Chapter 51 – The Vampire Hadley

Chapter 51 – The Vampire Hadley

July 16, 2004

In the Queen’s meeting room; Eric, Desmond, Rasul and two other vampires from court waited for the arrival of the Queen in court.  Wybert had informed the group that Hadley had successfully risen as a vampire and was currently feeding.  A short while later, Wybert returned to the meeting room and announced that everyone was to join the Queen and her princess in court.

With the standard fanfare, Eric lead the group in, bowed deeply to the Queen and took his place to her left as her TEMPORARY second.  The temporary was a word he added in front of second when it was spoken and even when he thought about it.  Doing that was the only way to keep some level of calm inside him.  Once everyone had presented themselves, Sophie-Anne started by turning to Eric and asked for a summary of the events from the past few days.

Oh he’d like to give her a summary all right, but he curbed his comments until he could have a private meeting with her.  His fantasy report would include words like selfish, stupid and indulgent, but he simply replied with his facts and decisions.  He tried to sound bland, but couldn’t control some of the anger from his voice as he spoke.  “

  • Wybert is now your personal protection.  Since you have added to that BURDEN with Hadley, I have also assigned Anna Layton from your court as Hadley’s personal protection.
  • Rasul is now the Sheriff of Area 1.  I felt reducing your tasks for the foreseeable future was needed.
  • Pam is handling my Sheriff duties for Area 5 during my TEMPORARY assignment.
  • Desmond and I handled the paperwork from the past few days.  There is one open item for you to address regarding talks with Fons about a Fall Festival he called about.  Since I was unaware of anything previously discussed, no progress was made during your . . . seclusion.
  • All palace guards, vampire and Were, have been outfitted with encrypted, wearable communication devices.
  • Compton has been moved to a holding cell during this emergency. . .”

The Queen interrupted his report for the first time.  “EXPLAIN!”

“His maker has moved and pledged fealty to Felipe DeCastro.  He is a threat.”

“He has pledge fealty to me.  Have him released.”

“We already have information indicating we have a leak here.  I will do whatever is necessary to secure this compound.”  His facial expression became even more dangerous.  “He pledged featly to you by force.  You saved him from a bad situation years ago and he is in your debt.  It’s not fealty resulting from mutual respect and loyalty.  I repeat:  He is a THREAT.”

“He will be moved to his room and kept out of court and other planning meetings.  I won’t agree to a cell.”

“Will you fight my every move to SECURE YOU?”

“You make recommendations, not decisions.”  She looked over her shoulder to Wybert.  “Have Compton moved.”  After seeing Wybert move from his position, she returned her focus to Eric.  “Continue with your report.”

Through gritted teeth he responded.  “Fine:

  • Octavia arrived an hour ago to reset the wards on the palace.  She’ll need the usual strands of hair from everyone who should have full access to the palace.  Stronger wards are being researched for deployment.
  • I have requested additional help.  Loyal, strong friends have agreed to come to Louisiana temporarily to lend support.  They are currently working to end their current contracts or request a temporary leave and should be here starting in about a few weeks.  “

“You seem upset.  This is a bad situation for all of us, we just need to focus on the tasks needed right now.”

“Certainly, the tasks needed right now for the benefit of the State.”

“So tell me about these reinforcements.  Is this husband you want to force on me one of them?”

Taking in the hurt look from Hadley, he knew he wanted a move private meeting.  “I have several items that need to be discussed with you.  I don’t believe court is the correct forum.”

“We don’t have a full court tonight.  You are my second. . . “

“Your temporary second.”  He interjected.

“We’ll discuss that as well as your items.  We can start right now.”

“Your majesty.  I respectfully request a private audience for our discussion.”  His facial expression gave nothing away but his tone held barely controlled anger.

“My, you are quite upset aren’t you?  Very well.”  She waved her hands around the room.  “Leave us.”

The room cleared and Eric and Sophie-Anne stared at each other for a moment.  She finally broke the silence, as was protocol, by asking for him to start.  “What’s your first item Eric?”

“My first item is confirmation that I am about to speak freely, as your TEMPORARY second.”

“Agreed, no repercussions, no protocol.  I can see that is especially needed right now.”  As a show of her commitment to a more free conversation, she moved from the throne and beckoned him to join her on the couch to the side of the dais.

“My goal is to keep you as the Queen of Louisiana and Arkansas.”

“That would be my goal as well.”

“You brought me here to aid you as your strength for that purpose.”


“Then why undermine me in front of everyone at court?  Your decision to change my orders on Compton just announced that you don’t take my opinions seriously.”

“I wasn’t going to allow Compton’s incarceration.  You have a grudge.”

“A JUSTIFIED GRUDGE and regardless, he is a threat.  Since she left the state, I’ve had Lorena followed and I used her alliance with one of our potential enemy’s as the basis for my decision – not my grudge.  I have identified others as possible threats and they are being investigated with the possibility of incarceration as well.  There is no torture involved or planned, this is simple to secure them away from any planning we have and any form of communication for them to leak information.”

Sophie-Anne had to admit he had made several good points.  First and foremost, he WAS the more knowledgeable on security, risks and survival.  That’s why she called him to her palace.  Secondly, Lorena’s association with Felipe was a problem – Eric was right.  Still, incarceration was not something she could tolerate, given her early years as a captive herself.  “You’re right.  I did undermine your authority and I apologize.  I won’t tolerate cells though.  Have any suspects held in their rooms with no phones, internet etc.  Will that suffice?”

“No donors, or at least no privacy with donors as well.”

She sighed but agreed.  “In the future, you and I will meet twice nightly alone to prevent any situations like this.”

“That would be best.”

“Now, what else do you have on your mind.  I know there’s more bothering you.  I’m guessing it’s Hadley.”

“What the fuck were you thinking by creating a newborn right now?”

“As I said no repercussions, I’ll allow that disrespectful statement.  After this meeting, as my second, you will be permitted to be blunt, but never disrespectful.  To answer your question:  Eric, you can’t imagine the grief.  I did what I needed so I could return here tonight and sit on that throne knowing I would see you next to me and not my Andre.  I hope you never have to truly understand my actions because that would mean the loss of your Pam.”

“I guess we’ll need to agree to disagree on that.  The State needs to come first.  You have many around you making sacrifices.”

“Yes, how is Sookie.  Is she here?”

“HERE?  No fucking way.  You have the proverbial barbarians at your gate Sophie-Anne.  She’s currently guarded at a heavily warded house.  She can’t even leave the property.”

“I see.  I recognize your sacrifice, hers as well.  Separation for bondeds is difficult.”

“Yes, even more so now that she is pregnant.”

The Queen appeared shocked for a moment before returning her features to convey indifference.  “I know you both wanted that.  Congratulations.”  She was quiet for another moment, knowing Eric had more to get off his chest.  The Viking sitting next to her had been loyal to her for years and she meant what she said about recognizing his sacrifice.  For those reasons, she would give him leeway to speak freely during this conversation – but she was not about to be married off to she could have a protector.  She also meant what she said about Eric being her second.  “I suppose we should discuss Hadley’s turning and the family.”

“Yes, Sookie knows and will be using shields as needed around Hunter until he is told.”

“Hunter?  Why would she be around Hunter?”

“Because I moved Remy and Hunter to the same warded location.  I can’t have the distraction of worrying about him while I’m trying to make plans for you here.”

“And we WILL get to those plans soon.  For now, Hadley will call Hunter, Adele and Remy.”

“I need to give Sookie an update.  Will that happen tonight?”

“Yes Eric.  In fact, let me call her in and she can tell everyone while we finish.”

“I’ll text Sookie to alert her.”

Hadley returned to the throne room where Eric and Sophie-Anne had waited to move forward with the discussion.  Neither wanted to have Hadley walk in on a possible argument.  “Eric, isn’t my new child beautiful?”  Sophie-Anne beamed as she wrapped an arm around Hadley’s waist.

“She is your majesty.”  He stated factually, and he meant it.  Hadley was lovely as a human, different in coloring and features from Sookie, but still alluring like all fae.  The changes in her as a vampire were subtle, but he had noticed them right away when he first saw her in the throne room earlier.  “Hadley, how is the change going?”

Hadley looked first to her maker before answering.  “I have encountered no problems yet.”

With that, Eric quirked an eyebrow at Sophie-Anne who responded to the silent question.  “Yes Eric, hopefully for you her control is part of the genetics.  I didn’t need to stop her from her first feeds.  I explained it, she had the usual difficulty finessing the first bites, but she stopped after 5 pulls.”

“Impressive.  I DO hope that’s genetics.”  They all smiled at his comment.

After a few more comments regarding the turning, Hadley left to call Gran and the rest of the family and Sophie-Anne and Eric stayed to battle out his plans to marry her off.  “So, tell me about the plans you think you can make for me.”

“Bluntly, I am looking to marry you off to an older and stronger vampire.”

“And bluntly, I have your contract here, making you my second permanently making a wedding unnecessary.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“Where is your loyalty?”

“I’m here, I’ve put my entire family’s life on hold to come and protect you.  The patience we are all exercising for me to be here will only tolerate the separation for so long your majesty.”

“Move her here.”

“She has, . . . no, WE have a life in Shreveport.”

“Then we’ll secure the area and you can occasionally work from Shreveport.”

“I won’t be with my bonded just occasionally not to mention I’ll be tied to Louisiana forever.”

“And the problem with that is?”

“The handcuffs to the state without the benefits or power of being a monarch.”

“I always thought you had no interest in being a King.”

“I don’t want to be king.  But if I was going to be tied to geography, I’d want the benefits that come with it.  Mainly, at this point in my life, I’d enjoy the added protection for my family.”

“Have you seen this contract, it’s quite lucrative.  You would have access to more security for Sookie.”

“I don’t want the handcuffs and I don’t need your money.”

“Eric, I want that contract signed.”  She was standing now and trying to emphasize her point.

Not willing to back down, Eric stood as well to speak directly to Sophie-Anne.  “Don’t push me Sophie-Anne.  For now, I’ll protect you while I plan how to secure your future.  You aren’t getting more.”

“I can find ways to . . . “

“You don’t want to finish that sentence.  What is the problem with a marriage?”

Sophie-Anne was quiet instantly.  His curiosity grew from that silence alone.  Finally she answered.  “Would you marry another with Sookie?”

“We’re already married.”

“But before, would you marry another?”

“No, but you already did.”

“And Hadley nearly left me because of it.  I can’t risk that.”

“So you would force others around you to uproot their lives?  This goes back to those selfish comments I made earlier.  You are a Queen, which comes with certain responsibilities to all the vampires in this state.”

“And you are a Sheriff, that also comes . . .”

“With an Area to run, which I will go back and do.  And my contract has legs Sophie-Anne.  I can walk after another 5 years or I can buy it out.  The contract gives ME the choice.”

“Eric, reconsider my offer, at least take the contract with you to review.”

Keeping his eyes staring directly into hers, he snatched the contract from her hands and ripped it in two.  “Now, if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with the security teams and Octavia to complete the wards.  I’ll need some of your hair.”

She yanked a strand of hair out and handed it to Eric.  She knew she’d pushed him tonight and decided retreat for the moment was her best option.  She didn’t intend to threaten him and she would certainly never follow through, but the conversation had gotten away from her.  ‘I need my Hadley.  I put in an appearance and Eric is running the kingdom.  I can be done for the night.’  She thought as she stood and left the throne room.


“Hi Gran.”

“Hi Hadley.  How is Queen Sophie-Anne doing?”

“This has been very hard for her.  In fact, that’s why I’m calling Gran.”

“What do you mean?”

“Gran, Sophie-Anne was overcome with grief, and well we altered the timing of our plans for me to be turned.  Gran, I’m a vampire now.”

“Well, this is a surprise.  Won’t your being a newborn take a great deal of her time right now?”

Sookie snorted under her breath.  Eric had texted her that Hadley was calling so she was in the kitchen listening in.  Even her Gran got that Sophie-Anne’s timing was not optimal.  Twat.

“Well, it helps now that folks are turned with full knowledge, not the surprise turnings like in the past.  Even so, I’m going to work very hard to learn what I need quickly.”

“Well, if you’re happy, then I’m happy.  I just pray this isn’t an ill-timed distraction, but I’ll leave that for you and Sophie-Anne to figure out.  Should I call your baby so you can tell him?”

“Actually, is Sookie around?”

“She’s right here.”

Sookie knew what was coming.  Frankly, she was surprised Hadley had told Gran about being turned.  Hadley could be a coward while hiding behind her superior bravado.  Right now, she was probably afraid to tell Hunter and Remy that she was a vampire.  Sookie couldn’t hold back the judgments she made in her head.  ‘If only she spent time with Hunter she’d know that he has no problem with vampires and in fact considers one to be his favorite person.  Yeah, she was pretty sure Uncle Eric was Little Dude’s go-to person for comfort and sharing.  But no, after the big reveal of Hunter, Hadley spoke to him on the phone a few times, but they hadn’t actually seen Hadley in Bon Temps again.  Mother of the year, that one.’  Sookie put on her fake smile hoping it would help her through this phone call and answered.  “Hello Hadley.  Congratulations on your turning.”  Silence.  “Are you there Hadley?”

“I . . . I am.”

“Oooo kaay , is everything well?”

“Yes, I didn’t expect to hear you so happy.”

“I know it’s sooner than you expected, but this was your path, right?  Why wouldn’t I be happy for you?”

“Well, it will limit my time with Hunter.”

Sookie rolled her eyes as she responded.  “Hadley, think about it realistically.”  Digging deep for the fortitude to get through this call politely, Sookie continued.  “You really only speak to him on the phone.

“I saw him . . .”

“In March, Hadley.  You last saw him in March and it’s July.  Granted, it could be even longer than that if you have control issues with your feeding, b. . .”

“I don’t.  I mean, it’s only my first night but Sophie-Anne was real proud of how I handled my first three donors.  I don’t think that will be a problem.”

“That’s great Hadley.  Really, I’m happy for you ‘cause that’s one of my worries.  Maybe it’s the genes and I won’t have any problems either.”  She kinda thought it was the fairy heritage, but since they’ve never shared that with Hadley, she kept her mouth shut.  “While I’m really curious about how you feel since being turned, my guess is you have something else to discuss first?”

“Ah, yeah.”  . . . “Sookie, do you think . . . Can you tell Remy and Hunter?  I just don’t know how they’ll take it.”

Sookie had guessed correctly and was both happy and sad about the request.  Happy because she was very close with Hunter and she would be able to physically comfort him if needed.  Of course, she realized she could still do that even if Hadley told him.  Which led her back to being sad.  This was news he deserved to hear from his own mother.  Knowing Hadley wouldn’t do the right thing here, she simply agreed.  “Sure Hadley.  Do you want to stay on the line and I can do it?”

“Ah, actually Sophie-Anne is just coming back from court.  I know she didn’t have an easy time tonight and she needs me.”

Again Sookie struggled with her thoughts.  Sure, Sophie-Anne might need Hadley, but so did her son.  ‘Maybe Hunter would be better off if Hadley removed herself from his life.  Oh God!  I don’t really mean that.’  Sookie took a moment to realize that her hormones were probably what caused thoughts and she forgave herself.  “Ok Hadley.  I’ll tell them when we hang up.”

“Thanks Sookie.  I gotta go.”

With that final statement, Hadley ended the call, leaving Sookie standing there holding the phone.  “I guess she meant right away.”

“What’s that baby?”

“Oh Gran, Hadley needed to help Sophie-Anne.  I didn’t realize she was ready to hang up and it just took me by surprise.”

“She hung up already?  Is she calling to talk to Hunter and Remy?”

“Ah no.  She asked me to tell them.”

“You know, that girl brings new meaning to the word selfish.”

“Yeah.  I’m not looking forward to it.  Telling them I mean.  Well, I’m headed up to the new house; Remy was working in the kitchen tonight and Hunter wanted to help.”

“Goodnight baby.  I’m going to read then go to sleep.”

“Goodnight Gran.”

Sookie walked slowly up the hill to find Hunter.  “Hey little man!”

“Aunt Sookie!  I’m helping Daddy with your cabinets.”

“I see that.  Are you sanding?

“I sure am!”

“Well, can you guys take a break so I can talk to you about something?”  Giving a head’s up to Remy like she wanted to wasn’t possible.  She knew as soon as the information was out of her mouth, he’d be thinking about it and she couldn’t trust his thoughts to be kind.


“Sure Sookie, what do you need?”

In the kitchen, they had an audience since two Weres had been assigned to assist Remy tonight.  “Let’s go to the back porch, well, the area that will be the back porch.”  She laughed, correcting herself.  The three settled on a set of chairs that had been set up out there for the builders to use on breaks.  “Remy, Hunter, there’s no easy way to tell you this, so I’m just gonna say it.”  Even having said those words, she still took a breath and focused her words on Hunter.  “You know how something happened to your Mommy’s friend Sophie-Anne – well, something happened to two of her vampire children, you know like Pam is to Uncle Eric?”

“Yeah, Andre and Sigebert died in a plane accident.”  The real cause was not something important to Hunter, so she and Eric decided to gloss over this news.

“That’s right.  Well, this made Sophie-Anne very sad.”  Sookie shifted uncomfortably in her seat before she said it.  “She was so sad, in fact that she wanted to make another child.  Hunter, she made your Mommy a vampire.  It was your Mommy’s desire, this wasn’t against her will.”

“Wow, so she’ll be quiet now like Uncle Eric?  I won’t have to hear . . .”  He didn’t finish his sentence out loud because he knew it would upset his Daddy.

Sookie groaned inside.  ‘He’s only fine with this because now she can’t think about what a freak he is like me.  How do I deal with this conversation?’  Keeping her shields up VERY tight, she moved to pull Hunter into her lap.  He might have been fine with the conversation, but she was feeling poorly for her little man.  “Hunter.  You know how sometimes you think that Amelia acts weird?”

“I don’t mean anything by that.”

“I know, and with her witchcraft, she does do things that you and I wouldn’t do.  I guess it’s easy to THINK the word weird, but you wouldn’t say that TO her, right?”

“No, I like Melia except for when she thinks to loudly.”

“I know.  It’s the same for your Mommy.  She loves you, but you do have to agree that our mindreading is . . . well weird – at least to folks who can’t do it either.”

“Yeah, but.”

She pressed on.  “And you have to admit that you frequently answered questions or made comments based on other people’s thoughts – right?”  He looked down.  “Hunter, it’s OK for us to talk about this.  I’ve done that too.  Even as a grown-up.  I’m not mad at you for doing that, it just IS.  But it can be different or even scary to others, and as a result their THOUGHTS – not what they say – can react to our actions.  It doesn’t make her or your Daddy love you any less.  Do you understand?”

“I get that, and . . “  He looked towards Remy, “I know Daddy’s been trying real hard.  But Sookie, there’s one other big difference.”

“What’s that Hunter?”

“I can also hear how much Daddy loves me even if he’s scared of me.  Just like I can hear it from you.”

“And we both love you very much.  So does Uncle Eric and Jason and Gran . . .  All of us.”

“But I never hear how much Mommy loves me.  Only the bad stuff.”  Now he started sniffling and Sookie joined right in.  “I mean, she never thinks I hate you, but she would sometimes wish I wasn’t born.  She doesn’t want me either, that’s why I hardly ever see her – ‘cause she doesn’t want to be reminded that she had me.  At least now, I can just pretend she loves me and I don’t have to hear the bad.”

Hell, how do I respond to that?  It’s my Mother all over again.’  Taking a moment to wipe her and Hunter’s tears, she thought through what to say.  “That’s something hard for you to have to deal with Hunter, and I’m sorry.  I know your Mommy does care for you.  When she had you, she was going through some hard times and that makes being a Mommy hard.  I think you have the right attitude though.  Just put that in the past since she can’t hurt you with her thoughts anymore and focus on enjoying what visits you do have.”

“Can I call her?”

“She was going to Sophie-Anne earlier; let me see if she’s available.”  Sookie sent a text to Hadley and it was returned.  Sookie needed to ask a few times until Hadley agreed to a short phone call.  Wither Hunter still on on her lap, Sookie dialed and started the call for Hunter.  “Hello Hadley, here’s Hunter.”

“Hi Mommy.”  To Sookie, his voice sounded as bright at cheerful as ever.

“Hey Hunt.  So Sookie told ya?”

“Yep.  How does it feel?  Did it hurt to die?  Didya feed yet?  How does blood taste to you?  Can you fly?  Or do you have some other special gift?”

“Whoa little man, give your Mom a chance to catch up.”

Hadley sat on the other end of the phone and was shocked by her son’s questions.  ‘When had he gotten so knowledgeable about vamps?  How did I miss it?’  “Well Hunter, that’s a lot of questions, and I don’t have much time so I’ll answer a few.”


“Sophie-Anne didn’t hurt me at all, I just kinda went to sleep and woke up feeling fantastic and hungry.  I did have blood and to me, it’s yummy kinda like lollipops are to you.”

“I don’t like lollipops Mommy.”

“Oh, well chocolate?  Do you like chocolate?”

“I do.”

“Well, that’s what my food tastes like.  I don’t know if I have any gifts, sometimes it takes a while to figure that out.”

“Well, didya at least try to fly?  I mean, that’s gotta be the coolest one!  I love it when Uncle Eric takes me up.”

“He takes you flying?”

“Yes.  Every time we have sleepovers.”

“You do sleepovers often?”

“Every couple of weeks.  I’m sure I’ve told ya before Mommy.”

“Oh, sometimes I just forget things.  Is your Daddy there?  Can I talk to him?”

“Here ya go.  Aunt Sookie’s looking at her watch anyway; I’m guessing it’s my bedtime.”

Hadley heard Sookie say – past bedtime before she heard Remy get on the call.  “Hi Hadley, um, congratulations I guess?”

“When were you going to tell me that Sookie and Eric have suddenly started replacing us?  Why does Hunter know so much about vampires?  Why are you all there now?  What’s going on?”

“Hadley, nothing has been kept from you, you must have been distracted on prior calls with Hunter.  He’s told you often about the time he spends with Eric and Sookie.  I don’t know why you seem so upset.  He’s happier than he’s ever been.  Sookie’s been training him on shields and Eric provides him some respite from voices without shields.  Where is all this concern coming from?  You never cared about the details.”

“Of course I cared; I just didn’t have my cousin stepping in take my place.”

Sookie gasped.  She and Hadley had made so much progress, or so she thought.  Even more concerning to Sookie was that Hadley’s voice was loud enough that even Hunter heard the comment.  Remy was at a loss on how to proceed so he decided to end the call.  “Look Hadley, I guess you’re still adjusting to your new life.  Why don’t we talk more about this after you’ve had a few days?”

“I think I want my son with me.”

“Not gonna happen Hadley.  You gave up those rights long ago.”

“I’m bonded to a Queen.  I’ll get my way.”

“I’m hanging up now, Hunter is pretty upset at the conversation and I think you just need time to adjust.”

“You’ll be hearing from me Remy.”  She ended the call.

Sookie and Remy stared at each other for a few moments while Hunter was cradled in Sookie’s arms.  He was sobbing that he didn’t want to live with Mommy over and over again.  Finally they rose to head back to the farmhouse with Sookie’s promise to talk to Eric and get this situation sorted out.

It only took Hunter a few minutes to get into bed and fall asleep; both Remy and Sookie at his side.  After exiting the room, she informed Remy, “I’ll try to reach Eric tonight.  I’m going to do everything I can to ensure that Hadley does not follow-through on her threat.  Eric won’t want Hunter with Hadley in New Orleans anyway, so I’m sure he’ll help us.”

“Thanks Sookie.  And thanks for your words about stray thoughts not changing the fact that I do love my boy.”

“I know you do.  You’re a good man and you were thrown a huge curveball.  Even though you were frightened of the situation, you’ve done right by Hunter and you’re trying really hard.  I respect that.”

“Thanks Sookie.  Sometimes I wish I’d met you first.”

“I’m gonna just make that seem like a compliment cause you know I’m married, right?”  She knew damn well it wasn’t just a compliment, Remy was getting attached to HER, but she would separate his thoughts from his actions for the sake of the family.  She would also review all the female Weres that were part of her guard and try to set something up for Remy.  An attraction to her would NOT be a good thing for him to have.  “Let me try to reach Eric and I’ll get back to you.”

“Sure, thanks.”

S:  I have a situation here, not an emergency, but if you have time I would like to talk to you.

E:  Meeting with Octavia on wards.  Should be done in about 45 minutes.  Will you be up?

S:  Sure.  I’ll await your call.

E:  I’ll have about an hour before my next meeting.  Can you take the call in your bedroom?

S:  I sure can, you dirty old man.

In the meeting, Eric had difficulty refraining from laughing, but he managed.  Octavia was in the middle of presenting three different warding options to Eric and his head of Were/daytime Palace security, Greg Ashburn.  Once they had all the facts, they would need to choose the best option for their needs.  Octavia was staring at him, knowing he’d been distracted by his phone, and she was waiting for his attention to continue.  “I apologize Ms. Fant.  I was just scheduling a meeting for after this one.”

“We can take a break if needed.”

“No, go on.”

“So the first ward we reviewed would work to keep out anyone with ill intent.  The second ward would include ill-intent but it also works as a privacy barrier.  Anyone outside the ward, in this case the palace, wouldn’t be able to hear anything said.”

“That sounds like something we’d want.”

“Yes, but whereas the ill intent spell can be created and stand on it’s own for a month before needing a refresh, the privacy part of the second ward would need continual refreshing:  weekly at a minimum.”

“Weekly with all the strands of hair, etc?”

“I would keep all the hairs in stasis and use them repeatedly.  That’s not the problem.  It’s not difficult to refresh the privacy spell; I just need all the participants inside the palace at the time.  So for the Were’s you would need every guard once a week for the spell.”

“How long each week?”  Greg asked, knowing he’d have the burden of collecting the needed staff.

“Thirty minutes for the participants since all they need to do is be present.  I would guess that every other month or so, I would need to collect new hairs.  And remember, the way I’m planning the spell will allow for new members to be invited by the Queen and the Northman.  That can still happen if someone can’t make refresh time.”

Eric interjected.  “Octavia, if the vampires who need to be part of the spell are all in the Palace during the day, can the Were’s be invited in for one hour a week and the spell can be handled then?  Do we need to be awake?”

“We can certainly try it that way.  These are all new spells Mr. Northman.  You asked me to see about enhancing the wards I already had in place so I’ve found these through research.  I can’t guarantee anything until we’ve tried it.”

“Understood.  And the third spell?”

“This is the one I believe you wanted, but the creation is much more involved.  You get the ill intent and privacy, but it requires a blood sample.  Knowing how protective some vampires are about sharing any blood, I wasn’t sure if it would be feasible.”

“Let me hear the details and we can decide.”

“Like the prior spells, anyone with ill intent cannot enter the palace.  Anyone forming ill intent once within the palace walls will be ejected, similar to a vampire being uninvited from a home.  You also get the privacy part of the second ward.  This is where the other features you want come in:  You can select to have some participants be warded to be in the palace, but exclude certain rooms from them – both for entry and hearing anything from within the rooms.  I take it you have guards for example that you want them to guard, but you don’t want them to be able to hear any of the strategy etc?”

“Something like that.”

“Well, blood is used instead of hair, and specific wards are in place for the palace in general and then certain rooms.  The refresh is like the privacy ward though, we’d need to do it weekly and for the participants in certain rooms, it’s longer than just 30 minutes.  For this ward, you and the Queen can invite folks generally into the palace, but not into the specific rooms.  That would require a return visit from me in between my weekly visits.”

They continued speaking about the wards, the benefits and problems for another 30 minutes until they decided that given the circumstances, the blood ward as they called it was necessary.  Eric committed to reviewing the details with Sophie-Anne and then in the second session of court about 3 hours before dawn.  Octavia would need to remain so she could begin collecting blood as soon as everyone agreed, not that they would have a choice.  Before collecting everyone’s blood, Octavia was also going to test on one Were and one Vampire before court and Eric arranged for those contacts to meet her in Sookie’s ready room.

“What’s her ready room?”

“Oh, it’s a comfort room Sophie-Anne had made up when Sookie was here to do some human readings.  Nobody uses it except Sookie, so you can do your entry and privacy test from there.  Rasul can direct you.”

“Very good.”

“I’ll have a floor plan with the details of who would be warded for what before I go to rest this morning.”

“Very good Eric.  I’ll see you in court in a few hours.”

With the meeting adjourned, Eric raced to the donor room, grabbed the first neck he could and took a few gulps of blood before returning to his private room to call Sookie.  “Hello min älskade.”

“Good evening Eric.  How did the ward meetings go?”

“Very well.  Octavia has conducted some significant research and is testing some new methods.  I’ll be sending her your way if these work.”

“Good.  So let’s get the business out of the way.  Then we can play.”

“I like your way of thinking.”

Sookie went on to describe the call with Hadley.  Eric grew angry hearing that Hadley was upset and felt that Sookie had replaced her.  ‘If she wasn’t the Queen’s, I’d kill her.  She’s actually right – Sookie has pretty much replaced her, but it was her choice to basically abandon her son.’  When he heard the additional information about Hunter hearing his Mommy wish he’d never been born from her thoughts?  Sookie had to stop and tell him to calm down a few times so she could get through the information.  She ended with the threats Hadley made about taking Hunter and using the Queen’s position to do it.

“She can’t take him, she turned custody over to Remy.”

“Yes, and when Remy reminded her of that, she just used her bonding to a Queen to say she’d get her way.

“She said WHAT?  I have a private meeting with Sophie-Anne later, I’ll end this.  Even if I have to tell her we’re leaving the state, I’ll end this.”

“You said before that we might need to leave the state, but I never got how we could.  Don’t you have a Sheriff contract with Sophie-Anne?”

“I do, but I can buy out the term if I want.”

“Oh, would that be a problem?”

“Sookie, you’ve seen our portfolio, it would only be $5 Million per year left on the contract, a total of $25 million.  That’s not a problem.”

“Oh right, not a problem.”

“Now, I can assure you nothing will come of Hadley’s threats, so do you have any other business to discuss?”

“Just funny business.  Gran and Hunter are asleep and Remy’s up at the new house.  Are you ready for me?”

“I’m always ready.  I just took your lock of hair out of the glass jar, the smell made me hard.”

“Where do you want me?”

“Naked, on the bed.”

“Already done Eric.  Open the bond, I’m ready.”

“You are certainly are ready, so horny my Sookie.”

“Tell me what to do Eric.”

“Touch your breasts, imagine it’s me.”  She could hear a zipper through the phone and she guessed he was stroking himself.  “I don’t hear anything Sookie.”

“I was concentrating on the sound of your zipper.  Do you have that long, thick, hard cock in your hands?”

“Yes, I was thinking about your nipples and it made me even more hard for you Sookie.”

“I wish I could taste you, take you in my mouth and suck on you til you cry out my name.”

“Oooh, I have ‘vixen Sookie’ tonight.”  He moaned at her dirty words, reveled in them actually as she was not always so free with her speech.  “Move your hand to your cunt Sookie; I want to hear you moving your fingers in and out.”

“It’s so wet for you Eric.”

“I can hear that.  Go faster.”

Soon, both of them were moaning while their imaginations transported them to sexual bliss.  Her fingers moved quickly in and out while he stroked, both encouraged by the sounds coming from the other.  Finally Sookie yelled out his name and the sound took him over the edge.  “Thank you min kära, I know that phone sex across from your Gran isn’t easy for you.”

“You make it worth it.  Besides, we don’t know when you’re able to make your way up here for a blood exchange and I know I would have trouble being without you for so long.  You’ve spoiled me with orgasms.”

“It is you that spoils me.”  He looked at the clock in his room and lamented, “I must get ready for my next meeting.  I find I’m in need of some cleaning up.”

She sighed, “Proof that you are in fact a dirty old man.”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 51 – The Vampire Hadley

  1. Pingback: It was straw and not hay | magsmacdonald

    • It’s the realization that Sookie and Eric see something (one – Hunter) worthy of their time and she now wants that thing (person) back. I’ll try to clarify that in the next chappy if I can.

  2. In nearly every tale where Hadley is included, she is always quite the selfish bitch. Now she wants her child simply out of the envy & jealousy she’s always had for Sookie. This is especially enhanced by Sookie & Eric’s proven ability in showing their support not only to Hunter but Remy as well. They’re both able to easily love this child unconditionally as they do many others, while this is something Hadley has never done until Sophie-Ann; even at this she’s had underlying motivations. No doubt these were lessons expounded on through the teachings of her Maker. As for Sophie-Ann’s machinations, here we go again! It’s foolish of her to even attempt to take on the Viking by force; she surely knows better than any other how easily he could overthrow her if she were to push or force him into a corner. Sophie-Ann, as always, believes in her own greatness and omnipotence. Many a monarch has met their fall from grace & death from these egotistical notions. These are in part what Eric is attempting to save Her monarchy from by conjoining it with an equally powerful King yet, once again, Hadley’s selfish needs override QSA’s instinct for not only their survival, but the safety and survival for her State and its people. Hadley’s threat of taking Hunter away is just that; a baseless threat. She wants Hunter for nothing but retaliation and while the Queen may indulge her, she is quite simply the epitome of selfishness. She’s not about to share her most-prized possession with anyone, even if her biological child. Knowing Hadley as she does, she’s more than aware that this woman doesn’t possess a maternal bone in her body. I can’t fathom QSA giving her support in this unless it’s another way to force Eric into remaining in NOLA and having Sookie join him. I also wonder about QSA’s lack of instinct when it comes to Bill. Surely he can continue to work on his project while incarcerated for realistic safety concerns! This is incredibly stupid on her part! A good ruler would see this; a great ruler would have had him behind bars immediately (Eric did), an inattentive ruler would do exactly as QSA has done. Her selfish, immature, foolhardy ways just may result in not only the loss of her monarchy, but her final death, along with her close associates. Eric might just allow it to happen.

    Excellent chapter! You’re so adept at placing all the players in their spots on the chess board! Even more astounding is the way you weave the tale – it draws the reader in and makes one feel as if one is part of the story, a witness to all of this. This is incredible writing, and I’m now so curious & really interested in your published work! I’ll be checking it out today, and if it’s on Amazon, I’ll certainly be buying it come Nov. 1st! Apologies for the long-winded review, but I felt that such an outstanding chapter deserved some dissection. Thanks for such an outstanding chapter, and since I prefer surprises, I’ll hold off on the Teasers. Roo will have his/her destiny whether I read the Teaser or choose to not read.

    As always, so looking forward to the next & much more! Have a great week, Rebelina! I hope you chose the straw – less messy for clean-up & and better to soak up muddy puddles!

    • You are a goof!! You’ve confused Rebelina and I (though I love her work so I’ll take that as a compliment).

      Hope you like where we are going (only glimpses of rainbows and humor for several chapters. Since I just wrote the other side of our upcoming arc, I know it all gets better though.

  3. OMG! I can’t believe I did that! So sorry! I’ve got so many stories with updates open I got confused! I knew it was your story though – it just does not take much to confuse the feeble-minded, especially on a rainy, bone-deep painful Monday morning when my cognition is addled by painkillers & still asleep! I’m so embarrassed, but glad you’ll take it as a compliment! I do love where you’re taking the story! It’s so intriguing; who doesn’t love all the vampire subterfuge?

    So now I wish YOU a great week & I’ll look forward to rainbows & humor for a bit! Always love the humor! All the best from the addle-minded goof! LOL!

  4. SA and Hadley deserve each other. Both are selfish and greedy. Have a stinkin feeling that Eric is going to have to take over soon, because someone is going to kill them soon, if not Eric than someone else like Scum Bill betraying them. MOREMOREMORE

  5. I started reading this on Monday and I’ve finally caught up! Amazing story! I love it so much, its so unique, I’ve never read a story quite like this one. Interesting that Sookie and Eric decided to use Artificial Insemination. This chapter! Great! Wondering how the couple are going to deal with Hadley wanting to get Hunter back. I can’t wait for the next update, happy writing!

  6. I have visions of SA & Hadley stomping their feet and whining to each other about how mean those stupid smart pretty rich Northman’s are! Whaa whaaa!!! Then of course, it becomes some odd role-play sex game after that which is just weird in my head, but there is no other way it could go with those two!

    • Oh, I did have one question or concern. QSA’s reaction with Bill. Was it meant to be some weird subconscious trying to stay close to Andre thing? You know, because Andre was punished for the same thing as Bheeel and now Andre is dead? I suppose she is just plain ‘out of her mind’ with grief right now, but I cannot imagine how Eric would have felt loyalty to her all these years and definitely would not have respect for her at all. I know he is loyal and I have been told I am loyal to a fault, but it is time to find someone else that can be the Monarch (Maybe Godric) to come and stake QSA and take over. Right now because she is dangerous to herself and others in her current state. Also, I know she has ‘issues’, but seriously, who could possibly have any respect at all for a vampire as old as her to supposedly fall in love with Hadley? Obviously, it is not E/S love, but it is as much love as a lot of marriages these days and I lose respect for people that choose to attach themselves to such toxic people. Some of us are burdened with them as family members and need to learn to deal, but anyone that chooses it? (Sorry to my sister in law, but) they have more than just one screw loose.

      • Oh, and I left that as a hope that Eric wouldn’t have to be king, but I did catch the stray weird thought Eric had about Sookie being Queen. Not that I want Godric stuck, but it would be good for them to be able to leave LA. I could not imagine a greater punishment than eternity basically stuck in one state. I know not everyone has wanderlust like I do, but that would be worse than hell for me and Eric always seemed to have a bit of that. We all know that CH’s Sookie had no desire to leave Bon Temps, let alone LA, but you have written her better and vacations don’t do it for someone that truly likes to wander and not feel tied down. Since graduating College I’ve lived in 5 different states and not because of work transfers or anything other than needing to move because I cannot stand to be in one place that long, I start to get anxiety issues and panic attacks if in one place too long like claustrophobia for a place. Hard to explain, but it always bothered me about Eric’s character being made a King.

  7. SO many questions running through my mind and not good ones…. SA is being a selfish bitch but Hadley is being 10x worse, Eric will make it better but i figure it will end in him being a King …. looking forward to more because he certainly cares more about the state than SA does. i have a feeling Hadley is going to try to do something evil to Sookie and its not going to go well. KY

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