Chapter 21 – Confessions

Chapter 21 – Confessions

January 21, 2004

“I don’t need my own laptop; I can just keep using yours during the day.”

“Sookie, we’ve been sharing this laptop at Fangtasia since your classes started. You need to focus on school, your classes are online so you need a laptop and since I also work on my laptop, we just can’t keep sharing.”

“Stop making sense!”

He smirked knowing he’d just won and he started opening the packaging around the new laptop, “Let’s get it set up for the network at home and Fangtasia.”

“Fine. You do that while I get a shower. I spent the day potting plants and I’m coated in dirt.”

“I’d rather help you in the shower.”

“I’m sure you would, but you just pointed out how important it was for me to have a PC, and that PC needs to connect to the network. Get busy cuddle bear.”

“Ok, you got me honey bunny.” They both burst out laughing. When Eric calmed down he pouted a bit while he asked. “Can I have a kiss for all my hard work?”

“Sure.” She smiled and walked over and pointed to the laptop he was booting up. “Just as soon as you’re all done.”

She turned to go to the shower and he swatted her behind. “Temptress.”

She walked away and he heard her shower starting. He thought about the past few weeks while configuring the PC. Sookie did need a few days of rest to recover from the flu, and it was confirmed as a newer strain from Ludwig’s blood tests. Sookie was hit harder by the bug because she never received a flu shot or ever had any form of flu to build up resistance. That was Ludwig’s theory at least.

Illness aside, or perhaps because of the illness, they were even closer emotionally. He was still waiting for the physical side to catch up, but for now, the playfulness and affection between them was more satisfying than even some of his most carnal orgies. Yeah, he was a pansy and seriously considered sending dozens of the plants to Godric’s house so he could look at them and be reminded of what he’d done to his son. Not that he even cared anymore; as a result of Godric’s ultimatum, he got several things he never even knew he wanted: joy, purpose, laughter, love. In a nutshell, he got Sookie.

Sookie’s introduction to the Area 5 vampires was also going well. He recalled how she’d won over her chosen protectors immediately; easily striking up friendly conversation and even having some of them share bits and pieces of their normally private life. Slowly, her frequent visits to Fangtasia gave her the opportunity to meet many vampires from the area and she made friends with every vampire that she spoke with. He frequently received positive comments about Sookie’s attitudes; that she was neither enthralled nor disgusted because they were vampire; she simply just took each vampire individually and found common ground. So, although she already had vampire ‘friends’ in his Area, once she had identified some V-dealers she overheard the restroom and was able to notify Pam; she also had earned respect from those same area vampires as well.

He laughed to himself recalling that he and Sookie spent time creating their own sign language as a precaution for communicating while around other vampires. In addition to their own ‘wish’ he wanted the ability to communicate silently so they would not raise suspicion to their true relationship. They had selected a few single words that they felt could be useful in vampire situations: stay, depart, caution, quiet, scared, later and obey (that one infuriated his spitfire, but she learned it). For the Area 5 vampires, they never needed it. Sookie had them wrapped around her finger.

Her PC was finished and packed in the tote bag Pam had chosen for Sookie, so he went off to be his usual bold self. She found him relaxed in her bed, breathing in the scent of her pillows and she rolled her eyes. “Did you get your work done on my PC?” He nodded yes enthusiastically. “Did you come for your payment?” More nodding. “Did you think I was going to deliver your kiss while wearing only a towel?”

He grinned. “You can take the towel off if you want.” He said as he reached for her. She squealed as she was suddenly under him on her bed. “I’ll play within your boundaries, Sookie. The towel will go no lower than,” He inched it down to her waist, exposing her breasts “here.”

“You got that right Northman.”

He spoke in a muffled voice since he face was pressed between her breasts. “Ooh, I’m not cuddle bear? Am I in trouble? Are you going to punish me?”

“Just collect your kiss.”


Two hours later, Eric was pulling into his Fangtasia parking spot and they were greeted by Pam. “Took you long enough.”

“Sookie insisted on separate showers. It’s her fault.”

“You say that like we’re already taking our showers together.”

“You say that like it’s only a matter of time.”

“Go sit on your throne. I have schoolwork.”

“You’re stuck with me for a bit, I have sheriff work to do.” She looked at him questioningly. “I have to get it done early since I won’t be here Thursday through Saturday for Jason’s wedding.”

“Is that something I can help with?”

“You would help me with this?” His voice raised in surprise as he asked the question.

“You’re kidding right; I’ve been asking you for ways I can contribute for a while now. Show me what needs to be done.”

He pulled a chair behind his desk and proceeded to show her one of the reports he needed to file to human authorities and the location of the data needed to build them. Impressed that she caught on quickly, he showed her more. After an hour, she knew enough that he could go on with some other business while she worked. Usually, she was able to walk out of the office, but tonight Eric had some ‘guest’ planned and he asked her to stay in the office. The reports were relatively simple, just tedious and she completed them as much as she could until she ran into some questions. Forgetting she needed to stay in the office, she went looking for Eric. She didn’t spot him on the floor but she did run into Yvetta in the employee room.

Yvetta cackled evilly at Sookie. “Listen trailer trash Barbie, he’s not here right now; I saw him head downstairs with a dark beauty. You do know what he’s got down there, right? I know what’s down there, been down there many times myself, I guess you’re too pure for any of that. No wonder he needs to seek relief from other sources.” She continued to cackle as she headed to her ‘pole’ and proceeded to work.

And she called me trash?’ Still, she couldn’t say the words didn’t bother her and she wanted to know why Eric would take a woman downstairs. A search for Pam was unsuccessful, so she decided to head down. She only got halfway down the stairs when she saw him: shirtless and bloody from dispensing some kind of punishment to a man in chains – the dark beauty was a vampire and he was in sheriff mode. What she saw horrified and shocked her. The rules and customs of the vampire world had been explained to her many times, but witnessing it was more than she could stand and she turned and ran. She was in full panic mode when she got back to his office and she needed to escape. Grabbing her purse and coat, she headed out the door.

Downstairs, Eric was furious. He was angry that he’d never warned her to stay out of the basement. He cursed himself for not feeling Sookie approach. He also was upset at Sookie for leaving the office alone since they had discussed that as well. Now that he could feel her getting a bit further away, his upset at her was replaced by concern. He could feel her disgust at what she had seen, but he could only deal with that once he got her back, so he quickly ran up the stairs and out the door.

Sookie had only made it two blocks before she heard the voices. “Grab her; she’s the one with the big blond.” She was grabbed roughly and yanked into an alley. She fought them while she was dragged further away from the street but it did no good. A large unmarked van with only back and front windows was parked at the end of the alley and the door was open to reveal a mattress and ropes. Her terror rose and she doubled her efforts, even managing to kick one of them hard enough to let go of her. When he grabbed her ankle and twisted, she could his thoughts clearly. She was only a means to get to Eric. They wanted him and thought if they could get him to come to her, he could be captured. They were on their way to Fangtasia and lucked out when she ran towards them. The van was full of silver nets and chain they could use to render Eric helpless while they drained him. THAT wasn’t going to happen. She started to examine the area around her for anything she could use. Three men and her? She needed some kind of weapon. She was pushed to the mattress and one of the men spoke to her. “We need to keep you ‘missing’ for about an hour then call and say we found you. That gives us plenty of time to get acquainted.” He smiled and touched her face. She heard more thoughts: they were working for someone in the area and were given direction on what vamps to get and suggestions on how to get them. She was disgusted by some of the thoughts going through her head. His hands had moved further down her body and she thought she was going to vomit.


She was immediately relieved. Eric had arrived! Then she remembered the threat and yelled to him. “ERIC! Drainers! It’s a trap! They have silver.”

Before she even finished the sentence, the man on top of her was already decapitated and Sookie saw her weapon, the knife in the dead man’s hands. She reached for it, wondering where the other two men had gone but discovered one location soon enough: He must have been on the van roof because she saw a net fall down on Eric and he was knocked to the ground and hissing in pain. She saw the second man moving out of the van towards Eric with a silver chain and she surprised him by plunging the knife into his chest. Since Eric was still struggling with the silver net, she decided to think about what she’d done later. Eric was sizzling under the silver so she worked to remove it. Some flesh came with the net and she hesitated. He grimaced out an order for her to just yank it hard and fast. She did and he was on his feet quickly enough to grab the last drainer before he made it out of the alley. He kept this one alive for questioning. By this time, Pam arrived in the alley and he ordered her to call in help for the clean-up. He pushed Sookie towards Pam’s car and further ordered Pam to take her back to Fangtasia.

Sookie was shocked. ‘Was he so mad at me walking into the basement that he didn’t want me? So hurt by the rejection she blindly limped into Pam’s car for the drive back to Fangtasia. She could hear them speaking in Swedish, but she didn’t care. Pam got into the car and as they started to pull away, she looked back and her heart swelled. Eric was making the wish symbol down his chest. She returned it quickly before Pam moved the car out of his view.

Now that the adrenalin was gone, the tears started and Pam reached for her hand. “You were very brave back there. You saved my maker.”

“Is he very mad at me?”

“Why would he be mad at YOU?”

“I ran away after I saw him in the basement with the vampire in chains.”

“Well, I’m sure you two need to discuss that, but he’s not mad at you.”

“Then why are you taking me back?” They’d arrived at Fangtasia and Pam was helping Sookie out of the car, her fighting had hurt her foot and walking was painful.

“It’s called bloodlust Sookie. He can explain it better but he was hurt during the fight. He needs blood and if he tried to comfort you right now, that’s not really what would happen.”

“What do you mean; shouldn’t I go back and give him my blood?”

“Crumb cake, when you start being more physical with Eric, you may enjoy him in the state of bloodlust. Right now, he would be too rough, or possibly take it too far. He’ll be back after he addresses his needs.”

Sookie gasped. “Take me back; I don’t want him to have sex with anyone else, Pam!”

“He’s not going to have sex with anyone, he’s committed to you, but he’ll likely feed from the drainer you just killed, maybe even the other one. He’ll take the remaining drainer to his warehouse and torture him to learn whatever he can. He’ll be calmer then.”

“What does he need to learn from him?”

“Whether the three acted alone, names of other drainers, any information they have on vampires, that kind of stuff.” She guided her to the shower. “Here, I’ll put some clothes on the bench for you. We’ll go back to your house to wait for Eric when you’re done.”

Sookie showered and spent most of the time thinking about her telepathy. She knew she trusted Eric, but would he be mad she kept it from him? Would he think she was a freak like everyone in town thought? Would it change things for the worse between them? She no longer rejected the relationship based on how it started, she wanted Eric and she was pretty positive that he already loved her. Could he love and accept all of her, the telepath and the normal everyday girl? She had come to the realization that she could accept and eventually love all of Eric – her Eric and ‘sheriff Eric’ – could he do the same? Maybe she already loved him, but wasn’t admitting it – she knew now she would do anything for him – she killed a man tonight! Granted, she was ensuring her own safety too, but she kind of liked that they fought the drainers together. Honesty was needed now and the best way to do it was to involve herself in the interview with the surviving drainer. She could probably get more out of him than torture for Eric anyway. After all, she already knew the three that attacked her were not working alone. Trying to convince herself that her decision was the right one, she repeated a mantra in her head, ‘it won’t change anything, he’ll still want me‘ over and over again.

“Pam” she started as she entered the office. “I need you to take me to the warehouse.”

“I’m to take you home Sookie, Eric’s orders. But I must say Eric is going to lose it seeing you in his dress shirt like that. God Sookie, that’s sexier than I could’ve imagined. Too bad I could only find track pants that are way too large for you. You should just take them off and wear the shirt as a dress.”

She ignored Pam’s comment about her outfit and focused on her request. “Trust me this once, please. There is something I need to tell Eric about this evening and the drainers.”

“Cupcake, you’re going to get me in trouble.”

“I’ll defend you, I promise.”


Eric was feeling a bit better. He had needed to drain both drainers, he chuckled at his pun in his head, to get over most of his bloodlust and torturing the other drainer would probably help. He was caked in blood, from the vampire punishment, the fight, the draining and now from his start on the remaining drainer. The three had attacked Sookie, touched her and it made him blindingly mad. Just for having that thought, he snapped the whip across the drainer’s chest in front him, hard enough to break skin and have more blood spill. “That was for my Lover. Nobody touches her and lives.”


“I’m certain I don’t hear you Pam because you were ordered to take Sookie home and stay with her. She better not be alone just so you could come and play with the human.”

“I’m not alone Eric, I’m here.” He cringed. Sookie was here, and would likely never get the image of him standing before this human while coated in blood out of her head. He seethed.

He kept his back to both of them and bellowed. “PAM! Du betalar för att ignorera mina order, allvarligt! (You will pay for ignoring my orders, severely).

“Eric, I insisted. I need to tell you something and it can’t wait any longer. Please, look at me.” He was frozen by fear. If he turned now and saw Sookie looking at him coldly, it would crush him. Instead of turning, he felt a hand on his arm. “Eric, please.”

When he finally turned, what he saw stunned him. Standing before him was his Sookie. She looked worried, but not afraid, not angry, not cold. “Sookie, I”

“Wait Eric, I need to tell you something first, before I lose my nerve. Is the drainer secure for a bit?”


“Can we, I don’t know, go for a walk or something?”

“A walk?”

“This could take a few minutes, and I wanted to have the discussion in private. You can tell Pam later, I promise that, I just need to have the conversation first with only you. I also don’t want your guards to overhear.”

NOW he was extremely interested. He wondered if she was finally ready to tell him her secret. He had been pulling bits and pieces of information together for months now and while he had some ideas, he never confronted her believing that trusting her to finally tell him herself was the way to go. Something tonight must have triggered her decision. This was not a discussion for the woods outside his warehouse. “It’s still early, let me take a quick shower and I’ll fly you home.” She looked to say something but he insisted. “From here it’s only about a 5 minute flight, and I have a jacket you can wear. Can you wait for me to shower and change?”


“Well, my little bon bon, you’ve done it again.” Pam said after Eric left them and Sookie just stared. “My maker is shocked about something.”

“He doesn’t even know the half of it.”

“Are you going to give me a hint?”

“Now, you’re my BFF and all, but that’s my man, he needs to hear it first.”

“Oh strudel, how happy that statement makes me on both accounts. It took you long enough to claim him.”

“I had a good amount of stuff to work through, give me a break, fang girl.”

A few minutes later, Eric emerged, de-blooded and in a tight tee shirt and jeans. Sookie’s lady bits throbbed for a moment before she remembered what came next: the flight. Ever the perfect gentleman for her, he held out his leather coat and helped her into it. She laughed and he raised one eyebrow in question. “We’re standing in front of a bleeding human that wanted to hurt me so they could drain you, and your manners are impeccable.”

“Good manners are always in style.”

“Quoting Gran now too?”

“Stalling for your flight?” She bit her lip and nodded yes. “I won’t drop you. Come on.” He picked her up since he could see she was still limping on one leg and as soon as they were out the door, he took to the air. She squealed but at least she didn’t scream and he just held her tighter. “Open your eyes Sookie.”

“Maybe next time.”

“Will you let me take you up again?”

“Maybe, if you still want to after I tell you something.”

“Nothing you tell me could change anything.”

“Just hurry so we can get home and I can do this before I lose my nerve.”

“We’re here.”


“I told you it was short. Where do you want to talk?”

“Your study.”

“You’ve given this some thought; you answered that quickly.”

“I don’t know how you will take this, and I can handle ‘mean Eric’ in the study, but not the den or the other places where we normally have fun.”

“Sookie, I’m not going to be ‘mean Eric’. Relax.” He was walking her into the den. “We’ll be more comfortable here and you know it.” Not wanting to let her go, he just sat on the couch with her in his lap. “I’m listening and I want you to know, just in case, if you’ve kept something a secret, I understand. You were moved here against your will and had no reason to trust me.”

Instantly, he shoulders relaxed and her eyes brightened. “That just helped a lot. Thanks.” She paused and grabbed his hand, as she often did, since playing with his fingers was therapeutic. “I do have a secret.” She tried to go on, but her throat seized a bit and she started crying.

“Sookie, does the secret have to do with how you found my resting place originally?” She nodded. “Your headaches; why you don’t date?” Another nod. “It’s also how you know things, things that haven’t been said, and why the idiots of Bon Temps call you Crazy Sookie and are afraid of you?” He could feel the pain at his words about Bon Temps and he wanted to murder them all. “It’s how you really knew about the V-dealers at Fangtasia?” She started full on crying now. He stopped talking to just rub her back and calm her.

After a few moments she looked at him. “You know, don’t you?”

“I can take a guess, but I want you to tell me.”

“Eric, I… I’m a telepath.” She held her breath and waited for the rejection or anger. Nothing, she saw nothing but acceptance from the same Eric who had been wooing her these past months. “You…you don’t hate me or think I’m a freak?”

Eric decided it was confession time, and the set-up was perfect. “No Sookie, I LOVE you and I think you’re perfect.” She responded exactly as he expected; she burst into tears, again. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a handkerchief, something he never left home without these days, and cleaned Sookie’s face and told her to blow.

“I think I can take care of my nose.”

“I’m taking care of you because I’m going to kiss you now and I want you to be able to breathe.”

“That would be so charming if this wasn’t about snot.” She giggled and complied. As soon as she was cleaned up, he went in for his kiss, and it was a good one. They both had felt raw and exposed, Sookie by sharing her secret, Eric by sharing his feelings and they sought comfort from each other through the kiss. He moved her beneath him on the couch to extend their kiss while he worked the buttons on his dress shirt she had put on. He loved it on her immediately, but they had other issues to deal with first. Now he could appreciate the shirt and the fact that she didn’t have a bra on under it – something that required a bit of teasing.

“Sookie, a proper southern lady went flying without a bra? Tsk, tsk.”

“I’m pretty sure the southern lady’s guide to wearing under things didn’t include provisions for when you stab an attacker and your bra is stained with spurting blood.”

“We’ll call them to add that to the book.” He was enjoying that she could be playful even after the events of the evening. “If I pull down your pants, will I find you without panties too?”

“Nope, Fangtasia boy shorts.”

“Oh, that could be even better. Can I look?”

“NO! Stop being bad and tell me when you knew you loved me.”

“It was the night I left for the Queen’s Christmas party. We hadn’t really spoken for a few days before that night, do you remember?” She nodded. “When you came in right before I left, you kissed me and I just knew. I felt like my chest was going to explode from the feelings. I hated that we had been so distant and it wasn’t until you accepted me that night that I realized it was love.”

“I do remember that night. I had missed you so much when we weren’t talking, but I needed to work through everything you’d told me about Theresa. Well, Pam helped that night as well. I know even though you’d just left, I felt better than I had all those days we didn’t talk.”

“I felt the same way.” He picked up her hand to kiss it.

She sighed. “I’m really enjoying this, but we have to get back to your prisoner; I have more to tell you about the attack tonight.”

“No, we aren’t going back tonight. I’ll call Pam to have her secure the prisoner. Tonight, I’m staying here to love my woman.”

“Eric, I’m not…”

“I know you aren’t prepared for intercourse, though I hope that happens soon. Loving you doesn’t have to mean full blow sex. I just don’t want to leave your side.”

“Eric, that’s so sweet. This isn’t what I expected.”

“I know, but can we talk again in a bit, I have about half the buttons left to undo on this shirt.”

“By all means, carry on.”

With her permission to carry on, he sped up his path to her breasts by pulling the shirt apart. The remaining buttons were pulled off by the action and went flying. She just laughed out loud at first, but when he took a nipple in his mouth, she cut off the laughter and moaned Eric’s name. ‘Much better than talking‘ Eric thought. Not wanting either of his friends to feel left out, he moved to the other breast to provide the same attentions. Sookie meanwhile was stretching as much as she could to get her hands on Eric’s ass, but it wasn’t working. She pouted. “You can get to your favorite toys, but I can’t get to mine, my arms are too short.”

He chuckled through a mouthful of breast but didn’t move so she decided to play dirty; it was something she’d wanted to do for him anyway. While she couldn’t reach around to grab his ass, she could reach his belt buckle, button and zipper so she got to work. Eric was so shocked by her actions he actually retreated from his attentions to her breasts. “Sookie?”

“I’ve never done this, so help me out.”

“If you’re not ready, I don’t want to push.”

“I want to try, and I can feel that you’re definitely ready.” By then she had pulled down his zipper and found he’d gone commando. Fair play to give him grief if you asked Sookie. “Tsk, tsk you went flying without boxers Mr. Northman.” She grabbed his cock and squeezed while she pulled.

“Sookie” he grunted.

She grabbed his hard cock and started stroking a bit clumsily so he took his hand over hers to show her how. After a few strokes she was on her own again and his hands were caressing whatever body part they could reach. He was growling a bit as he spoke. “Sookie, it’s been so long, I won’t last.”

“That means I’m doing something right, then.” He nodded as she continued stroking him; loving that she was bringing him pleasure.

“Squeeze harder Sookie, faster.”

She sped up then bared her neck to him. “No” he said through gritted teeth. Instead, he bent to her breast and sucked hard on the nipple causing him to cum. He exploded all over Sookie’s stomach. Ignoring the mess, he lay on top of her and started a kissing campaign of thanks. “That was a surprise.”

“I felt like you needed it, and I wanted to try it. Was it OK?”

“Yes Sookie, it was more than OK, it was perfect.”

She smiled at his praise. “I have question.”

“Ask me anything.” He sat up and removed his shirt to clean off his cum.

“Why didn’t you feed? I know you’re full and all from the drainers, but I thought you would want to combine feeding, you know with cumming.”

“I would except I need to give you some blood and since you hadn’t made a decision about bonding; I didn’t want to assume you’d be OK with an exchange tonight.”

“Oh, why do I need your blood?”

“For your limp and all these cuts on your hands from fighting the drainers, my little warrior.”

She thought for a moment. She had just planned on good old fashioned ‘time heals wounds’, approach. Not having to wait would be nice, but she didn’t want him to think she expected a healing every time she got hurt. She also didn’t want to hurt him by rejecting his offer. She went with good old fashioned manners for her answer. “Thank you Eric, it’ll be nice to not limp. I just don’t want you to think I take your blood for granted and I understand if you choose to not heal me every time I get hurt.”

“Wow, the southern lady is out tonight. Sookie, my blood is for you now. I will always heal you, in fact, after we bond we can exchange for the pleasure of it.”

“Should we talk more about the bond now?”

“Do you want to?”

“I do.”

“So we didn’t talk about how a blood bond occurs. We need to exchange blood three times. An exchange is when we take blood from each other at the same or nearly the same too. We’ve exchanged once so far.”

“Ok, and you and I can feel each other’s emotions after we bond?”

“Yes. I should be able to send you emotions, so I could send you love or calm if we are in one of those situations. Normally, a vampire bonded to a human can control the human.”

“You mentioned that before, why did you add normally?”

“With your telepathy and your inability to be glamoured I don’t think that would happen with us. But even if it was true I wouldn’t do that.”


“If I could command you and you were in danger AND not doing what was needed to be done, then I would send you a command, but THAT is the only reason.”

“And it’s forever?”

“Yes. And it protects you; no other vampire can come between a bonded pair.”

“Give me just a few more days, I’ll think about it.”


They sat quietly for a while before she spoke again. “I killed a man tonight.”

He had wondered when it would come up. “I know. You saved me you know.”

“Pam was on her way, the two of you could’ve taken the two left at that point.”

“But you didn’t know that she was on her way. You reacted to save us both.”

“I feel bad that the whole thing happened, but I honestly don’t feel bad that I killed him for doing what he was about to do. I’m almost mad at him that he put me in that position: to kill to save you and likely me. I mean, what were they planning to do with me after they had drained you? We just don’t know.”

“Maybe we’ll learn more from the one at the warehouse.”

She stood from the couch. “I’m getting changed. That’ll give you a chance to call Pam.” She hesitated. “Unless you changed your mind and we are going to interview the drainer tonight. OH NO! We’re supposed to go to Bon Temps tomorrow night to stay with Gran through the wedding. We’ll need to interview the drainer tonight.”

He sighed. “I hate that you’re right. We’ll heal you then go.” He adjusted himself to the corner of the couch with one leg on the floor. He patted to the space between his legs. “Come here.”

She sat in the spot he’d patted and he pulled her up tightly to his chest. “Remember, my wound will close quickly, you can’t hesitate.” Before he bit his wrist, he nuzzled her neck and started rubbing her breasts.

“What are you doing?”

“Will you let me pleasure you while we do this?” He moved his hand to her jeans and unbuttoned them.

“Won’t it just get you worked up again?”

“I’ll be fine.” He pulled her zipper down and moved his hand in now that he had enough room.

His long fingers reached down and she gasped as he moved his fingers into her panties and started rubbing her. “Mmmm.”

She heard him crunch into his wrist and present it to her; then she latched on and moaned. ‘I should be disgusted from drinking blood, but he tastes good and OH, what’s he doing with his hand now? That feels so good.’ He pressed harder as she finished his blood, rubbing circles over her lower lips and told her to let go. “Eric!” She yelled as she came. For a few minutes they caressed each other while her breathing evened out.

“Unfortunately, we need to go.” He said.

“I know. I’ll be down in 10.”

“One more kiss?”

She turned her head to grant his request. The kiss was sweet, not meant to start anything and she pulled back and smiled.

“I have another question.” He nodded for her to continue and she pointed to his cock. “Is that thing gonna fit in me?”

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  2. great chapter , she is working through her inhibitions… and through the comfort she finds in him know. plus can i just call Yvetta a cunt and get it over with now. KY

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