Chapter 26 – New York, New York

Chapter 26 – New York, New York

The limo arrived at 5PM on Sunday to take Eric and Sookie to New York. Since Bill was still on the loose, Sookie wasn’t surprised to see Maxwell get in the front of the limo. Leaving the girls was hard because she would miss them, but seeing Maxwell raised an additional concern about their security. When Eric got in the limo, she asked, “Eric, if we have Maxwell, will they be short staffed here for security? What about the girls?”

“Sookie, I’ve had two additional guards on the girls since we returned from Louisiana. They work in shifts around the girl’s school schedule and have even stayed parked out front of Amelia or Russell’s when they are having sleepovers.”

“When were you going to tell me?”

He knew when she found out; he was going to be in trouble. He decided to just be honest. “Sookie, I hoped that Bill would be caught and you would never need to know. When I first hired them, your sole focus was on healing so I didn’t tell you. Once you were better, I wasn’t sure how to tell you. I’m sorry if you don’t like my decision, but I won’t apologize for doing my damndest to keep you and the girls safe.”

“I get it Eric, I do. I can see why you didn’t tell me right away. While I wish you had told me at some point, it’s not really that important now. I do have one other question related to the Bill incident and then I just want to enjoy our days off together.”

“What’s the question, Love?”

“How did Bill know I was going to Louisiana?”

“You went every year, right?”

“Yes, but Eric, Bill went so far that he booked my same flight under a different name. He laughed at me that I never noticed him at the airport. The exact same flight Eric.”

“That’s worth exploring. I’ll talk to Maxwell to discuss it with the Private Investigator. For now, let’s just enjoy our days.”

Sookie snuggled into Eric’s side for the drive.

“I want to get some more charms for the girls bracelet’s while we’re in New York. I don’t like having to order online all the time, I like to see and feel the jewelry.”

“I’ll go in with you, but I don’t even want to see any of the price tags, I might faint.”

“I’ll catch you if that happens. I’ll always be there to catch you, Love.”

“I know, I like that. I’m here for you always too, though I don’t really think I could catch you if you fall…”

“So, what shall we do while we ride to New York.”

“Um, we could play I spy?”


“Watch a movie?”

“That usually puts us to sleep.”

Sookie giggled, “Well, what ideas do you have, Mr. Northman.?”

“I learned from my Girl Scout lover to always be prepared.” He said as he reached for a bag and pulled out a blanket. “I packed a blanket to put down on the seat.”

Sookie, mimicking Eric’s move perfectly, raised an eyebrow while Eric spread the blanket on the seat and move her back on top of it. “And why do we need a blanket on this seat?”

“Think of it as a picnic blanket my dear, since I am going to eat you up.”

“ERIC!” Sookie chided, but she allowed Eric to slowly put her on her back on the seat with her legs surrounding his head.

“Well, I must admit, I have never enjoyed the drive to New York quite as much.”

“I agree Love, this is the best way to travel. “Why don’t you call the girls to say goodnight, it’s just after 8:30, and we need to wait here while Maxwell gets us checked in.”

“Why is he checking us in?”

“I want to go right to the room from the limo; I don’t want to hang in the lobby in case there are nosy eyes around.”

Sookie called the girls and said goodnight, then gave the phone to Eric for his goodnights as well. After he ended the call he said, “I don’t think they miss us.”

“I think you’re right. Alcide is staying in our room to be close in case, and they have Farmor and Pam doting on them.”

They exited the limo and were moved quickly to the elevator and their room.

“Eric, this room is huge, it being New York and all; it must have cost a fortune.”

“Well, we needed the extra space since Pam has arranged for Isobel to meet you here tomorrow with some clothing.”

“Tell me you’re joking?”

“No, as it was she was furious she couldn’t go shopping in before we left so you could arrive properly dressed for New York.”

“But I’m wearing the clothes that she and I bought together!”

“Yes, but you’ve lost weight and according to Pam, you need more clothes.”

“I don’t want to buy clothes just because I lost a little bit of weight.”

Now they moved into a topic he was not sure he wanted to broach while they were away. ‘This has the potential to derail what could be a lovely romantic weekend. Northman, you are a man, what you mean is this could derail our fucking, lots of fucking.’ Knowing it was for the best, he turned to Sookie. “You haven’t lost just a little bit of weight. Do you want to talk about it?”

“Eric, I’m not trying to lose weight. Honest. I’m just not that hungry.”

“Love, it has me worried. When we first came home, you dismissed the need to talk to someone about your time with Bill. Should we discuss that again?”

“How ’bout we agree to talk about it when we get home. I just want to enjoy our time here. And Pam will just need to be mad. I’m not buying a ton of stuff. Maybe I’ll pick a dress for the show tomorrow night. Are you going to tell me what we’re seeing?”


There was knock on the door and Eric turned to open it. A room service cart was pushed in. “I thought you might want something light.”

“Thanks Sweetie.”

“So what time does Isobel arrive for shopping?”

“10AM, plenty of time for breakfast in bed. We can put the order in tonight.”

“I like the way you think.”

“Can we rent an in-room movie tonight? I feel like snuggling in together.”

The movie was on for about an hour and they both fell asleep. Sookie woke first and giggled, ‘at least we watched this movie in bed instead of the couch.’ She started playing with Eric’s ears until he began to move a bit. He looked up and smiled, stretched then said. “I’m not sure we’re supposed to take the phrase sleeping together so literally.”

“Well, Mr. Northman, what else do you think it means?”

“I think I need to show you.”

Breakfast arrived and they had both worked up an appetite. Shortly after, there was another knock on the door which made Sookie groan, “The clothes.”

“You know, most women would be thrilled to have couture delivered to their hotel room for shopping.”

Glaring, she answered, “I am not most women.”

Isobel walked in with two carts of clothes being wheeled in behind her. After being introduced to Eric, Isobel turned to Sookie. “Where do you want to start?”

“I’d like something nice for a show tonight. We never did pick anything black, so maybe a ‘little black dress’ would be perfect?”

“Ok, I’ll get you a few choices and you can hop in the bathroom to change. Mr. Northman, are you staying for the fashion show?”

“You bet, especially for the items on the second cart from La Perla.”

“ERIC! Behave or you can’t stay.” Eric just chuckled half expecting her to add a foot stomp.

Sookie selected two dresses, one for the show that night and one for something special Eric had planned for Tuesday night. The event was a surprise for Sookie so he pointed out a few dresses that he thought would work. Isobel was surprised by his hands on approach to helping Sookie choose clothing. Once the dresses were selected, he walked into the bathroom with his arms full of intimates. “Sookie, I noticed your dress for tonight can accommodate a garter.”

She turned to scold him but he looked like a little boy who had brought home a lost puppy. “OK Eric, I’ll try them on.”

“I brought in some other things too. Do you want help?”

“Go keep Isobel company. I’ll be out shortly.”

Sookie tried on the nightclothes and underthings and made a few selections. When she came out of the bathroom, Isobel had steamed her new dresses and hung them in the closet. She handed her lingerie selections to Isobel and she finalized the purchases then departed.

“What would you like to do until we need to leave for dinner tonight?”

“Let’s go to Central Park.”

The weather for being outdoors was perfect and they spent a few hours at the park, including walking the North Woods and riding the carousel. Eric and Sookie took turns taking pictures so they would be able to share the experience with the girls. Normally out of site, Maxwell walked with them so he could take pictures of Sookie and Eric together.

“I’ve never spent time in this park.” Sookie told Eric while they were resting on a bench in the zoo.

“I’ve walked it occasionally, but I don’t really know this park either.”

“Did you ever consider living in New York; have you ever considered theatre acting?”

“Sure, what actor hasn’t? I just have so many film scripts coming in right now. Maybe it’s something I can explore when I have a new manager in January.”

“Is the change to a new manager going to be a problem? Will your career be impacted? Do actors change managers often? How long will the transition take?”

“You sure are full of questions today.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“You don’t need to be sorry. I was just making an observation.”

“I guess there’s an ulterior motive to my questions.”

Eric was pretty sure this all had to do with his career and their life together. “You’re worried about my next steps.” It was a statement, not a question.

“I can’t help but worry sometimes. It’s easy now; your work is at my house. I just get scared thinking about the end of this movie.”

“Don’t be scared, we will be together, the rest is just details.” He stopped to kiss her. “Now, back to your questions about changing my manager; the transition has already started. I have started gathering details on a new manager and will be setting up meetings as I can over the next few months. You will meet all of the candidates.”

“I will?”

“Yes, the final straw with Victor was his treatment of you. Someone being an ass to me, I can handle, but not you, never you. I want you to be comfortable with my next manager.

“Hmm, are there any 60 year old grandmothers in the running?”

He chuckled his response, “I don’t think so, Love. Do you want to head back and relax before we need to get ready for our evening out?”


“We do have that huge tub in the room.”

Later that afternoon another room service tray arrived. “No dinner, just snacks?”

“We are having dinner after the show.”

“Still not telling me what we’re seeing?”

“YOU are relentless woman! We’re seeing If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.”

Her face brightened and she said “With Jake Gyllenhaal? Really?”

“Sookie, is this another one of your attractions like Hugh and Christian?”

“Umm, yes, but not as much?”

“Do I need to cancel dinner after the show with Jake?”

Sookie beamed “No, I’m good.”

“Good, because he’ll be joining us with his girlfriend.”

“How did you pull that together?”

“We became friends during a movie we filmed together. We manage to get in one or two social visits a year.”

“Well, let’s snack and get ready to go.”

“Yes, it’s time for your garters.” He said while he wiggled his eyebrows.

“I am changing in the bathroom. If you see them, we won’t leave the room and I am not missing dinner with Jake.”

NY Play dress

Eric pouted, he actually pouted, but Sookie stood firm. “Eric, I will be out shortly, you dress out here.”

The theatre was close enough to the hotel that they walked, probably faster than driving with all the New York traffic. Sookie was surprised when they were seated at the front of the theatre – even Maxwell “Eric, how did you get these seats?”

“I need to be able to keep some secrets Love.”

The play was fantastic and dinner at The NoMad was even better. Sookie liked Jake’s girlfriend, Carla, immediately. She was young, in her mid 20’s, with beautiful dark hair and a smile that grew wider when she looked at Jake. Carla and Sookie bonded over paparazzi and other trials of being a ‘normal’ person dating a star. Jake was very friendly and answered all Sookie’s questions about his movies. Their dinners arrived and they dug in. The NoMad was famous for its roasted chicken for two and it was fantastic. Sookie moaned at the taste of each bite while she savored and studied the flavors. She looked up from her inspection of the plate to see Eric was staring at her. “Eric?”

“Love, I think Alcide has been a bad influence on you. Your moaning is distracting me.”

Sookie promptly turned a bright red, so Eric distracted her with a kiss.

“Careful,” Jake said, “We are close enough to the theatres to have some paparazzi around.”

“To hell with them. Sookie and I have been discussing the movie premier events we’re attending. We feel it might be best to use the opportunity to ‘come out’ and get it over with.”

“It can be easier that way.” Offered Jake.

“Our concern is my two daughters. They have been caught in the cross fire before. We’re sheltered right now where we live. Coming out could have people link my hometown, and my B&B to the filming location. Our privacy could be over.” Sookie explained.

“It’s all a gamble.” Jake said. He decided to change the subject to something more pleasant than paparazzi. “You mentioned Alcide, you’re working together right now?”

“Yes, he has been at Sookie’s working on the film for a while. We have RVs for most of the cast, but several stay with Sookie and me at the B&B and her house. Alcide is one of those with the privilege.”

Sookie added, “He has become an older brother to me. He spends so much time with the family that he is an uncle to the girls.” Sookie intended to share her affection for Alcide, but the comment made her sad. She still had not forgiven Jason and mentioning ‘brother’ and ‘uncle’ left her feeling hollow.

Eric recognized the sadness and quickly changed the subject to Pam since Sookie opened the door to life at the B&B. “Jake, the real fun is seeing Pam as an aunt. I don’t know where to even begin with her.”

“Allow me Eric.” Sookie said with a smile. “Jake, she buys matching outfits for all 3 of them. They go to the local school dressed like they’re attending formal meetings or events. Her calendar has been synched to the girl’s schedules and she spends a good amount of time preparing for the next day each evening with the girls: proper clothing, jewelry, nail polish. She plays with them, takes them to their basketball games or friend’s houses; she does homework with them – actually, so does Alcide. I sometimes need to request time with my own children.”

“Eric, what the hell. Did some kind of biological clock go off? I didn’t know she was capable of being a human, let alone be nurturing.”

“Jake, when you are done with this play, you have to come the B&B with Carla and see it for yourself.”

“Oh, you have a deal there my friend.”

They ended the evening with promises to plan a stay at the B&B together when Jake’s play had run its course. Maxwell had stayed in the restaurant, but hidden and he now suddenly appeared for the short walk back to the hotel.

Once they were safely in their room, Sookie decided to play with Eric. “I am so tired; I think I am going straight to bed. I’ll just get changed.”

“But, but, the garters! I was promised.”

Giggling, she turned around. “Eric, you’re too easy.”

He ran, grabbed her, and threw her on the bed. “Oh, that was wicked. Tonight, I get to remove the garters inch by inch and I get to finish by ravishing you. No stopping like we had to in LA. Let’s get your dress off; then you can just lay back and enjoy this.”

“I believe I will. You, get to work!”

Eric was thrilled to complete his garter fantasy. While other things had gone bad during their hotel stay for the Oscars, he never got the garter image and the way it left him out of his mind. Before he even knelt in front of her, his thoughts had him hard. Removing the garters was just as delicious as it had been in LA, and now he could continue to enjoy Sookie. Once Sookie was finally naked, he stood to remove his own clothes. Sookie was bare and spread before him and he could see she was extremely ready for more. “Sookie, touch yourself as I remove my clothes.” He was a little unsure if she would comply, but since she was so horny, he decided this was his best shot, and watching her touch herself was another fantasy. Sure she had done it while they were fucking, but just outright touching herself for her own pleasure – that was different.

While he was lost in his thoughts, Sookie moved her hands, one to a breast and the other to her lower lips. “Like this?” She asked in a breathy voice.

“Unngh, yes, that’s it my Love. Keep yourself occupied while I get rid of these clothes.

Eric paused at his own task to look, she was biting her lip, her face was flushed and she was rubbing her clit in circles causing soft moans to escape as well as some honey from her lady bits. “Sookie, use your other hand and fuck yourself with your fingers.”

She hesitated at that request, so he added, “Go on my sweet girl, do it for me.”

She complied and he thought he was going to cum just from the sight of her.

Eric was finally naked, but not ready to stop watching Sookie’s show. He asked her, “Roll over and get on your hands and knees.” When she was in position he said, “Keep going I want to see you pleasure yourself this way.” She moved to lie without the support of her arms to free them so she could continue to touch herself. Sookie had become so lost in her lust she didn’t realize she was more than just a little spread out, she was fully spread and her ass in the air like she was presenting herself to Eric. That was the end of the show for him. He moved quickly, removed her hand that had been fingering her pussy and replaced it with his cock. Adjusting her now free hand; she now started to touch Eric as she played with her clit. Wanting to feel Sookie cum first, Eric had to concentrate to keep from reaching his end too soon. “Sookie, let yourself go, cum for me.” She moaned but she did not cum yet. He moved her hand away and started tapping on her clit knowing she liked it. Just a few taps and she was done, her pussy convulsing so hard that Eric couldn’t prevent his own climax. He crashed on top of her, and they tumbled onto the sheet and he proceeded to clean her up for bed.

It took Sookie a few minutes to speak. “Wow” was all she finally said as she tucked herself into Eric. He left her for a moment to get a cloth to clean her; then returned to the bed to snuggle and sleep.

“Let’s grab a light breakfast out today?” Eric said as they dressed in some casual clothes.

“Sure. Can we walk to Tiffany’s?”

“Yes, it’s not that far and it is another beautiful day.”

“Ok, call Maxwell and let’s go.”

They grabbed a quick meal on the way and headed to Tiffany’s. Eric made a beeline for the counter and a very eager sales woman was ready to serve with a bright smile and a giggle. Sookie watched and grew jealous. ‘Lord, she’s giggling, I feel like I should go over and stake my claim. Now she tossed her hair over the shoulder. Oh no she didn’t, I’m going over there now.’

“See anything you like Sweetie?”

“We haven’t gotten that far yet Love.” Eric couldn’t contain his smile. Sookie had not planned to shop with him, so she must have come over to check out the giggling sales woman.

Giggly hair tossing sales woman quickly bent her head to start grabbing trays of charms to put out on the counter. Eric’s eyes immediately went to the ballet shoes, the monograms, and the airplanes. Sookie looked at him and asked, “The monograms are easy and I get the ballet shoes for their recitals, but the airplane?”

“The planes are for our first international flight; when we go on the premier and interview tour for Bored to Death this summer.”

“We haven’t talked about those details yet.”

“I only just started to get some of the dates from Victor; he’s been less than helpful. We can go over the itinerary with our calendars.”

“Sure. Are you done?”

“I want to look at some more for future purchases.”

“You know, you are buying those charms at a pretty fast rate. Their bracelets will be full before the year is out.”

“SOOKIE, that’s brilliant!”

“What, what did I say?”

“I will fill this bracelet this year. Then I’ll buy them a new one at Christmas to fill again. They can have a bracelet of memories for each year.”

“I have no idea what I said to give you that idea. I know I wasn’t intending for you to spend more money!”

“Hush, don’t ruin my fun. I’m going to pick more now, definitely charms with the year on them now.”

“Ok, I’m going to browse; I don’t even want to see how many you pick.” She pecked him on the lips and moved to another section.

Eric looked at the other trays of charms carefully. He picked charms with the calendar year engraged on them and a birthstone for Maura’s birthday in August, the same style as he gave to Eleanor last month. He fingered two he really wanted to purchase today, a charm with an embossed solitaire ring and a baby carriage, but he refrained. ‘I will get the solitaire once I’ve planned everything. The baby carriage; I can only hope that is something I can give them. I guess I need to talk to Sookie about having more children at some point.’ He indicated he was done with the tray and asked to see the earrings he had called about yesterday. Pleased with his selections, he checked out and met up with Sookie. Maxwell took the Tiffany purchases to hide discretely in a coat pocket.


“Yes, are you done with your plans for spoiling?”

“Only my short-term plans.”

“You’re just as bad as Pam, you realize that.”

Eric sucked in his breath and replied, “I am not. I can go for weeks without shopping. Pam can only make it hours. The internet has only added to her addiction. I wonder if Gore knows he’s an enabler.”

“Come on, I want to hit the Lindt store.”

“Chocolate shopping? That’s the shopping you want to do while in New York City? I’m reporting you to Pam.”

“You won’t need to report me; I’m buying some for her. I know she loves chocolate, it’s her secret addiction.”

They continued a walking tour of the city walking hand in hand. “Should we eat while we’re out?”

“Yes, you will need your energy for our destination tonight, and they don’t serve food.”

“Still not telling me?”

“You know better than to ask.”

A few hours later, they were dressed and ready to go.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this short dress!”

“I can’t believe you agreed but I am thrilled with the results; except you are missing one thing.”

“Uh oh. Don’t even tell me….” She stopped when she saw the blue box come out from pants pocket. “Yep, I knew that’s what you meant. Damn!”

“You know Sookie; most women would be jumping up and down at this box.”

“I think we’ve established that I am not most women, and that you like me this way.”

“Open the box, you hard headed, stubborn woman.”


Inside the box Sookie found earrings in pink to match her dress. They were studs, and she was thrilled with them. “Eric, I think you have outdone yourself this time. These are perfect.”

hot pink dancing dress NYC tiffany pink sapphire earrings

“Wow, no further arguing or foot stomping.”

“Not this time. Besides, I want to get out of here and see where we are going!”

They left the hotel and got in the limo. Maxwell was riding with a driver since he would be going into the secret location with them. They arrived and exited the limo and Sookie squealed. “DANCING! We’re going dancing? You know how much I love that! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” She yelled as she peppered his face with kisses.

“Believe me Sookie, taking you dancing is my pleasure.”

“Don’t say pleasure like that or we might need to leave early.”

Stroking her neckline and around her ear, he asked. “Why is that Sookie?”

“You just stop it right there, buddy. I want to dance.”

He chuckled and took her hand following Maxwell into the club. Taking a look inside and the heads turning his way he said to Sookie: “Brace yourself for fans Love. I won’t dance with them, but I will be cordial and sign autographs.”

Luckily, the fan incident was over quickly. He greeted several women, signed a few autographs and politely explained that his dance card was full. Sookie hung back with Maxwell while he handled the crowd. They already had a text from Pam explaining that their dinner last night made it onto some gossip websites. Jake had been right about paparazzi everywhere. ‘I’m going to need to keep my dress in line tonight; I don’t want any pictures of my underwear winding up on the internet. THANK GOD I at least have on panties and not the floss that Pam is always packing for me.’

“Ready to dance?”

Sookie looked up with a huge grin and replied, “You know it. Just help me keep my dress down, please.”

“I can keep my hands on your ass all the times if that will help, Love?”

“PERV, but I’ll let you get away with that as often as possible. I was just thinking I don’t need this crowd to see my underwear.”

They stayed at the club dancing until closing. Sookie could barely walk to the limo, and Eric carried her to the room once the limo had dropped them off. Since they had an early start the next morning, he placed her on the bed and helped her get out of her club clothes; then he returned with a washcloth to remove her makeup. Satisfied that she was comfortable, he tucked her in, stripped and got in the bed to snuggle. ‘We have an early start tomorrow; hopefully we can sleep in the limo on the ride home.

They did sleep all the way home and arrived to a very somber Pam. “Sookie, Eric, welcome home. We need to talk about Jason.”

“What’s going on Pam?” Eric asked.

“Hoyt called me. Jason was hurt at work about two weeks ago. He was released from the hospital and is recuperating at home, but according to Hoyt he is not really getting better.”

“I don’t understand Pam, does he need to return to the hospital?” Sookie questioned.

“Sookie, Hoyt thinks that since Jason has limited mobility, he suddenly has time to think and he’s becoming depressed. He isn’t eating properly; he’s missed his PT appointments. He was hoping you would talk to him.”

“Eric, you need to get on the set. Let me unpack and I will call Hoyt.”

“Sookie, call Hoyt if you want, but please don’t do anything with Jason until I can be with you.”

“ERIC, this is my brother. I can call him if I want.”

“Sookie, I’m asking, not telling. I just don’t want don’t want him to upset you. We’re both tired, and this could be a huge fight. Please, can we just discuss it later?”



“You’re right, we are both tired, Fine is all you get now.”

“And a kiss as I go off to work?” He pursed his lips out ridiculously far and Sookie could only laugh. She responded with the same lips and kissed him.

“Have a good day Dear.”

“Yes, Dear.”

“EWWW, even when you’re having a tiff you are both disgustingly sweet.”

“Glad to make your day my sister. Should I give you a kiss goodbye too?”

“Just go to work!”

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A/N – I am pretty sure the play mentioned above was not playing for the timing of my story. I ask your tolerance that I fudged the timing to use it. I just didn’t want to use one of the main Broadway play.

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