Chapter 19 – Thankful

Hopefully I haven’t lost any readers with my absence.  It’s been a very busy month – but good.  Cool projects at work and I found my dining room at home (long story).   What I haven’t had time for is writing – and I’m sorry.  I have move chapters after 19 done – but I needed to write 19 – and it was stuck in my brain and not getting into word.

It’s short – and ROUGH (no beta since I wasn’t about to send something out today for review).



Chapter 19 – Thankful


“Hi Jason.” Sookie watched her brother approach her while she waited on Eric’s beach. “You look better.”

“I feel better.” He seated himself in the chair next to Sookie then sat in silence for a few minutes. “This beach is nice. Guess you’re loving’ all your tannin’ time here.”

“It’s peaceful here.”

There was more silence as Sookie waited for Jason. He’d requested the time to speak to her tonight, so moving the conversation forward was his responsibility, not hers. Since Sookie spent so much of her time on this beach, she was perfectly content to sit and watch the waves in the moonlight; Jason was not. His nervousness was on display as he picked at his shorts, played with the sand for a moment or readjusted himself in his seat. Finally he spoke. “I’m sorry Sook. Ya deserve better ‘an me for a brother.” Sookie turned and looked at her brother. The emotions he expressed with his worried brow and nail biting showed he wasn’t sure how his sister was going to react. “I’m not excusing myself for this reason, ‘cause I started going downhill on my own, but my worst behavior was due to V. I’m clean now and I plan to stay that way.”

“Good Jason. I accept your apology but realize it will take me some time to completely trust you again.” He hung his head and nodded indicating he understood. “Why did you start on V in the first place?”

He snorted out a laugh in response and Sookie gasped; she’d read the reason from his thoughts: Jason wanted to increase his stamina. “JASON STACKHOUSE! Are you kidding me?”

“Well hell. I dun lost two women ta vamps in a row; they liked the sex better with them bloodsuckers. Then Amy came along and showed me how to . . . ah improve my performance.” He leaned to her chair. “Sookie. You ever have sex with V?”

“No Jason! I’m with a Vampire. I would never disrespect him by taking V. Don’t call them bloodsuckers either.”

“That’s what they are Sook. You feedin’ your vamp?”

“Jason.” The boy heard Eric’s voice and panicked. “I permitted this meeting because I was told you wanted to apologize and make up. Our relationship is not your concern.” Eric made his way and stood behind Sookie’s chair. She reached her hand up to clasp with his over her shoulder.

Sookie knew this was about to go downhill and fast. From Jason’s thoughts, she heard that he was upset about Eric saying he ‘permitted’ the meeting. She decided to speak-up first. “Jason! Calm down. Eric cares for me. You’ve upset me in the past so he wanted to be sure you weren’t going to show up and pick a fight. As far as whether he is feeding from me or not, he speaks for both of us. It’s not your business.” Eric squeezed her hand to acknowledge the united front.

“I’m worried ‘bout you.”

“And it’s nice that you are. You don’t need to worry about Eric or his intentions though. Got it?”

“Got it.” He shook his head but still opened his mouth like an idiot. “’Course I don’t understand why he needs to permit a meeting with your brother. He control you like that?”

“Jason. He doesn’t want me to be hurt by you again, didn’t you hear me tell you that a moment ago?”

“I heard ya, but I’m all cured-up now.”

“And I said I will need time to build trust again. Until that time, Eric or someone else will always be with me if you’re around.” He opened his mouth to say something so she added, “BY MY OWN CHOICE.”

“Fine.” He pointed to the two of them. “How’d you two wind up t’gether anyways? What happened ta Bill?”

Sookie tugged on Eric to come sit on the chair (so she could sit on his lap) and started telling her brother about Bill and Hadley. “Jason, you need to stay calm if you can.”

“That good ey?” Sookie nodded. “Well get on with it.”

“The relationship I had with Bill was a lie. Without going into too many details, his seduction was a strategy – he needed me to fall for him.” She took a breath to continue. “Bill was sent to procure me for another vampire.”

“Procure ya fer what?” He scratched his head and gave a confused look while he waited for them to respond. “I don’ understand.”

Sookie sighed and looked at Eric to whisper. “This is going to take a while.”

“Patience Lover. Let me try.” Eric turned his focus to Jason. “Jason, your sister’s gift is valuable to vampires in working with humans. In terms of vampire hierarchy, I report to a vampire in Louisiana and she heard of Sookie’s telepathy. In short, she wanted your sister.”

Jason’s showed his disbelief. “Her disability is something other’s want?”

Sookie started rubbing Eric’s arm to calm him; it didn’t work. Eric seethed while he responded to the boy. “Jason, do you recall I told you when you got off the plane that you live at my will?” Jason nodded, not having a clue where this was going. “Then don’t refer to your sister’s gift as anything but. You’ll live longer.”

Jason took a breath and Sookie started talking to prevent anything dumb from coming out of her brother’s mouth. “Anyway Jason, Hadley is part of the story.”

Using their cousin’s name did the trick. Jason focused only on hearing Hadley’s name. “Hadley? Hadley’s alive?”

“She is Jason. She’s living in New Orleans with the vampire that wants me.”

“WOW! That’s one hell of a coincidence.” Sookie actually groaned at his comment and Eric had to fight his laugh. “How’d she meet ‘er?”

“Jason, that’s not really the point. The fact that they know each other isn’t a coincidence. Hadley told Eric’s boss about my telepathy to gain favor.”

“Hadley sold ya out?”

“Yeah Jason she did.” She let that news sink in for a moment before she continued to tell her brother about Bill, his blood and how Eric helped her get away. As he listened, Jason’s respect for Sookie’s vampire grew. At the same time, so did his shame: shame that he’d been so wrapped up in himself that he didn’t notice what his sister was going through. For the first time, he was embarrassed that his promiscuous behavior had made him a suspect in a murder while his sister was out trying to save him.

Sookie heard all this from his head and leaned over to take his hand and smirked. “In a way Jason, you being arrested caused me to meet Eric. I never would have gone to Fangtasia otherwise.”

“Speaking of your bar, what’s happening while you’re on vacation?” Jason had directed his question to Eric.

“My partner is running it.”

“Sam don’t have that option. He’s been closed ya know.”

Eric nodded. “I’m aware. Alcide has already headed back to Louisiana to set-up a guard detail for Merlotte.”

Jason’s eyes grew wide as he asked. “Guards?”

“Guards so he can return without fear of being captured as leverage to get Sookie.” Eric clarified.

“This is all that serious?”

“Yes Jason. Sookie and I heading to Alaska after Thanksgiving but I’d like you and the others from Bon Temps to stay here. I’ll cover what’s needed for your employment and bills.”

Jason smiled. “I won’t say no ta that.” He opened his arms and waved them. “This place is great and I ain’t got to experience it all like everyone else yet.”

Sookie snickered at her brother’s reaction and looked at Eric. “That was easy.”

“Until I sign my new contract, this is the safest place for your friends.”

Sookie leaned up to kiss Eric in thanks but that ended when Jason cleared his throat, pulling them out of the bubble they were in. Once they broke apart, Jason asked, “Tell me about your trip. D’ya have fun while you were off this island for a few days?”

“Yes, it was good.” Sookie was happy to talk about their their mini-vacation within a vacation but only for a short while. Sookie wanted some alone time with Eric since they’d traveled home from Atlantis today and Eric had been in a coffin until first dark. They both had missed their evening snuggle time together.

When the conversation lulled a bit, Sookie took the opportunity to stand. “Hey Jason, Eric and I have some plans for the rest of the night. I’m really glad you came over and apologized. Eric has . . . ah, I’m leaving now.” She turned and ran off. She knew what was about to happen, but she didn’t want to see it.

“What’s her problem? She sick or summptin? She ran off right quick.”

“I owe you something for hitting her, and she didn’t want to see it.”

“See wha . . .” Eric’s fist was the last thing Jason registered before everything went black.


“Lover?” Eric called from his chamber after he rose on Thanksgiving Day.

“In the kitchen.” She called.

He walked into the kitchen and stopped cold. “Oh Lover. Are you kidding me? I have to behave during dinner with company while you’re in that dress?”

She giggled. She’d read from Eliane’s thoughts that Eric had asked her to pack the red and white dress she’d worn the first time she stepped foot into Fangtasia. Once she explained why Eric wanted it, Eliane got it to Sookie secretly and she was wearing it now. “Yes. I’m taking my casseroles out of the oven in about fifteen minutes; then it’s time to head over to the guest house for dinner. No time for anything else.”

No time? I’ll show her what can happen in fifteen minutes.’ Eric stalked across the kitchen to take hold of her. She’d turned to work on something at the counter so he wrapped his arms around her with his chest to her back. “Lover, you don’t know what that dress does to me.”

“Sweetie, I can feel what this dress has already done to you. Unless that’s a turkey leg in your pants for Thanksgiving.”

“Since I want to gobble you up, maybe it is a turkey leg.” His hands moved from her waist, down the hips to the bottom of the skirt. Gripping the hem, he moved back up her legs taking the skirt with him. “I can’t wait until you’ve finished your Thanksgiving meal with everyone and I have you to myself.”

“I’ll be in a turkey coma, but you can have your way with me if you want.”

“Oh, I’ll rouse you.” He was quiet for a moment. “When we’re in Shreveport next, I want to fuck you on my throne at Fangtasia while you’re wearing this dress.”

“In public?”

“Never. We’ll go on a night that the bar is closed.”

Getting into the fantasy mood with him, she offered. “No, I’ll come in one night before closing and walk through all those humans right to you. Then you’ll have to wait until all the customers and staff are gone to have me. I’ll ask Pam to dance with me, I’m sure she’d be willing, and I’ll wiggle my ass right in front of you as you sit on your throne. It’ll be sweet torture my love.”

“Oh it’ll be torture.” He smirked. “I know exactly what I’ll do.”

“Do tell.”

“I’ll put you on my lap so you can feel my want for you the whole time we’re waiting.” He started kissing her neck and speaking into her ear as his hands moved up and down her body. “I’ll whisper into your ear and take little nips.” He nipped her ear. “The nips that drive you crazy.”

Her response was a whimper and he chuckled at her.

His hand grazed to her panty covered mons and he could feel her reaction. “You’ll get wet, exactly as you are now and I’ll have no mercy. My hands will accidentally graze your hard nipples over and over again.” He ghosted his hands over her breasts as he spoke and she shuddered. “I’ll manage to get your skirt bunched up and press my cock against your pussy through your underwear.” His hips thrusted to mimic his actions though they were standing. “Your breaths will shorten to pants, just as you’re doing now.”


He laughed again at her reaction then held a hand in front of her face. “These fingers that you love so much, these very long fingers? They’ll wiggle their way under your ass to your slit and slowly move back and forth over and over again. Nobody will be able to see what’s happening on stage Lover. Many vampires will guess or try to figure it out, but we’ll know, won’t we?”


“When the last employee walks out the door?” He spun her around and kissed her. “The panties will be ripped from you and I’ll be in you so fast, your head will spin.” Moving his hands to her buttocks, he pushed one hand into her panties and started stroking her lower lips with his long fingers. “Or, I might put you over my knee for trying to torture me at Fangtasia. Naughty girls get spanked.” His last words brought her very close and he suddenly backed away from her.

The expression on her face was priceless and he had to contain his laughter. “Eric? Why did you stop?”

Appearing as unaffected as possible, he offered, “The buzzer is about to go off, your casseroles are finished.”

“But I’m not.”

He shrugged and used her words against her. “No time for anything else.” Then he brought his fingers to his lips and licked off her wetness. “Wow, you really were wet, huh?”

Her reaction was to practically climb his as she attacked. Using his shirt collar as a grip, she held tight and jumped into his arms; he caught her of course. “We have time for a quickie, but you can’t rip anything.”

“Agreed.” He pushed her panties to the side and released his cock and plunged in, using the counter as leverage. He’d gotten her so worked up; she came quickly and took him with her.

As she put herself to rights, she commented. “I know what I’m thankful for this year. And it ain’t the drumstick that’s on the turkey.” She cupped his dick through his jeans to emphasize her meaning.


After a quick drive to the guest house, Eric and Sookie joined the others on the island for Thanksgiving. Sookie asked everyone to participate in her family tradition of sharing and they all agreed. Jason, sporting a black-eye from Eric, asked to go first. The request surprised Sookie since Jason usually joked his way around the tradition when they shared it with Gran. “I’m thankful fer the second chance.” He squeezed Sookie’s hand as he continued. “I’m thankful I’m off V and I made up with Sook. I’m thankful fer bein’ able to put ma life back together after . . . well after the crap from the last few weeks.” Sookie had misted up while he spoke. Since Jason was equally afraid of tears as Eric was, he quickly added some humor. “Hell, I’m even thankful for ma black-eye from Eric. It reminds me ‘a the ass I been.”

The group did chuckle and continued around the room then dug into the feast they had prepared together. The conversation turned to something Sookie had been planning for a while. “So everyone.”

The table paused in their conversations to give Sookie their attention. Lala spoke when she didn’t continue talking right away. “What’s up hookah?”

“I’ve been thinking about my charity. Well, Eliane and I have been researching and thinking together.” She gave Eliane a nervous glance, but her friend smiled and nodded for her to continue. “We’re going to help children at risk.” Her words caused the group at the table to smile and offer their agreement and Sookie relaxed. “It’ll start small; a shelter in the Shreveport area but my plan is to grow. Eric and I will find other locations when we travel and make some preliminary investigations, but the goal is to run everything from one location with local help as needed.”

“So you’ll come back to Shreveport?” Hoyt asked in between mouthfuls of food.

She looked to Eric for help on how to answer. Since he didn’t have a contract with the council yet; he was still obliged to Louisiana. “We’re looking at all options. A final decision will be made right after New Years. Nothing else can be discussed at this time.”

Sookie started talking again right away, giving no time for questions or comments. “We’re also talking to a local Great Dane rescue group about having dogs as part of the shelters. Eliane has some friends who volunteered for the rescue league in Dallas so it’s a cause that’s close to her heart. It’s a shame what can happen to those dogs. Some people just don’t realize how big they really can get and they get abandoned or abused. It’s a win for the shelters and the dogs.”

“Sookie, what do you mean by children at risk? What are you sheltering them from?”

“Abuse. It’s not just a shelter; long term is to get them into loving stable families. I’m going to use the money Godric willed to me to provide them with safety right away. Then I’ll use my gift to help them move on and connect them with the right family. It’ll be slow, a few kids at a time but I want to make a difference.” Eric grabbed her hand and squeezed. He was proud of her for setting her goals and starting to plan the details.

Jason beamed at his sister. “Sook, you’re gonna make a difference. Even if you help one kid it’ll be good.”

“Thank Jason.”

“Sookie.” Hoyt spoke cautiously, “Do you know someone . . . A kid . . . I mean, did someone we went to school with suffer from abuse?”

Both thinking of Tara, Lala and Sookie exchanged a glance. For Sookie though, she believed that was Tara’s story to share. Her story, well that was hers. “Yes Hoyt. Without getting into details, my uncle mistreated me when I was younger. I don’t want another child to live through that again.”

“I . . . I never knew Sookie.” Jason’s face showed his shock at her words.

“I know Jase, and I don’t want to talk about it now. That’s why though, that’s why I want to help other kids.”

Lala was also surprised but shook it off to comment. “Well good on you for turning it around.”

“Thanks Lala.” She smiled at him. “How would you like to be a part of it?”


“All of you actually, I want to grow the foundation and I’ll need help. Once we find locations away from . . . well, wherever we decide to live, I’ll need people I trust to travel and keep an eye on the business for me. Eliane and I don’t know the specifics yet, but please know that I want you all.”

“Sook, the others might need time to thinks on it, but the minute yo big enough to needs me, I’s yours.”

“Thanks Lala.”

They continued to talk about Sookie’s plans and goals while they continued on dinner and dessert. Sookie’s enthusiasm for getting started was contagious around the table as they shared ideas and dreams of what they could do to children. Once dessert was cleared and the group was preparing to separate for the night, Jason asked her sister about her next steps.

Sookie smiled in Eliane’s direction. “Eliane is going to work with our lawyer to get the foundation started and when I’m back from vacation, we’ll get some other parts started.” Sookie answered.

Jason laughed. “So you’ll end this vacation at some point then?”

“Regrettably.” Eric answered. “But I won’t think more on that. We still have a trip to Homer Alaksa where we’ll stay for Christmas. Then Sweden in January.”

Sookie started clearing plates from the table and Jason followed her to the kitchen.

“Why those places Sookie. Why do you want to leave the beach?”

“Snow for Christmas Jason! I can’t wait. Then, Eric is going to show me his homeland.”

“But you can see his homeland in the summer.”

“And I’ sure we will go . . .”

Jason interrupted, “Then wait and go later.”

“Jason, I want to go now. We’re both healing.”

“So heal here. Ya already asked me to stay here while you go away and now you’re going.”

“I’m going to be with Eric. Jason, I love you and I’m glad we’re getting along now but Eric and I need more time. Think about it, those two places offer something that this island, though beautiful, cannot offer.”

“What’s that Sookie?”

“Dark Jason. They give us time with each other that we both need.”

Like a lightning bolt if finally sunk in and Jason exclaimed, “Ya really love him don’t ya?”

She looked from the kitchen into the dining room and winked at Eric as he was chatting with Barry. “Yeah Jason, I do. I love him more than the sun.”


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  2. Thanks for this Christmas gift!
    I was missing this story…
    I’m glad Jason is coming back to his senses…he apologized and now he’s thankful for having a second chance…
    Thanks for mentioning my name for the charity.
    I like Kinnik7104 ‘s idea for a Great Dane rescue center.
    Happy Holidays.

  3. What an awesome chapter! I had Great Danes growing up, so I love the idea of Sookie supporting the Great Dane rescue organization. 🙂

  4. Sookie has so few family members left, it was a treat to see Jason finally get his head straight and treat her right. The plans for Sookie to help children and Great Danes are admirable.

  5. Wonderful. Those charities are perfect. I’m so glad Jason is largely back to normal and being sweet. This is a lovely Thanksgiving for them. I hope your holidays have been fun.

  6. Awwww, that was so sweet. I’m glad they could all come together and that they are supporting her use of the money.
    Also, THANK YOU so much for adding in the Great Dane rescue. For me, personally, that made me tear up. It’s so close to me and my family. Thank you for using it.
    As always, loved the chapter!

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