Chapter 29 – Familiar Faces

Chapter 29 – Familiar Faces

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“Min Röðull, how was your day?”

“Quiet and that’s just fine. I had enough excitement yesterday to last me a while. I miss you though.”

“Only a few more hours now. I’m meeting Boudewijn’s plane and getting him settled at one of my houses. I’ll be with you and Hunter for a while; then will meet back with him at around 3AM to cover his role.”

“I forgot about him in all the excitement yesterday. You don’t have a bar for him to manage now.”

“Fangtasia was only part of his job. There’s still plenty to do at Viking Industries.”

“He won’t be upset?”

“NOT AT ALL! I had to talk him into the throne part. He’s thrilled actually.”

“That’s good. How was your talk with Pam last night? God! I can’t believe how long it’s been since we talked.”

“The talk was really good. Sookie, I hate everything that happened yesterday but Pam is learning. She saw you, your involvement. She struggled with why you would help save her after what she did.”

Sookie gasped. “What kind of a person does she think I am?”

“You’re the opposite of her. She understands that she’ll need to share me if she wants to be part of my life. Given the feelings coming from her and her words – her truthful words – I have hope Sookie. This might have done it. I agreed to speak with her a few hours a month to help her . . . process all this information.”

“Eric. I’m so happy for you. This is truly great. I think talking with her is best. She’s not going to come out on the other side all happy without that.” She paused then added. “What about blood?”

“I wasn’t planning on relaxing that part of her sentence.”

“But if she’s hungry, won’t that be her focus? She won’t be able to think clearly if she’s starved.”

“That really bothers you doesn’t it?”

“It does and it’s not my business I know that, but I do have a legitimate concern here – wanting her to think clearly.”

“I’ll give her a blood when we talk.” Sookie smiled. “I can feel you’re happy about that.”

“I am. What else did you guys discuss – that you want to share?”

“I told her about the kids. She was curious and jealous but I also felt her trying to push it down. That will take some time for her. Speaking of kids, where’s my Fidget?”

“Sitting here wondering when he’s getting his turn with Daddy. Which is now.” She handed Hunter the phone.


“Well Fidget, a greeting like that is enough to make my night.”

“We’re seeing you tonight, right?”

“Yes a little before your bedtime.”

“I get to stay up tonight, I took a longer nap.”

“Even better.”

“Whatcha doing first?”

“I’m picking up a friend from the airport.”

“That Boody guy?”

“Boudewijn – it’s Bood – win.”

“Bood-win then. That guy?”

“Yes, he’s going to take over most of my management duties so I have more time for you and Mommy and Celia.”

“I like him then.” Eric just laughed at the seriousness and innocence of the statement and they continued their chat for as long as he could.

As he usually did, Eric spent most of his pre sunset and awake time talking to Hunter and Sookie. Tonight was even better since he would be seeing them in a few short hours. The many nights apart had been almost painful for him. The first thing they’d do is check out the new toys and games Eric bought for the room, followed by a bath he could give Hunter in a real tub, then the bedtime routine. That time helping Hunter get to sleep and then staying put and enjoying the closeness brought Eric peace he couldn’t remember feeling – ever. Even with his human children, the risk of survival, the daily challenge to have your family make it through prevented him from this serenity. He knew there were still risks in his world and he would remain vigilant. But just the ability to keep his family fed and sheltered was something he couldn’t guarantee from day to day as a human. That wasn’t a problem and soon Hunter and Celia would be healed and home – a new home in Pennsylvania as soon as they could move.

Just as the sun was setting, he ended the call and headed out to pick up his friend. His first order of business was complete disclosure about his family and plans to move them away. He’d told Boudewijn that he needed to leave the state for a number of years when he first called to offer him a position in Louisiana; at that time he offered no details explaining that it was best discussed in person. Given their history together, he trusted Boudewijn with the information and was rewarded for that trust by having another friend genuinely pleased about Eric’s happiness. Boudewijn even teased Eric about his obvious desire to get to Sookie and Hunter and kicked him out telling him he had unpacking and settling in to do before they met later to go over business details. Eric didn’t argue; he left his friend and went straight to Ludwig’s.

Sookie showed off her purchases for Celia and was amazed at the level of interest Eric was demonstrating. The vinyl wall art, she explained, was being delivered the next day so Celia would have her own name above the crib. Seeing Hunter Northman over his boys’ bed had him grinning when he walked in so Sookie told him Celia’s would be the same – Celia Northman. When they went through the closet, since Eric just hadn’t had time to do this before now, she was surprised by his curiosity about the diapers. When she heard him mumble to himself about not watching the correct video she asked. “What video?”

“Genny did me a favor and the payment is watching me change Celia’s diaper. But I watched a video from a brand called Pampers. These are not pampers or a similar diaper with sticky tape to seal them up.”

“No, these are cloth diapers, not disposables. I have to learn this system myself.”

“We’ll do that after Hunter is asleep.” Hunter had been in Sookie’s arms while they looked at the baby stuff so Eric took hold of him now. “How are you feeling about all this?”

“I’m excited. Mommy and I thought I would never have a brother or a sister. This is cool.”

While his excitement pleased Eric, he needed to be sure Hunter understood what this meant. “So you know I love both of you but there will be times that Celia needs either Mommy’s or my attention or affection for just herself. Like there will be times you get Mommy or me to yourself.”

“I know. I’m good with that. Mommy and I already had a talk just about this.”

“Very good. If something changes and you are confused or bothered by it, you must tell one of us OK?”

“Ok Daddy. Can we play now?”

He laughed. “Yes, I supposed I kept you from the toys for long enough.”

Since, as Hunter told him, he could stay up late the two had plenty of time for several of the new games Eric purchased. Hunter loved Hot Wheels and Don’t Break the Ice the most. Of course he loved the cars but the way Mommy jumped when the cubes fell through Don’t Break the Ice had him giggling each time. After game time, Eric and Hunter did the bath routine and Eric really liked the bigger tub. Hunter especially enjoyed the tiled wall where he used his new bath crayons to draw all over the place. Sookie cat napped while the two played; she had a surprise for Eric and needed to rest up.

A short while later, she got her turn with Eric. “So your little buddy is asleep, right?”

“Yes Sookie. And you’re full of mischief.”

“Hoyt’s staying tonight. I thought we could sneak home for just a short while. I know you’re meeting up with Boudewijn at 3, but that’s 5 whole hours from now.” He raised his brow at her and she leaned in to whisper. “Hunter isn’t the only one who missed being bathed by you this week.”

Hoyt smiled when they walked out. “I’ll get breakfast tomorrow morning. Just sleep in at home Sookie.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. When Celia comes, you’re going to be busy. Rest now while you can.”

“Thanks Hoyt.”

Eric flew her up the block to the house near Ludwig’s so they could have their alone time, which Sookie was especially excited about with her surprise. While she was out shopping the day before, she tortured Bobby and Tony with a stop in Victoria’s Secret and Eric was enjoying that trip right now. When he first saw her in black lingerie, he really liked it but now? Red had just become his favorite on her to the extent that he had her keep parts of the babydoll on while he had his way with her. She was a mess when they were done: The panties from the babydoll set were torn down the middle, so the leg openings were still on the top of her thighs, the cups from the top were pulled down exposing her breasts while the straps remained over her shoulders, sequins from the set were glued to her body by cum and sweat and his frenzied need for her resulted in dark pink bite marks – just his blunt teeth – all over her. As she lay there panting next to him, he thought she never looked more beautiful. Not seeing her for a week made him almost insatiable and their joining was much more frenzied than usual; her appearance was evidence of his passion. Suddenly, his lust and satisfaction turned to concern, he’d only felt her pleasure as they joined but he wanted to check. “Was I too rough?” He asked while he traced one of his bite marks. “I couldn’t get enough of you.”

“Are you kidding? A good pounding is just what I needed, God I feel so good. I hated being apart from you because of work but if that kind of sex is the result we should hold off every once and a while so we can build up to a repeat of tonight.” She turned so they were both on their sides facing each other. “You didn’t take much blood. You never do, are you getting enough?”

“At my age I need very little. I’m fine.”

“After we bond, I can bite you back and not worry if I break the skin, right?”

“Yes. So you liked that?”

“Oh yes I wanted to bite back.”

He pulled her in closer and licked the skin on her shoulder. “Mmmm. Beautiful, tasty AND ferocious. I lucked out.”

“You sure did.”

“Back to your question, you can bite me and break skin if you want after we bond. My blood is your blood.”

“Are you having doubts about bonding? We haven’t discussed it recently or wait – do we need to plan it?”

“I thought it should be something special but our schedules haven’t allowed for that.”

“Oh, does it need to be . . . witnessed?”

“No, not at all. Only a pledging needs to be witnessed. We could bond now; we only need one more exchange.”

“But you want to save it.”

“I did feel that way – but now we don’t know when we’ll have Celia or how long Hunter’s healing will take. I want to bond.”

She could feel he was getting quite happy again so she pulled back. “Oh no mister. We have an hour before you need to leave and something very important to do.”

“This?” He leaned over and captured a breast in his mouth and started sucking hard. While trying to look stern she shook her head ‘no’. He released her nipple with a pop and pouted for a moment then smiled. “This?” A hand trailed down her stomach to her slick folds. This time she moaned but still shook her head ‘no’. His face brightened and he put a finger in the air and exclaimed, “AHA! This?” This last action wasn’t fair and he knew it. He started teasing her with licks and kisses behind her ear. Since he returned his hand to her pussy, he even felt a gush of liquid arousal come out and he smirked. “I knew that would do it.”

“You got me. But only if you promise to wake me when you return for the hour before you must rest.”

“You need your sleep.”

“Then I’m closing up shop.” To emphasize that she was serious her legs clapped together quickly, trapping his hand. His pout returned but she stood firm. “Promise me. We can bond right now, you’ll wake me when you return for something I have planned and I’ll go back to sleep when you rest but I want that hour.”

“You have me at your mercy. I accept your terms Miss. Stackhouse.”

Her legs fell open as she responded. “As always, it’s a pleasure negotiating with you Mr. Northman.”


The kids and Hoyt were having lunch when Sookie made her way back. She greeted everyone and apologized for arriving so late. “I’m sorry Hoyt, I never intended to sleep that long.”

“ ’Sokay Sookie. I told you to relax; we’ve been fine here, great even. Ludwig’s ready to try vampire blood with Johanna tonight, she told me this morning.”

“Oh My God! That IS great Hoyt. Is it so fast you could be home by tomorrow?”

“No, she warned me that she’s taking this very slowly. Small doses over a few days. Then we wait, she’ll monitor for improvement to her heart to see if the improvement remains without more vampire blood. If it doesn’t, she believes a transplant is the way to go.”

“In either case, you have a plan.”

“Yes.” Hoyt should have looked happier about the plan but he appeared worried. “I have to talk to you about something later, when Johanna naps.”

“Sure thing Hoyt.

“Did you eat?”

“I was with Eric, he woke me this morning when he returned to the house – he’s up for about an hour after the sun rises. You know he fed me.”

“Of course – that was a while ago though.”

“He also had lunch in the fridge for when I got up. I cleaned my plate – left it on the counter as evidence that I fulfilled my promise to eat it.” She rolled her eyes.

“He’s looking out for you Sookie.”

“Yeah Mommy, don’t roll your eyes ‘cause Daddy’s worried about you.”

“You’re right Baby.” She started grabbing some movies. “I’ll get your bag packed for dialysis.”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you – no need. I’m the only patient that uses that room, blankets and books are already there for me, and Bobby got me a tablet PC that plays movies. It’s pre-loaded with a bunch of them. We don’t need the bag.”

“Well, you have a thank you card to help me make for Bobby tonight then, don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Sookie was helping Hoyt clear the table from lunch when she heard a familiar voice enter the room. “Sookie?”

She turned and saw her friend and Hunter’s former doctor in the doorway. “Maria?”

The woman moved to the left and her child appeared next to her. “And Dylan.”

“This is a nice surprise. Are you off today?”

“No, I’m working.”

“Oh, a late shift.” Sookie motioned with her hands. “Come on Dylan, Hunter will show you his new stuff.”

“No Sookie, I’m working right now. Ludwig hired me.” Sookie’s eyes were wide and her friend pointed to her head. Understanding immediately, she lowered her shields and listened to Maria’s thoughts. ‘I guess I’ve known for a while but never confronted you. I know you and Hunter are telepaths, and fairies, Jesus Sookie – there are Werewolves and all kinds of supernaturals out there. Ludwig and I hit it off and she told me everything.’ Switching back to words, Maria continued. “Ludwig needed more hands here – especially with the kids staying for a while. She normally has short term patients and just 3 nurses that cover most shifts. I know she hired an additional nurse as well. Do you know about that?”

Sookie smiled, “I found out . . . ah by accident.” She was referring to the fact that Theresa had also accepted a position with Ludwig. Since Mustapha had informed his nurse girlfriend about Weres, she was another perfect fit to work with supernaturals. “She starts tonight if I recall.”

Maria nodded. “I have Dylan now, but he won’t be here every day. I just thought Hunter would like some time. I know he leaves for dialysis in an hour, so Dylan’s nanny will be here shortly.”

“I think we should look at the schedule for Hunter’s care and find times that he can come and play. It will help if Hunter’s distracted with a friend.”

“OH YES – is there something you need to tell me about Miss Stackhouse? I thought we were friends!” She pointed to the crib along the wall.

“Well, we announced it when Hunter was officially adopted,” Maria looked to say something and Sookie put her hand up to stop her. “I know you were working, Jessica told me she called you. We’re adopting again Maria. A baby girl.”

“I’ve seen her chart. I can’t wait to meet her. Any news?”

“We’re waiting to hear anything from a legal perspective. I have to get Bobby on the items we want for the home nursery in case they request a follow-up home visit.”

“I’m here Sookie.”

“Bobby! Good afternoon. Have you two met?”

“Yes Sookie. We met when I was here prepping the room.” Sookie noticed a look between the two and gasped. “You guys are dating?”

“We are.”

“Well, congrats.”

Bobby looked at Sookie’s tablet. “Is that a list for me?” She nodded. “Guess I’m headed to Pottery Barn after I install Celia’s wall vinyl.”

“We made some selections this morning – not everything but enough to pass a home inspection. Eric wants to go shopping for the rest of the stuff. We just have to find a night to do that.”

“How about tomorrow night? Dylan and I can stay with Hunter and Johanna.”

“You’re sure Maria?”

She looked to Hoyt, “I’m sure, you OK with that Hoyt?”

“Actually, Jess will be here by 6:30 tomorrow so you’re covered either way Sookie. Go and shop for your baby with Eric. You can go tonight even, I don’t have any music lessons.”

“Go tomorrow Mommy. I want to play with Dylan, if you’ll stay Doc Maria?”

“Of course.”

“Then it’s a plan.”

A short while later, Hunter was at dialysis and Johanna was napping so Hoyt raised his concerns from earlier – well concerns that had been building for a few weeks. The gist of the discussion was what Sookie knew about Ludwig’s methods for obtaining donors so much more easily than a ‘traditional’ hospital. Sookie eased his concerns; as much as Hoyt wanted to save Johanna, he didn’t want someone to be killed. Basically, Ludwig had two advantages: First, she wasn’t beholden to the politics and policies of a public hospital. There were no wait lists for her, no algorithms for determining the benefit/cost ratio. Johanna and Hunter and now Celia were it. Second, Ludwig was one of the few supernatural doctors in the country. She could literally teleport to a ‘situation’ where the results often included fallen humans and then pop back quickly with what she needed – in addition to helping heal the injured. Ludwig had the added advantage of a witch spelled stasis carrier – not a ‘cooler’ as used by human hospitals. Once the heart (or whatever donor organ) was obtained and placed in her special carrier, it was in stasis and would be viable until removed from the carrier for the actual surgery. Sookie ended by telling Hoyt she’d had the same concerns and spoke with Eric.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly with Johanna’s examination and preparation for healing by vampire blood. Hunter returned from dialysis and was eating dinner when Eric arrived. He gave his daddy the enthusiastic greeting that always gave Eric that pang in his chest – this time Sookie felt it since they’d completed the bond and she moved her hand over her own heart silently telling him she knew what he was feeling. When he moved to kiss Sookie, he noticed the vinyl butterfly and Celia’s name – Celia Northman – hanging over her crib. Sookie could feel pride, joy and a physical ache from Eric and she moved to stand next to him. “I like feeling you. I knew when you woke tonight.” He kissed her and returned his gaze to Celia’s name. “Soon Eric. She’ll be here soon I know it.”

“I can’t wait.” Eric wrapped an arm around Sookie and they stood just looking at the wall before Hunter broke them out of their moment; he wanted Daddy playtime. Eric obliged of course.

Theresa arrived shortly after for her night shift much to Eric’s surprise. “Min Röðull, did you know Theresa was going to work here?”

“I did, but the bigger surprise was Maria. She started here today as well.”

“Really? It’s nice to have familiar faces here. Welcome Theresa.”

“This was a great opportunity for me career wise and I get to stay in touch with my buddy Hunter.” She smiled at the boy and had a brief reunion with him before going into nurse mode. “Sookie, Dr. Ludwig wanted me to inform you that the fairy doctor is arriving tomorrow. We have all her equipment ready so she plans to examine Hunter and begin her work right away.”

“This is good news. Johanna is getting blood tonight and Hunter’s new doctor arrives tomorrow. The Rats and Sabrina are in jail. I feel like it’s too much good news at once.”

Theresa moved to Sookie as she was seated on the couch and squatted in front of her. “Don’t you think you, Hunter and Johanna deserve all this good news Sookie?”

“Of course, I guess I’m just unaccustomed to it.

Eric looked up from playing Viking village on Hunter’s bed and smiled. “Then I’ll endeavor to keep you accustomed to the feeling.”

Sookie quickly wiped a tear away and motioned for Eric to stay put since he it was obvious he was immediately on his way over to her. “So, where is your man tonight Theresa?”

“I think he said something about shooting pool with some Were buddies.”

“You’re quite comfortable with all the new information you’ve heard recently.”

“Sookie, I won’t ever confirm this with the rest of the nurses from Parish, but we all knew something was different about you and Hunter.”

“I know and you guys ALL kept it to yourselves which I always appreciated.”

Just then, Ludwig ran past the door and caused Sookie and Hunter to go on alert. Theresa noticed as well and stood. “I better go find my new boss, looks like something is up; she was headed in the direction of the ambulance doors so maybe we have someone coming in.”

Sookie moved to the bed and waited to see if there was any news. Since she thought, like Theresa, a new patient was arriving she reminded Hunter to keep his shields up. If someone was in pain from an injury, that was hard for a telepath. He obeyed his mother’s request. A few minutes later Sookie was surprised to see Ludwig walk into the room. “Sookie, Eric?”

“Yes Dr. Ludwig?”

“We have a new patient arriving; I just wanted to keep you informed.”

“Do we need to be concerned?” Eric moved into a more protective stance between everyone in the room and the door. Hoyt moved to stand next to him. It was an unnecessary but important gesture to the new father to also protect his baby.

“I don’t think so.” She moved to the side and Eric watched as the new patient was carried into the room: It was Genny holding Celia in her arms. Behind her stood Maxine and Charles with large smiles. Eric couldn’t understand his own physical reaction at seeing his baby for the first time in person, but he also didn’t fight it. Like he did when he greeted Hunter and Sookie each time, he literally felt compelled to touch her, to hold her, and to mark her with his scent. After all there was a part of him that became more animalistic when he was turned.

Excitedly, Sookie grabbed Hunter from the bed and moved to stand with her fiancé. To indicate her desires, she caught Genny’s eye and gestured towards Eric. Receiving Celia would be his honor. The adopted Mima’s face was wet with tears as she presented Celia to her vampire friend. The act was a surprise to Eric so he looked to Sookie for the confirmation that he needed; her nod told him to hold Celia first. The baby was awake and wide eyed as Eric took her in his arms. He was especially thankful now that Sookie’s hour of awake time in the morning was training on holding babies, changing diapers and feeding. As a result of all their practice with one of Johanna’s baby sized stuffed toys, he seemed like a natural with Celia cradled in the crook of his arm. Sookie’s tears spilled over as she watched her mate move Celia up to be closer to his face – a face that sported blood rimmed eyes as he could barely control his own feelings. The emotions in the bond were radiating love and joy from both sides amplifying their own feelings. Tentatively, Eric offered just one of his large fingers to Celia’s hand and she surprised him with her grip as he said, “Hello baby girl. I’m your Daddy.”

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  2. Loved it!!! I’m so excited that they got their baby girl. I didn’t expect it so soon, so it was a wonderful surprise. I’m so glad they completed the bond. Great chapter!!!!

    • I warned everyone.

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