Chapter 12 –One day at a time

Chapter 12 –One day at a time


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Eric woke before Sookie and enjoyed that she was still tucked into him. It appeared, even with her comments about needing to get up, that she’d never left the bed the whole day. The sun would be down in about an hour; he felt badly that she spent the entire day inside. He wanted her awake with him but knew he needed to share her with the sun and in two weeks Eliane would be here too. Sookie was too social to be kept away from everyone. He let out a chuckle when he realized that probably meant Thalia as well. His little fairy was something special even if she didn’t believe it. So much had changed in a few days. The biggest difference was that Sookie was no longer owned by Bill. That change was something he thought would take longer than it actually did – and it was thanks to his maker. It was also thanks to Godric that both he and Sookie were still alive; of course Godric was gone. Sookie’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. “You’re already up?”

“Yes I am Princess Sleepy Head.”

“I’m on vacation; I’m permitted to be lazy.”

“And leave puddles of drool on me?” Her head shot up quickly to survey the arm she’d been resting on; it was dry. He barked out a laugh. “That was priceless!”

“Priceless enough to let me shower first?”

“I thought we were showering together?”

“Well, we can shower at the same time.” He brightened. “I’ll go use the guesthouse.” As she moved to get off him, he pulled her back and crushed her to his chest.

“You’ll be too far from my side in the guesthouse.” He knew she wasn’t ready to shower together, but that didn’t stop him from playing a bit.

“I bet you’re making that pouty face even though you have my head smashed against your chest and I can’t see it.”

“Would it make a difference if I did?”

“I’ll shower here after or before you.” When she moved a bit, he squeezed her tighter. “Let me go; I have something to do. It’s private and urgent, so you best release me if you know what’s good for you.”

He got that meaning immediately and released her. “I’ll check in with Cory while you shower.”

“I need another shirt and I’m snagging the last boxers.” She informed him while she grabbed the clothes she needed. “You can go commando.”

“Sookie! Don’t talk nasty like that.”

She laughed with him as she walked to the bathroom. A short while later Sookie was finishing her hair when Eric came out of the bathroom after his shower. “What are we doing tonight?”

“Your things arrived today.” He knew she had items that would remind her of her Gran so he wasn’t sure how she’d feel about it. For this, he’d let her lead on whether they started in on her Gran’s stuff or not. “They’re upstairs as are your clothes from the guesthouse.”

Still feeling raw from the early morning and Eric’s attempt at suicide, Sookie put up a mental wall on exposing any more hurt right now. “I’m not ready to go through those items yet. What do you want to do?”

Dejectedly, he plopped himself on the bed. “I don’t know.” He seemed to want to say something but he was staying quiet and Sookie wondered what that was about. Since he looked troubled, Sookie moved to sit with him. Instead of sitting next to him, she moved behind him, pressing her chest to his back and wrapped her arms around him. He covered her arms with his own and sighed in comfort.

“Something’s bothering you. Will you tell me what it is?”

“This morning I had those True Bloods, but that’s not enough to repair all my wounds fully.” Sookie moved the shirt at his neck enough to look at his shoulder. Sure enough, the wounds weren’t bleeding but they were still as pink as they were the night before; they hadn’t changed a bit while he rested. “I need real blood.” It killed him to admit it on their first night.

Sookie took his need in stride. “OK. Where do we go? Back to the main island?”

“We? You aren’t offended about this?”

“Sweetie, did you really think I would sit back and let you suffer? I’m sorry you can’t feed from me and be done with it.”

“WHAT?” Her comment had clearly surprised him. “If you didn’t have silver poisoning, you would allow me to have your blood?”

“Of course. Are we not trying for something between us Eric? If we were a couple I would be feeding you, correct?”

“I didn’t think you’d be ready for that.” That statement was putting it mildly. Honestly, he thought that even after they moved from friends to a relationship anything related to blood was going to be a long time coming. Bill had really hurt her and much of it centered on blood.

“Oh, I have demons to excise about Bill, but I’m not going to let that stop me from seeing what’s right in front of my face.”

He smiled. “And what’s right in front of your face?”

“You Eric. If we didn’t have Bill’s shit with the blood going on, don’t you think we’d already be a couple? We’ve been flirting on text for weeks now. I’m drawn to you and don’t have Bill’s influence squashing it.” Her words weren’t random, she’d been thinking about nothing but this for days and she was certain that without Bill’s influence, she and Eric would be together.

Her words gave him a pang in his chest. That she could logically think through what Bill did and not apply it to him was very good news indeed – and much sooner than he’d expected. “I’m drawn to you as well.”

“Good. Now let’s dress for a trip to the mainland.” Her next statement was cut off by her stomach.

“After you eat. Cory was having a meal brought over for you.” He paused and listened. “I can hear them arriving, let’s go feed you first.” He put his hand out. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” Her smile was bright as they walked up the stairs together. She hadn’t really looked around when they arrived so she took in the library that held the entrance to his chamber and the kitchen. When she paused to look around, Eric tugged her hand. “I’ll take you for a tour after you eat, but it’s ready for you. Come on, eat while it’s hot.”

The thought of whatever Eric’s staff had brought caused her stomach to growl loudly again. “I guess I do need to eat right away.”

“I think you’ll like the dinner and the location.”

“Oh really?” They walked out the side door of his home. Eric smirked and held his arm out towards a walkway that began at the edge of his deck. Sookie gasped as she took in the end of the walkway. It was a beautiful pavilion with a thatch roof and lanterns. “That’s where I’m eating?” He simply nodded at her awed expression. “I don’t know if I can eat a bite; that view is too distracting.”


They approached the table. Sookie was surprised to see the food was on the table under a silver-domed cover. She hadn’t seen anyone walking away. Eric guessed at her curiosity and said, “They heard me and knew we were on our way up.” Like a perfect gentleman, he pulled her chair out. When she sat, he took her napkin and placed it on her lap.

“Will I get this treatment every night?”

“As long as you wish.” Eager to spoil her, Eric pulled the cover off the plate and presented her dinner. “Is this something you’ll eat?” He pulled out a note from the center of the table. “This is traditional Bahamian food starting with cracked conch, peas, and rice; for dessert there is guava duff.”

“It looks and smells wonderful. You’re sure you don’t mind eating with me?”

“You ask that every time you eat. Don’t you believe my answer?”

“Sorry, Bill demons.”

He put his hand on hers. “I understand.” After removing his hand, she dug in while he told her about the island. “My main house juts off the island and one road leads to it. There is a road up the center and all the houses are accessed off that road. I’ll have one of the Jeeps left here so you can explore.”


“Oh, I can’t drive a standard transmission.”

“Teaching you will be on the list for this trip then. In Alaska, we have an older standard Range Rover to use. I think it’s time someone learned how.” He waited for her response, but she seemed kind of broken. “Sookie?”

With a frown, she put her fork down and responded. “I don’t think I can Eric. Jason tried before.” And the thought of her brother is what had soured her mood.

“I’m not Jason.”

“Not remotely.” It seemed like that should have been a joke but she was still frowning and had stopped eating.

Concern for her reaction took over immediately. “Sookie, is something wrong? You stopped eating.” She shook her head no and put a small forkful of food in her mouth. “My bullshit meter says otherwise.” A thought about what upset her came to him so he asked. “Was your brother upset that you were leaving?”

She hesitated for a moment and lowered her eyes. Finally, she responded. “I . . . I don’t know.”

“How is that possible? He had nothing to say when you called him?” She suddenly found a chunk of tomato fascinating as she pushed it around the plate. “Sookie? You didn’t call him?”


“Let’s call him now. He could be worried sick ab. . . “

“He’s not. Eric it’s fine. We should change to go out.”

“Not until I know what this about. We’re here for each other, to talk and trust one another. Aren’t we?”

This whole conversation was about to turn very bad, but Eric was right, they were here to talk and trust one another. Hesitantly, she started to explain. “Jason and I haven’t made up since my Gran died.” The tomato was pushed around until Eric gently took the fork from her hand. He then maneuvered them both until she was on his lap.

“What does that mean Sookie? There is something you aren’t saying.”

With a big exhale, she started speaking. “He blamed me for Gran’s death – which is true. If I had been home Rene wouldn’t have killed Gran.” Tears started falling as she remembered her Gran’s death, finding the body, cleaning up after they took her. Eric soothed her as best he could and encouraged her to keep talking. “It was horrible, you know, coming home to find her on the kitchen floor with all that blood.” Eric stiffened immediately. He’d been told that Rene strangled his victims; why was there blood? Knowing she had more to say, he decided to wait. “After the police left, I was in shock I think. Well, cleaning all that blood didn’t help.”

This time he couldn’t wait to ask. “I thought Bill was with you?”

She scoffed. “Yeah, well now we know all about his love. He didn’t lift a finger to help.”

“I’m sorry you had to do that.” She shrugged. “What about Jason? When did he show up?”

“Not until the next day, after he finally got rid of whatever woman had been keeping him occupied. He showed up and started screaming. He was angry, so angry he. . . he hit me.”

Every muscle in his body went rigid at her statement. “He’ll pay for that. I promise you Sookie.”

“No Eric, he was emotional. He deserves a chance to apologize. Promise me you won’t do anything or order anyone to go after Jason.”

“I can’t give you that blanket promise. I won’t do anything now.” While he didn’t like hearing about Jason, he realized she was speaking about some painful memories – possibly for the first time since her Gran’s death and he wanted to see if she would talk more. “What happened after that?”

“Sam pulled him back and Tara practically carried me into the house. Then the town visitations started. Everyone came to see me and they brought food. Eric, some of it was slop. I never really understood that tradition. Jello molds help with grief?” She shook her head. “Well, Mrs. Bellefleur is a nosy busy body, but her chocolate cake did help.” With that comment, she even managed a chuckle. “The recipe is a secret but it’s really good.” Eric tucked that information away. This Bellefleur woman would have a visit from Pam and glamour would be used to get a copy of this recipe. “Anyway, Tara and Lala helped me with all the funeral plans.” She stopped abruptly, not wanting to get into the funeral and the guests specifically. “You know the rest, it was after the funeral that I mourned my Gran, then Bill well, you know.”

His face sported a dangerous look as he spoke. “I hate that and I want to kill him for taking your virginity under false pretenses.”

“It’s not like I was saving myself for my husband Eric. I’m not happy about all I’ve learned either, but no killing!”

“Do not make light of his offenses against you Sookie.”

Her eyes closed and she shook her head in frustration. “I don’t want to argue. Please? Can we get ready to go out so you can feed?”

Eric knew it was time to stop talking for now even though he was sure she was still holding something back. “Sure. I’ll show you around the house then we’ll get ready.”

Taking her hand, he guided her back to the house, showing her the pool first. “Why do you have a pool when you have the ocean?”




They continued through the house. When they completed the main living areas, he showed her to her bedroom. At her confused look, he clarified immediately. “I want you to stay with me of course, but you also need a room for day use. That’s this room.” She took in the room while absently nodding her head. It wasn’t until they got to the adjacent bath that she finally had a reaction.

birdcage-009 Ocean-view-bathroom-hotel-Taj-exotica-in-Maldives-1001

“That bathtub! I might turn myself into a prune staying in there. Can anyone see in?”

“They’d need to be in a boat to be close enough, and even then the water is lower than the tub so they can’t really see in.” He smirked. “However, if I know you’re in that tub, I can fly to the window.”

“Naughty.” Her word was meant to admonish but her smile said otherwise.

“If you like the tub, come see the deck off this room.” With a flourish, he opened the doors to reveal one of his favorite places on the island. A porch swing hung from the ceiling, but this wasn’t any ordinary porch swing though. Eric had seen something similar in his travels and had it custom made to easily fit his 6’4” frame. It was covered by a large mattress with matching pillows.

The Opium Mustique is a stunning hotel located on Mustique, a small private island that is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines

“OH MY! This looks heavenly. I don’t want to go anywhere now.” She approached the swing and sat. “I think this is leading as my favorite thing in your house.”

“More favorite than me?”

“You aren’t a ‘thing’ goof.” She chuckled at him and grabbed his hand. Willingly, he allowed himself to be pulled down by a tug from her and they adjusted themselves to be reclining next to each other. A sea breeze was blowing over the covered deck area and a half moon was shining on the water. They were quiet for a moment, simply enjoying the view and each other until Sookie spoke again. “You know . . . it’s pretty romantic here.”

“Really?” He put his finger to his chin like he was thinking. “Romantic like first kiss romantic and you’re ready for that?” She bit her lip and nodded. “Even though you’re only wearing a black tee-shirt and my boxers?” More nodding. “Well, if you say so. Who am I to argue?”

Without hesitation, he moved to his side and she met him in the middle as she’d done the same. His large hand gently touched her cheek as he moved in for the kiss. Sookie wanted the kiss equally as much, so she raised her head to reach him faster. They’d given each other pecks before but this was not a simple peck. Ready for their first passionate kiss, they met with their mouths open and tongues ready to explore. Eric’s cool tongue reached in and felt every crevice of her mouth, literally taking Sookie’s breath away. She backed off only for a second before initiating more. He rolled their now connected bodies so she was on top, splayed over his body with her chest pressing against his. Knowing she’d never put on a bra, he pushed his hands up her shirt to touch her skin. To his surprise, she rose a bit and took the garment off then returned to pressing herself against him. To enjoy the feel of her breasts against his chest, he removed his shirt quickly. Changing position again, he had them sitting up, Sookie in his lap with her legs wrapped around him. When she needed to breathe again, he started kissing down her neck then to the beautiful globes begging for attention. Each breast got some focus; he sucked on one while gently squeezing the other. By now, they were both worked up so when Sookie started grinding, Eric pulled them back and pressed his forehead to hers while he panted along with her. Since going further wasn’t an option, he simply had to stop.

Breathlessly she commented. “That was way more than a first kiss.”

“Are you upset?” The comment about not being only friends after their first kiss sprang to mind and he was worried.

“No. I mean we’re moving faster than I had thought we would, but I can’t find it in me to mind.” She stopped talking to take more breaths.

Eric couldn’t help but agree with her statement about moving fast. He had anticipated weeks of healing and being friends but last night had propelled them forward.

“Eric, why are you panting?”

“It helps me get my control back.”

“That was pretty um . . . hot wasn’t it?”

“Yes; an excellent start Lover.”

“More like a down payment if you ask me. Now I need a quick cold shower. What should I wear?”

“Wear? I want to know what you meant by down payment – not discuss clothes.”

“Uh-uh. Tonight you feed and I need to dress for that. So tell me Viking, what should I wear?”

He groaned in frustration at her but answered the serious question. In truth, he was starved and it wasn’t the time to get more physical with Sookie; biting could happen much too easily that way. “You and Eliane bought some club dresses, right?” She nodded. “One of those will be perfect. My club will be the easiest way for me to feed.”

YOUR club?”

“Sure, I own a club on the island. It’s been helpful over the years for this particular need.”

“Alrighty. Wait, where are my clothes?”

“They should be unpacked in my closet by now. I requested that be handled by Diana while we ate.”

“Then I guess I’m getting dressed in your room.”

“Are we showering together?”

“Hardly Northman. I was only joking about a cold shower anyway, I only need to get tidied up and fix my hair.” She started to move quickly towards the entrance to his chamber.

A short while later, they were ready to head out. Sookie had selected a pink and black jacquard mini dress in diamond, stripes, and zigzag pattern with a cutout back. Eric loved it immediately. “I think I like the cutout in the back best.”

“Not the fringe hem?”

“Hmmm, I will like putting my hand on the hem as much as possible.”

“Thought so.”

Milly jacquard mini dress

Since Sookie had put her hair up in a loose bun, he chose a Jeep with a roof to cut down on the wind and they headed across his island to the floatplane. She grumbled the whole way about flying in it again, but he needed to have one of the Weres go with them to the Club and he couldn’t personally fly the three of them across the ocean. Well, he could fly them – but it wouldn’t be that comfortable for all the passengers. Trying to get out of the flight, Sookie suggested a boat but Eric informed her that a boat would take too long. With a big sigh, she resigned herself to the flight.

The flight this time was different, she had to admit. Eric had some much better distraction techniques than Thalia. More likely Thalia could also distract Sookie as Eric did, but she really didn’t want Thalia stroking her breasts through her dress or peppering her face with kisses like Eric was. She knew he was taking advantage of the situation and her short hemline but he’d turned them so the pilot couldn’t see anything and really, the attention was helping her forget about the flight so she didn’t care. Her main worry was Eric’s growing erection. This concerned her because he was going to feed on a donor and now he was horny. She didn’t like that second part AT ALL.

Unconsciously she moved back slightly while having her worrisome thoughts. “What’s wrong? What just happened?” Eric’s brows moved together as he grew concerned over her distance and lack of answer. “Sookie?”


He sighed in frustration, “Sookie, I can tell something is wrong. Please tell me?”

“When you feed tonight . . . I mean, right now you’re kinda . . .“ She took a big breath and exhaled while he sat patiently and rubbed her back. “We haven’t really had a talk yet . . . I mean it’s not like we’ve had the time.”

Eric was completely confused, something about feeding, how he was right now, and a talk were upsetting Sookie but he didn’t have a clue how this all went together. “Lover, you have to help me out here. I don’t know what’s upsetting you.”

“We’re trying to be together; actually I guess we are.”

“Lover, I’m pretty sure the kiss sealed the deal.”

Her blush returned as she answered. “Eric, what does that mean to you?”

Unable to conceal his reaction, his mouth fell open and his eyes went wide at her question, rather because she felt the need to ask the question. “It means everything to me Sookie. What are you worried about?”

“When you feed, are you only going to feed?”

It was like a light bulb for him. Sookie had heard Ginger telling her that he hadn’t been sleeping around but he hadn’t told Sookie himself. “Sookie, it means I’m with you, only you. We’re about to land so I won’t go into everything it means, but feeding tonight means blood Sookie, that’s all. Even if you did manage to get me quite hot and bothered on this flight.” He smirked at her.

I managed to get you hot and bothered? You were the one petting my breasts the whole way here.”

“Yes, but they were right in front of me and you aren’t wearing a bra with this dress.” He even added a ‘duh’ look indicating it was clearly her fault.

“Can you not be naughty?”

“What would be the fun in that?” He unbuckled them and moved to help her out. “Come. Let me show you my club here; it’s quite different than Fangtasia.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

She could hear the music blaring as the car that had been waiting for him at the plane dock pulled into the parking lot. The club, Sava’s, was a large bright building and as they approached the entrance, Eric walked right past the cue of patrons with Sookie. Doug trailed behind as their guard and pilot for the night. Though the building was much lighter than Fangtasia and not one patron was in Goth, there was one glaring similarity to Fangtasia; Sookie was immediately bombarded with thoughts about Eric, sex, Eric, jealousy (over her), sex, Eric – over and over again. Her crazy Sookie smile made its appearance immediately. With a frown he looked down. “Already?” He knew that fake smile and he guessed correctly at the cause.

“It started the moment I walked in.”

“Do you want to wait in my office?”

“Oh, it doesn’t hurt as much as bother me. You’re mine and everyone wants you. I need to get accustomed to this.”

After kissing her forehead he offered, “Lover, if it’s any consolation, when you’re around Supes I have to watch them practically drool over you.” She waved her hand around. “Sookie, it’s true. Doug’s nostrils have been flaring since we got in the car.”

“Stop it you. Go find someone.”

“Do you want a drink or something first, a dance?” He guided her to a large circular booth that obviously had been waiting for him.

“You’re stalling.”

“I’m hungry, but not for any of these vermin.”

“Then we should follow-up with Ludwig on her testing.” That statement made Eric even hungrier and he leaned into Sookie’s neck to breathe in her scent and take an occasional nip with his blunt teeth. The couple was obviously focused only on each other, so the waitress that had approached the table kept walking. Sookie giggled when he added some tickling to her side. This continued until she begged him to stop. “You need to go on and take care of business.”

He raised his hand towards the waitress that had been waiting for him. “After I get you settled.”

“Good evening Mr. Northman.” He nodded before she turned to Sookie. “Miss, can I get you something to drink?”

“I’ve never been to the Bahamas before. What’s a traditional drink?”

The waitress offered, “There are several, but our bartender here has won several contests for his Yellow Bird, he’s got a secret twist to his.”

“Well, if it’s award winning, I’d like that.” As the waitress walked away, she asked Eric about the bar. So Sava’s – after Sava Savanovic?”

“You have unexpected depths Sookie.”

“I like to read.” Eric didn’t need to know she’d read about the Serbian vampire of folklore from a trashy novel. She read plenty of the classics to balance out her reading habits. “So was Sava real or a story?”

“That one was only a story. It’s been revived since the revelation and new reports of the vampire looking for a new home run rampant in the area.”

During their conversation, Doug had walked away for a moment and returned almost right as Sookie’s drink arrived with a nod towards Eric. “I’ll be gone for a few minutes Sookie. There is a colleague who has requested to meet me. I won’t be long.”

“I’ll be here. Well, I might powder my nose.”

He pointed to an unmarked door along the back wall. “Use that door to get to the staff bathroom. It’s a bit nicer than the public one.” She acknowledged his request. “Doug needs to be part of my meeting so I’ll have the bartender keep an eye on you.”

“I’m fine Eric. Go on.”

Sookie sat back and sipped her drink. Many people would be uncomfortable sitting in a bar alone, but not Sookie. While some people enjoyed people watching, Sookie now loved it; sometimes playing a game in her head. She’d look carefully at a person or a couple and guess first what they were thinking; then she’d take a peak. The game had really helped her to both strengthen her shields and learn to target only one person’s thoughts easily. Coming up with the game was the only thing Bill had done that she appreciated over their whole relationship. Of course, his motivation was to try and improve the asset he was delivering to the Queen so she didn’t want to give him any credit for being helpful.

The waitress returned and offered to get her another drink but Sookie declined alcohol and asked for water instead. Until she was more accustomed to that little plane, she didn’t want to add a buzz to the trip back to the island. Realizing she did need to visit the ladies room, she did a quick scan and found nothing concerning so she headed to the staff area to take care of business. She felt a void in the area too, but continued on her way and finished her business quickly. When she opened the door from the staff ladies room into the hall, she actually hit someone.

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t even realize someone was right there.”

He moved to pat her shoulder. “I’m fine. My name is Derek.”

“I’m glad you’re OK. I need to get back to my table.” Derek was a vampire and Sookie didn’t want any trouble, so she figured being polite and getting away from here was best.

His pat turned to a grip. “What’s your rush?” His gaze froze on her as he attempted to glamour her.

“I’m here with someone, so if you’ll please excuse me.”

Before responding, he added his other arm. “I don’t think so. You’re a bit too enticing to let go.”

“I belong to Eric Northman. I suggest you let go of me.”

“I don’t smell him on you. He’s certainly not fucking you – so you aren’t owned by Eric.” He took a big sniff. “You smell so sweet. I’m really going to enjoy this.”

“I don’t think so!” Her words were shouted in the hopes that Eric would hear her as she started pushing and shoving against him.

“Oh, gonna fight back? Even better.”

His stance, his eyes, and now his words brought her back to the basement of the church and Gabe. She still fought this vampire, but now she was in panic. Eric’s voice boomed in the small hallway. “Get away from her Derek.” He’d vamped to be right next to them and added with a stony glare, “Now.” Derek complied and Eric pulled Sookie’s shaking form to him while he grabbed Derek by the neck. “Doug, call the local Sheriff for a pickup. Grab some chains too.” Doug made the call quickly and left to grab some silver chains to hold Derek while they waited.

“Eric, I can put the chains on; Doug shouldn’t touch the silver either.”

“We have gloves. Don’t worry Lover.” He turned to Derek and sneered. “This woman is mine. I’m positive she told you.” Sookie added a quiet ‘I did’ and Eric continued. “Did he try to glamour you?” She nodded. “I’m in the area for a while. I plan to request the pleasure of punishing you personally.” To her credit, Sookie didn’t even flinch. Actually, she was fine with his participation. If this was what he needed to do to get the word out on the island, then so be it.

The sheriff, Ana Vernin, arrived quickly and Eric informed her about the transgressions. Ana agreed to Eric’s request to punish Derek personally. They made arrangements to meet up in two night’s time to handle it and Derek was dragged out. “Lover, I need ten minutes to feed. Do you want to come to the office with me?” She nodded and since she was still shaking, he picked her up for the trip. In the office, he placed her on the couch. “I can use the room right next to this one for . . . “

“NO! Don’t leave me. I won’t watch, but please, don’t leave me.”

Seeing how truly upset the incident had made her, he folded his frame and knelt on the floor in front of her. “I won’t. You can watch; I don’t care. You might enjoy watching it.”

“Not tonight Eric.” The incident with the vampire had shaken her up and she really didn’t want to leave his side, but she also didn’t want to watch him feed. For some reason that was bothering her greatly tonight.

“I understand.” With a final kiss to her nose, Eric rose and made a call requesting a donor. A woman knocked on the door a moment later and he pulled her in the room. As Sookie planned, she turned away. She couldn’t explain the feelings that even hearing him feeding from someone else gave her, but given the night, she didn’t push herself. Eric was done quickly, the donor was glamoured and they were out the door on the way back to the plane. For this trip, Eric soothed Sookie until she fell asleep; then he carried her gently back to his house. As he was tucking her in, she mumbled but never woke.

Eric had several hours before dawn and was afraid of being alone and at the same time, he knew Sookie needed sleep: that vampire had clearly scared her. Sitting on the side of the bed he stayed and watched her at rest. After an hour, his eyes started to drift towards the vault entrance in his chamber. Part of him wanted to go back and look at the contents of Godric’s box again. Luckily, a bigger part of him knew that was a mistake to do while Sookie was asleep. He needed something to do and a thought came to him. After a quick call, he kissed Sookie’s forehead, walked out of the house, and took to the sky.

Shortly after, Sookie woke and was surprised to find herself in bed, still dressed. It was only 3:00AM so she went in search of Eric and a snack. After all, she’d only had dinner yesterday. With a banana in hand, she walked through the house quickly; then went outside. Both cars were parked behind the back, so he didn’t drive. Her calls of his name started to become more desperate as she walked the perimeter of his house and headed towards Pam’s. By 4:00 AM, she’d made it to the other side of the island and asked Thalia for help. Nobody had heard from him, he wasn’t answering his cell phone and Sookie was starting to hyperventilate, worried that he was off somewhere alone with dawn coming.

Yellow Bird

1 1/4 oz. Light Rum
1/2 oz. Banana Liqueur
1/2 oz. Galliano Liqueur
2 oz’s. Orange Juice
2 oz’s. Pineapple Juice
1 Cherry and/or Slice of Orange


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