Chapter 32 – Fear, Control and Stupidity

Chapter 32 – Fear, Control and Stupidity

February 8, 2004

“I can’t believe he did that.  I really thought he wouldn’t go through with it.”  Alcide practically growled.  He had slept on the couch wanting to see Gran when she arrived home.  Potts had woken him and they were having lunch.

“I did too.  I called Godric after I put Sookie to bed.  Maybe he can talk some sense into him.  I’m glad Sookie is free, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be together.  I bet if Gran knew part of this was for Sookie to move home to help her, she’d put up a fight.  Hell, she might even take the blood Eric AND Pam offered to complete her healing so she wouldn’t be a burden.”

“Yeah, I don’t get it.  She had some of Pam’s blood right after the stroke, why is she still weak?”

“Ludwig wasn’t sure whether Gran would want vampire blood.  She had Pam only give her a few drops, mostly to take the stop the bleeding in her brain.  She’s refused any additional healing, even though Pam begs at every visit.”

“Speaking of Pam, I can’t believe he didn’t tell her.”  Potts gave him a sideways glance.  “Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t hear the whole thing from the street.  Daemons have pretty good hearing, and the break-up was NOT quiet.”

“While you may be right, don’t let Northman know.”

“No kidding.”

“But I was also shocked.  It’s not going to be good for Eric.  Pam already warned him not to hurt Sookie; telling him that she would clearly be in Sookie’s corner.”

“He’s her maker; couldn’t he punish her or order her or something?  I mean, what good would Pam’s feelings do here?”

“This is another time I may have heard something. . .”  He raised his brow.  “She admitted that he had control over her, but she told him it would be a problem between them.  Jesus, maybe SHE can get through his head.  My concern is Sookie’s stubbornness.  If he waits too long before he realizes the mistake, she’ll dig her heels in.”

“Sookie?  Really?”  They both chuckled until they heard Ludwig enter the house.

In her usual gruff manner, she blurted out.  “How is she?”

“She’s sleeping, we had to give her the shot, which we will ALL pay dearly for when she gets up.  It was bad, it was.“  Potts stopped to take a breath.  “It was a mistake and he’s got to see that and soon.”

“He won’t allow me to discuss it with him.  Our only hope is Godric or Pam.  I left a message for Godric.”

“As I have.”

“Good.”  She rubbed her hands together.  “Let’s do a final walkthrough here; the ambulance is leaving the rehab with Adele in about 30 minutes.  I want to be ready.”  They got up to walk down the hallway towards Gran’s room.

“Where is her Physical Therapist Dr. Ludwig, I thought she would be here?”

“She’s spent the morning with Adele and the Therapist at her rehab center to ensure she knows the details of her regimen.  She plans to follow the ambulance.  We really found a good one.”

“Yes, and between the full-time therapist and the nurses we found, Sookie will be able to enjoy Gran time instead of needing to provide in-depth care.”

“Yes, though she might’ve benefitted from the need to throw herself into work.”  Ludwig sighed as she turned to Sookie’s door.  She continued in a whisper.  “I’m not looking forward to the next few days.  Northman thinks he did this for her benefit but I don’t see it that way at all.”

Alcide interjected, also in a hushed tone.  “I can assure you, she doesn’t see it that way.  It was a horrible thing to witness.  Broke my heart.  Hell, it even impacted Potts and she doesn’t care about anything.”

Potts gasped and moved the discussion back to the house preparations.  They only had about an hour.


Gran’s voice in the hallway woke Sookie mid afternoon.

“Lord, what else did he put in?  I can’t believe these rails in the hallway.  What happens when I’m better?”

“Then I come back, take them out and repair the walls Gran.”  She heard Alcide respond.  Sookie had no doubt that Alcide would do that, but it would be on her dime now, not Eric’s, she would never accept anything more from him.  At that thought, she started crying.

“What’s wrong baby?”  She heard Gran call from the hallway.

“Gran, let’s get you into bed while Sookie dresses; then she can fill you in.”  Potts suggested.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s a long story and I really want you situated before we start Adele.”

“Fine, get me in bed since you are all holding something back and you won’t say anything until I’m resting.”

About 20 minutes later Sookie emerged having started new crying each time she noticed something Eric had done:  all her clothes in the closet, her pictures moved from Shreveport back to Bon Temps, even some of the extra stuff she had purchased for the cottage was here, though mostly in boxes awaiting some decision she guessed.  He had truly moved her out of his house and his life.  She thought she’d gotten herself under control until she crossed the hall to Gran’s room.  As soon as she saw Gran in the bed, she threw herself into the bed with Gran and started yet another round.  Gran used her good arm to hug her as best she could and just let her go, noticing the other occupants of the bedroom quietly walking out the door.

This crying jag lasted for a while until Sookie was almost hyperventilating and Ludwig came in to check on her.  Sookie just looked at her accusingly and bit out.  “You knew!”

“I did, but it was for him to tell you, not me.”

“And you sent Potts with another damn shot.  You have to stop that shit.”

Gran ignored the foul language; it would do no good with Sookie in her current state to correct her.  But she’d had enough of being kept in the dark.  “Could someone please tell me what happened?”

Sookie sat up so she could face Gran instead of being buried in her chest.  “Eric dumped me.”

“I’ll kill him.”  She meant it too.  She considered the past few weeks, him asking for her hand in marriage, his promises.  No hesitation, she would try to stake him if he ever came around again.  This would give her even more purpose to rehab quickly.

“Not if I don’t do it first.”

“Did he tell you why?  It’s not because of me and my rehab?”

“No, we had been coming up with ways to work around that.  He did it for my own good he says.”

“I don’t understand.”

“He wants me to be able to have children, to have someone who can spend the whole day with me.”

“He’s wrong, but I get what he was trying to do.  I’m pissed at him making this decision on his own, but I have to respect that he THINKS he’s really putting you first.”

“I don’t see it that way.”

“I know you don’t baby, it hurts too much.  But it’s not over.  I’m sure he’ll realize you can’t be apart.  Actually, you truly can’t since you already bonded, you’ll get bond sickness if you don’t exchange regularly.”

“How do you know that?”

OOPS!  That’s something I shouldn’t know.  Amy better back up this lie.’  She turned to Sookie, “Amy mentioned it to me once.”

Dr. Ludwig tucked that one away, Adele knew about blood bonds.  For now, she’d support the woman and grill her later.  “Yes, she had some questions about the bond between you and Eric, I shared what I know.”

Sookie didn’t believe it for a minute and she’d heard the ‘oops’ from Gran’s head, but she decided not to press her.  It was her first day home after all.  “Let’s talk about something else.”  She called to the hallway.  “I know you guys can hear, come on in and tell me the plans for Gran’s rehab.”

Potts, Alcide and the new woman joined her in the bedroom and Sookie was introduced to Annabelle Bannister, Gran’s Physical Therapist.  Ludwig explained.  “Annabelle is a Were trained in PT, so we have the advantage of her strength while Gran is building her own muscles and control back.”

“That’s perfect, welcome Annabelle.”

They reviewed the schedule of therapy and the nurses with Sookie, Gran’s goals for rehab and other incidentals about her needs.  By the time they were done and had eaten an early dinner that Potts prepared, one of Gran’s nurses had arrived.  Ludwig handled the introductions.  “Sookie, this is Michele Whatley, she and two other Were nurses will trading schedules to stay with your Gran around the clock.  They will all need to meet Thalia as they will serve as backup guards at dark.”

The timing was perfect as Thalia rose from her new bedroom and joined everyone in the kitchen, just finishing dinner.

“Good evening everyone.  I’ll take up my guard position outside, unless you need anything Mistress?”

“First, I’m no longer your Mistress, so you can cut that shit out, and second, I want to know how long you’ve known.  Did you know while we were in New Orleans?”

“Yes I knew and you know damn well I was under orders to keep my mouth shut.  And you are still my Mistress, so you cut your own shit out Sookie.  I’ll be outside; perhaps we can talk after Gran is settled for the night.”

Sookie backed down, knowing that Thalia was comfortable with HER and Gran, but not yet everyone in the room.  “Sure, we’ll talk later.  I’ll come out to the porch.”

“I’m going to take a shower.”  She looked at Potts and Alcide.”  I’m sure you’re heading out now that Thalia is on guard?”

“We’ll stay as long as you need.”

“I think I want to wallow tonight guys.  I mean, I appreciate the offer, but I need to be alone.”

Alcide and Potts left and after Annabelle reported Gran’s details to Michele, she left as well.  “Sookie, I’m getting into bed.  All this movement has me tuckered out.  I’ll stay up so come in after your shower and we can talk.”

“I can help you to bed, I’ll just shower later.”

“No, Michele is here.  You go on.  You need the time to yourself.”  Sookie reached down to hug her sitting Gran than ran off to the shower before the tears started falling again.  She’d been holding back since she saw Thalia.  Seeing the vampire reminded her that she should have felt Eric rise and she didn’t.  The bastard was even keeping the bond from her.


Peter had left Eric in his coffin with the SUV parked in the garage.  When he rose, he was trapped in the coffin until the sunset with only his thoughts to keep him company.  He tried doing work on his Blackberry, but found he really couldn’t concentrate, so he just stayed still reconsidering his actions over and over again.  When the sun set; he rose to go to his chambers to pack for Dallas.  As he’d kept everything a secret from Pam, he couldn’t ask her to do any prep work for him.  He was taken aback to hear her in his shower.  “Why are you here?”  He asked, surprising her as he entered the bathroom.

“Peter told me to rest here, that you would need me when you rose.  Would you mind explaining why the fuck you feel like you favorite puppy just died.”

He sighed.  Honestly, he’d wanted to sneak out of Shreveport without seeing Pam; he just didn’t have time for this.  “Why don’t you head out to the farmhouse, Sundays are slow at Fangtasia and Sookie will probably need you.  I have to pack for Dallas.  I will be gone for a few weeks to help with their Fellowship of the Sun problem.  You’ll need to fill in as Sheriff, monitor Andre and take care of the bar.”

“Thanks for the notice.”

“This was all determined monarch to monarch for the states.”

“Fine.”  She huffed and dressed.  “A few weeks, geez, no wonder you don’t seem happy at all.  He nodded but kept further details to himself.  She’d ream him out later though.  He was only putting it off for an hour or two at most.  “Ok, I’m, off to take care of Crumbcake.  Who is there now?”

“Thalia, I had her move into the farmhouse.”

“You aren’t telling me something.”

“No, I don’t have time, Sookie will fill you in.”  She stared at him.  “Go Pam, I’m not talking any further tonight.”

She arrived at the farmhouse and waved to Thalia in the woods.  She walked up the steps just as Sookie was opening the door.  “Muffin, he’ll be back in a few weeks, I know you’ll miss him, but really, how much have you been crying today?  Your face is completely swollen.”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“I knew he was holding something back, but he wouldn’t say what.   Tell me.”

“He . . . he broke up with me.”  Though she promised herself she wouldn’t cry again, the waterworks started right back up again.  She leaned into Pam and the vampire hugged her, offering comfort while she contemplated Sookie’s words.

Pam looked to Thalia only to see her nod in confirmation.  ‘I’ll kill him.  Right after I cut of his balls with a spoon, wait for them to grow back and do it again.’  She guided Sookie to the porch swing and they just sat; Pam holding a weeping Sookie while she tried to figure out what they hell Eric had been thinking.  Eventually the crying stopped and her breathing evened out so she signaled to Thalia to help with the door and they got Sookie in bed without waking her.  She went back to the porch and Thalia filled her in on as many details as she knew.  Thalia had heard Gran and Sookie talking before Gran fell asleep and she was impressed with the old woman’s comments.  She was clearly pissed at Eric and felt he was wrong, but to help Sookie, she was trying to almost coach her on seeing his side and taking advantage of the time apart to evaluate the relationship.  After telling Pam all that information, Pam admitted she was impressed with Gran, as usual.  She also noted not to let Eric near the woman until this was resolved.  She was pissed at Eric, but she didn’t want him dead.  Thalia stepped away so Pam could make her call.  When Eric didn’t answer, she called Godric.  Godric answered, skipping all formalities.  “His plane is just landing and yes, I’ll be kicking his ass.”

“So you knew?”

“I only found out this morning from Potts, Ludwig, and Thalia.  All voice-mails of course since he did this just before dawn and none of them dared to defy him by warning me.”  He braced himself before asking his question.  “How is she?”

“Heartbroken.  Why did he do this?  I want to know why!”

“According to Potts, he was concerned she was giving up too much for him:  Children and sunlight.  He really does believe he’s doing it for her.”

“That’s something at least.”  She moved to walk further from the porch when she heard a car coming; then relaxed when she saw it was just Potts returning home.  “I still plan to beat him senseless.”

“Let me handle this Pamela.  You take care of Sookie.  Keep her together until I can get him to see reason.  He is deplaning now, I must go.”

Godric opened the car door and exited, noticing the stance of his son.  Usually standing tall and confident, he was looking down with his shoulders drooped.  He decided tonight was about Eric’s feelings first, then he would try to persuade him to see reason.  If that didn’t work, he would take more drastic measures as needed until Eric saw reason.  His child was stubborn, but Godric hoped he would be able to get through that hard head, and quickly.

“Min son, let me get you home and we can talk.”  Eric only nodded.

The private airfield was only a 15 minute drive from Godric’s current home in Dallas.  Godric led Eric into the den and seated them to talk.  The pain rolling off Eric was evident, even though he had his bond closed, likely for Sookie.  “Do you want to talk?”  He shook his head no.  “Then we won’t talk yet.  Come.”  He opened his arms and Eric moved so Godric could hold him.  They just stayed like that almost an hour.  Eric just sat silently taking comfort from Godric, knowing that soon he’d need to defend his actions to Godric, but he pushed that back for now.

Finally, when he felt it was time to move forward, Godric asked for an explanation.  “Can you tell me why you felt the need to leave Sookie?”

“It would seem you already know what’s going on.”

“I want to hear it from you.”

“She doesn’t deserve me.”

“No, nor did I deserve Maria, but we loved.  And now, you finally love something more than yourself so you can understand how I felt about Maria.  The ultimatum is over my son, it’s been over since I first saw you with Sookie in December.  You love and are loved, unconditionally.  You should enjoy that love.”

“I want what is best for her, and that’s not me.”

“I don’t agree with you.  I think you are the best thing for her and you’ve made the biggest mistake of your undead life.”

“I was expecting this, but was it too much to hope that my maker would try to support me?”

“I am supporting YOU by trying to get you to see what you’ve done.”

“I gave her a life back, a chance for normalcy.”

“You have never been in a relationship like this.  Your human marriages were not based on love, no thought, no emotions.  Theresa announced just last month that she’s leaving me to pursue a family and Rasul’s companion just did the same.”

“Exactly!  I don’t want Sookie to have regrets.”

“Let’s do this.  You’re now stuck here in Dallas, likely for a few weeks.  Sookie is well protected physically, though is broken otherwise, but she’s safe.  Pam is going to keep her going while you get your head out of your ass.”

“I don’t have. . .”

“Do NOT interrupt me!  “Godric actually raised his voice, a very rare occurrence and Eric shut up.  “You will see your error here.  We are going to talk through this for the remainder of the night; then when you rise tomorrow, you will call Sookie and check on her.  I will ensure that Pam is there to get Sookie on the phone.  What else you tell her will be something you decide tonight.  I have some bagged blood we can heat up and we will talk at the kitchen table.  We will make one of those lists I have heard about:  Pros and Cons.  We will apply that logic for which you are regarded and you WILL see reason.  I gave this some thought since I had time after hearing the messages about you and Sookie and before the sun set.”

As Godric stated, they sat at the kitchen table, a sheet of blank paper in front of Eric and a pen in his hand.  He thought this was unnecessary.  He’d made the required sacrifice because he loved Sookie.  The decision was made.  Godric could feel his son’s resistance, but he persisted.  Via her near constant texts tonight, Pam had suggested the list to Godric since she was such a close study of humans, and he felt it was worthy of exploration.  “Start with two columns labeled:

*Staying with Sookie is good because

*Staying with Sookie is bad because”

Godric had Eric word the columns exactly as he noted having considered the best way to get Eric to really think.  Writing just Pro and Con at the top was just too vague and would generate equally vague answers.  Eric added the columns as Godric asked.  “Now, start with the good list.”

“She . . . I . . . No, I’m not doing this.”  He looked at Godric and saw only an angry glare.

“Start writing.  NOW.”

He grimaced out a fine and proceeded to write down basically all the things he would miss now that she was out of his life.  Making the list was painful as it brought forth the things he decided to lock away right after he walked away from Sookie and got in his coffin.  When he was done that side, Godric picked up the paper to read his son’s comments.  Then he handed it back and told Eric to read the list.  He glowered at Godric but complied.

“*She makes me laugh

*I can trust her with Sheriff business and even strategize with her

*The vampires in my retinue respect her, many even like her

*She made my house a home

*She was considering becoming my eternal companion

*She was my most satisfying lover, ever

*She shared her family with Pam and me

*My child loves her

*I I . . . I love her”

“That was hard I am sure.  Let us continue with the other list.  Why is staying with Sookie bad?”  They conducted the same exercise ending with Eric reading the list.  Godric was going to need to push a little on this he was sure.

“*I’m holding her back from a normal life

*I can’t give her children

*I can’t spend time with her in the sunlight

*Being with me could get her killed

*She is a distraction that could get me killed

*She could leave me”

“What did Sookie say when you told her you were leaving her?  Specifically, when you told her you were giving her the option for children or a normal 24X7 relationship.”

“She of course answered that she didn’t need to have children and she would rather have me part time than not at all.”

“Why don’t you believe her?”

“She hasn’t thought about this.  Rasul told me his companion denied these as issues until some of her friends started having babies.  Suddenly, she needed a baby.  I want to save Sookie from needing to make this decision herself.  With her proclivity towards selflessness, she would stay with me and deny her own needs.”

“Bullshit Eric.  You got scared.  You decided FOR Sookie that she could possibly decide to leave you and you wanted to prevent that by taking control now.  You can’t control love Eric.  You have to feel it, and you most certainly do.”

“I am NOT trying to control a situation.”

“Aren’t you?”  Godric was getting agitated now and stood to continue.  “Cara told me that you made all these decisions and started executing on it 2 nights before you left for New Orleans, then you had an army fixing Gran’s, moving Sookie out, arranging for her safety.  When did you share it with Sookie?:  Only after you had physically removed her from your life.  THAT’S control.  What time of the day did you tell her?  Right before dawn on the morning you were leaving for Dallas, a trip you could not miss.  THAT’S control.  How did you handle all the staff that would be needed for Sookie’s Gran?  You paid them for a full year up front so Sookie wouldn’t need to deal with it, or come to you for any help.  Should I go on?  Eric, everything you did is classic Eric in control.”

He leaned into Eric’s space.  “Let’s try this.  You will move here with me permanently.  As your maker, I can override your Sheriff contract.  I have decided.  Pamela can move with you or you can keep her in Louisiana.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“No Eric I wouldn’t make any such decision that would impact YOUR life that much.  Do you really want to unilaterally make decisions FOR her?”

“I wanted to take away the burden of making this decision for her.”

“She already DECIDED to be with you.  You haven’t taken that burden from her, you disregarded the decision she already made.  You also state that being with you could get her killed.  She’s already OUTED my foolish son.  Too many vampires are aware of her, and now she’ll be in even more danger since she’ll appear to be without an owner.  Having her bonded to you didn’t prevent her kidnapping.  If you’re together at least others will see who owns her.”  He was pacing now to relieve his building anger.  ”You’ll be lucky if she takes you back.”

Desperately needing to calm down, he paced the perimeter of the room several more times before asking more questions.  “Rasul and his companion; were they bonded?  Had he made that level of commitment to HER?”  Godric already knew the answer from Thalia.

Eric’s face changed just a bit and Godric wondered if he was getting through.  “No.”

“And Theresa, had she CHOSEN to build a life with a vampire?”

Eric rubbed his face in frustration starting to see Godric’s point.  He answered very quietly.  “No.”

“When did you first learn that Sookie didn’t want children?  Before you were dating, or after as if she was making an excuse?”

He stared at his maker with his eyes rimmed in red and barely whispered, “before.”

Godric nodded.  Based on the turmoil, self loathing and sadness he felt through the bond he had succeeded.  Now he needed to postpone their first meeting about the Fellowship so Eric could have time to call Sookie at first dark.  “I need to call Isobel about our meeting tomorrow night.  You will sit here, read your lists and think about what I said.  I’ve been around for a while, maybe there is some value in my opinion.”

After Godric left the room, Eric did stare at the list and considered Godric’s questions and statements.  His head hit the table and he started to question what he had done and if Sookie would even talk to him now.  After a few minutes, he called Pam.  There was nothing pleasant about her answer.  “What do you want?”

“Is she up?”

Pam headed for the door to finish the conversation outdoors so she wouldn’t wake Gran or Sookie.  “I’m leaving you.  You can have my share of Fangtasia; I’ll work to build my other business holdings.  You released me years ago.  I know you can still command me, but I ask you to refrain.  I told you I wouldn’t tolerate it if you hurt her.  I’ll watch over everything until you return; then I’m gone.”  He’d expected something from Pamela, but willingly giving up Fangtasia and branching out to earn her own money?  She was REALLY pissed; shoes were NOT getting him out of this mess.

“Pamela, is she up?”

“We just got her calm again.  I put her to bed at about 9 but she woke up crying an hour ago.  I’m not waking her.

“Not even for me to tell her I was wrong?”

Pam almost stumbled she was so shocked.  Godric had done it, and in hours.  “How have you come to this realization?   Don’t get me wrong, if you’re sincere now I’m thrilled, but she can’t handle you vacillating on this.  How the fuck did you come to the decision to leave her in the first place?”

“Pam, I just went through this with Godric, I don’t want to repeat it all now.  If she wakes, can you call me so I can talk to her?”

“No.  I think you should just sit on this for the day, you already acted rashly on this.  Be sure.”

“You are defying me?”

“Please don’t command me to have her call you.  Please.  Spend the rest of the time before dawn thinking about your decision; write down what you want to say.  Maybe write her a letter.  It may be better than talking to her.”

“Why is that?”

“Honestly, Gran’s been trying to get her to see your point of view so…”

“Really?  So she won’t hate me?”

“You cut me off.  As I was saying, Gran’s been trying to get her to see your point of view so Sookie could stop and think about your reasons for leaving her; she wants Sookie to try to see if you could be right.”  He didn’t like the sound of that.  “She’s not telling her to accept what you did; rather she’s saying to take advantage of the time apart so you can both be sure.  Don’t expect her to fall all over you just because you admitted a mistake.  The mess you left us required that we find some way to help her through this.  That help could come back and bite you in the ass tonight.  Hell, I hope the spitfire hangs up on you and makes you beg from Dallas while you’re gone.”


“I won’t suggest that, but I can hope for it.  So, will you push the issue and order me to have her call you IF she wakes tonight.”

“No, I see your points.  So Gran can see why I did this?  She’s not mad?”

“Oh Eric, she had her nurse go through her jewelry boxes looking for silver she’s so pissed.  She said those things to help Sookie process this.  She knows you were wrong and you’re going to be paying for this for a long time.”

He sighed.  Honestly he knew Gran would be upset but he was so SURE in his thinking he believed he would never see the woman again.  All the decisions he made in the past week were rash, poorly thought out and wrong, so very wrong.  He wondered how he could have let himself spiral out of control.  He knew the answer:  Fear that Sookie would leave him.

“Are you staying there for the day?”


“I will call Potts after I rise to get a feel for the situation.”

Pam hung the phone up after that last comment.  Potts and Thalia had joined her and she filled them in.  Potts laughed.  “He’s going to need to grovel after we just spent time trying to convince her of his points so she could start healing.  I know she’ll take him back, but it’s not going to be easy.  She’s moving on from hurt to pissed, and we all know what that can be like.”

Thalia shook her head.  “I don’t understand.”

Potts laughed again.  “That’s right, the vampires of area 5 only met Sookie after she and Eric started dating.  Let me tell you about their first 2 months.  You’ll enjoy this.”

“Does this have to do with a story Eric promised to tell me about Sookie’s first night with Eric.

The two women snickered.  “It certainly begins there.”  The three walked the perimeter and cackled as Pam and Potts shared stories about Eric and Sookie’s initial and oh so pleasant encounters, each feeding off the other.  Bubba stayed vigilant in the woods, but kept an ear open so he could chuckle at the stories as well.  It sounded like Master Eric and Mistress Sookie sure could fight.  He hoped they could get past this situation.  He liked them both and Miss Adele, his charge very much.


Back in Dallas, Godric was surprised by the bond he shared with his maker, the Ancient Pythoness.  Normally, she kept the bond closed and he’d just finished rescheduling the meetings with his fellow Sheriffs when he felt the bond open.  He could feel that she was upset, possibly angry and CLOSE, suddenly very close.  Eric ran to the office to ask Godric what he was feeling.  “My maker is here.  Prepare yourself my son.”  Eric was shocked.  He’d never met Godric’s maker, and because Godric was commanded to be silent on the identity; Eric didn’t even know who this vampire was.  They both approached the door.  The knock came seconds later and just after Godric opened the door he fell to his knees Eric knelt as well, even before he looked at Godric’s maker.

“Rise from your knees my child and my grandchild.”  Eric gasped.  He knew that voice.  “Yes Eric, I am your maker’s maker.  Please rise so I can enter and we can speak.  You’ve done something that needs to be fixed.”  Eric and Godric stood and made room for the Ancient Pythoness.  She turned to her guards.  “You may stay outside.  My child and grandchild can assist me here.”

Once settled in the living room with Godric’s help, the Ancient Pythoness wasted no time and spoke to Eric.  “You were supposed to pledge to the Brigant girl.  My visions were lining up perfectly until you just did something that added far too many disastrous scenarios.  Explain.”

Eric’s eyes were wide, ‘she said Brigant and that I was supposed to be pledged, what the fuck is going on?’  Eric swallowed, and unnecessary movement for a vampire and formed his words carefully.  “Are you saying that Sookie is a descendant of Niall Brigant?”

“She is.  Adele has not shared the background yet?”

“I determined there was fairy involved, but nothing further.  I don’t think Adele is going to share with me anytime soon.”

“Yes, you don’t piss that woman off.  So you released the girl and left her?”

He nodded the acknowledgement but added, “It was a mistake.”

“It most certainly was.  You need to fix this.”

“I plan to.  Can you tell me, and I ask this with respect:  why do you care about my mate?”

“Many things are yet for you to know.  You know I have visions and I saw a future that was chaos, fighting between humans and all the Supernatural with no victor.  I challenged some of the older vampires in the world to help me alter that particular course of history.  Who and how are not your concern.  Your concern is your particular role and you must repair the relationship with Sookie.  I mean within days grandchild.  Unfortunately, you cannot leave Dallas with the Fellowship problem so I suggest you start a calling and writing campaign and grovel if you will.  I cannot help you directly with Sookie as her Grandfather Fintan has passed to Summerland and Niall; well he’s got a few too many problems of his own to help her.”

“I clearly don’t understand.  You want me mated to a human fairy hybrid?”

“Don’t be daft.  I wanted you to learn respect for all species.  Godric set the details on how to accomplish that on his own, though I might have told him loving a human would work.”  She made a self-satisfied smile, and thought to herself.  ‘Of course I wanted the best mate for my own grandchild, and I may have manipulated their meeting, a bit, but he doesn’t need to know that.’  She turned serious again, very quickly.  “Human’s acceptance of vampires is fragile.  With Shifters and Weres already discussing their reveal, we need strong leaders from all races that can try to unite everyone.  I will say no more except get to work Viking.”

Godric who had remained quiet during the exchange spoke.  “Master, you are welcome to rest with us this day.”

“As much as I would love to watch my grandchild humble himself to fix things with his mate, I must decline.  My trip, as always, must be kept secret.”

“The phone Pythia, you should seriously consider one.”

“I understand one of my handmaidens finally got one of those contraptions, so it’s getting closer my son.”  He just laughed as he helped her to the door.  One of her guards handed her a small package.  “Oh Viking.”  He met her at the door.  “This is for you.”  She gave Eric the box; then turned and left.

Eric opened the box and found a copy of the movie Gone with the Wind.  A note was taped to the top.

My Grandchild:

This is her favorite movie and she has always dreamed of owning something called Tara from the film.

Have Godric contact me with the details and I will officiate at your Pledging. 

Fix this,

Your Grandsire

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – Fear, Control and Stupidity

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  2. Chapter 32 was awesome and of course the preview of 33 left me wanting more. Great job. Can’t wait for more. Thank you for the fabulous update.

  3. Pissing off the AP is really not a good thing. Poor Eric really screwed up, even he if thought he was doing the right thing..I think we have a perfect example of high handed here..

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