Chapter 20 – A Visit from Saint Eric

Chapter 20 – A Visit from Saint Eric

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The last few days before Christmas flew by quickly. Preparing for the holiday really helped to distract them as they waited on more from Ludwig. She’d visited and confirmed that Hunter’s marrow was filled with fairy dust but she didn’t have next steps. Her attempts to reach anyone through the portal were not working and she had to admit she was worried about what that could mean. With Christmas coming, they made plans to meet the day after and discuss options.

Hunter was very excited to share Christmas with Johanna and Eric this year. He gave Eric some ideas for Johanna and of course his buddy was purchasing all of them. They made plans for a party on Christmas Eve for the entire pediatric unit and then a VERY early wake up before Eric had to leave for shelter to open presents from Santa.

Eric had pushed Bobby hard to get the apartments and homes across from the hospital ready for Christmas and Bobby was sure he could do it. Since he’d changed the location of Sookie’s home to one closer to Ludwig’s hospital, it would be after Christmas before hers was ready.

To prepare for the move of the farmhouse furniture into her new house, he’d asked Bobby to go to the storage unit and tag the furniture by room. Sure, Sookie may want to move it later, but he wanted it to be as close to live-in ready as possible when she first saw it. He rose the Friday before Christmas anxious for confirmation that Bobby had completed his work. He was surprised by the voice mail he had. Per Bobby’s message, there was a break-in at the storage unit and the police had been called. Since Bobby had a complete inventory of the items, he was working directly with the police to file the missing items report. As Eric’s liaison, he had the authority to stand in for Eric.

“What’s missing?”

“We just finished our review; it appears that nothing is missing except the letters that were sticking out of the desk, the one that caused the bidding war?”

“Yes, I know the one.”

“Since it’s just letters, I have nothing to claim as officially missing.”

“No, it appears the desire for that desk was personal. I never reviewed the letters in detail, so I don’t have a clue on why anyone would want them. Did the auctioneer know of anything else in the desk?”

“Nothing else that he knew of, but he did handle a few of the letters just to check for historical reference. The only thing he could tell me was that they were written to Adele and from an FB, per the return address. Inside, they were usually signed by ‘your Finny’. Does that mean anything?”

He didn’t want to share too much with Bobby so he just deflected the question. “I’ll talk to Sookie.” He also didn’t share what he knew about the other bidder. If the police questioned him, it would give Crane a warning.

“I’ll inform them. They will want to speak to you personally.”

“If we can’t claim anything of value is missing, why do I need to talk with them?”

“Policy of the storage unit facility. The break-in did damage the locks.”

He sighed knowing it was just a waste of time. “I don’t have time for that tonight unless they want to meet me much later, after 3AM or so.”

“I’ll arrange it and text you the details.”

“Very good.”

Eric reviewed the information he’d been given while he dressed. A fairy wanted the desk, or now it seems he wanted the contents of the desk. At the moment, all they knew was the contents were just letters to Adele from FB or Finny. He wasn’t sure why the letters would be so important. He’d only met Prince Niall Brigant, Fintan’s father and originally the leader of just the Sky Clan in Fae, a few times; they’d fought in the fairy civil war together. The Sky Clan had asked for help out of necessity – not friendship – so the prince wasn’t forthcoming about fairy culture. For answers, Eric reviewed some texts he had collected over the years. One chronicled what little vampires knew about the Fae; there was a particular story he recalled from that text and he read it now in detail. It covered fairy / human hybrids and the dispute that started the civil war between the Sky and Water Clans. When the Fae started having difficulty breeding, some fairy men from the Sky Clan came to earth to breed with human women. The resulting children were celebrated by some as a continuation of the race but they were also scorned by others, the Water Clan, and seen as an abomination. He didn’t feel any better after reading. Though the war clearly placed Niall and the Sky Clan as the leaders of the entire Fae realm, many of the Water Clan were still very unhappy at the outcome. Some even came to earth to kill hybrids. A terrible thought occurred to Eric: Had members of the Water Clan killed Sookie’s parents? He recalled they drowned – a bit too much of a coincidence and he was mad at himself for not starting his research immediately after Sookie told him about Fintan. The sun had set and he put the books aside knowing he needed to get to the hospital before Sookie wondered what was taking so long. They were in for a surprise tonight and he couldn’t wait.

“What’s wrong?”

Gods, how can she see that?’ He wondered to himself. After giving kisses, he sat in the chair next to the bed and sighed before he began. “Sometime between our visit to my storage unit a few weeks ago and today, there was a break-in. Letters from the desk that was in your attic were stolen. I would suggest that it was the other bidder that wanted the desk, Claude Crane, who stole the letters.”

“I don’t get it. I don’t know the name Crane.”

Eric didn’t want to get into too much with Hunter there so he suggested the talk later and she agreed. “What are we doing tonight Eric? You said not to plan anything.”

“That’s right. You’ll know in a moment.”

The timing was perfect because there was a knock on the door right then. Eric smiled as he rose to greet their visitor. “Welcome Genny.”

Hunter gasped. “Mrs. Burke?”

“That’s me Hunter. I’m very excited to meet you.”

“This is so cool. Eric knew you were coming?”

“I did. Genny called me last week about a trip she was making to Shreveport to meet a friend for Christmas and asked if she could come by.”

At this point Sookie had risen to meet the woman and she simply moved in for a hug. “Mrs. Burke, thank you so much for helping Hunter get his wish. We’re all very glad to have met.”

“Call me Genny please, may I call you Sookie?” Sookie nodded. “Yes, Eric told me things were going well. It’s just wonderful.”

“Won’t you have a seat? I’d love to chat for a while.”

“I’d like that.” Eric took Genny’s coat and guided her to a seat next to Hunter. Hoyt, Jessica and Johanna just returned to the room from the playroom and they moved chairs over to join the group. “Who is this pretty girl?”

“Genny Burke, this is Johanna, Hunter’s foster sister and her friends Hoyt and Jessica.” She greeted them each warmly as Eric continued. “Hoyt and Jessica have been very good friends to Sookie for years. Hoyt’s mother is Hunter’s adoptive grandmother.”

“It’s so nice to meet everyone. Little Miss, what did you do to your leg?”

“I swipped inna tub.”

“OH MY!” Genny realized that Johanna had the lovely Rattrays as foster parents and she immediately realized they were the true reason she was here. Since they were having a nice visit, she kept those opinions to herself. “Well it looks like you’re in good company now with Hoyt and Jessica.”

“Hoyt’s my buddy. He comes on Saturdays to pway his guitar por me.”

“That’s right baby girl.”

“Well that’s lovely.” She explained to the girl why she was there. “Well, I’m the lady that helped Hunter get his wish. Do you know what that is?”

She nodded animatedly, “yeah, he wished por Unca Eric.”

Genny’s heart lurched. Eric had really infused himself into this family and now the friends. She spared a quick glance at Eric and gave him a very gentle look. “He did wish for your Uncle Eric.” She spoke to Hunter now. “So Hunter, have you liked your wish?”

“LIKED!! You’ve got to be kidding. This is the best wish ever. We just love Eric. He’s my best friend. He loves the other guys here too. He plays with us, and does puzzles and Nintendo – he’s really good at Nintendo cause his hand can move super fast. The best part is he loves Mommy and of course Mommy loves him.”

“Of course she does. That is the best part Hunter. To think he almost didn’t get your letter.”

Eric added to the conversation. “Well, the receptionist at Viking regretted her decision, she’s been fired.”

Sookie gasped. “You didn’t tell me that.”

“I can’t have someone deciding what correspondence I can and cannot receive. That was a serious infraction.”

“Makes sense. I feel bad for her.” Eric just shrugged and Sookie moved on. “So Genny, you’re in town for Christmas?”

“Yes. I have a friend from high school in the area, she invited me up.”

Sookie listened to her thoughts for a moment and confirmed what she suspected: Genny had no family. “Well, we have a big Christmas Eve party here followed by a very early wake up on Christmas morning; then we’ll just play all day. You’re welcome anytime.”

“You know, my friend’s children are older but they haven’t given her any grandchildren yet so maybe some time with little ones would be good. I don’t think I’ll make your very early morning, but perhaps after lunch?”

“That sounds perfect Genny.”

They continued to visit for a while until Genny grew tired. “I can’t make that drive so easily anymore. I’m really tuckered out. I’ll see you all of you on Christmas day.”

“I’ll walk you out Genny.”


Later after Hunter was asleep and Hoyt and Jessica had gone home, Eric asked about Tara. “She’s doing fine Eric, but she won’t be joining us for Christmas.”

“She knows I have Mickey, right?”

“Yes, but she’s afraid of vampires in general right now. I’ll give her time.”

“Is Lala going to stay with her then?”

“Nope, he told her he was still planning to be here and here fear was her own problem.”

“I hope she comes around.”

“Me too – but now I want to hear more about the theft. Tell me more about this Claude.”

“He’s a fairy.”

“You mentioned him before, something about asking him for help and that he’s selfish.” Eric nodded. “So a fairy stole letters from my Gran’s desk?”

“It appears that way.”

“Why? Is evidence of an affair important?”

That’s when one possible reason dawned on him and he grew rigid at the thought. ‘Was someone from fairy searching for hybrids? What if they took Sookie and Hunter?’ He’d need to investigate this further and it was possible that guards were in Sookie’s future, her near future. But his thoughts went in a circle again – does having a guard attract attention? He decided to have Claude watched instead. “I don’t know why anyone would want the letters.”

“What can we do about it?”

“I meet with the police later.”

“Do I need to be there?”

“Technically it’s considered my property as I’m on the storage unit lease. I can have them come here if you want to attend. It’s up to you.”

“I don’t want to be there. What can they do anyway? I mean, it’s not like this Claude guy is going to fence them or something.” She was quiet while she thought about it. “Can we confront him?”

“He would run if I was near him. He’s a full fairy and his smell would be enticing to vampires. At my age I can hold myself back, but he won’t know that.”

“Well that’s that then. I can’t confront him alone. I can’t believe we never took the time to go through my stuff and get the letters. Now they’re gone.”

“Don’t give up. I can have him watched and we can make a plan.”

“Those were my letters Eric.” She got up and paced for a few minutes. “Fucking fairy!”


When Eric arrived after sunset on Christmas Eve, Hunter started clapping and bouncing in his bed. “Now we can start.”

“You guys didn’t wait for me did you?”

Sookie gave him a welcome kiss then answered. “We scheduled the party to start after sunset. All the kids and parents agreed. We did have a small service with Reverend Collins to celebrate Christmas earlier, that way he could be back for his vigil service.”

“That’s good.”

“Let’s head to the playroom. We actually moved a bunch of toys and games out to make room for everyone.” She led them down the hall with Eric carrying Hunter.

They passed an empty hospital room and he smelled the food. “You have the food in here?”

“We really had to make more room.”

As he took in the crowd in the playroom, he realized she wasn’t kidding. In some cases, just like Hunter, extended family and friends had come to participate in the celebration with the kids. The crowd settled in with their dinner and simply got to know one another for a while. Eric had offered to cater the event and Sookie forbid it. When the families planned the party, they agreed they’d each make their family favorites for the event and share. Sookie had run to Maxine’s earlier to make her Gran’s fried chicken and Pecan pie. Hunter was looking forward to a slice of pie – his only slice of the year. Nuts were a big no-no for a dialysis patient. Eric helped Hunter eat but once he had his dinner he was pretty self sufficient so he was able to sit back and enjoy the room. He and Pam had been ‘celebrating’ Christmas since she was turned. For them, it was Eric showing up at Pam’s home with a stack of presents – usually everything she’d asked for. Happily, Eric showered his child with gifts for few hundred years now and if she appreciated it, he would continue to do so for hundreds more. Looking around this room, he saw people who were enjoying the togetherness, the shared meal and for them the celebration of their Jesus’ birth. While he didn’t subscribe to the religious aspect of the holiday he respected their beliefs. He hadn’t lied to Hunter a few weeks ago – he believed in believing in something. His thoughts turned to the argument he had with Pam about Christmas.

“Master, are you kidding? You’re not coming over on Christmas night?”

“No Pamela, we can celebrate either on the 23rd or the 28th.”

“But we celebrate Christmas on the 25th – ON CHRISTMAS DAY!”

“Not this year.”

“Well, I have a date already on the 23rd and I don’t want to wait until the 28th. I don’t want to wait for my presents. I really want that new bracelet I selected.”

“Pam, I didn’t go by your list this year. I bought on my own.”

She gasped. “WHAT!? Eric, now that I have to purchase my own items, I don’t have the money for that bracelet too. What am I supposed to do?”

“Pam, I wanted to have a nice Christmas gift exchange, and I also wanted to select my own gifts for you this year. You’re really ruining this.”

“I’M RUINING IT? You’re moving the night; you didn’t buy against my list. You’re the one ruining this Christmas.”

“Pamela, if I could trust you more, I would have you included you with Sookie and Hunter.”

There was a long pause before she responded. “You really don’t trust me?”

“Not right now Pam, you know this.” He could feel the hurt through the bond and he felt badly about that – but he was standing firm on his plans. Hunter was a child; a true 4 year old child. He wasn’t about to miss Christmas with him. As far as Christmas night itself, he and Sookie had very special plans and he was really looking forward to it.

“Eric?” Hunter’s voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“Yes Hunter.”

“Where were you?”

“I was thinking about something. I see you finished, are you ready for your pie?”

“You bet! Been waiting since last Christmas for this.” Eric enjoyed the smile on his face and he also spent a moment thinking of spoiling Hunter with all his favorite foods once he had his new kidney.

After the food was cleaned up, Eric handed gifts to each of the long term illness kids’ parents. When they opened the box to find keys and then a letter in their card they were confused. “I purchased the homes across from the hospital on the east side. Depending on your family size you have a key to an apartment or townhouse. This home is available to you while your child is in the hospital. The letter is a job offer with Viking Industries based on your current job and skills. I know for many of you, you’ve hit the lifetime max on your current employer’s benefits. It’s not easy to start somewhere else – especially if you have to wait for benefits to kick in with a new employer. Benefits start for you on day one at Viking and I’m self insured – there is no lifetime maximum. You only need to schedule time with the HR Manager listed on your form to learn more.

Silence. Well, not quite silence, a few sobs could be heard in the room. Lala was one of them.

Grady’s dad, Carl, spoke first. “Why would you do this?”

“My time here has exposed me to many different aspects of the US healthcare system. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I’ve also spent time with the kids and you. You work hard – some of you two jobs – to keep afloat. I can always use that dedication at my company. It’s not a hardship to hire quality people.”

Johnny’s mother asked the next question. “But the apartments.”

“Are owned by a nonprofit charity. I have making up to do with the world Tammy. I haven’t always been a nice vampire.” They laughed at his comment. “If you need the apartment while Johnny’s here, then it’s yours.”

She was the first to descend on him with a hug. It started a whole line of hugs. Sookie knew he wasn’t the typical vampire but she could see that this much hugging wasn’t expected. Lala was the worst, wailing and crying on his shoulder until Sookie removed him and asked. “Why are you crying Lala? It’s not like you’re getting a job or an apartment.”

“It’s like we’re meeting Santa Claus or some Christmas miracle.”

“Oh good Lord Lala, don’t gush all over him.”

Eric laughed at Lala and thought to himself. ‘If they think this was Santa, wait ‘til they wake in the morning.’

Carl jumped up bringing his wife with him. “I don’t know about anyone else, but we live an hour and a half away. I’m checking out my apartment.”

Carl and his wife returned a short while later raving about the apartment and telling everyone he planned to move in the next day – even though it was Christmas.

To continue the festivities, Sookie, Hoyt and Lala led the room in a Christmas sing-along before Johnny’s grandfather read Twas the Night Before Christmas to everyone. They broke up the party for the night, the parents wanting to get the kids into bed for Santa’s arrival and Eric carried a very sleepy Hunter back to his room. Hoyt followed with Johanna. Hoyt and Jessica had gone to lunch earlier in the day; he proposed and she said yes, of course. They were just waiting until now to announce it to the family. Jessica even put the ring in her purse to keep the secret.

After everyone was in place, Hoyt called the room to attention. “Hey. We’ve already had a great night and I hope I can make it even better with my announcement.” He took a deep breath. “Today, I asked Jessica, the love of my life, to marry me.” To his side his mother started sniffling and Sookie moved to embrace her. “Mama, let me get the rest out.”

“Ok Hoyt, go on. I’ll try to be quiet.”

“Of course she said yes.” The room started clapping and he put his hands up in the air. “There’s more just hang on.” He moved back to take Johanna’s hand. “We’re getting married as quickly as possible – so we’ll need your help. You see, we’re applying to adopt Johanna.”

Well that did it. Maxine burst into full on crying and moved to embrace Jessica and Hoyt. They had a private celebration over Hoyt’s announcements until the kids really needed to get to sleep. Eric was staying the night and they planned to wake Hunter and Johanna up at about 5:30 so they could have Christmas morning and the arrival of Santa before he went to rest for the day. Even though the kids were tired they were also excited so it still took them a while to get them to sleep. Hoyt mirrored Eric’s back rubbing method to help with Johanna and they both finally succumbed. The adults said their goodbyes and final plans for Christmas morning were confirmed with Hoyt, Jessica and Maxine. They left Eric and Sookie alone with the sleeping kids. It was quiet with both kids snoring softly and Sookie and Eric just sitting together in a chair – not talking just sitting. Eric could feel an intense sadness from Sookie while they sat. “What is it Sookie?”

“This might be my last Christmas with Hunter.”

The words cut Eric like silver before he pushed them away. “I don’t accept that. I’ll find a fairy portal and pull someone through before I allow that to happen. You’re closer to healing him than ever with Dr. Ludwig. Please, don’t give up hope.”

“Eric. I keep that faith and hope everyday – you know that. I also sometimes succumb.”

“Can I get you to focus on this being our first Christmas together?” He nuzzled her neck while he spoke.

Deciding he was right she focused on them and that reminded her of something she planned for him. “That might work. I know we said no gifts but I have something for you.” He made to protest but she stopped him. “It’s a song. Let me get my guitar and we can go to the playroom. I don’t want to wake them now that you and Hoyt finally got them asleep.”

Quietly, they hooked up Hunter, told one of the nurses they were leaving the kids, and headed down the corridor. She’d been practicing Song for a Winter’s Night and started playing and singing for him. The gesture meant more to him than any bought package ever could. If he could, he fell even more in love with her as the song continued; every word given to him from her heart. When she finished she smiled and said “I have another one. It’s corny.”

“I already love it because you want to sing it.”

“It’s kinda what we’re doing and when I heard it the other week, I imagined us right now: Hunter in bed, the quiet of Christmas night, the wait for Santa Claus.”

“Will you sing it then?”

She nodded and began. It was The Greatest Gift. Sookie had heard it on the radio as a duet with Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers – did anyone even know who they were anymore? As she played it to practice over the past two weeks she was transported each time to him and dreaming of this quiet moment. When she ended she touched his face. “It’s true you know, knowing you’re in love with me is the greatest gift.”

“For me too.” They kissed over her guitar – a kiss of love not lust. Not wanting to take it any farther in a public room he suggested they go back to Hunter. When they walked in the room, he had another idea to distract her from the earlier sadness. “Do you need a shower before bed?”

“I am feeling a little dirty from all that partying.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure you’re dirty alright.” He waggled his eyebrows at her and she smirked.

“Listen for anyone?” He listened every time they took a shower together. They never did anything more than lots and lots of caressing and kissing in the shower, but it was still enjoyable. He’d been serious about not sneaking in sex with her. When they joined, it was making love at the lake or as they’d recently done in his bed at home. A quickie was not for his Sookie.

Later when Sookie was asleep he texted Bobby. His now very loyal assistant agreed to the overnight work to help Eric play Santa. A few of the nurses smirked each time he and Bobby walked by with more decorations and presents. Each kid’s room had a tabletop lit tree with presents under it by the time they were done. With Mustapha’s help, Eric had researched family members and provided gifts for everyone. Each family had been given the hardware to fix the closets in the rooms to secure their personal items just by having the door shut. Gift certificates were supplied to hire an installer if needed.

Hunter and Johanna had a tree as well and a bountiful supply of gifts under it. Bobby asked to stay for the reveal and of course Eric agreed. Every Santa needs an elf. He waited until Hoyt, Jessica and Maxine walked in just before 5:30 and they started waking the kids and Sookie. Johanna’s face was priceless; at three she was a true believer in Santa. Eric even added to the story by saying he saw Santa in the room while he pretended to sleep. The girl was wide eyed and squealing – if her leg wasn’t broken she would have been jumping. Hunter as a telepath knew the real deal but he still played along with Johanna AND was practically stoned looking at the boxes of presents in the room.

There were several board games and princess outfits for Johanna, more Nintendo games and movies for Hunter – and those items were from Santa. Eric handmade gifts for the kids too and that really got to Sookie. He’d used his woodworking skills to create a Viking village for Hunter. It had houses, animals, people and several of the Viking longships like the ones she’d admired in Eric’s office. Since Hoyt had told him he and Jessica were giving Johanna a baby doll and clothes, he made the girl a crib and carved daisies into the wood – Johanna’s favorite flower. For the newly engaged couple, he presented the deed to a home in Bon Temps. It wasn’t fancy, just three bedrooms and a garage with a fenced in yard and it was perfect for the start of their new lives with Johanna. He’d also given Hoyt his commitment to have Johanna seen by the best doctors and if vampire blood could heal her; it would be done. That meant more to Hoyt than the house. The man had to hide a few tears. Maxine already knew her present from Eric was a new roof for her house and she was pleased as punch and surprised when he handed her a small box too. It was a necklace with a birthstone charm for both Hunter and Johanna as her grandbabies. She tried to act upset that Eric knew about the engagement and adoption before she did, but she couldn’t put up the farce for long.

Since Eric and Sookie had agreed not to exchange gifts for Christmas; they instead planned to spend the next night – the entire night together – with Hoyt staying at the hospital with the kids. The gift of time was more precious that any THING could be. So he departed sadly for the day but with the knowledge that he would have his fairy for the entire night when he rose. After some Hunter playtime of course.

As Eric prepared himself for his rest he caught himself humming one of the Christmas carols that had been playing in the room this morning. He kissed his finger and touched the picture he now had framed on his nightstand of Sookie and Hunter (Sookie cried when he showed it to her) and let his day rest claim him. It was his very first Merry Christmas and he couldn’t wait for more.


After lunch on Christmas day, Sookie drove to Eric’s home and let herself in using the key and security codes Eric had provided for her. She wasn’t going to leave Hunter so early, but Hoyt and Genny insisted. It was mostly due to Genny’s persistence since she was enjoying time with Johanna and Hunter so much and Sookie knew both kids were soaking up the attention from the woman. So now, she was using the security panel to enter Eric’s chamber – still not believing the trust he’d shown her by giving her access to him when he was most vulnerable. Her presence wouldn’t be a surprise since they planned for her to join him about an hour and a half ahead of sunset for some fun and games before Eric visited Hunter at the hospital that evening. She was just so tired that Genny practically begged her to leave early and nap. Considering she planned to return to Eric’s house after Hunter was asleep for the continuation of said fun and games – all night as Eric had told her – a nap was definitely required.

As she entered the bedroom in his chamber she laughed out loud. He’d left lights on so she could easily see his surprise: He was positioned flat on his back, completely naked with a big red bow loosely tied to his penis. Well, he was also in for a surprise when he rose. She stripped and moved to get into bed with him when she noticed the note.

Min Angel:

I hope you like my surprise. I had an easy time getting the bow on since I went to rest rock hard just thinking about your being here when I rise. I’ve never gone to rest with such anticipation of rising before – ever. If you didn’t notice, I turned the heat way up in the chamber here so there’s absolutely no need for you to wear nightclothes or cover your body with blankets. Feel free to sprawl your naked self over me while you wait for me to rise. I can’t wait to have my way with you.

Love you


She donned her own surprise and then carefully adjusted herself to be about half on top of him. To add to his pleasure at his own waking, she took the liberty of moving one of his hands to be on her naked ass and tried not to giggle – then she giggled even louder when she realized no sound would wake him anyway. Since she’d been up so much the night before sleep came quickly.

A few hours later, Eric rose and smiled. His Röðull was right there on top of him just as he’d wanted. She was also very much asleep so he just enjoyed breathing in her scent for a few seconds. He realized where she’d placed his hand and he started to rub one of her gorgeous cheeks until he hit something. When he looked down he laughed: She’d tied a big gold bow around her ass. The laughing woke her up so he moved a bit to capture her lips for a good evening kiss. “Merry Christmas Sookie.”

“Merry Christmas Eric.” She spoke sleepily before she yawned and did some stretching. Her new position exposed a nipple and he quickly took it into his mouth. She squeaked out a surprised yell that quickly turned to a moan. To ensure no jealousy ensued, he pulled her up more so he could pay the same attention to the other side. He was a fair man after all.

“Min Röðull, I love your bow. Does this mean your ass is my present like my cock is your present?”

“I would guess so.”

“Does this mean we can try anal tonight?” It wasn’t something he was interested in, he was just teasing her.

She knew he was only joking. They’d had some pretty detailed discussion about sex and anal was part of that talk. He was adamant it was of no interest to him and while he didn’t provide details, she knew there was some history behind his conviction. “Ah, I don’t think so Eric. You told me to sprawl on top of you – that’s the only place the bow was able to go if I was face down.”

He pouted, but not seriously and she laughed at him. “I’m pretty sure we can still have fun.”

“Yes, you’ve been successful so far without that particular . . . ah avenue.”

“Why don’t you start by unwrapping your present . . . with your mouth.”

“Good idea.”

“On second thought,” He stopped to move her so her pussy was above his face. “I’ll work on the tie for your bow while you work on mine.

“Even better.”

Sookie had a very difficult time concentrating on her task the moment Eric put his thumbs on her lower lips, spread her wide and started licking. He was moaning from the taste of her causing a wonderful vibration as he worked. Not wanting to be selfish, she pulled herself together and started to get the bow off but she never finished her task: He got her off first and it certainly wasn’t the last time he did before they left.

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Song for a Winter Night Performed by Sarah McLaughlin written by Gordon Lightfoot

The Greatest Gift written by John Jarvis

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