Becoming Beauty and the Vampire Beast

Becoming Beauty and the Vampire Beast is the main story of this Northman family.  It begins with Eric and Godric before the reveal.  An alternate meeting of Sookie and Eric occurs and we loosely follow the books (to a point).  HEA even if there are bumps.

Sweet Eric (for Sookie and family), feisty but innocent Sookie.

Story comments (updated on Nov 27, 2013):

In one of my author notes, I mentioned no rape.  Based on a review – someone called this out given something they read – so let me clarify.  Two characters (not Sookie) will be raped – or something close to it – but we hear only that it happened.  We don’t read the actual occurrence.  Sorry I had been operating as if that wasn’t rape in a story – it’s more history.  To clarify – Sookie is molested by her Uncle, and we hear that it happened.  To me – I don’t list the story as having molestation as a plot/story point.  Sorry for any confusion.

This story is complete.

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