Chapter 16 – Turkey and a Garlic Necklace

November 24, 2003

Several weeks had passed since the first visit from Gran. The cottage project and subsequent visits from Gran elevated Sookie’s mood and she spent a good part of each afternoon out with the construction crew, wanting a hand in the creation of her own little place. The building process fascinated her: the speed, the tools, the materials. The cottage was just that, a small outbuilding on the property, but as promised Eric gave her free reign to design it as she wanted, provided it could serve as a vampire guest house if he needed it. With Alcide’s design help, she created a personal haven: a large room with a small kitchenette, seating area, bathroom and nook with a daybed for naps. One wall, facing south, was all glass for her to grow indoor plants. Alcide had created a shelf and hanging system to hold dozens of pots and at one end, a small potting station with sink.

Eric’s only requirement was a full basement since the cottage sat on top of an existing underground tunnel that lead to a basement under a pavilion at the lake’s edge. Instead of just keeping the small tunnel, it was opened up to a full light-tight room under Sookie’s cottage. She didn’t care; she was getting privacy out of the process.

The night they finished the designs, she forgot herself and attacked Eric with a hug. From there, the relationship built slowly since they had the cottage’s progress and decisions to discuss each night. After the first few nights of talking through the cottage, they started having the conversation over Sookie’s dinner every night. The fighting almost stopped since Sookie had focus, and Eric worked very hard to NOT push any buttons. Now, Eric eagerly waited for the sun to set each day so he could be greeted by her smiling face and chatter about the day’s progress on the cottage.

Even though it had only been a few weeks, the cottage was nearly complete. Alcide had a double shift working each day; moving to the interior when the sun set. Today, she was helping lay the tiles in her new bathroom. “The grout goes on the wall and the tiles, not your nose,” Alcide smiled at her while he brushed the grout away.

“Hey, it’s my first time doing anything like this, I’m trying hard.”

“Yes I can see that sweets.”

Alcide had taken to calling Sookie sweets shortly after meeting her – mostly from seeing her avid sweet tooth. Sookie was at first taken aback by Alcide and his crew’s attentions the first few days. Never had any men followed her around as they had, been at her beck and call, eager it seemed to please her. It eased up after the first few days, and she learned from Bobby’s head that it was because Potts pulled Alcide aside and warned him that Eric would likely kill the crew for flirting with Sookie. They were still friendly, but nothing overtly sexual. Still, she enjoyed her time with Alcide and considered him safe since he was in a relationship with a girl named Debbie Pelt.

They continued on the walls and Sookie grew more excited with each section they finished. She had selected large white tiles and added small glass tiles in blues and greens to add color. The effect was gorgeous! Once she showed Pam the tiles, the shopping started. The very next day, boxes of towels and bathroom accessories coordinating with the blues and greens arrived. Pam had carried the theme to the sitting area and kitchenette with blue and green throw pillows, blankets and kitchen linens. Sookie begged her to stop stating that she wanted to pick some things out for herself and Pam reluctantly agreed. Eric was actually impressed that Sookie got Pam to stop shopping, voluntarily; noting he’d never witnessed that in her entire undead life.

“So Alcide, what’s left, when can I move in?”

“You aren’t living here are you?”

“No, you know it’s just for hanging out and I’ll still live in the house. So, when will it be done?”

“I’d say you can be in here within a week. It’s all indoor work now that the stones have been added to the exterior, so we have no weather concerns. I can ask the crew to work this weekend, Northman pays for overtime.”

“No, it’s Thanksgiving. I can wait a few days. I just want to get to decorating for Christmas.”

“If you get all the outdoor decorations purchased, we can help you with that before we pack up and leave.”

“Only the high stuff, I really want to do most of it myself.”

“You won’t need them to hang the high decorations, Sookie.” Came the rich baritone voice from the doorway. “Why am I paying construction crews if I keep finding you knee deep in the work?”

She smiled and answered as she did every evening when they had this very same conversation. “Cause it’s my sanctuary, and I want to look at it and know I helped build it.” She handed her tools to Alcide and he accepted them knowing she was off to have dinner with Northman as she did every night. “I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon sweets.”

“You bet Alcide.” She turned to Eric and asked “Shall we?” as they headed to the main house.

Once inside, Eric offered, “Do you want to clean up? I can handle heating up your leftovers from your Gran while you do that. Unless you want help?” He added with a leer.

“Thanks for making dinner, I’ll say no to the other help though. I’m pretty sure I can handle the shower.” She headed to her room.

Eric went about preparing her dinner while he listened to her. His connection to her had all but faded by now, so he had to take his enjoyment from hearing her singing as she showered and dressed. He was so happy these days with Sookie that while he longed for more, much more from her, he was hesitant to push. He abandoned his ideas of elaborate dates, knowing that was not her style, nor would she have agreed. Their outings (not dates) in the past few weeks were only to the local home design centers or furniture stores for her to make decisions for the cottage. Sometimes they even included a dinner out, but nothing fancy. He decided to ask her to the Nutcracker hoping she would agree to it as a Christmas event. The gown made for Sookie’s Halloween costume hung in her closet unworn and he thought it would be a good opportunity for her to wear it, finally. After all, it was nothing more than a beautiful gown, and without the mask, no one would suspect it was intended as a costume. He heard her starting to come down, so he finished prepping their dinners. She smiled brightly when she entered the room.

“Thanks again, I really was covered in too much grout to eat.”

“My pleasure Sookie.” She took a forkful of her Gran’s meatloaf and moaned. As much as he enjoyed her moans while she ate, they also drove him insane. He adjusted his pants, for what he was sure would be the first of many times during their shared meal, and turned to her. She surprised him by starting a conversation.



“My Gran called today.” Uh oh, he knew he was going to be in trouble.

“Seems all her windows are going to be replaced. When she tried to argue with the representative from Alcide’s company she was told the bill was pre-paid and they would be in trouble if they didn’t get the job done within 5 days. Do ya know anything about that?”

“You were going to buy plastic film that needed to be sealed onto her windows with a hair dryer. If the windows are that bad for a Louisiana winter, they needed to be replaced.”


“Sookie, I have told you before, you, your Gran, even Pam would never be able to spend all my money. Can’t you let me do this for you, for YOUR GRAN?”

“Pulling the Gran card, ey?”

“Is it working?”

“Yes, but can we talk about these things? Do you need to just go and do them?”

“It’s called a surprise Sookie.”

“Someday I’m going to have a hell of a surprise for you and maybe you won’t like the surprise factor so much.”

“Looking forward to it. Now, are we OK with this window business?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

They sat for a few minutes more in silence while Sookie devoured her Gran’s meatloaf. Eric felt she was no longer upset with the windows so he dove in. “Sookie, I have something to ask you.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I bought tickets to the Nutcracker for this weekend. I would very much like you to attend with me.”

She paused for a moment. They had been getting along decently – actually more than just decently if she admitted it. This concerned her though. “Like a date?”

He knew she wouldn’t like the answer, but he needed to move forward. “Not LIKE a date Sookie, an actual date.” He took a sip of his blood and continued. “Sookie, we’ve been getting along very well these past few weeks, have we not?”


“It’s no secret that I am attracted to you. If you’re honest, you need to admit you are attracted to me.”

“I thought you told me your connection to me had faded.”

“It has, but that was an interesting way to respond to my comment. You didn’t deny my statement. In a way you confirmed it.”


“Indeed. To clarify where I think you were headed: Our connection HAS faded, but I felt your attraction to me long before it did. I just never brought it up since I thought it would only make you that much more uncomfortable around me. You being uncomfortable would not help my plans.”

“Your plans?”

“To make you my companion.”

“Why bring this up now, we’ve been getting along as you mentioned. This kind of talk only ends in an argument.”

“I’m hoping that you will give it a chance now that you have settled somewhat into life here.”

She took a bite of food to give herself time to respond. ‘He’s right. I was attracted to him almost right away. The silence, that body – I mean, who wouldn’t be attracted to him? But honestly, what does he think can happen with the way we started out?’ She looked over at him, his face just like any other man, holding a bit of expectation while she mulled over her answer. “Eric, you’re right I am attracted to you, but honestly, do you ever think we can have something given the way we started out?”

“I can only hope Sookie. You’ve been very pragmatic about the situation, and I have apologized often over the circumstances. I’m a vampire, and my vampire baggage comes with that. Doesn’t baggage come with everyone? Does every great relationship have a perfect start? Can we please try?”

He stared at her while she finished her chewing and waited. Finally, she answered. “We’ll go on this one date, but no sex.”

“No, you are not a sex on the first date kind of girl, I know that, but you should plan to be kissed, and kissed well.”

She blew out a breath with that statement and grabbed for her drink so she wouldn’t need to look at his intense stare. When she had calmed down, she asked for the details. She discovered that they were attending the opening night for the season and that she could wear her Anna Karenina dress. She had been disappointed before when she did not attend the Halloween party, and now she was getting excited at the opportunity to dress up. It meant Eric would be in a tux and he had hired a limo. “Wow, I’ve never been in a limo Eric or out in a gown like that.”

“The gown is why I picked that particular show time since the premiere is a black tie event. I knew you were disappointed at Halloween, as was I.” What he didn’t add was that he picked the show time because the dress also meant the corset that he missed helping her out of at Halloween. Now he was adjusting his pants, again, at the thought of touching that much skin.

“Well thank you. I’m looking forward to it.”

“We can go to dinner before the show if you want.”

She shook her head as she answered. “Nah, let’s just eat at home; then head out. I would worry about my dress too much.” She continued eating for a moment then asked. “So are you really OK with Gran cooking Thanksgiving here, even if you have to glamour the location out of Dawn and Jason?”

“I am OK with it; you did explain glamour to Gran so she won’t be surprised at their lack of memory?”

“Yes, she’s all informed.”

“Sookie, I’m surprised you chose here instead of going home for the day.”

“I thought going home would be too hard.”

When he saw the look of sadness on her face, he reached across the table to take her hand. “I’m sorry Sookie.”

“I know.” She took a deep breath to try to prevent the tears she felt coming, it just didn’t help. She started crying in earnest now, her dinner forgotten. Eric wasn’t sure if this happened frequently or not when he wasn’t around since he just couldn’t feel her anymore. He stood, pulled her chair back and picked her up to move to the den. Once settled on the couch, with her in his lap, he started soothing her as best he could. The crying seemed to go on for a while, though he really knew it was only a few minutes, and eventually, she calmed.

“Do you want to talk about it? Do you still cry often?”

“I was just thinking about Christmas is all.”

“You want to be home for that?” She nodded yes. “Would your Gran agree to a vampire sleeping area somewhere in your house?”

Sookie’s eyes grew wide and she stared at Eric for a moment before she begged him, “Don’t tease me. Not about this.”

“I’m not. I’ll need to arrange for some Weres to patrol your property during the day, but we can go to your home for Christmas.” She latched onto his neck and started crying all over again. “Sookie…..” He waited while she cried some more. “Sookie?”


“Are these happy tears?”

She calmed down and answered. “Sure are. Thank you.”

“Can you call Gran and ask about the construction on the house?”

“I can start the conversation, but I don’t know what you need, shouldn’t you describe what you think needs to be done? That way she can know what’s happening before she agrees.”

Eric visibly winced. He and Sookie’s Gran had not really gotten past the first difficult discussion. In a nutshell, she still blamed him for Sookie’s situation somewhat, and her visits were strained when Eric was around. Still, for Sookie, he would ‘suck it up’ as Pam says and talk to her. “She’s not that scary.”

Trying to make light of the situation, he teased, “Speak for yourself.”

“Poor Eric, 1000 thousand years old and scared of Gran.”

He play growled at her. “Just call your Gran.”

After speaking with Gran, Eric called Alcide to schedule the construction project in Bon Temps. He decided to arrange for some additional repair work to the house as well, leaving the details to Alcide’s discretion. He’d heard Bobby complain about the condition of the driveway, so he did tell Alcide to get that fixed. ‘I don’t want to drive my corvette on something full of potholes. Course, Sookie may need me to drive the SUV to hold presents.’ He found himself looking forward to Christmas, something that never happened. ‘But, I enjoy many things more than I even thought I would, if Sookie’s involved that is.’


The next few days passed quickly and now it was Thanksgiving Day. Gran had arrived the evening before so she could start cooking early. She greeted Potts in the kitchen shortly after dawn. “Good Morning Potts. You’re up early.”

“I don’t need that much sleep, I’m a daemon.”

Gran’s eyes grew wide so Potts continued. “We are a supernatural species, though unknown to humans at this time, so I only share that information with you.”

“I’m familiar with daemons; I just didn’t know you were one.” She whispered the rest, “but Sookie doesn’t know that I know one, well besides you now.”

“Oh, who do you know?”

“Desmond Cataliades. Do you know him, or is that as silly as you asking me if I know some Presbyterian from another part of the state?”

She sniggered “While there are many daemons, I don’t know them all, but I do know Desmond, and his nieces.”

“Oh, I’ve never met his nieces.” She turned from the counter to start gathering the ingredients for breakfast. Potts leant a hand since she always enjoyed cooking with Gran. After sharing breakfast, they started on the pies. She was making apple, pecan and pumpkin since nobody would give up their desire to have their favorite. Gran focused on the crusts while Potts prepared the fillings. Once they were in the ovens they turned their attention to the stuffing. Sookie had joined them since it was almost noon. “Glad you could make it sleeping beauty.”

Sookie just grumbled back since she hadn’t had any coffee yet. She sat and watched Gran and Potts while she sipped her coffee and ate leftover biscuits from the breakfast Potts and Gran ate earlier. Potts chopped the vegetables while Gran tore bread. Soon, the stuffing was ready and Gran removed the turkey from the refrigerator to prepare it. Bobby had selected the largest bird he could from the store at Eric’s request. He wanted to ensure Sookie could enjoy leftovers for several days. Gran shook her head at the excess, since only five humans were eating Thanksgiving dinner, but she stuffed the bird anyway and put it back in the refrigerator until it was time to start roasting it. Normally, Gran served an earlier Thanksgiving dinner, but their hosts wanted to join them and Pam was very excited about celebrating the holiday so she changed dinner time happily.

Bobby arrived at about 3PM with Jason and Dawn, both visibly nervous. Bobby sneered at Sookie, angry that having to drive Sookie’s family had kept him from his friend’s Thanksgiving dinner. Sookie was too excited to see Jason, so she just ignored him for once and ran for her brother. “JASON!” she yelled and jumped into his arms.

“HEY SOOK! How are ya?”

“Wow, stop spinning me, you’ll make me sick” He put her down and she reached to hug Dawn. “How are you feeling little Mama? How’s my niece or nephew in there?”

“We’re good Sookie. This place sure is fancy.”

“I’ll give you a tour in a bit, y’all want some tea first?”

“Ya got any beer?”

“Yeah Jas, we knew you were coming.” She started towards the kitchen. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to Potts.”

“Gran, that turkey smells wonderful!”

“Thanks Jason, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever made. Eric had Bobby purchase a 24 pounder. Potts had to put it in the oven for me.” She gestured to the woman in the kitchen. “Potts, this is my grandson, Sookie’s brother Jason, and his fiancée Dawn.”

“Welcome to Shreveport. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sookie talks about you all the time.”

“Yeah? You work here too?”

“Yes, I’m a guard. I live here and am with Sookie in the afternoon before Eric rises.”

“Bout that. Can anyone clarify why Sookie even lives here? I can’t quite get it straight in my head.”

“Sookie stayed here after Eric was able to help save her from the drug dealers that had taken her after you escaped. She works for him now.”

“Yeah, he own a bar?”

“He does own a bar, but I actually work here at the house on Eric’s gardens.”

“But it’s winter. Ain’t no gardening happenin’ now.”

“I’ve been doing plans for the spring.”

“And he pays you and you can stay here?”

“Yeah, Jason.” Growing uncomfortable with the conversation Sookie changed the subject. “Did you see the pies?”

“Nah, but I smelled em. Ya outdone yourself Gran.”

“Let me give you a tour before I need to help Gran with more of the cooking.”

The tour ended back in the kitchen and Potts, Gran and Sookie got back to work. It wasn’t long after that they heard Eric join the group. Sookie handled the introductions. She just couldn’t believe that Jason didn’t recognize Eric at all, considering he’d been with Eric and mistreated for weeks. She stopped thinking about it since she promised herself she would just enjoy the day. Nobody could predict how Jason would handle the conversation so they braced themselves after the introductions were made. At least, Sookie thought, they were all prepared for his stupidity and he lived up to his reputation.

“So Eric, how ya gonna eat turkey? I thought y’all only ate people?”

Eric couldn’t help by chuckle at Jason’s question. “Jason, Pam and I won’t be eating the turkey; we will enjoy our own meal while you eat yours.”

“Ya got people to eat here? Is ma baby safe?” He moved to put his arms around Dawn’s middle.”

“JASON!” Gran yelled, “Don’t be an idiot. Mr. Northman and Pam will be drinking bottled blood.”

“Oh, OK. So, can I see your coffins? Sookie didn’t show them to us on the tour.”

“Jason, he doesn’t sleep in a coffin. Could you stop being rude, please?”

Pam arrived to hear the end of the chat. “What’s that smell?” Eric chuckled again. He had chosen to ignore it, but not Pam. “What’s so funny Eric?”

“We were just having a friendly chat with Jason. I believe that smell is garlic.”

Sookie gasped. “JASON, did you guys wear garlic to the house?” She turned to Eric. “I’m sorry, I didn’t smell it myself, I guess all of Gran’s cooking hid it.” After apologizing to Eric, she put her hands on her hips and turned to Jason with an expectant look on her face.

“I had to protect ma Fi- ancy and ma baby.”

She moved forward and found they were both wearing garlic necklaces, removed them, and then took them directly to an outside bin. When she got back, she stared at her brother and asked what else he had on him. He told her nothing, but she continued to stare. “CUT THAT OUT!” He yelled.

Sookie backed off immediately for fear that Jason would give away her mind reading. She was trying to pull information about other weapons or protection he had with him, but found nothing. Eric watched the exchange with extreme interest. He was surprised to hear Jason yell at Sookie to stop when she was simply staring him down. He tucked the information away as another piece of Sookie puzzle.

“Everyone except Potts and Sookie – shoo!” Gran ordered. “I need the kitchen so I can finish getting this meal cooked.”

“How long do we have Gran?” Sookie asked.

“About 20 minutes.”

“Can you finish with just Potts help? I was gonna show Jason and Dawn the cottage.” She leaned in and whispered the rest. “I don’t want him alone with Eric.”

“Go on, we’ll be fine.” She reached for Pam. “Wait there a moment, Missy.”

“Yes Gran.”

Gran grabbed her and hugged her, an action to which Pam was finally becoming accustomed. “Thank you. You did a beautiful job setting the dining room table. I’ve never had a flower centerpiece that gorgeous before.”

“My pleasure Gran.”

Sookie was ushering Jason and Dawn out the door as he was questioning why the blond vamp was calling his Gran, Gran. They toured the cottage, almost complete; then walked him around the grounds as she described her plans. Showing him the cottage was a mistake she realized when Jason started back on her job. “I just don’t get it.”

She knew what was coming – she had already pulled it from his head. “You design his garden and he lets you live here and in fact is building you that cottage?”

“Jason, he wanted to help after he helped me get away from the drug dealers. Can’t you just accept that someone wants to help me? Maybe take care of me? Can’t you just drop it?”

He leaned in to whisper. “Are you sleeping with him? I thought you were a good girl.”

She stopped walking abruptly, turned to him and slapped him hard across his face. “I am a good girl. Shame on you for suggesting anything else.”

“Yikes sis. Ya didn’t need to hit that hard. Still, you can see why I’d asked. I mean …. nothing? I don’t swing THAT way but I can see hesa good lookin guy.”

“You got that right.” Dawn mumbled. Sookie laughed while Jason reminded her that she was spoken for.

“Jason, we are going on our first date this weekend – but that’s it, just a first date.”

“Well, a’right.”

Potts called to them from the back door to inform them that dinner was ready and Jason practically ran into the house.

The table was covered with food, more than the five humans present could possibly consume – even with the wide-eyed look Jason was giving everything. Once seated, Gran said the blessing and they dug in. After several huge mouthfuls, Jason came for air and said. “It’s a shame Uncle Bartlett ain’t here to enjoy this.”

Eric didn’t need his blood connection to Sookie to see that Jason’s words affected her, and not in a pleasant way. He quickly scanned Gran’s reaction as well. Both of them looked stricken. Jason didn’t seem to notice and he spoke again, after finishing another overflowing mouthful of food. “Y’all need to move past whatever that grudge was. Geez, Sook was seven at the time you stopped talking to him. He’s family.”

With that, Sookie put her fork down and stopped eating. Gran simply instructed Jason to stop talking about something he really didn’t understand. When he tried to speak again, she gave him a look that shut him up quickly. Meanwhile, Sookie spent the rest of the meal pushing her food around, but not taking another bite. Eric was sure of it because he watched her every move. ‘I know everyone has baggage, Sookie and I discussed that the other night, but this is huge. I will know what this Bartlett did to cause such a reaction; I just need to figure out when to discuss it. Things have been going well; I don’t want to jeopardize anything.’

Gran tried to change the subject and asked Jason and Dawn about their wedding plans. Dawn beamed and talked about the small church wedding she had planned. Sookie fidgeted nervously in her seat. A daytime wedding; Dawn was planning a wedding in the sun and that probably meant she wouldn’t be able to attend since she’d need to go with guards. Guards weren’t something she could explain to folks in Bon Temps. Eric watched Sookie deflate as the meal went on. Gran knew why Sookie was upset and suggested, “I’ve been trying to PERSUADE them that a candle light ceremony would be beautiful, since we have such early sunsets in January. Maybe they’ll eventually get that THROUGH THEIR HEADS.”

Eric almost laughed out loud at the woman and her hints to glamour the idea into Dawn and Jason. He simply nodded, then returned his worried gaze to Sookie. Gran watched Eric as he watched Sookie. Since Eric usually busied himself with anything that would keep him away from her when she visited, she had not really seen him interact with her grandbaby. What she watched stunned her. If she didn’t know any better, she would say he was in love or at the very least smitten and that threw her. Normally a very tolerant and forgiving woman, she had to admit the situation with Sookie had her wanting to blame someone (other than Jason) and Eric had been that person. She now realized her blame was wrong. She vowed she would learn more about this man and realize that he was in just a difficult situation about Jason’s mess as the rest of them.

The rest of the meal passed without incident but Sookie never returned to being happy as she had been before Jason brought up Bartlett. Eric was frustrated about the situation and unsure what to do about Bartlett so he decided to focus on what he could do. “Mrs. Stackhouse,” he started as he walked into the kitchen.

“Eric, may I call you Eric?” He nodded, “I think it’s time you called me Gran, or at least Adele.”

“Certainly, I think I’ll stick with Adele. Thank you.”

“I’m guessing you want to ask me something, but I have something I need to say, while Sookie is occupied with her brother, Dawn and baby talk.”


“I’m sorry Eric.” Eric couldn’t hide the stunned look on his face as Gran continued. “I realize now that you have responsibilities you need to fulfill. The blame for this belongs to Jason and Amy and you have tried to make this whole situation as palatable as possible for all of us. My guess is vampires don’t have family over for Thanksgiving as a rule.”

He chuckled, “unheard of would be the more likely comment. I find myself in a unique position.”

“I’m sure, since I guess vampires also don’t start falling in love with their prisoners.” He stood stone still as he took in the words. Gran continued. “You don’t need to say anything, just know that I wish circumstances were different. You have an uphill battle, she can’t let go of how it is she came to live here.”

“I’m very much aware of that.”

“And you didn’t deny anything either.” She smirked then quickly moved on. “Now, you wanted to ask me something?”

He took the gracious opportunity she gave him to move on from the topic of his feelings for Sookie. “Yes, I need your help with this turkey.”


Later, Pam took on the task to return Gran, Jason and Dawn home so she could glamour Eric’s address from Jason’s head and implant the desire for a candlelight wedding. Sookie relaxed for the first time since Jason had arrived. Though he couldn’t feel her emotions, he could see her calm so he asked. “What had you so tense.” He stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders.

“He doubted my role here, why you would pay me and house me for simply planning your garden. He even asked if I was sleeping with you.”

“Hmm, don’t I wish.” He pushed himself a bit closer to Sookie to rub his body against her.

“Stop that, you! Behave or you won’t get your goodnight kiss after our date.”

“Yes dear.”

She tried to admonish him further for calling her dear, but she couldn’t contain he giggle. “Eric, do you know how silly it sounds to have you say yes dear?”

“I don’t think it’s silly at all.” He stood looking indignant, but she knew he was joking.

“Well, I need to finish cleaning the kitchen.” She turned and headed that way.

“I’ll make you a deal.” She stopped in the hall and looked at him. “You eat something and I’ll clean.”

“You may change your mind when you see the mess in there. Remember, Potts helped cook.”

“I’ll be brave. Do we have a deal?”

“Sure, I’m kinda hungry. I can enjoy some of that turkey.” They moved into the kitchen.

“You just sit; I’ll make you a turkey sandwich.”


“I know exactly how you like them, your Gran told me.”

“Ahh, is that what you guys were doing when I was outside with Jason and Dawn? I came in expecting to find evidence of a fight.”

“We actually made peace.”

“Really?” She asked in a hopeful question.

“Yes, I now even call her Adele and I won’t be scared of her anymore.”

“That’s great Eric.” She beamed. “Now, get to work on my sandwich, I’m going to grade you.”

“Yes dear.”

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 16 – Turkey and a Garlic Necklace

  1. Such a pleasant read on Word Press. Such fun after you get the hang of it.
    Sookie gets a garden workshop/studio to die for. You even put in the details of the pre-chilling requirements for southern bulbs. Love the details.
    I have a feeling that Gran and Potts might have a few things in common. That will be a fun sidelight.
    Again congratulations on the web site, it looks great.

  2. Love her wanting to work on the cottage. Ugh for Jason and his big mouth. Wonder how much longer till he figures out the telepathy thing….or she tells him. Aww for Gran and Eric coming to terms.

  3. I want a cottage like Sookie’s! Jason is always such a blubbering fool. You think he would have been able to figure out why Gran banished Bartlett by his age, given Sookie & Grans’ reactions whenever he is mentioned. I like how wrote/described Gran coming to terms with Eric’s predicament over the entire situation and where the fault/responsibility really lies – Jason and Amy. One of the things I mostly enjoy about this story is Gran still being alive! No serial killer Rene (Drew), no Maenad, none of that; Gran is still with them for now and able to lead by example. I have a feeling she & Godric are going to get along spendidly.

  4. I just want to tell you how much I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story so far. I love the growth of each character and can’t seem to put the “book” down. Keep up the amazing work I can’t wait to keep reading.

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