Chapter 37 – Awkward

Chapter 37 – Awkward

February 26, 2004

“I almost missed the place.”  Sookie exclaimed as they pulled into the Fangtasia parking lot.  “Oh, and there’s Andre’s Junker.  I’d completely forgotten about him.”

“I’ve been keeping him busy.”  Pam snickered.  “I’ve had him doing grocery and other shopping in preparation for your return to the area the past two days.  His list included tampons, Monistat for a yeast infection and hemorrhoid cream.”

Sookie gasped and covered her mouth.  “I can’t believe you used me to embarrass him, especially when I wasn’t even around to see it!”

Pam just burst out laughing.  “Hey, I didn’t get to see it either since I was with you.  And you would’ve done the same thing if you were in such a position.”

“Meh, I would’ve added cucumbers, KY jelly, and Lice shampoo.”

Pam and Eric just stared at Sookie with their mouths open.  Pam cursed at the missed opportunity, but finally regained her focus to continue on with the Andre summary.  “Wait ‘til you see the collection of La Perla he’s been stockpiling for you.”

They exited the car and walked in the back door.  “Where is this stockpile?”

“Your house, yours and Eric’s house that is.  Well, I guess you need to discuss that.”  Sookie froze for a moment, thinking about the conversation that was still ahead for her and Eric.

They entered the office and Sookie flinched when Eric barked.  “Andre what are you doing in my chair!”

“Northman.”  Eric glared.  “I mean Master.  It’s good to see you still among us.”

“Thanks to my bonded.”  Andre’s eyes grew wide at Eric’s statement.  “Something to say, Andre?”

“You’re giving her credit for saving your life?”

Eric put an arm around Sookie.  “I’m sure you heard that she infiltrated the Fellowship of the Sun, gathered evidence for the arrests, and freed me from my silver chains?  I’m pretty sure that would be due credit for saving my life.  Now, are my area reports done?”

“Yes Master.  They just need your review and signature.”

“And the reports to human authorities?”

“Finishing them up now.”

“We’ll be leaving for the night no later than 1AM; I want them done so I can review them at home.  You can work in the employee room as I need to catch up on area business.  Pam, you’re working the door tonight.”

Pam nodded and left the room, but Andre stayed.  “Yes Master.  Her majesty has requested a call.”

“Understood.”  Andre just stood there.  “Dismissed.”

“The Queen?”

“I’m pretty sure I can call the Queen without you here.  Dismissed.”  They had a short stare down before Andre turned and left the office.  Eric settled in his chair, pulling Sookie down with him.  “Min älskade, what would you like to drink?”

“Gin and Tonic but I can go out to the bar.”

“You’re staying here with me, when I go out on stage shortly; you’re going with me there.  I’m not being separated from you tonight.”  He hit a buzzer for the bar.  “Chow, please have a Gin and Tonic delivered to the office.”

“Well, let me at least work on some schoolwork while you catch up on area business.”  She stood to move across the room but he pulled her back.

“You can start your homework in a minute but no further than the couch.”  She rolled her eyes at his possessiveness.  “No eye rolling either.  You spend too much time with Pam.”

“Speaking of Pam . . . She ordered a tiara for me?  Seriously?”

“I knew that was going to happen as soon as she heard about your lineage.  Just pick your battles.”

“But she’s not going to expect me to wear it, is she?”

He sighed.  “If I know Pam, she’ll have a dress made for you and commission a portrait or a painting.”

“Cheese on Rice!  When is all this gonna happen?”

“Per the email confirmation I received already, the Tiara will be here in a few days.  It’ll arrive here at Fangtasia under guard at night.”

“Under guard?  How much did she spend?”

“Enough that it’s under guard.”


“SOOKIE?!  It won’t make a dent and we have so much going on, I . . . I don’t want to argue with her.”

“That’s it.  You just don’t want to argue with her after all the problems with . . . with our breakup.”  She felt the resignation that she was right in the bond and had mercy.  “I’ll leave you alone to do your work.  I’ll be right over there.”  She pointed to the couch.

She managed to stand but he held onto her.  “You don’t want to talk about the discussion with Gran?  I figured you were quiet in the car because Pam was there.”

She left out a bitter laugh.  “Alcide once told me I was a processor, with regards to information that is.  Well, this is something that’s going to be mulling around for a few days.  I may have questions, but I’m not ready to talk it through.”  She kissed his nose.  “But thanks for asking.  Now, can you let me go so you can get some area business done?”  She tried to move away only to be pulled back by his arms.

“Gimme a kiss before I have to start this crap.”  She leaned over and pecked him on the mouth.  “That hardly counts.”  He reached up and pulled her down into his lap, just as there was a knock.  He told the visitor to enter while she was still on his lap.  Probably because this was a new vampire, he felt the surprise in the bond and pulled her closer to whisper.  “We’re a team.  We’re stronger together, even the new vampires will learn this.”  He turned to the vampire in the room.  “Chow, this is my bonded companion, Sookie Stackhouse.  Sookie, Chow is our new bartender.”

“Master, Mistress.”

“Thank you for the drink Chow.”   He bowed to Sookie and left.

Eric turned back to Sookie with half lidded eyes he asked.  “Now, where were we?”

“That’s a cheesy line . . . I’m doing my homework.  You’ll get a kiss after you finish some work.”

“You’re mean.”

“And you have a Queen to call.”

His response was to growl as she left his lap, but he picked up the phone.  “Sheriff Northman for the Queen.”

When the Queen got on the phone she gushed.  GUSHED.  “Eric.  I’ve got some glowing reports from Texas.  Seems the Fellowship has all but disbanded.”

“That IS good news your Majesty.  Though I believe there are still soldiers of the light cells throughout the states.”

“Yes, we need to remain vigilant.  Eric, your bonded is quite the talk of the vampire community.”

He visibly swallowed at that comment and asked.  “Your Majesty?”

“Yes, Stan reported her heroic actions while she was kidnapped and the swift work in reading so many of the humans.  He also boasted about her identifying a telepath for him.”

“Your Majesty, she found the telepath at the hotel.  It was in his. . .”

“Eric, I was merely summarizing Stan’s comments.  It wasn’t a reprimand; the telepath was clearly in Texas.  But enough about Stan.  Florida called me after they heard.  They would like to engage you and Sookie for some negotiation work between the vampires and Weres.  They would also like to schedule Sookie to read their key pets and companions.”

“Both of us for negotiation work?  I don’t understand.”

“Yes, it seems your working relationship with the area Weres and Sookie’s universal acceptance of all species has Florida looking for your assistance in building better relations.  On top of that, Stan is freely sharing that the Fellowship was ended due to cooperation between vamps, Weres, daemons and humans.”

“That’s unexpected.  Do they have a timeframe?”

“I already told them to prepare to wait.  I didn’t give them the reason but I know Sookie won’t want to leave her Gran anytime soon.  They will contact you for details.  To be clear, per our contract with Sookie, this out of state work is approved.  ”

“That’s very gracious your Majesty.”

“I need to be sure that Sookie is not overstressed.”

“Thank you your majesty.”

“It’s in all our best interests, especially with the summit approaching.”

“The summit, what does that have to do with Sookie?”

“I want you to prepare her to attend the Vegas Summit in June.”

“Do we have specific meetings planned?  What do you mean prepared?”

“I want Sookie at all my meetings, with you of course.  For preparation,” she paused.  “We both know that Sookie is not a pet, but you know damn well that several US Monarchs do not allow the designation of companion and will therefore require proper decorum and paperwork.  I’m sure you are aware that Nevada is one of those monarchs.”


“Eric, since Nevada doesn’t recognize companions, you need to file Sookie as a Pet.”

“I’ll discuss this with Cataliades.  Does a Pet registration supersede a companion registration?”

“Not at all, all three of her contracts can apply at the same time:  Pet, Companion and Asset.”

“Understood.  Do you have anything else for me your Majesty?”

“Not tonight Eric.”

“I do have a question for you.”

“Go on.”

“Your Majesty, I was wondering if Hadley has spoken of possibly visiting Bon Temps?  I know Gran is anxious to see her.”

He heard Sophie-Anne sigh before she spoke.  “I’m surprised you are open to this after the way Hadley treated your Sookie.”

He turned to Sookie who looked like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  She mouthed ‘Sorry’ but that was all.  He chose to ignore whatever had happened between Hadley and Sookie and focused on Gran.  “My concern is Gran.  While she is happy that Hadley is healthy and still with us, she wants to see her.  Is Hadley not interested in a visit with Gran?”

“I think going back to Bon Temps is the problem, but I will talk to her.  If she agrees, is it possible we can do that before Andre leaves the area?”

“We’re ready anytime Hadley is.”

“Understood.  Well, I’ll leave you to getting back to your area work.  I trust Andre has been helpful?”

“Yes, the timing was good.”  She hung up on him and he turned to Sookie.  “We’ll talk about Hadley in a second.  Did you hear the Florida and Summit parts?”

“Yes.  It was hard not to laugh.”

“Laugh?  I don’t understand.”

“I’m being hired as a consultant.  A barmaid from nowhere Louisiana.”

“Don’t belittle yourself like that.  You have talents worthy of such fascination and want.”

She stared at him like he had two heads for a short while; then responded.  “Don’t you have work to do?”

Knowing he would make no further progress on her opinions about her worth at the moment, he shook his head at her stubbornness and changed subjects.  “So, what happened with Hadley, and more importantly, why didn’t you tell me?”

“The visit with Hadley was not pleasant.  Hadley was and is still selfish.  Her concern was that I was there to curry favour with Sophie-Anne.  She was so consumed with her jealousy that we barely had time for a visit.  She ended the meeting by blaming me, well us, for Andre losing his fangs stating that my kidnapping was nothing of consequence.”  Eric growled at her words.  “And that growling is the exact reason why I didn’t tell you while we were still at the palace.  I couldn’t risk that you wouldn’t go after her or say something to the Queen and get yourself in trouble.”

“You could have said something when we were at home that night.”

“Before you fucked me senseless?”  She smirked.  “Seriously, it’s just my cousin being herself, if we hadn’t . . . if you hadn’t gone to Dallas . . . I would’ve gotten around to it.”


“I have some questions about that Summit, but can we do that some other time?  We already have a ton on our plates tonight since we’re finally having our talk.”


“Good.  Now you, get to work.”

A short while later, Eric startled Sookie from her schoolwork.  “Are you ready to go out on the floor?”

She grumbled.  “Do I really need to go out?”

“Yes, I’ve been gone too many weeks and while Pam wants me to make an appearance, I won’t do it without you – you know having all the fangbangers thinking I’m available.”

She made a show of getting off the couch reluctantly:  she sighed and stretched, picked at the lint on her skirt; then after she stood, she started to smooth her hair.  At that, Eric grew impatient and swooped her up to carry her out.  “ERIC!  Put me down.”

“No, I think this will ensure the vermin know I’m off the market.”


“That’s all you got?”

“No, I ‘GOT’ more, but we are just about to the dance floor and I’m not going to yell at you here.”

“You’re right, thank you.”  They crossed the floor from the back entrance to the stage.  Deciding to do a quick security sweep, Sookie lowered her shields.

‘The master is back.’

‘Who’s the fat chick he’s carrying?’

‘Oh, I want him to bite me so badly.’

Eric had reached the dais and sat with Sookie in his lap.  She was about to protest being placed on his lap when she heard another thought.

‘I can’t believe we got in, these IDs were worth the cost.’

The last one had her curiosity so she concentrated until she found the source.  “Pam.”  She spoke at a normal volume, but she knew Pam could hear.  She appeared in front of them seconds later.  “The girl with the sequined Fedora, to the right about 3 booths back?”  Pam nodded.  Her companion is underage, and I’m guessing she is too.”

“You can hear them?”

“I can hear both, the companion was just thinking about the fake IDs they got.  The Fedora girl is too interested in guessing the size of Eric’s cock to think about anything else.”

“I’ll remove them.”

Eric leaned to her neck and gave her a soft kiss.  “Thank you Min kära, but you don’t need to keep your shields down.  I don’t want you to get a headache before we go home.”

“Just a security sweep.  Shields are back up – and that is way easier since we bonded.  Did I tell you that?”

“Yes, every time you use them, usually with a huge smile.”

“How long do we need to stay here?”

“Not too long, do you hate the fact that you are in my lap?”

“I love sitting on your lap just not here, on display.  I can’t enjoy it.”

“I can.”  He moved his hips around to prove how much he was enjoying her ass on his lap.

She giggled.  “You’re bad.”

“We’ve established this.”

They left Fangtasia a few hours later, Eric holding the reports completed by Andre for review.  Using the bond, Eric kept a bead on Sookie’s feelings and what he felt was apprehensive.  He knew they were having their talk when they got to the house so he didn’t push.  Once she was seated in the car, she announced, “I don’t have any clothes at home, I mean your house, I mean . . . well we need to discuss that.”

“Pam has some new clothes she’s purchased for you.  We’ll talk at home.”

Awkward, she just felt awkward at the whole situation and said so.  “You know, I’ve never felt this awkward with you.  Pissed off, sad, scared, but this is just painful.”

He reached over for her hand.  “I know.  I just want to move passed this.”

“We will.”

“It’s funny how up until now, I haven’t felt funny around you, it’s like it’s the house, or knowing we have the list of topics to discuss has caused these feelings.”

“We’ve been around so many other people since Dallas; we haven’t had a chance to get to this conversation.  It’s long overdue.”

“You’re right, we haven’t had the chance and it IS long overdue.”

“You know, I bet if we’d bought that dating book it would give us instruction for this.”  Their familiar joke was his attempt to bring levity to the situation.

Giving him the eyeball roll, she responded.  “Oh and I’m sure there is a chapter for vampires breaking up with human fiancées and then trying to have a talk about it later.”

He parked the car in the garage and he came around the car to get her.  “The first night you did this, and I was so damned tired I could barely hoist myself out of your car, but I still wouldn’t let you help me out of the car.”

“I know, damn stubborn woman.”

“And yet, you love me anyway.”

They grabbed a snack for Sookie and decided to talk in the den.  So they could see each other’s faces while they talked, they sat angled beside each other.  “I’m just going to ask for what I want Sookie.”


“I want you to live here, even though that isn’t an obligation for you any longer.”  Her heart soared at his words.  She wanted that too, as soon as Gran was ready.  She kind of figured he wanted this based on other comments but his stating it was like a weight had been lifted.  Her smile gave away her joy even if Eric hadn’t felt it.

“I want that too.  I just need to be sure about Gran – that she’s stable.”

“I understand.”

“But you can stay in Bon Temps with us any time or really every day until I can return here.”

“I accept that invitation.”  He leaned over to kiss her.  “So this part’s done.  As soon as Gran is stable, you’ll move back.”

“Well, I do have two more conditions on that.”  He quirked his eyebrow.  “You Eric Northman are personally moving my stuff back.  That you had an army move me out of my home here really pissed me off.”

“I know, I’m sorry.  I’ll move everything back all by myself – but I want to move you into my bedroom, not your room upstairs.  Do you agree to that?”  She nodded with a wide smile.  “Maybe I’ll borrow your brother’s truck.”

She giggled at that.  “Oh, I’d pay to see you driving that.”

“I’ll come up with a proper payment plan for you.”  He said while licking his lips.

“I’m sure you will.  I look forward to hearing your terms.”  He leaned in to give her a smouldering kiss, then pulled back.  “What’s your other condition?”

“More dating.”

“What?  Dating who?”

“Us dating silly.  You promised me dancing when you got back.  I want to do some other dating things.”

“Certainly min älskade.  I will continue to woo you indefinitely.”

“Well, yes sometimes you woo me, and I want to take you on dates too.”

“I would like that very much.”  He smiled widely at the ideas already going through his head.  “Your turn to ask something.”

“I didn’t know we were taking turns, but that works.  I want to talk about children.”  She finished her snack and moved to sit back all the way on the couch.  “I want to explore having children, either through adoption or some other means.  But, and I mean this; it’s not a deal breaker.  I’d rather be with you then leave you for some imaginary family.”

He smiled widely.  “I’m glad you want children because I’ve become such a pansy I’ve found myself wishing for a family with you.  And I mean the whole thing: dirty diapers, crying, first steps and first words.”


“Yes, really.”  He wiped away the tear that escaped her eyes from his words.  “Should we have your Uncle Des look into adoption or are you leaning towards having your own baby with a donor?”

“If you asked me a year ago . . . well you know, I would say I didn’t want kids.  Part of me is scared.  We have this life in vampire politics.”  She shook her head.  “I can’t help it though; I want a family with you.”  He smiled and moved a strand of hair behind her ear.  “Anyway, until recently I wouldn’t have wanted to pass on my telepathy.  Now, now that I know how it happened, my heritage?  I feel like I want to explore having a baby myself.  I’m not saying to call the doctor tomorrow, but I think I want to be pregnant.”

He leaned over to kiss her.  “I’d like that too.

“I’ll try not to get too excited about that right now since there are so many variables, so many obstacles for adoption or insemination.”

“We’ll face those obstacles together.”

“I like that, doing it together, back to being a couple.”

“Which leads me to my next point, since it’s my turn.”  He reached for her left hand and played with her ring.  “I want to plan our pledging.  I want to follow-through.”

“Yes.  I want that too.  I’ve been thinking about it.  I just don’t know how to go about planning it.

“Pam will help.”

“Should I be relieved or worried about that?”


She giggled and responded.  “So, I’ll start talking to Pam about it tomorrow night.  Gran will also want to be involved since it’s like my wedding.”

“It’s not LIKE your wedding Sookie – it IS your wedding, your vampire wedding.  I’m not saying we can’t do a human wedding someday.  Just remember, to me, this makes me your husband and you will be my wife.  In fact, I’d like you to take my name even though we would need to have you change your name legally instead of just having it happen as part of a human wedding.”

“I want your name.  That kinda leads me to the next thing.  Do you have more to discuss on the pledging, or can I go on?”

“The floor is yours min älskade.”

“I want to discuss equality.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know sometimes in vampire situations you are my Master.  But other times, at home or with family in general. . .”  She paused.  “I mean, I want us to be equals, partners.”

“I agree Sookie.  Actually for the most part, when you are working for vampires we will be equals.  The Florida work they requested for example.  They want both of us to consult, not just you working under me.”

“Ok, but to provide an example, when you left for New Orleans for the Fellowship of the Sun meeting and then had me put on lockdown?”

His face turned a bit grim.  “We talked about this already.”

She raised her hands to calm him down.  “I know, I know.  I’m just bringing this in as another example; equals just don’t order each other around.”

“Ok, fine, I get your point.  But Sookie, I’ve been alone for 1000 years.  I’m going to screw this part up sometimes.  Like my reaction to the dancing video – instead of discussing it I blew up.  I will try to – I don’t know – is it count to 10 or something as much as possible, but help me with my reactions as you can.  It’s going to take more than a few months to undo my behaviour.”

“I will remind you constantly when you do something that pisses me off.”  She paused.  “You know.  We could have a signal or word to help diffuse these situations.”


“Well, say we’re in this situation.  You’re pissing me off for being highhanded, or I’m kinda ignoring the fact that we have a non negotiable situation.”  He nodded his understanding.  “Well, we could have a funny word that can be a signal to back up a minute.”  She thought of a word from her rant about Eric’s high-handedness and giggled to herself.  “Like narrow ass.”

They laughed together at that suggestion but agreed to think of a word that would work without raising eyebrows if they were with others.

“Since we brought up equality and other vampires, there was a discussion we had about you being in control of your human.  We never tested whether you can command me with the bond.”

“I have no desire to command you.”

“I thank you for that, but I still want to know.”

He sighed because he really didn’t want to do this.  “Sookie. . . “

“Eric, we should at least know.”

Though he was not happy he agreed.  “I’ll go somewhere in the house and call you, we’ll start with that.”

A few minutes later Sookie shivered.  She stayed still for a moment but felt the need to find him, and she did in her old bedroom.  “Well, you can call me.”

“Yes, but that’s the blood wanting to be with the blood.  A command is different.”  They returned to the den and he sent her a command to sit down.  Nothing happened and he smiled.

“Did you start?”  He nodded.  “I didn’t even feel a tickle like when you tried to glamour me.”  She got thoughtful for a moment.  “Try harder.”  He shook his head.  “I know you can.  I need to know.”

“Fine.”  He sent the command even stronger and she sat as still as she had before.  Now he had a huge smile.  “I think that’s it Sookie.  I can’t command you and I can’t be happier about it.”

“Thank you for trying.”

She hugged him and returned back to her place on the couch.  “So,” Sookie started, returning them to the conversation.  “To be clear, we’ll talk things through at home or rather our personal lives in general?”

“I told you before, there will be some things that will be non negotiable and those will relate to our safety or something with regards to unavoidable vampire politics.  Otherwise, we’ll be a team, I’ll ask for your opinion or maybe you will need mine.”

“Ok, that’ll work, as long as your clear on something that is non negotiable, and you’ll tell me why – even if it’s later that you need to do that.”

“Yes.”  He shifted uncomfortably in his seat before speaking further.

“What’s up?  You seem to want to say something, but you don’t at the same time.”

“It’s one of the non negotiables, well maybe it counts as two.”

“Ok, just spit it out.”

“Other men.”

“We just talked about this.”

“No, we talked about my reaction.  Let me finish, please?”  She nodded.  “Pam explained what happened the night you went dancing, I just want to be clear.  You can’t dance with other men, except maybe your brother and Lala, or if I was there and gave permission, perhaps one of your guards.  I just can’t have you seen with another man.  You know what happened, one of my underlings thought it was worthy of filming.  He tried to use the video to get to me.”

“I understand.  It WAS a mistake, well I thought we were safely at a human bar, but now I know.  To be clear though, our being equals and married . . . no other women for you, well except for donors of necessity.  I know you CAN per vampire law or whatever appear to be with someone else.  I know it doesn’t have the impact on you as my being with another man, but I’m just saying. . .”

“Sookie, I will be with no other women, even for just the appearance of being together.  AND just to be clear, you have my faithfulness forever.”

“I know, thank you.  You said two non negotiables.  What’s the other one?”

“THAT DRESS!  It was too short for public.  I know Pam gave it to you, but don’t wear something like that again in public.”

“You ASSHOLE!  My CHOICE of clothing is non negotiable?  I think I feel a bit of the high handed controlling vampire coming out again.  Time for a reminder. . .”

“Sookie, I. . .”

“I wasn’t finished you Fucktard!  You don’t get to control my clothes.”

“Sookie, I’m not trying to control all your clothes, I’m asking to draw a line at certain clothing that is unbecoming to the lady that’s in there somewhere under that potty mouth.”  She giggled and the argument went down a notch.  “Let me ask you.  Did you like wearing that outfit?”

Sookie was quiet for a moment and then shook her head.  “I even joked and told Pam the skirt was more like a wide belt; that someone had sold her half a dress.”

“So why are we arguing about it?”

“Ok vampire, you didn’t win this one – just to be clear.  It’s only because we have similar taste that we agree on no slutty clothing.”  She got a wicked smile on her face and he braced himself.  “You said that I can’t wear something like that in public.  Does that mean I can wear something like that for you in private?”

“You are a bad girl.  Don’t tease me, we have more topics to get through and it’s my turn.”

“Oh, before we move on.  This dress example gave me an idea, we could use ‘skirt’ or ‘short skirt’ for our word to stop the high handed, bitchy stuff.”

“So in the middle of something, we just blurt out ‘skirt’?”

“Yeah, I read about it as a technique for couples.  We should also have sign for it.”

“And a sign that acknowledges it.”


“So articulate min älskade.”  She scowled.  “I mean, if you make the sign for skirt then I can make a sign saying – ‘gotcha’ even if we can’t change the discussion.  We just agree to talk later about it.”  When she still seemed confused he added, “in case we are in front of other vampires or something and we need to put on the appearance that you obeyed.”

“Ok, I get it.”

“Does that cover that topic?”  She nodded.  “Now, back to it being my turn. . . “

“Yes sir, I have one more after you’re done.”

“Then let’s finish this discussion quickly and we can move onto consummating our accords.”

“By all means.  What’s your topic?”


She cringed.  “You think this can be fast?”

He nodded and kept to himself that it would be fast because it was about to be another non negotiable if she put up too much of a fight.  “With the settlement from Bill and Lorena, and the money you earn with your telepathy, you can be independent, I get that.”

“Damn right.”  She was getting agitated a bit.

“Let me ask you about a scenario for example.”  She nodded.  “A man making a simple wage as a teacher marries a wealthy woman.  She chooses to keep their accounts separate:  buying fancy cars and clothes while he struggles with a used old vehicle.  Would that be right?”

“Many couples do keep finances separate. . .”

“I know, but I’m asking if YOU think that would be right?  What if our situations were reversed, would you keep your money to yourself?”  She was silent but staring at him as he spoke.  “I’m asking that we just combine everything.  Your accounts and my accounts all moved into our accounts.”

“Eric, I’ve only just gotten some money to do what I want.  I enjoy the fact that I earned it and can buy people things.”

“And how does combining our accounts stop that?  I’m not asking you to just spend money in my account; I’m asking that we have OUR accounts.  I’m not asking you to stop working and earning.”

“I know you would prefer that though.”

“Oh I certainly would, but it’s too late.  Your gift makes that impossible now that so many know about it.  The fact remains; you will still work and can add to a combined account.”  When he could see she still had her fur up a bit he asked again.  “You never answered my question.  If you had the bulk of the wealth between us, would you keep it to yourself, or would you want to share it with your husband?”

“I would share it with you, my husband and you know it.  I hate when you make sense.  For the moment though, your logic is flawed; you do realize that we aren’t pledged yet.”

“We can wait until we complete the pledging and your name has been legally changed if you want.  I won’t wait any longer than that.”  He put his hand out.  “Do we have an agreement?”

“We do.”  She reached out with her hand to shake and he grasped it and pulled her to his lap and she giggled.

“And your final item?”

“My lineage.  Is it a problem?”

“Not to me my little fairy.  I’m guessing there could be fallout.  Vampires and Fairies aren’t supposed to mix.”

“Why is that?”

“A full fairy would be intoxicating to a vampire.  I might be able to refrain, but younger vampires would drain a full fairy immediately.  The draw to the taste and the feeling after a feeding would be too much to resist.”

“Is that why you love my blood?”

“You’re sweet, but you don’t taste like a fairy.  I’m more concerned about a visit from Niall, your great grandfather.  Our paths have crossed before, favorably at least.  But marrying his great granddaughter could be too much for him.”

“Well, he can go to hell.  He isn’t part of my life so he gets no say.”

“Glad to hear it, but just be aware he could try to cause problems.”

“Let him try.”

He smiled at her feistiness.  “We also need to learn more about the fairy civil war related to hybrids so we can prepare and protect you and our children.”

“Agreed.  I like that by the way, our children.”

“Me too.”  He nuzzled her neck.  “Did you have other concerns?”

“Again related to my lineage.”  He nodded.  “Will it affect my ability to be turned when we’re ready?”

He didn’t bother with the answer tight away:  He had the same emotional reaction to her statement as he’d had when she first told him her decision.

“Eric, you’re suffocating me again.”  He calmed himself.  “I don’t think there will be any problems but we can do some research.  Is there anything else for tonight?  I mean, you talking about being turned . . . I really want to celebrate now.”

“Not now.  I want to learn more about being a fairy, but not tonight.”

His hands started making their way up her shirt.  “So, are we ready to move onto the more pleasurable part of our night?”

“You bet.  I want to go see all the La Perla that Andre has been buying.”

“Are you modeling?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Oh, I want.”

They only got through the first outfit.


The next night he began the preparations for Sookie’s attendance at the Vegas Summit.  Cataliades filed her pet paperwork and they already had it back from the queen with her stamp.  Tonight, he was giving Sookie a lesson in very different monarchies.  A large map of the US was up on the wall at Fangtasia to review the regions and rulers.  “So now that we’ve covered our immediate area and for the most part the monarchs that serve as allies, let’s cover the others starting with our Summit hosts:  Felipe DeCastro and Freyda.”

“Ok, they’re pledged?”

“Yes, since about 1970.  They run. . . “

“Wait, why did I feel such disgust from you?”

A scowl formed on his lips.  “Freyda.  She tried for about a decade to form a pledge with me.”

Sookie looked down.  “You dated her for a decade?  I thought you never had a relationship.”

“Wha. . .?  No, nothing like that.  She was the Queen of Oklahoma and Colorado; she took over for her maker before when he tired of the crown.  He didn’t want to rule, but he stayed to offer protection since she was so young for a Queen.  His plan was to help her pledge to a stronger, older vampire so he could enjoy his retirement.  When I didn’t work out, they started looking elsewhere.  He was killed shortly after they gave up on me and Freyda quickly negotiated with Felipe since she was so vulnerable.  Some believe Felipe had her maker killed so she would panic and she agreed to a pretty crappy contract.  So you see, she wanted my protection; there was nothing romantic about her pursuit.  In fact, it was mostly fighting and tantrum throwing because I had no desire to agree.”  He laughed.  “She was quite pathetic with her begging.”

“Why didn’t she try to get Godric?  Since he is so much older and stronger.”

“Everyone knows he’s too wealthy to be enticed into anything.  She didn’t realize I was in the same financial position since I am his child.  Our relationship is known by some, but it’s not general knowledge.”

“So she pledged to Felipe in a hurry.”

“Yes, and since he’d taken over several other states, this gave him a very large territory.  Together they rule:  Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma and Utah, but Utah is in name only, there are no vampires in the state.  Nevada, Colorado and Arizona are all quite lucrative states due to the travel industry.  Similar to Louisiana, well mostly New Orleans.  Therefore, those states have many vampires residents.  Felipe is quite wealthy.  He is also quite antiquated with his beliefs.  He believes humans to be only a food source and it’s rumored he kidnaps and keeps unwilling donors.  This is why the Queen wants you prepared.  He can be ruthless, and his beliefs have transferred to his state’s governances for vampires.  He does not believe in companions or humans pledging with vampires.  He will be looking for opportunities to persuade you to stay with him or possibly take you.  We must be diligent.”

“Why would he know about me?  Why do I need to go at all then?”

“Sookie, you’re a hero with the Fellowship incident.  It won’t take long for Felipe to learn more about you.  Why go at all?  Well, if we kept you hidden, it would show our fear and Felipe will see that as an opportunity.”

“Why is he allowed to operate like that?”

“There is nothing in place to oversee each of the monarchs.”  He pointed to the Great Lakes area on the map.  “This is another concern:  Queen Santhi who governs the Great Lakes Region.  She operates much like Felipe.  She will be in attendance I’m sure, but will be powerless to do anything drastic outside her region.”

“OK, so we’ve got Felipe/Freyda concerns and Santhi radar.  Is that it?”

“One more region:  New England.  Again, the king there, King Carlos Huerta, is another Felipe clone.  In fact, there are rumors that they are connected via a maker at some point in their bloodline.”

“Those are all the baddies then?”

“These are the problems in the US, our immediate concern.”  He pulled out more information for her to review.  “These are the ‘rules and behaviors for pets’.  You’ll need to internalize these before we go to Vegas so you can put on a proper show.”

“Ok, I’ll start reviewing these while you do your Sheriff work.”

“No stomping, yelling or whining?”

“Nope, I know it’s for show only.”

He smiled widely then kissed her forehead.  “That’s my girl.”


The next week they were back at Fangtasia having arrived from home together for the first time since Sookie moved back to Shreveport.  Sookie’s Gran was doing better every day and had insisted that Sookie move back home since she still had the physical therapist, three nurses, Thalia, Bubba and Were guards providing round the clock coverage.  The move out was for the best since Sookie was still struggling with the information about Gran’s affair.  The pedestal on which her Gran had been firmly planted was cracked and Sookie was angry, sad, and confused all at once.  She still loved her Gran, that wasn’t in doubt, but the information had rocked her and they needed time apart, or rather Sookie needed some distance right now.  As promised, Eric spent the prior Sunday and Monday personally packing, moving, and then unpacking Sookie’s belongings back at his house using a van from Alcide’s construction company to complete the task in one trip.

While they drove to Fangtasia, Sookie thought about Eric’s surprise from the night before.  For their first full night at home, Eric introduced Sookie to a new activity for their nights off:  He cooked a full dinner for her.  He’d been cooking simple meals and reheating prepared items, but this was Chicken Marsala with rice and steamed broccoli – all from scratch.  When Sookie questioned him he explained that he’d hired a chef to teach him to cook while he was in Dallas.  He apologized that he didn’t get in too many lessons due to working around the Fellowship of the Sun meetings, but he got to the basics and planned to experiment on the nights they weren’t at Fangtasia or on a date by cooking for Sookie.  While they walked to the door, she smiled at the memory and sent waves of happiness and joy to him through the bond.

Pam greeted them as they walked into the office.  “Well well well, I like Sookie being back home in Shreveport.  You made it before opening tonight.  That’s almost a miracle.  Will you actually stay the entire night too?”

Eric raised an eyebrow at her and changed the subject.  “Did Godric get on his plane as planned?”

Pam knew the time for snarky comments was over.  “Yes, he called to confirm just before the departure.”  She turned to Sookie.  “Have you been working on preparing for the Summit?”

Sookie rolled her eyes.  “Yes Pam.  Most of it I already know, it’s just practicing so the behaviors are second nature.  Did you hear now that I’m doing a presentation?  A PRESENTATION!”

“Sookie,” Eric reminded her, “We’re presenting together; you’re not on your own.”

“What’s your topic?”

“Interspecies relations.”

“Wow!  Well, you’ve risen to every occasion, you’ll be fine.”

“Thanks Pam.”  She gave Eric a kiss.  “I’m going to start my homework; you need to call the Queen to plan Hadley’s arrival and you have some Sheriff work to do.”

“Yes, then we’ll spend time on the floor.”

“Greeeaat.  Really looking forward to that.”

He sat at his desk and dialed the Queen.  “Sheriff Northman for the Queen.”

“Eric.  I trust you are calling to discuss Hadley’s visit?”

“Yes your Majesty.”

“I have spoken to Hadley, and she will arrive next Sunday and then return with Andre Tuesday at sunset since his 38 nights will be up.  You and Godric will be in attendance at Adele’s?”

“I will be in attendance for the reunion, my maker has returned to Dallas.  As we discussed, Andre will be at Adele’s as well.”  He hesitated then continued.  “You have spoken to Andre about Adele and . . .” He paused. “Politeness?”

“You carefully put that question together.  He has been told several times to not be himself around Adele and to behave like a civil human being.  He has also been told that you will report any problems directly to me.”

“Thank you your Majesty.”

“I’ll have the plane fly them home if you want to join them and be here for the release of Bill and Lorena.”

“This timing will work well, Sookie and I don’t go to Fangtasia on Sunday and the bar is closed Monday, enabling Sookie to spend time at Gran’s with Hadley for daytime visits.  As for Bill and Lorena,” He turned to capture Sookie’s gaze and she nodded.  “I had planned to arrive at the palace tomorrow so I can enjoy some final time with them.  I can change my plans to arrive on Thursday so I’ll be able to escort Hadley back at first dark on Saturday if you want and if she’s willing to change her days.  I’ll need to head directly to Fangtasia though since Saturday is our busiest night.”

“That will save me resources for her travel.  I was thinking of sending Sigebert.”  Eric cringed at the thought of having one of the Berts in the area.  “Thank you Eric, I’ll have the plane in Shreveport at first dark on Thursday.”

“Excellent your Majesty, I will see you when I arrive.”

After completing the call to the Queen, he opened his computer to begin reviewing his sheriff emails.  Having Sookie in the office was too much of a distraction though, since he and Sookie spent time doing some final unpacking of her clothes after he rose, rather than other more pleasurable activities.

“Eric, I can’t get my homework done this way.”

“What way?”  He looked over his laptop at her with his ‘innocent look’.

“Should I go work in the employee room?”

His face changed to almost a panicked look.  “NO, don’t leave.”

“Well, I can’t stay with you sending me lust every minute.”  She got up and walked to him at his desk, and he spun his chair to the side motioning for her to sit on his lap.  Instead of getting on his lap, she went to her knees and grabbed his belt buckle.

“Sookie you don’t need to. . .”

“Oh you need it; we shouldn’t have left the house before addressing this.”  She nodded to his growing cock.  His hands went right to her hair when she took him in her mouth.  With his instruction, she had become quite talented with her mouth and he relaxed into her attentions.  The scent of her arousal filled the room and he planned on returning the favor in a moment – if she let him do that in the office.  Thinking about her taste while she had him down his throat had him giving in quickly and he came with a roar.  Now she climbed into his lap to seal the deal with a kiss.

“Get on the desk.”

“No, I can wait.  Besides, someone could come in.”

At vampire speed, he ran and locked the door, moved his laptop to the side and then put her on the desk, her butt at the edge.  “Please, I’ve wanted you here for so long; the room is soundproof remember.”  There he went, begging for something from Sookie.  He didn’t care and in fact added his pouty face to push her over the edge.

“O . . . Ok.”

“These panties,” He ripped, “are in the way.”

“ERIC!  I can’t be on the dance floor without underwear.”

“I have extras for you.  Now, no more talking unless you’re screaming my name.”  She giggled until he took his first swipe with his tongue; then only moaned or called out Eric’s name, completely lost to the sensations for several minutes.  Trying to get her attention, he called out “Sookie.”  He was staring at her.  “Sookie, look at me.”  Her eyes shot open and looked into his.  “Pull your dress straps down and play with your breasts for me.”  She looked around as if nervous to do so in his office so he encouraged her.  “Come on pretty girl, do it for me.”  She complied much to his pleasure.  “So beautiful when you touch yourself.

After a few more minutes of his attentions, she whimpered out “Eric, I want you.”

Never one to deny his love anything, he rose and plunged in, enjoying that his office sex with Sookie fantasy was finally coming true.  The desk creaked from the force of his thrusts, but he carried on while she continued to touch her breasts as he’d asked.  He never tired of the way she looked while in the throes of passion:  Hair wild, lips swollen, especially so because of sucking him off first and that beautiful rose color that extended from her cheeks and down her chest.  “Cum with me Sookie” he ordered while he added a hand to her sex to bring her along.  They both came and he collapsed on the desk.

When she’d calmed down she asked him “Can you focus on work now so I can get my homework done?”

“Yes dear.”


“It’s time to get on the floor.  We don’t need to be out there long, it’s not that busy.”


The usual thoughts about Sookie occurred when they approached the dais and she took position on his lap.  At this point, she was getting pretty accustomed to what Eric’s fans thought about her, but it was the comments about what they wanted to do with and to Eric that still pissed her off.  Feeling her anger has him curious.  “What’s got you so angry there?”

“Hmph,” she grumbled.  “Pick any one of them – the blond that wants your cock, the red head that hopes you will turn her.  There’s more, but it’s all pretty much the same.”

“Shields up then.”

“I’m doing a security check first, then I’ll put them up – let me finish.”

They sat quietly for a few minutes before Sookie stiffened.  Eric looked in the direction of Sookie’s gaze and saw Yvetta approaching the dais.  As soon as she was within earshot, he spoke.  “Whore, you’ve been fired, what are you doing here?”

“I’m a paying customer.  I have a right to be here.”

“I have the right to throw out any customer I want and right now, that means you.”

“You could probably throw me out, but it would take too long to remove her fat ass off your lap.”

Sookie had had enough.  “That’s it bitch.  I’ll throw you out myself.”  She rose and started to take off her shoes.

“Sookie.”  Eric started.

“I can handle this; Potts has trained me.”  She whispered to him.

He didn’t want to let her go, but he knew she needed to fight this battle.  “I will step in only if needed.”

She smiled, “Thank you.”  She turned to Yvetta.  “Prepare yourself, you’re going down.”

“I don’t think so, cunt.”

“I don’t like that word.”  And with that, Sookie jumped from the dais with her leg extended, landing the first blow into Yvetta’s stomach.  Yvetta fell backwards, but righted herself quickly.  She charged at Sookie, now on the dance floor, spun her around and grabbed her hair.  It hurt, but Sookie managed to withstand it.  “Hair pulling?”  She gritted out.  “That’s all you got?”  Instead of resisting the pull, she pushed back into it and knocked Yvetta over.  With Yvetta holding her hair, Sookie went over too, landing on top of her.  Yvetta immediately started clawing at Sookie:  her arms, her face, her neck.  Eric was about to step in but Sookie managed to spin around so she was straddling Yvetta and she landed several blows to her face.  When she felt Yvetta had weakened, she stood, grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the door.

She looked up at Maxwell, some trickles of blood falling from the cuts on her arms and face, “See that she is blacklisted from Fangtasia, please.”

“My pleasure Mistress.”  He reached down and grabbed Yvetta and removed her from the building.

Eric met her at the door.  Sookie recognized the look immediately.  He was horny, almost bordering on his bloodlust state.  In fact, most of the vampires in the room were in the same condition and were quickly finding a feed and fuck for the evening.  “Office?”  She asked.  Before he even answered, she was thrown over his shoulder and moved vampire quick to the office.

“THAT was hot Sookie.  Now you need my blood for those cuts; then I’m taking you again on my desk.”

“Good thing we already tested the desks strength.”


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  1. The areas that they have issues with… just curious. They could say no if they requested Sookie’s service right. Of course she will be in Vegas but after summit they could. I feel like that would be a big F you to those states and they wouldn’t even have to give a reason. Not sure saying that safety is a concern in those areas would be a good idea but nothing wrong with a no thank you lol

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