bill jumped into the conversation. “You mean when she was almost killed by your bartender Eric? Is that how this will go?”

“Bill, if you recall, I staked that vampire while you were still standing against the wall with your thumbs up your ass. Do you want to get into that discussion now?” Bill glared at Eric for a moment but said nothing. “I didn’t think so.” Eric turned his focus to Sookie and softened his features just slightly. “Any thoughts Sookie?”

“Well, you said Stan wanted to discuss security, so let’s just have them all gather and talk about Godric, secure resting places, that sort of thing. It’ll get people thinking and I’ll identify them by outfit or something. Anyone who thinks something suspicious can be interviewed individually. I can write their thoughts down? Will that work?”

“Yes, I’ll stand behind you and read.” He saw Bill about to say something so he continued. “Since you’ll be next to her Bill, it’ll be easier for me to look at her paper discreetly.”

They finished their planning just as Thalia parked the car. Bill helped Sookie out then reminded her that she was to behave submissively in front of the other vampires. Eric just couldn’t help himself. He turned and reminded Bill, “Bill, since we’re issuing reminders, don’t forget you are submissive to me while we are here.” Eric immediately regretted the comment since it caused Sookie to laugh and Bill squeezed her elbow in anger. He couldn’t wait to free her.

A very thin and harsh looking female vampire opened the door for them. Eric introduced her as Isabel Beaumont then he simply told her everyone’s name in his group. No matter how many times Sookie was exposed to vampire customs, she was always taken aback by vampire meetings: no greetings, no checks of wellbeing, no catching up. Just the names and a few nods. They were only in the house a few minutes when Sookie cleared her throat to get Eric’s attention. “Already?” She nodded. “Let’s go somewhere private.” He turned to Isabel. “Can you take us somewhere?”

“Come.” That was all Isabel said as she moved them to an office and offered seats in front of a large desk. Sitting behind that desk was the geekiest vampire Sookie had ever seen. He had glasses and displayed an honest to God pocket protector in his shirt pocket. Eric simply stated names again and Stan started the conversation. “Isabel told me you were bringing in someone to help.” He directed his focus on Sookie. “Did you mean this human?”

Eric answered as the representative for his area. “Yes. She’s a telepath and she’ll read the humans here tonight for starters. I ask for your discretion in keeping her gift a secret seeing that she’s using it to aid in the search for your Sheriff.” Eric had explained to Sookie that he trusted Stan and he was sure this would not be a problem, but he wanted the verbal commitment.

Stan’s eyebrows went up to his hairline for a moment then he resumed his ‘I’m bored’ look and simply asked. “Vampires?”

“She can’t hear a thing from us. It’s been tested.” Sookie was hurt thinking that she’d been tested somehow but she kept her face neutral. She also locked that tidbit away to ask Eric later.

“Isabel and I will not speak of Miss Stackhouse.” He looked pointedly at Isabel and she nodded. “How do we get started?”

“I believe she’s already heard something of interest.”

“Really. What have you heard Miss. Stackhouse?”

Sookie looked at Eric and started speaking after he nodded. Bill had the nerve to huff about it from her side. “Well, you have a vampire in the area named Farrell?”

“Yes, he’s been a problem lately. His human did show up tonight though.”

“I heard the human already. Farrell’s been missing for three nights. He’s worried. Not that he was abducted like Godric more that he did something to end his undead status. According to his thoughts, he’s been pretty miserable lately.”

Stan had been leaning back in his chair while Sookie spoke but at her last sentence, he was almost startled and stood quickly from the chair. “A renouncer?”

“I didn’t hear that word specifically.” Sookie thought for a moment then offered. “I think I have more to learn not only from him, but the other humans.”

“Very well.” He turned to Eric. “How should we proceed?”

Eric reviewed the plan they had devised in the car and Isabel gathered everyone into a large den. There, Stan started by announcing what had happened to Godric and concerns about safety. Sookie scanned the room continually but heard nothing more of interest other than the thoughts of the human owned by Farrell. Sookie was about to call it quits when she heard new thoughts in her head, but not from someone in the room. Turning to look over her shoulder, she saw another man walking towards the group. He too was thinking about Farrell. She made a note on her paper and Eric tapped her shoulder indicating he read it. Eric got Stan’s attention and shortly after, they were back in Stan’s office with Farrell’s human, Tommy, and Godric’s dayman, Michael. Stan nodded to Eric and Eric in turn spoke to Sookie. “Sookie, you may question these men and discuss what you hear so we can try to find Godric.”

She nodded in understanding and turned first to Tommy. “Tommy, when was the last time you saw Farrell?” His eyes were wide and he started sweating out of fear. Sookie heard both the answer and his panicked conversation in his head. “Tommy, Godric is missing and Farrell may be with him. We need to find them.”

“Farrell was mentioned.” Michael blurted out.

Eric’s head whipped to the other man. “When?”

“At Godric’s when the men broke in.” He paused to take some water. “I was at Godric’s house delivering his requested items. They grabbed me when I opened the door to leave. I was pulled back into the kitchen and a knife held to my neck. Godric heard the scuffle and came to the top of the stairs but the sun was still out. They bargained through the door and I can only guess that Godric felt confident that he could take the men in exchange for letting me go. The man that appeared to be the leader clearly announced they were from the Fellowship of the Sun. At some point I was knocked out; I don’t know what happened after that.”

“He came out to save you.” Eric stated it plainly.

“Yes. I’m sorry Eric.”

“This is not your fault. You’ve been healed?”

“Yes, a vampire came to the hospital after sunset tonight. I’m certain Godric will appreciate it. I want to keep his businesses running while he’s away.”

Eric offered a genuine thank you to the man who had served his maker for years. “You said they mentioned Farrell.”

“I did. I heard them say something about Farrell being happy now that they had Godric. I don’t know what that could mean.”

Eric looked to Stan to comment on Farrell since he’d never even met this vampire. “Normally,” Stan began. “I would say they had also abducted Farrell and Godric would be company. Given what we heard from Michael, I have to wonder if Farrell has given himself up somehow. That doesn’t explain why they needed or wanted Godric.”

Eric nodded in agreement adding, “Or where they could be. The Fellowship building is the church, offices and a nursery school. We can’t be sure they have our vampires there.” Finding a way to have Bill earn his presence on this trip, he turned to the younger vampire. “Investigate all the locations associated with the Fellowship in the area. I want a list we can work from before the sun rises for the day.”

Bill pulled his laptop out as he answered. “Yes Sheriff.”

“Eric.” Sookie interrupted after everyone was quiet for a moment just watching Bill work.

“Yes Sookie?”

“You know that even though I can’t hear your thoughts, I can detect vampire brains?” Eric nodded. “I can go the Fellowship tomorrow and listen in to feel for brains. Then you’ll know if Farrell and Godric are there for sure? I can even check out the other locations that Bill finds.”

“You can detect a vampire even when they are at rest?”

“Yes, it’s like a void or the absence of anything else. I can determine if there’s one or two or even more there.”

“Absolutely NOT!” Bill finally chimed in. “It’s too dangerous.” Sookie wanted to fight back but she remained quiet and let Eric handle it. The stony glare the sheriff gave Bill should have made the younger vampire back down, but he did not. “Sookeh cannot go out alone. How can you even consider this?”

“Bill.” Eric paused before he continued. “Shut up. Of course I’ll assure her safety.” Eric turned back to Sookie and asked. “How close to the building do you need to be?”

“A parking area – twenty feet away maybe? But the closer the better. Inside would be ideal since the building itself is huge – right? I mean, I’ve seen it on TV.”

Bill grumbled a bit but smartly kept his mouth shut. Eric didn’t like the idea of Sookie going into the building though. “Not inside the building Sookie. You’ll need to do your scanning from outside. We’ll create a car problem and you can pull into the parking lot.” He looked to Stan. “Can you get me a guard? Were? Actually several?”

The reply was immediate from Stan. “Yes, whatever you need.”

“A Were will be with you. He’ll pretend to fix the car while you listen.” He paused to emphasize. “From the parking lot. Others will be in the area just in case.”

“But it’s a church and they don’t know me. I can go to the building under the ruse of needing to use the ladies room.”

“Sookie, it’s too risky.”

“ERIC. If I’m going to show up at the church, I might as well do the job right. If I don’t feel the vampire brains there, I’ll listen in and see if I can learn anything – ask some questions to lead their thoughts.” She started biting her lip. Eric had noticed she did this when she was nervous or determined; right now she was the latter so he waited for her to continue. “I’ll listen to everything I can from the parking lot before I walk in and I won’t even go in if there seems to be a risk or if I feel the vampires from the parking lot.”

It took a few moments for Eric to consider Sookie’s words and he finally acquiesced with a simple “Fine.”

The group went into planning mode then. Isabel offered her human, Hugo, to secure the guards for Sookie. Once they had the details on time and place planned, Isabel called Hugo and relayed her requests. Hugo, Isabel explained, did not know about Weres, just the contact they used to hire security if needed. Sookie was skeptical that this Hugo was not with them, but Isabel assured her that it was his standing visitation night with his kids and that was the only reason he hadn’t joined them.

One of Stan’s vampires had procured detailed floor plans of the Fellowship building and they spent time reviewing them so Sookie could make the most of a short visit inside the building. Eric was impressed with Sookie’s thought process, including her desire to memorize the floor plan before heading in. By the time they were ready to leave for the hotel, Sookie could ‘walk’ the Fellowship building from memory, she’d selected some key phrases to use on anyone she ran into to guide her thoughts, and Bill was completely pissed. The entire time they’d been plotting; Sookie and Eric had all but ignored him. He noticed the ease they had with each other including making some jokes. He couldn’t afford to punish her before her mission, they were locked into this plan now, but Sookie would understand how inappropriate her actions were when she returned from the church. Sookie was his, and she’d know it.

They returned to the hotel with about an hour before sunrise and Bill took the opportunity to inform Sookie that he was furious over her behavior. “Sookeh! I don’t appreciate that you offered yourself to go and listen at the Fellowship.”

“Bill, I came here to work. Nobody knows I’m here or what I can do. It’s safe.”

“Sookeh, you seem to forget that you are mine! It wasn’t your right to offer yourself.”

“Bill, you negotiated a rate for my services. I’m here to work, not sit on my ass.”

“You will keep your language in check Sookeh! I will not tolerate such language from you.”

“You aren’t my boss Bill. Fuck off.”

He grabbed her elbow forcefully and drew her close to him. “I am your boss Sookeh, your vampire master. Your behavior tonight, your flirtatious actions towards Northman made me look bad.”

Sookie knew she was supposed to play along with Bill but at this point she was tired and hurting. Her next statement tumbled out before she could stop it. “Bill, I think we should reconsider our relationship after this is all over. I want a break.”

Eric had been listening to the entire exchange and was concerned that things could get very bad for Sookie. He knew she was struggling with the pretense and Bill’s words tonight were enough to have her bite back. He couldn’t blame her but he was scared for her. Luckily he’d planned an excuse to knock on their door in the hopes that an interruption would take down the argument a notch. Bill was just screeching out that Sookie would not get a break from Bill when he knocked.


“Northman. Sookie needs the floor plans and I took them to my room by mistake. I also have a throw away phone for her to use tomorrow.”

Bill saw through the subterfuge but at the same time, he couldn’t deny that Sookie needed the floor plans as they’d discussed. Reluctantly, he opened the door.

Eric saw red as soon as he saw Bill gripping Sookie’s elbow. Squeezing it seemed to be a favorite activity of Bill’s. Ignoring his need to kill the vampire, he chose to speak to Sookie. “Sookie, I’ve texted Eliane to get you an outfit more befitting your needs for tomorrow. I know what she’s already purchased was more for business or possibly an evening out – not something like your surveillance activities tomorrow.” He handed her a phone. “This is a burner phone. I didn’t want you to use your real phone in case you got a stray call or something during the day while you’re investigating.”

“Good thinking Eric.”

“Yes Eric, you think of everything don’t you?” Bill waved an arm towards the door. “I’ll see you shortly after sunset, Eric.”

It was an obvious dismissal that Eric ignored. “Sookie, since the guards will be here at 1:00 PM, you should get some sleep.” To give her the protection he knew she needed, he turned to Bill and added. “Since you have another thirty minutes before you need to go to rest, I’d like to cover our plans for sunset tomorrow; depending on what Sookie discovers, of course.”

Unable to ignore a request from Eric related to the current investigation, Bill kissed Sookie before she went to the bedroom and sat at the table with his Sheriff. Bill’s aggravation came through as he turned to Eric and said, “So?”

“So, you’ve got the list of potential properties and Sookie will see what she can find tomorrow with the Weres. We need to prepare for a divide and conquer approach in the event that she can’t locate them before sunset.”

“There’s something I just don’t understand Eric. Why is it you can’t use your Maker/Child bond with Godric to locate him?”

“It’s not there. He either muted it or he’s somehow been hindered into an almost unconscious state by his captors.”

“How can that even be done – and how would the Fellowship know to even do something like that?”

“Your maker still owes you more lessons if you don’t know some of this. Silver can be pushed into the blood stream causing a vampire to be in something like a human coma and that can mute a bond. I can tell he’s still among us, but nothing more.” Eric paused before answering Bill’s other question. “As for how would they know about this condition? My guess is they know from a vampire. My bet is on Farrell given what Sookie learned tonight.”

“How can Godric survive the silver in his system?”

“He’ll need fresh blood and my blood to remove the silver. It will take time but I will cure him if he’s been poisoned. Can we get to the locations on a map and make a plan to check out the locations as quickly as possible?”

“Yes Eric.” Bill pulled out the map he’d made with the Fellowship locations marked. He really had no personal interest in helping Eric find Godric, but since he’d been given the post as investigator from the Queen, he needed to prove he was doing the job. So he dove into the planning with Eric until he had to go to rest. Since Sookie was going to have a visit from the shopper and the guards were coming to pick her up, he chose the extra security of his coffin for the day. He checked his text messages just before succumbing to his rest and smiled. Lorena would be landing in Dallas tonight. He’d have the help he needed in a few hours now.

With a little over an hour before the sun claimed him, Eric returned to his room and booted up his laptop telling himself he was planning to check on his investments and emails. He never got past the screen image he’d made. It was a surveillance picture of Sookie from the night she’d come to read his staff over the theft. The thought that she would be in danger the next day while he was dead caused a physical ache in his chest. Sookie was too fragile; an innocent human caught up in vampire shit. He vowed she wouldn’t be put into such a position again. Reluctantly, he realized his desire to find Godric had blinded him to the dangers he was exposing Sookie to and in addition to the ache and anger, he now felt guilt.

surveillance sookie


Even though she was expecting it, the sudden knock on the door jarred Sookie from her seat on the couch. While she very much wanted to help Eric find his maker, she was also scared; scared of getting hurt, scared of accidentally revealing her telepathy, and mostly scared that she wouldn’t be able to offer anything that would help Godric. The gruff face of the very large man outside the door didn’t really help ease her. “Miss Stackhouse?”

“Yes, you’re Jon?”

“I am. I have others waiting downstairs. That Hugo who called us for help is meeting us there to be an additional lookout. He volunteered.”

“Oh, glad he wants to be involved.”

“Hopefully he’s a good lookout because he’s a bit whimpy. But having him involved isn’t my choice. Shall we get going?”

Sookie grabbed her purse and nodded. “It’s already 1 in the afternoon. I want to check things out and be back before sunset so they can try to act on my information tonight.”

“I was only told to protect you and the ruse to get you in the parking lot. What do you think you can do?”

“I have my ways.”

“That’s all I’m getting?”


Jon just looked at Sookie for a moment as they stood at the elevator doors. As if resolving something in his head, he pushed the button to call the elevator and said. “Fine.”

Sookie was introduced to the other men who would be on the road around the Fellowship and connected to Jon if needed. Jon would follow Sookie in her rental car and pull in like a Good Samaritan to help her when she started to have engine trouble. The car had been rigged to have the engine smoke when Sookie pushed a button on the dash. With all the details in place, they headed out. Eliane had procured a modest dress for Sookie to wear so she’d fit into the church ‘image’ if needed to get in the door. With her Alice hair band, flat Mary Jane shoes, and floral pink button front dress, she looked the image of innocence. The Weres obviously liked what they saw but thankfully kept their mouths shut.

They divided quickly and headed to the main Fellowship building. Just as Sookie approached the edge of the property, she pushed the button and as planned, smoke started billowing out from under the hood. Her acting skills were put to the test as she played the damsel in distress while Jon pulled into the Fellowship lot behind her. Seeming a bit hysterical, Sookie parked the car awkwardly near the front of the church and she bolted from it jumping around in fear. Jon calmed her down and started lifting the hood. He didn’t get a chance to even start looking at the engine before they drew a bit of a crowd. Sookie was overwhelmed and scared immediately and when Jon tried to get to her, he was surprised by a needle to the neck and knocked out almost immediately. Sookie was grabbed by two other men and pulled towards a van. The last thing she saw before the van door closed was just one of the other two guards running away. The other had been subdued just like Jon. The man restraining her was thinking about how Hugo had given them the exact information they needed and they were prepared. He laughed out loud as the van driver reported that the other guard was captured and thrown into the back of another van. “Ahh, poor little girl. All your protectors are gone. Guess you’re just left with me now.” He moved so she could see him and he was huge – not as tall as Eric but wider and much meatier. Fighting against him physically would do no good – but she still had her mouth.

“Fuck you.”

A new voice was speaking now. “You are in the presence of holy men. I must ask that you keep that language in check Miss Stackhouse.”

She looked towards the front of the van, saw and recognized the man speaking to her from the passenger seat. “I’ll fucking speak however I want Newlin.” To her surprise, he appeared just as he did on television: perfectly groomed, wearing a full suit and tie and sporting a fake smile that made her want to punch him.

After making a tsk tsk noise over her language, the reverend spoke to the man holding her. “Muzzle that mouth Gabe.”

“Yes Reverend.”

Sookie tried to concentrate on the drive and how much time had passed since they left the church. It was better than thinking about what could happen next. She’d heard from all three men that Hugo had provided the information they needed to capture her. Luckily, Hugo didn’t know why Sookie was going to the church so either he didn’t know about it, or he hadn’t shared her telepathy with them. It was little consolation since she was trapped. They arrived at a warehouse 12 minutes and 20 seconds later (she counted in her head) and she was yanked out of the van and forced into the building.

Newlin ordered. “Gabe, take our guest downstairs please.”

“Gladly Reverend.” He easily lifted Sookie off the ground to prevent her from dragging her feet and had her down the stairs in an instant. It didn’t take long for Sookie to feel one vampire brain when they entered the building and Sookie kept her discovery to herself as Gabe continued to move her from the landing to one side of the basement.

“I’ve got some work I need to finish up; you enjoy yourself in this cage down here until I return.” He did remove the ropes binding her arms as he left, giving her some relief from the pain.

With that, Gabe threw Sookie into a makeshift jail cell in the basement. It was an area that contained office supplies, but for some reason had a door with a lock on it. She could still see out of the enclosure, since the walls and door were metal caging, but try as she did, she could not find a way to escape: She was trapped. That didn’t stop her though. The shelves were full of boxes – and something was here that could help her, she just knew it. After finding a few items to use, she called out to Godric but seeing that it was still before 3:00 PM and the sun wouldn’t set until after 5:00 PM she wasn’t surprised that her call went out unanswered. Unfortunately, her only hope of being rescued was Bill’s ability to find her via her blood. The only reason that thought was comforting was Eric would stick to Bill.

Funny how that thought was comforting; Eric would be coming if Bill was coming. It brought her back to the still surreal conversation with Ginger. What did she think of Eric? At this point, she knew she no longer even cared for Bill. It was worse than that: she hated Bill and his manipulation. What still remained to be determined was how she felt about Eric. According to Ginger, Eric thought about Sookie a great deal; and in a romantic way – not just as a telepath, or a fuck and feed, or an asset. She had time, so she listed through the questions about Eric in her head. Did she like Eric? Without a doubt; if nothing else came from being rid of Bill, she’d found a friend. Did she want more with Eric? The best answer she could honestly give herself was not today or the immediate future. Being manipulated into ‘loving’ someone and giving up her virginity under those circumstances was going to take a while to work through. Still, she had to admit the door to more with Eric wasn’t closed; not a all. Did she trust Eric? Without a doubt and he trusted her – she knew both these facts to her core. Was she attracted to Eric? Yes, duh, move on. Finally, what would she do about all this? As soon as this Godric situation was settled and her blood tie to Bill was broken, she’d suggest an honest conversation. One thing she knew from her recent relationship sham was that honesty was the only way to go on both sides.

About an hour had passed when Sookie heard thoughts returning to the warehouse above her. It was that Gabe guy who took her and Hugo, Isabel’s human that sold them all out. Gabe was going over the next steps including the need to hurt Hugo enough to leave bruises and other marks so it would appear he’d been captured then escaped. To help the Fellowship, Hugo would provide Isabel false information. Normally not fond of violence, Sookie surprised herself and enjoyed the sounds of Hugo’s beating. Hugo left after the noises died down and Sookie heard Gabe approaching the stairs. His plans were coming through loud and clear and Sookie’s fear grew with every step. She looked at the makeshift weapons she’d found and prayed it would be enough to stop his assault.


Tidbits on chapter:

I always struggled with the telepath missing that Hugo was a traitor – how could she spend THAT much time with him and not hear it??? I’m keeping them separate until it’s too late for this reason.

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