Chapter 30 – Bundle of Joy

Chapter 30 – Bundle of Joy

“Look, it has two lines, we’re pregnant.”

“Oh My God! I’m so excited for you.”

Two weeks had passed and the final week of filming at the B&B was starting on Monday. Jesus and Lala came in with the pregnancy test that their lawyer had given them and they were showing Sookie. Their surrogate mom was pregnant. While Lala was just crying about it; at least Jesus could talk. “She is due in January, so Lala is working with his manager to move the start date of his next film to late February to ensure he would be home in LA when she goes into labor.”

Sookie hugged Jesus. “A baby, that’s just wonderful news.”

Eric walked in with the girls from catching frogs at the pond. Sookie had installed an outdoor shower for rinsing off and it was proving its worth just about every day. “Mama, Poppa said we’re going over to Grace’s tonight! Can we bring some frogs?”

“Girls, I already told you no frogs to Grace’s, why are you asking Mama?” Eric said.

“Girls, if Poppa says no, that means no, got it?” Sookie scolded.

“But…” Maura started but one look from Sookie cut her off. “Yes Mama.”

“And?” Sookie coaxed and she looked at Eric.

“Sorry Poppa.” They both said. Eric knelt down to hug them both and told them to get dressed and packed for Grace’s.

Then he turned to Jesus. “Welcome back Jesus. Sorry we just burst in. I think the frogs interrupted something important.”

“Lala and I are expecting.” Jesus announced and Lala just started balling again.

“That’s wonderful news. Sookie, we should take them out to celebrate.”

“Ok, but an early night. I have B&B guests and I need to be up to cook breakfast since I don’t have Felicia this weekend.”

“We can do early.” Jesus said. “But let’s make it a joint celebration. I wasn’t here for the proposal; I want to hear all about it!”

Eric turned to Sookie. “Why don’t you go relax in the tub, I’ll drop the girls at Amelia’s and when I get back, we can all head out.”

When Sookie left the room, Jesus turned to Eric. “I thought she was doing well after starting to see her counselor? Eric, she looks exhausted.”

“She is doing well with the emotional issues. Now that the girls are out of school, she never stops. That’s why I asked Amelia to take the girls tonight. She needs to rest.”

“But she sold InnKeeper and has limited guests. How can she be so tired?”

“She gets up early with Alcide and I so she can feed us breakfast, then she runs all day with the girls. If she’s not with the girls, she has consulting work for InnKeeper. Since we have been filming in the city; she waits up for me to return home, then gets up early again the next day. I can’t get her to slow down.”

“At least this week will be better since we’re no longer in the city.” Lala offered.

“Lala, that’s a good point. Maybe the exhaustion will clear up with a week of more normal hours. I’m going to check on the girls and get them to Amelia’s. Can you meet us back here in about an hour; then we can all head out together?”


Eric was able to get them a table at Dan’s, an exclusive French restaurant in the area, because they wanted an early evening reservation. Sookie had only been to Dan’s a few times since she and Sam had only dined there for the most special occasions. She appreciated the French cuisine and Eric was hoping she would enjoy herself. Once they were seated, Jesus asked for all the details from the engagement and Sookie was happy to tell the story. “Now I filled you in on the engagement, dish on the baby. When is the first ultrasound? Will you learn the sex ahead of time? Did you pick a nursery theme? Are you getting a nanny or is one of you going to stay home?”

“Sookie, can I answer some before you keep going?”

“Sure, I’m just so excited for both of you.”

Dinner was served while they continued to talk about the baby. Jesus and Lala’s enthusiasm was contagious and Eric started thinking again about whether he and Sookie could have more children. He loved Maura and Eleanor, but to have a baby would be very special too, another chance for him.

Lala asked Sookie about the wedding. “Whatcha got planned?”

Sookie brightened even more. “We are thinking of a Christmas time wedding, possibly in Sweden.”

“Sweden at Christmas. That sounds beautiful Sookie. Are you going to have a big church wedding?” Jesus asked.

“I don’t know about big since we are thinking about Sweden. I hope to convince some of my friends from around here to fly over, but I can’t be sure. For the church, you bet. Eric has even agreed to convert to Catholicism for the girls and me.”

Having been a former Catholic before announcing his sexual preference, Jesus was confused. “Sookie, how can he convert so quickly? Catholics have classes he needs to take.”

“Eric has met with my Priest and he is going to complete his adult education to convert before the end of the year so we can have a full mass. You’re right about the classes, normally, he would need to take them from September to Easter to make his First Holy Communion and Confirmation, but Father Devlin is working with him separately on his education – even using Skype when Eric is traveling. In addition to wanting a full Mass in time for the wedding, we also didn’t want his conversion to become a huge public event.”

“Understood. So, do you guys get any say, or is Pam doing it all?”

“You got the Pam part right. I had wedding gown, invitation, flower, and bridesmaid dress ideas in my in-box when we returned from our weekend away after the engagement.”

The waitress came to offer dessert and coffee and when she left Jesus asked. “What do you guys do for July 4th?”

“Well, this week, we are skipping open mic night and basically moving it to Wednesday. I have some extra grills coming in to have a huge cookout. Since most of the town comes here for the evening, Morgantown sets the fireworks off on the back of my property – so we can just stay at the Barn and watch the whole thing. The party starts at 6:30 since these guys are filming that day.”

Jesus turned to Lala and pouted, “You’re working on the holiday?”

“Yessir, we gots to get the last scenes in wit dat corn finally bein’ high ‘nuf.”

“I was wondering about all that planting knowing the corn wouldn’t be that tall until now.”

“The magic of piecing the film together….” Eric offered.

It was July 4th and Sookie was tending to things more than usual. Some of the crew not needed for filming had agreed to help Sookie with prepping for the party and Felicia came in early to work the whole day. That didn’t stop Sookie from running around nonstop. When 6:30 came, it seemed like the entire town descended on Sookie’s property. “Sookie, is it always this crowded?”

“For Independence Day we usually have more than the usual open mic night, but this is ridiculous. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish to go with the items I grill, but now I wonder if I have enough grill stuff for this crowd. I know I don’t know everyone in town, but there are so many faces I don’t recognize.”

Eric called Preston over for help and explained. “Eric, I can have some of the crew make a run right now, we’ll be back in a jiff with more food.”

Next he spoke to Maxwell. “Is there any cause for concern?” Maxwell’s contract had him staying providing security for the film, even though the threat to Sookie had passed.

“We’ll be vigilant. I have all the shifts working tonight. I see Chief Stoltfus; let me quickly coordinate with him just in case. This crowd is huge.”

When Preston returned with more burgers, dogs and chicken, Sookie and her cooking team grilled everything as quickly as possible, the film crew stepped in as servers and Eric paced. Alcide stopped over to chat with him, noticing he was bothered by something. “This is just a madhouse. What the hell Eric.”

“I know. Something isn’t right. It’s too many people. I can’t put my finger on it, but I have a bad feeling.”

“Shit!” Alcide yelled.

Eric turned, paparazzi, fucking paparazzi on the property. He picked up the phone and called Maxwell. “Someone tipped off paparazzi, they’ve been in the crowd this whole time and now they’re pulling out cameras. What are our options?”

Alcide stayed with Eric and heard one side of the conversation.

“I see.”…”I’m getting her in the house then. Can you find the girls?” …”Try Pam’s number.” ….”I’ll meet you there.”

“What did he say?”

“He can’t toss them. The event was open to the public. Only the house is private. I’m getting Sookie.”

“Don’t Eric. Let me get her, then join us after she’s in the house. Your face is too well known. I’m just an unknown producer.


Eric watched as Alcide went to Sookie and got her to leave the grill and guide her to the house. He started to walk there himself when he was stopped by Selah Pomfrey.”

“So I heard through the town grapevine that you and the fat hick are engaged. Did she get pregnant to trap you? With all that weight, she certainly could be hiding it from the town. But not for long….”

“You did this! You tipped off the rags on this location. How much did they pay you?”

“Oh, I got some good money, but I didn’t do it for the money. That whining bumpkin got Bill arrested. I was hoping once you were firmly in place that Bill would give up and run back to me. She left me no choice. I made sure to tip off everyone I know that all these movie stars are filming here and there was an open to the public party. Hope you have fun now that your secret hiding place is out in the open.”

Hitting a woman in front of paparazzi? Sookie would kill him and he knew it. So, he took a deep breath, turned, and headed to the house while having cameras and microphones shoved in his face.

Alcide was in the family room, but he could hear Sookie in the downstairs bath. She was getting sick so he ran to help her. “Sookie, can I come in?”

She responded by reaching for the doorknob and twisting it open.

When she stopped, she stood to clean up and started crying. “This property was safe. Now we’ve lost that. How did they know where to find us? I knew once the film was released there was a risk, but already?”

Do I tell her? … Yes, she wants to be involved.‘ He took a breath and told her “Selah Pomfrey sold us out.”

“That BITCH! I cain’t believe she did that. I’m gonna cream her corn. WHERE. IS. SHE?”

“Sookie, calm down love. If you try anything there are paparazzi out there ready to film it. I wanted to hit her too, and I didn’t because I knew you be ticked if that showed up on camera. If I can’t hit her, you can’t.”

Eric could see Sookie getting ready to say more but she stopped when she heard the girls come in the house, complaining about missing the party and they met them in the kitchen. “How do we handle this? Do we just go back out and stick together? Hide in the house?”

“What do you want? If we go back out, they will continue to photograph us.”

“In for a penny, in for a pound? At least we are all dressed appropriately. The girls aren’t covered in mud….”

“Maura, Eleanor, let’s talk about what’s happening.” Eric started.

“Why were we pulled from the jungle gym Poppa?”

“There are people here who want to know all about you, Mama and me. They want to take pictures and ask questions. Your Mama wants to go back outside and just ignore them. What do you think? We can stay inside here, or head back to the party, knowing they will be taking your picture and you’ll likely be in some magazines.”

“I want to go to the party. Maxwell can just play with us, right?”

“Of course I can.”

They all went out tried to ignore the cameras and questions. With the exception of Selah, nobody from town was answering any questions either, so the paparazzi didn’t get too much scoop. Selah did leak the engagement, so attempted pictures of Sookie’s ring did show up on websites the next day. Eric and Sookie agreed that going back out was best for everyone. They were about to depart on a tour for the opening of Bored to Death and would have photographers around them quite a bit. At least this experience was on home turf. The experience also led Eric to two decisions: Keeping Maxwell, at least for the girls with all the traveling for the premier and having an interview that included Sookie to quell the rumors.

Friday, the final day of filming, the film company hosted a large party for everyone in the Barn. Eric had arranged for a birthday surprise for Sookie during the party. Saturday was her 41st birthday and he got the whole cast and crew to go in on the surprise during their closing party. Now, a huge cake was being wheeled out for Sookie and she flamed red from embarrassment while everyone sang Happy Birthday. Knowing Sookie normally wasn’t into material goods, the cast and crew debated heavily on an appropriate gift. Every one of them had all been taken by this woman that welcomed all of them into her home on various occasions and tried to make each of them as comfortable as possible in their homes away from home. In the end it was Alcide who came up with a brick lined pizza and bread oven for the Barn. He recalled Sookie’s complaint that she needed to buy crusty loaves of bread since her own ovens couldn’t get the right texture. A picture of the oven was presented to Sookie by Alcide and Godric and she was told it would be installed while they were away. Preston had committed to overseeing the work while Sookie was gone. Sookie was speechless and took the time to hug and thank every person.

Freyda approached Sookie, celebrating at her table, but she was yanked back by Maxwell before she could say anything. He pulled her all the way out of the party with his hand over her mouth. Once outside, he removed his hand and she started the screaming. How he had no right to remove her, the party was for all the cast and crew, on and on. He ignored her while she screamed it out and when she stopped, he spoke. “Freyda, listen carefully. Nobody in that room likes you. You burned every bridge with your petty, bitter and completely unjustified comments to and about Sookie for the past few months. Frankly, I don’t know why you would even want to be in that room, but that’s your own problem. This is the last night for everyone to enjoy each other, and I won’t have you ruining it. Walk away or you will be physically removed.”

The cast was departing the following day, with the crew staying for break-down. Eric’s Bored to Death premier schedule prevented him from staying, so Alcide was handling it. Felicia would be living full time in the B&B while Eric and family completed their tour and vacation. Saying goodbye was hard for Sookie and she cried as various groups on different flights left for the airport. The last group was the largest, since so many of them were going to LA. The film company agreed to a private jet for all of them, departing from Reading, not the bigger (and further) Philadelphia airport. Eric’s entourage was large with Sookie and the girls, Pam, his parents and Maxwell. Unfortunately, the flight to LA included Freyda. Sookie sighed when she got on the plane; Freyda just glared at her at first; then she smirked. After Sookie and Eric selected their seats, Freyda moved to sit closer to them. Soon they realized why she moved; the rude comments began before they even took off.

“I can’t believe what a relief it is to leave this fucking town. My God, how much fresh air and quaint neighbors can anyone stand?”

I will not lower myself, I will not say anything back, I will show the girls that words mean nothing.’ Over and over, Sookie repeated those words while she held tight onto Eric’s arm.

“I think the first thing I’ll do when we get back to LA is go shopping, no wait, I might burn the farm stench out of my clothes.” She continued on while the plane took off, insulting the food, the town, and the people. Sookie continued her mantra and sat squeezing Eric’s hand. They had talked about putting on a calm front for the benefit of the girls.

Then Freyda hit a sore spot: “Poor Sookie’s girls, to be raised in such pathetic conditions, they will be sheltered and never know anything about the real world. Do they even go to school? At least Pam took pity on them and bought them some decent clothes.”


“Yes Sookie?”

“Can I talk to you in the back of the plane?”

“Oh my Sookie, we can’t break the rules and get out of our seats until the pilot says we can. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble, would you? A sweet, simple girl breaking the rules?”

“Freyda, just get up and move to the back of the plane.”

Ignoring the glares around her, she got up. Frankly, she was pleased to have finally had an effect on Sookie – Sookie was pissed and she loved it. All these months, Sookie had kept her cool around Freyda, but Freyda really suspected she was having an impact, and now she knew for sure. She was very surprised when Sookie pushed her into a seat in the back of the plane and bent down to speak to her. Sookie took a deep breath and concentrated on her words, she wanted to keep her southernisms out of this. “Freyda, you seem to forget that I have been trained in Krav Maga. I normally don’t believe that violence is the answer, but you, you make me rethink that every day. Keep your opinions to yourself Freyda, or certain pictures of you covered in pig dung will hit the internet.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Don’t mess with a mother and her kids, something you will never understand since you’re so hostile your womb wouldn’t even accept a child. That’s actually a good thing since I don’t think you should procreate. You really need to do something with your unresolved anger issues, Freyda. You’re so insecure you need to make others around you feel bad just so you can feel good about yourself. Everyone on this plane sees it Freyda. Now, stay in this seat and keep your mouth shut for the rest of the trip. Goodbye.”

With that, Sookie turned to return to her seat close to the front of the plane and the passengers stood and gave her a round of applause.

Freyda screeched from her position on the floor. “You bitch; I’ll sue you for this.”

“Sue me for what, talking to you? Ensuring you had your seatbelt on for a safe flight? That’s all I was doing.”

When Sookie sat down, Pam leaned over and asked. “Bravo Sookie. I do have one question though, how much in fines did Freyda need to pay?”

“Pam, you know the fines go into a separate account for the girl’s education?” Pam nodded. “The last total was just over a quarter of a million dollars and she still had a pile to be paid.”

“That plan was brilliant you know. Directly into an education based account, no taxes. Brilliant Sookie.”

“The funny thing is – she had shunned so many of the cast and crew, they were reporting on her all the time.” Pam and Sookie laughed out loud in their seats.

Eric looked at her with an odd expression so she asked, “Are you mad that I just did that? To Freyda I mean.”

He leaned in to whisper his answer. “Not at all, I just wish we had less folks around so I could initiate us in the mile high club. Sookie, that was hot.”


They landed in LA and dealt with the paparazzi by forming a circle around the girls. Having lived with Mor since April, Sookie found it difficult to see her and Far get in their own limo to leave for a different home. They planned to spend Sunday at Eric’s. Maxwell was going to stay in the guest room in Eric’s wing until they departed for the tour locations. So the rest of them got in one limo and headed home.

The first few days in LA were busy for Eric and Pam. He had some studio meetings and local prep work for the Bored to Death premier. Pam had her first meetings as the costume consultant for another film. Sookie didn’t have any consulting work for InnKeeper planned for the week so she found herself wondering what to do. The house was clean, the laundry was handled by a service; so with no ideas left, she decided to bake. ‘A housewife, that’s what I feel like right now.’ She continued working in the kitchen thinking about her housewife status then she started giggling. ‘Hmmm that gives me an idea.’

Eric came home at about 6PM to a very quiet house. When he called out for Sookie and the girls Sookie replied that she was in the kitchen.

He ran in and found Sookie, wearing only a cherry print apron. Her breasts were covered, but just barely. “How was your day, dear?” Sookie asked.


“Fuck my day, I like how my night is looking. What inspired this?”

“Boredom, I realized I was a housewife today, so while I was baking I cooked up this little plan as well. Pam helped by stopping on the way home for the apron”

Eric started approaching Sookie, licking his lips. “Where is everyone?”

“Movies. We have until about 8:30.”

“So, the kitchen?” He waggled his eyebrows.

“As you wish, dear. Would you like the newspaper and a drink first?”

He pounced.

After they christened the counter and the table, Sookie turned to Eric and said. “I take it you don’t want the newspaper and a drink first.”

“No, not when I can have you.”

“Well, scoot, I need to clean up in here. Then I’ll put out some dinner.”

“I’ll clean, you cook. By the way, I hope you don’t plan to wear that apron – even with clothes on under it – and not expect to be attacked.”

“Is that a promise or a warning?”


The rest of the week was relatively calm. Pam and Eric had work outside the house every day, so Sookie and the girls played in the pool or around the house. Each day, Sookie grew more excited about Friday, the LA Premier of Bored to Death. She wasn’t feeling that nervous about the event. The red carpet time was limited, and Eric had arranged for her to be moved into the theatre quickly with his Far and Mor while he finished up extra pictures with his co-stars. She was quite happy with the dress she and Pam selected, a Monique Lhuillier Ruched Asymmetric Cocktail Dress in a sheer dark blue and she planned to wear the ‘Oscar’ sapphire earrings from Eric. She warned him not to buy her any new jewelry for the outfit or she’d kill him. Pam swore she was going to have her checked for mental illness when she made that statement.

The only snag with the whole week was a meeting with Victor – at the house! It was scheduled for Thursday morning. To ensure the girls heard no screaming, she arranged to have Maxwell and Mor take the girls out for the day. Wednesday afternoon, even though the cleaning service had been to the house on Tuesday, she was running the vacuum, dusting and cleaning all the bathrooms again. After searching the whole downstairs, Eric walked into the girl’s bedroom to find Sookie dusting. “Love, I kinda get that you wanted to clean downstairs, but I don’t plan on having Victor up to the girl’s room for a tea party.”

“Leave me be Eric.”

Eric knew better than to say anything more. She was already upset enough about the meeting with Victor and he didn’t want to get into an argument. Her look was pure determination and it wasn’t hurting anyone for her to clean, again. “Ok, Mor said dinner will be ready in 20.”

“I’ll be down shortly.”

Eric paused in the doorway watching as Sookie moved to changing the sheets on the beds. He’d never been so happy. He had Sookie, and they were planning their wedding. His Mor and Far stopped over at least once a day. Over the past 10 years, they had lived in the same city and never saw each other more than once or twice a year, with a few accidental meet ups related to Hollywood business. He had Maura and Eleanor and he couldn’t love them more if he had fathered them; he knew that for sure. Sookie looked up from where she was tucking in a sheet, “I don’t know what’s so fascinating about watching me. Come on over and do the other side.”

Eric smiled and helped make a hospital corner after some instruction. They finished both beds quickly and headed to dinner.

Pam had a list, a laptop, a book about weddings and tons of computer printouts all over the dining room when they arrived at the table. “Sookie, we need to start making some decisions if I’m going to pull off this wedding for December.”

Sookie sighed, she appreciated Pam’s help but sometimes she was overwhelming. Tonight she was thinking that with Victor’s visit tomorrow, her impromptu wedding meeting crossed into overwhelming. She was about to comment when Pam said. “Sookie, I bet you’re thinking you have too much on your mind tonight, but honestly, before you scrub my toilet again I thought this might be more fun. Forget about Victor, let’s nail down some details.”

“You know what Pam, you’re right. I really don’t want to scrub your toilet again. What’s on your list?”

Mor served dinner with Eric’s help while Pam reviewed her list. We need to nail down a location and date, well location being primary. So dearies, have you decided, are we going to Sweden for the wedding at Christmastime?”


“Sookie, you haven’t even seen Sweden yet, are you OK making that decision? What if your close friends can’t make it?”

“Eric, as long as I have you and the girls, I have all I need. Do I want Russell and my other friends, maybe even my brother? Yes. Really though, I want something small. If we have it in Morgantown, I don’t know if we can get away with small.”

“My bride to be has spoken Pam, Sweden it is.”

“Ok, so the Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s is December 29th – are we going with that?”

“Yes.” Sookie answered without thought. When Eric just looked she asked, “What? Does that not work for you?”

“I’m just happy that we’re making concrete decisions.”

Pam reviewed other decisions with Sookie while everyone ate. Sometimes the family would offer an idea or comment, but mostly Pam just barreled through the discussion.

“Mama, are we going to be in the wedding?” Maura asked.

“Of course, you’re both going to be in the wedding party.”

“What will we wear?”

“Hmm, my guess is you need to ask Pam about that. Am I right Pam?”

“Of course, I’ll be outfitting us.”

“Us? Hmmm, Pam, as it happens I was going to ask you to be in the wedding. Now, I think you’re being a bit presumptuous.”

“Oh Sookie, don’t worry about that technicality….. I knew you were going to ask. Is anyone else going to be in the wedding?”

“I’ll need to talk to Tara about the trip; then I’ll let you know.”

“Wait – did you say ‘was’ going to ask me?”

“Just caught that, heh?” Sookie replied as she grabbed the dishes and headed to the kitchen to start cleaning up.

It took Pam a few minutes to catch up to Sookie since she had all the wedding stuff surrounding her at the table and even on the floor. When she got to the kitchen, Sookie was gone. ‘She’s just teasing me I’m sure.’

“Pam, did you come to help with the dishes? I sent Sookie off to relax since she spent the day cleaning the already clean house.”

“We should hire help for every day. I’m not sure I know how to wash pots and pans if they don’t go in the dishwasher. I know Sookie; she doesn’t put the cookware in the dishwasher. It ‘ruins the finish’ as she says.”

“I suggest you follow that instruction. She loves her kitchen stuff Pam; she would probably beat you with it if the copper trim was ruined.”

“I know it, yesterday when I arrived home; she was here in the kitchen, singing along to Maroon 5 again, polishing the copper trim. She was happy – how the hell does anyone like cleaning?”

“Pam, don’t question things that she likes; she likes you too.”

The next day, Akita arrived early and took the girls to her house with Maxwell. To surprise the girls, she and Klaus had a jungle gym installed in the backyard and filled a guestroom with toys. Actually, they turned a guest room into a miniature house with a play kitchen, small sofa and TV and playthings for two American Girl Dolls. She wanted the girls to pick their dolls later today at the American Doll store in LA. Klaus had surprised her with the idea of converting the guest room and she was thrilled. One corner of the room was empty, only because they were waiting for the Pottery Barn bunk beds to arrive so she could have sleepovers with the girls as well. Yes, she had caught the teacup bug just as badly as Pam had.

Now, Akita had Eleanor and Maxwell had Maura walking with their eyes covered to the room. Akita wanted them in the room all the way before she let them see, and when she and Maxwell took their hands from the girl’s eyes, she got the reaction she was wanting. They squealed and ran from toy to toy taking it all in. They both ran to their Farmor to hug and thank her. “You’re welcome, after lunch, we are going to the American Girl store so you can pick your dolls.” When we return to your Poppa’s house, be sure you give Farfar a hug, this whole room was his idea.”

“We will.” Eleanor confirmed. Not that Eleanor ever needed an excuse to be attached to Farfar, ever.

At Eric’s house, Sookie was so tense; she was back in the downstairs bathroom vomiting, again. ‘Lord, I hate Victor. I can’t believe his visit has me this upset, luckily Pam and Eric are in the office with Eric’s lawyer.’ She stepped out to run into Klaus. “Sorry Sookie for running into you, I heard you and I was coming to check.”

“I’m fine. Victor just, well, I don’t like him.”

“Let me get Eric or Pam.” He turned to leave the area.

“No, I really am fine and if Eric knows Victor gets me this upset, it’ll just make the meeting harder. ….. Please?”

“Now I know what Eric means when he says he can’t say no to that face. The girls have that affect on their Farmor, I can only imagine what they are getting into over at my house.”

“I heard she is taking them to the American Girl store today. I don’t even want to think about it. We’ll probably need additional luggage for toys when we travel. And don’t you throw Farmor under the bus; I have seen Eleanor work her charms on her Farfar all too often.”

“Who me? And don’t worry too much about the extra luggage. Farmor is arranging for duplicate accessories to be sent to the house in Sweden for our trip. They’ll only need to travel with the dolls and maybe a few outfits.”

“I see shopping was a genetic trait passed to Pam, and to Eric, though to a lesser extent.”

They chuckled at her observation only to be cut off by the doorbell. “Well, let’s get this over with.” Sookie said as she took Klaus’ hand to greet Victor.

Eric had beaten them to the door and he guided Victor and his lawyer to the dining room. Sookie felt the table would provide the best physical barrier if they put Eric at one end, and Victor the other.

“Victor, let’s begin with any engagements booked from now to the end of the year. Then we can move to the dissolution of our contract.”

About 3 hours later, they had actually done it. With the help of the lawyers and some payments from Eric for contracts he had already signed, but would not be filming until 2013 they were done. Victor was no longer Eric’s agent and manager and would have no reason to bother them again. Sookie was relieved when all the signatures were done and they were standing from the table. That is, until Victor had to open his mouth. “She’ll ruin you.” He started. “That fat twat will send your career down the toilet and you are too dumb to even see it.”

Eric was about to say something when he was surprised by the sound of a loud slap. “Victor, please leave now. You have no right to discuss Eric, his career or our relationship since you just signed the confidentiality agreement. This fat twat will end you if you break any part of that agreement; there will be no leniency if we find out you said anything. Believe me, I explored if I could have you arrested or limit Eric’s payouts to drop your contract early due to the stunt you pulled with filming Freyda and Eric and having it posted, but there was no legal option. Victor, that just makes me more tenacious and vigilant. I will be watching.”

Victor opened his mouth to respond but was met by the steely gaze of Sookie and he knew she meant business, she then nodded to the two lawyers in the room and asked, “Gentlemen, can you please confirm for me. At this point, any further statements about Eric, his career, or our relationship is a breach in the contracts and confidentiality agreement that was just signed?”

Both answered yes.

“So Victor, you were about to say something?”

Victor took a quick look at his own lawyer who gave a quick glare while he shook his head from left to right. Victor stiffened and said, “yes, I, well I was going to say, good day. I will be leaving now.”

Victor and his lawyer pulled out of the driveway and Eric called the community gate to remove his entrance privileges. Sookie breathed a sigh of relief that another one of their problems was just removed from their lives.

Pam looked at Sookie with a bit of awe and said, “Sookie that was hot. When did you grow balls like that?”

“Yes, Love. That was hot. When do the girls arrive home?”

“ERIC, Far is right here!”

“Sookie, I think he knows we have sex.”


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1 thought on “Chapter 30 – Bundle of Joy

Will write for comments, please help . . .

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