Glimpses 10 – Puddy, Parents, Puppy – not in that order

Glimpses 10 – Puddy, Parents, Puppy – not in that order

Sam heard his captors run to the front of the building and he used that moment to prepare Moyra. “Ok Moyra, let’s play the game we discussed. Okay?” The little girl gave a hesitant nod. “I know you don’t like this, but your Mommy and Daddy are going to be so proud of you. Remember to give them the note I wrote. It’s tucked into the bow of your dress.” Moyra gave a weak nod and agreed.

The next part was going to be hard, but he knew it had to be done. Sam slowly moved his tie to her head and covered her eyes with it. She kicked her legs so he tried soothing her again. “I know it’s hard to be blindfolded, but I promise you, this is exactly what your Mommy would want. And now that your eyes are covered, I’m going to tickle you like I promised; only now you don’t get to see where until the tickling starts.” It was a pathetic attempt to keep the girl occupied while she sat in the dark. The tickling started and while he didn’t get the full belly laughs that Moyra usually gave, she was pre-occupied and for that he was thankful. He could hear more yelling after a few minutes so he moved to his next plan: Moyra really wasn’t going to like it, but it was necessary.


At the front door of the house, Neave, Lochlan and Dermot panicked when they saw Eric crying out again. In all their planning, they never considered that vampires would be in Fairy, ever! Now Eric was charging them with two other bloodsuckers and a rescue team. Neave and Dermot ran for the house. Dermot ordered Neave, “Grab the child. We’ll use her as a shield.”

She nodded and headed to the room where their captives were waiting. “Step away from the brat shifter.” Neave got no response from the animal in front of her so she offered, “Step away and I’ll make your death quick.” Sam, in animal form, made no move. “So be it.” Neave attacked Sam with her pointy, silver teeth.

Standing on all fours protectively over Moyra, Sam grimaced and groaned, but he did not cry out in pain. Wrapped securely in Sam’s jacket, Moyra was pushed into a corner as far as Sam could get her. In his shifted form, he stood as a rhinoceros over her. Rhinoceros leather would protect him longer than any other animal he could think of; he needed the time to shield her. He also had a large horn but since Moyra was between his back legs, his mobility was limited the horn was useless as a weapon. Neave attacked Sam over and over and after trying with her teeth but when she couldn’t do enough damage, she gave up and grabbed a long silver knife, hoping the size would give her the leverage they needed to more damage. Dermot had heard the female fairy struggling to best Sam, so he came into the room and grabbed a weapon to help. The knives were penetrating the tough leather and it was getting harder to stand so Sam flung himself to the ground, keeping Moyra close to his belly while Neave and Dermot tried to do their worst.


Outside, the rescue team each advanced to their assigned part of the house. Once the groups on the sides realized there were only windows and no door, they selected a single sentry to keep watch and the others split to help the teams in the front and back. The team in the back had secured their two fairy guards in iron chains quickly; neither fairy could teleport. Per Niall’s plan, all captured fairies would be returned to Earth with Eric for his own use. Niall didn’t ask questions about the fairies’ fates and Eric didn’t offer any details. Per Niall, Neave and Lochlan needed to remain in fairy for a public punishment; a deterrent for any followers that perhaps had slipped through the cracks. Eric had wanted to kill the captors and only agreed to the plan after Niall agreed to two conditions: Claude would stay in Fairy to witness the kill and Eric would take the arms of Moyra’s kidnappers.

The rescue team charging the front of the house had the longest fight, and that was only a few moments. Godric and Eric split from the rest of the group to charge the door. There were three guard fairies plus Lochlan at the front and they could all teleport so it made capture challenging. Gladiola had been sparring with one of the fairies for several minutes. The fairy would teleport behind the daemon, jab her with his sword, then teleport away repeatedly. Diantha was holding a fireball trying to hit the fairy each time he reappeared but with no success. Finally, Gladiola managed to move and surprise the fairy when he reappeared but not before her Uncle Desmond, having run from the back of the house to assist the others, was run through with the fairy’s blade. Filled with anger, Diantha threw her fireball at the fairy and he went up in flames, but it didn’t bring back their beloved Uncle.

In another group, Pam, Alcide and the others defended themselves and watched the remaining fairy guards teleport around them. It appeared that they were being outwitted, but what they were doing was observing and learning. After a few pops, the rescuers were able to stab one fairy with an iron dagger by predicting his pattern of movement. He was easily secured for transport back to Earth after being wounded.

That left one guard and the team was now focused on him. This last guard realized the group had been watching and learning about teleporting and combat so he knew he needed to up his game. Hoping to prevent further teleporting, each non-fairy rescuer had a bag of iron dust and they planned to throw it in the direction of the disturbance in the air that preceded the arrival of a teleporting fairy. To ensure the safety of the fairy team members, they moved out of the throwing area. Pam was credited with tossing the dust that incapacitated the guard. From there, he was captured easily.

While the others were focused on the guards, Godric, Eric and Niall had made it to the door. Godric engaged Lochlan giving the other two the opportunity to get into the building. Eric’s body was vibrating with anticipation now that they were close: It was time to get his baby. After quickly feeling for Moyra he guided Niall to the back room but kept the Prince behind him at first. Neave and Dermot were engrossed in getting to Moyra by overcoming Sam, giving Eric and Niall a split second of surprise. Using that time, Eric was able to throw the iron dust at both fairies, subduing them from teleporting out. As Eric approached the fairies, he took in the room. It was filled with the smell of Sam’s blood and Eric worried for his survival. The shifter was back in human form and covered in stab and bite wounds. He wanted to help Sam and get Moyra, but he’d do that after the fairies were restrained.

Meanwhile, Dermot had spun to see who had entered the room and his father, Niall, saw him. The shock stopped Niall short. “Dermot?”

An evil grin crossed his lips. “Father. Thank you for coming.”

“NIALL!” Eric bellowed. “Moyra first.   Reunion LATER!” He could hear his Moyra calling for him over the other noise in the room and his need to get to her was overwhelming. “Detain him; I’ve got the female.”

The iron dust had prevented the fairy from teleporting, but she wasn’t incapacitated – nor did Eric expect that. Neave bared her teeth and lunged at Eric but it was a desperate move on her part; Eric at over 1000 years old would easily best the fairy. As Neave had a silver dagger in her hands already, she threw it at Eric; then was surprised to see him move quickly and avoid the weapon; Neave knew then she was doomed. Brandishing his iron sword, Eric sliced the fairy several times as he maneuvered her into a corner. The silver-toothed fairy got a few small bites into his flesh, but nothing that would cause silver poisoning. He would have played with her longer but he wanted Moyra in his arms. Using a length of iron chain, he secured the bleeding fairy to the wall with an iron collar clasped tightly to her neck.

Per the agreement with Niall prior to arriving for the fight, Eric was ready to remove Neave’s arms for touching his child; he was sure his father was doing the same to Lochlan outside the house. This would also ensure Niall’s ability to keep them captive until it was time for their public death. Neave was still snapping her teeth at Eric and while she wasn’t getting close to his flesh, he was bothered by her attempts. His fix was to grab her jaw and crunch it. Two quick swipes of his sword completed his work. As far as fights go, he would say it was anticlimactic, but since his baby was in the room; that was fine with him.

Niall was still sparring with the other fairy, his son, so Eric turned to help end that fight immediately. Every minute was another hour his Sookie was waiting at home for him to return with Moyra; another hour of desperation to have her baby back. As much as he would have wanted to torture his baby’s abductors, Sookie and Moyra’s needs had to come first. With that thought, he added his iron sword to the fight, and took off one of the fairy’s hands. Niall was then able to restrain him then while Eric freed Sam and Moyra.


By the time he pulled Sam back, others from the rescue team had made it into the house. Alcide led a group that teleported Sam immediately to Bon Temps. As Sam was being carried away, Eric saw Moyra in the corner, wriggling around in the confines of Sam’s coat and angry, but otherwise fine due to Sam’s protection. He picked her up and unwrapped her. The tie blindfold puzzled him for a moment then he figured it out: Sam didn’t want her to see anything. He’d have to find a way to repay the shifter for his bravery, quick thinking, and protection. That is, if he lived. The floor was covered with blood and with all the silver weapons; he guessed Sam would have silver poisoning.

Taking his daughter outside and away from the carnage, he finally pulled the blindfold off and smiled at her. “Hi baby girl.”

“DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” She screamed while moving her body in every direction. Eric held her tightly and breathed in her scent. The feeling of relief was beyond what he could have imagined.

Godric joined them and greeted Moyra. “Eric, I will finish quickly here with a few guards. You should get home to Sookie.”

“Thank you father. I’ll send the elf back to handle the transport of the prisoners. I want Dermot on Earth since he was the leader. I need to know how he did this.” Since none of the fairies could teleport prisoners bound in iron, Eric, via instructions to Lala, had arranged for Ludwig to provide elf or hopefully elves for transport. Elf teleportation wasn’t as strong as fairies, so if the doctor only procured one elf, it would be slow going. It didn’t matter; he wanted those prisoners – or more specifically their blood. With Moyra tucked in his arms, he nodded to one of the royal guards and they started for the portal.

They’d traveled so far in fairy; they needed to teleport four times to the portal. There, he found the elves waiting for instructions. Once they were off to collect the prisoners, he vamped directly to the front door. Eric could feel Sookie was in their bedroom so he ensured he was making noise to prevent shocking anyone. Moyra helped with the noise part. “MOOOOOMMMY!” the girl screamed over and over.

Sookie heard her and gasped; her heart felt like it was going to burst. “Roo!” Sookie fell to her knees with Moyra and Eric joined them on the floor. Sookie couldn’t get close enough to Moyra but her little girl didn’t care. While she didn’t know everything that was going on while she was gone, she knew one thing: she missed her mommy and daddy.

“Siwwy Mommy, I onwy Roo when in your tummy.” She patted Sookie’s tummy to explain her comment.

Lacy joined them on the floor, wagging her tail and trying to sniff his favorite person. Eric didn’t mind the dog’s presence at all – this time. Moyra was squealing at her dog and started jabbering about her absence. “Acy, dere was a mean wady wif siny teef. I no wike her. And Sam’s dame – no fun! He pwomised me puddy for dinner.” She leaned closer to the dog’s face. “You wan puddy wif me? Oh and zoom zoom!?” Her arms waved around. “Dat was fun!” Eric figured that was the teleporting part of her day. The dog sat and listened to his human like she was telling her the most interesting story while Sookie sat with Moyra on her lap, silent tears of relief and joy falling through the entire tale.

Gran quietly entered the reunion with a yogurt smoothie and water for Moyra. While she also wanted to get her hands on Moyra, now wasn’t the time: Eric and Sookie needed the attachment. “A little something for Moyra.” She handed the toddler the smoothie. “Oh and I told the prayer group out front that she’s home. They’re staying until we know Sam’s out of the woods.”

“What group?”

“We’ve had folks from town out front the whole time praying for the rescue. Mustapha, Holly and Thalia have been seeing to everyone’s needs.”

“That’s good. Thanks for the drinks, Gran.”

After seeing Moyra start to drink, Gran retreated from the room and joined the other family and friends waiting in the den.

Amelia was the first one to speak. “How does she seem Gran?”

“She’s telling Lacy about her day. I’m happy she grabbed the smoothie and started drinking.” Gran sighed. It had been a very long ten days since Moyra left, though to the girl it had only been about four hours. “I hope Eric plans to glamour this away from her. There’s no reason for her to have any memories.”

“I agree.” Hunter added. “But I can see from Moyra that Sam kept her protected. By telling her it was a game, he covered her eyes. Moyra wasn’t too happy – but it was better than her seeing any fighting.”

“Sam’s a good man. Was before this happened but now we all know the extremes he’d go to for this family.” Gran said. “I hope he recovers.”

Amelia grabbed her hand. “Gran, Ludwig said it will take time, but he will recover. We need to hold onto that.” She squeezed Gran’s hand to add some emphasis. “After his wounds have some time to heal, she’ll work on cleaning the silver from his system.”

“OH!” Hunter stood up suddenly. ”There’s a note in her bow from Sam. I have to tell them.” He hesitated. “Do you think I can go in?”

Gran asked, “You heard that from Moyra?” Hunter nodded. “You go on then.”

Hunter ran off and Tara turned to Gran and suggested. “Gran, why don’t you rest? I’ll come wake you if we have any updates.” When Gran started shaking her head, Tara added, “Frannie is sitting with Sam, I bet she won’t mind if you sleep in her bed for now.”

Tara had spoken softly but gave the woman a stern look until she finally relented. “I think I will take Frannie’s bed.” She hugged Tara. “Thanks for the suggestion.” Lala stood to help her up and Gran put her hand up to stop him. “Maybe I’ll wait to hear about the note from Sam.”

“Gran. Come on woman. You knows you needs the sleep.” Lala gently pulled her out of the sofa. “No arguing wi’ me!”

As Lala walked to Frannie’s room with Gran, he could hear Hunter and Moyra laughing about something. It warmed his heart. That little girl was an angel on Earth and didn’t deserve any of this pain. He hadn’t realized he’d stopped walking until Gran said something. “What’s going on?”

“Moyra. She’s an angel Gran. If they hadn’t founds her?” He shook his head. “I can’t even thinks bout that.”

“No. We can’t. She’s home and the house will return to its normal chaos.” They both chuckled. “You know, when Sookie became pregnant with the triplets, Hunter struggled at first. That baby, or as it turned out – babies, were going to have Eric’s DNA. I heard about Eric’s discussion with the boy. He said that more children added to the love, and that each of them were here for a reason. Frannie was Sookie’s rock while she was in Vegas, as Hunter was Eric’s. He was so right that day.” They started walking again. “Hunter is Eric’s son through and through. You can see him trying to emulate his father and in turn Eric beams with pride. Frannie . . . she not only helped Sookie but she’s given Eric a gift.”

“What’s that? Or does yo mean the grey hairs I swears his fretting over her gives em?”

“She’s given him perspective.” Lala gave her a confused look. “I know Sookie was a huge part in his learning about humans, but having a teenage daughter to protect was an all new type of lesson for him. I know you’re aware she was raped in Vegas.” Lala grimaced and nodded. “Eric’s never gotten over that violation – though she wasn’t his to protect at the time. It’s his mission to keep her extra safe now.”

“Even whens it drives Fran crazy.”

Gran nodded seriously. “She gripes sometimes, but she loves having parents and her siblings.”

“That she does.” He eased Gran into the bed. “Whats else did Eric say?”

“Well, that the places for Moyra and the new baby were yet to be decided.” Gran laughed. “Though now we know the triplets were placed with this family to entertain us all – at the expense of Sookie and Eric.”

“Oh nos! He can’ts complain. He loves when those three collaborate.”

“He does. You can see it in his eyes. He’s pleased at the mischief those three come up with.”

“That leaves our angel.”

“And Lala, that’s what she is. Frannie and Hunter have each other, as do the triplets. Moyra, she’s here to love her Mommy and Daddy . . .”

Lala added, “And Lacy.”

Gran agreed. “And Lacy, unconditionally.   You can see the peace she gives anyone she’s around. That baby girl is here to love.”

“Amen. Rest wif those thoughts. Our baby girl is gons be fine.”

“I will Lala. Thank you.”


Thanks to Hunter, Eric found the note in Moyra’s bow. Unsure of how upsetting the content would be, Hunter was asked to occupy Moyra for a moment while Sookie and Eric read the note. He was so happy to see his baby sister again, he obliged.

They walked to the bathroom for privacy and Eric opened the note for them to read together:


Have a minute.

Don’t know what will happen, but I’ll protect M as long as I can.

She’ll be bound in my coat and blindfolded. I didn’t want her to see anything or get away from me when any fighting started.

Let her have puddy for dinner, I promised

If I don’t make it, tell Frannie I love her. Don’t be mad about that. She doesn’t know.


Sookie was sniffling. “He . . . he didn’t think he was going to make it.”

“I would guess not given his words to my daughter.” Eric grimaced and his tone was angry.

Sookie snapped at him. “ERIC! You can’t possibly hold this against him. Not after all this.”

“No, but I’m not happy about it. We aren’t saying anything unless we have to.” He ran his hands through his hair. “What is Sam’s condition?”

“He was back for about ten hours before you arrived. Ludwig took him into surgery and he’s recuperating. When he stabilizes, she’ll work on the silver in his system.” She took his hand and gave him a pleading look. “You need to remain calm about Sam and Frannie Sweetie.”

“There’s more to it than this note?” Sookie nodded. “Tell me.”

“She got hysterical when he returned wounded.”

“They are friends; it’s understandable for her to be upset.”

“I realize that but I read her thoughts. She has been pining away for someone – turns out it’s been Sam. When I first read the thoughts, I didn’t know who this man was since I respected her privacy about an unrequited love. I did tell her I knew she had feelings for someone. She said it can never be and told me there was no reason to talk about it. It makes sense that it’s Sam now that I think about it. My guess is she thought he’d never want to be with her.”

“She correctly thought I would never permit it.” Before he could continue, he felt a flash of anger and Sookie opened her mouth to speak. “I meant at the time I wouldn’t have permitted it. Given the situation, I’ll be open-minded.” The conversation reminded him he hadn’t see Frannie since they returned. He wasn’t surprised since his focus was Moyra. “Where is my Lilla now?”

“Sitting vigil next to Sam’s bed in Moyra’s room. Gran wanted us to prepare for his return – including a place to recover with us.” Sookie smirked. “Actually, Gran had a private conversation with Frannie and told her to prepare for Sam’s return.”

“The woman is perceptive.” Eric started filling the tub and led Sookie from the bathroom. “Right now, we have a stinky toddler we need to bathe.”

“Yeah, poor thing must have wet herself and Sam did his best to wrap his shirt around her.” Sookie reached down and grabbed Moyra while she was playing with Hunter. “Hunter, your sister needs a bath.”

He stood and hugged Eric. “’K Mommy, Daddy, I’m off to the playroom. Couple of Packster girls are here with Bubba playing with the triplets.”

“We’ll be in shortly. Moyra loves Bubba.”

As soon as Sookie entered the bathroom with Moyra, the girl started clapping about a bath in mommy and daddy’s big tub while they got her undressed. “I wike mommy and daddy tub.”

“I know Moyra.” Eric smiled.

Eric captured Moyra’s attention to glamour her. Now that they’d heard Moyra’s retelling of her past few hours, there was no reason for the child to retain memories of her abduction. When he was done, Moyra thought she’d fallen at Sookie’s graduation and Sam helped her. Sookie caught herself wishing she could also have the incident removed but she realized it would be better to keep it, since she knew the outcome. The memory would serve to make her a better protector for her children.

Taking Sookie out of her thoughts, Moyra splashed the water and asked her Daddy, “You come in?”

He shook his head. “Mommy’s going to give you a bath. I still haven’t seen the triplets or Frannie.”

“Otay.” She put her chin up and puckered her lips; Eric leaned down to kiss her as he’d been trained, causing Sookie to sob. Moyra looked at her father with adoration. “Wuv you.”

He returned the look and the words. “I love you too Moyra.”


Eric headed to see the triplets as he told Moyra. For them, he’d been gone ten days. They squealed and danced as soon as he walked into the playroom. While he’d been with Moyra and Sookie, he’d heard the three giving the sitters and Bubba a hard time; they’d felt Daddy’s mind return and wanted him. Now they were finally getting their wish. He stayed and played with them for a while, allowing them to use his body as a jungle gym – Bubba thought that was hysterical.

Moyra, with her dog Lacy at her feet, came in after a while and the triplets squealed and danced again. Knowing the little Northman’s were occupied with each other, he went off to see Frannie. Sookie stood from the playroom floor, intending to go with him, but he stopped her. “You need Moyra time. I need Frannie time.”

“More like she needs you. She still believes it was her responsibility to prevent Moyra’s abduction.”

“I’ll deal with that.”

“And Sam?”

“I can feel her love for him. I will give my blessing. The man has proven himself to me many times.”

Sookie was relieved. “Thank you.”

“It’s what she wants. Besides, I don’t think I can get away with saying he’s too old for her.”

Sookie chuckled, “No you can’t old man.”

He moved closer to Sookie and took her in his arms. “I thought I was a dirty old man. What happened?”

“PFFT.” She waved her hand. “I’m pretty sure I never called you that in the playroom. No run along and help your Lilla.” Sookie turned serious again. “She’s hurting and she needs her hero.”

He kissed Sookie’s forehead. “I had to save Moyra’s life this week, now I’m off to save Frannie’s heart from breaking.” Sookie gave him a watery smile while he walked out.

Eric approached Moyra’s room quietly and when he got to the door, what he saw and heard broke his heart. Frannie was on the side of the bed, holding Sam’s hand and that was sweet. It was her words, so sincerely and fearfully spoken that stopped him cold. “Come back to me Sam. Please. I thought I could ignore how I felt . . .” She sobbed before starting again. “But I can’t ignore that I love you and I can’t live without you. Please come back. I’m sorry this happened. Please.”

Her pleas led into more sobbing. Eric had reached her side by this point and she hadn’t noticed. “Frannie.”

The girl jerked up and nearly tripped over her chair to move away. “DADDY! I . . . I didn’t know you . . .”

“Shhh Lilla.” He put his arms out and she moved into them for a hug. After a moment, he pulled back so he could see her face. “Everything is fine Lilla. Daddy is back. Moyra is back. And I believe Sam will come back to you. I will do everything I can to make that happen.”

“You’re not . . . You aren’t going to forbid . . .” Shocked that Eric wasn’t angry; Frannie struggled to get her words out.

“I’m not mad at either of you and I give you my blessing to date Sam.” He grabbed some tissues and cleaned the tears off her face. “Let’s sit together and talk.”

He took Frannie’s seat and put his daughter in his lap; he immediately felt that she’d lost weight. She started speaking. “I appreciate that you gave me your blessing, but for all I know, this is one-sided. Sam and I never . . .”

“I know. You don’t have to date to fall in love though, do you?” She shook her head. “I also know that Sam loves you. He left a note with Moyra asking Sookie to tell you.”

“He did? He does?” A smile made its way to her face. A smile that nobody had seen since Moyra was captured. It changed to a frown almost immediately though and she looked to the ground. “He’ll change his mind. When he has time to think about all this, he’ll realize that because I couldn’t handle Moyra, she was taken and he went with her. Why did he do that?”

“Lilla, look at me.” She looked up and he could see the pain in her eyes. He made a decision and used glamour. “Frannie, this is not your fault. Fairies kidnapped your sister. They were waiting for an opportunity and it could have happened at any time we were off the property. Moyra is three and started throwing a tantrum, she needed to get out of the auditorium; you did the right thing.” He let the glamour settle and waited while her eyes to unglazed. Since her last words were the question about why Sam went to Fairy with Moyra, he answered her. “I think Sam went with Moyra for you Lilla. This family owes him much. He kept her calm, and though I’ve glamoured her kidnapping away now, he still prevented her from seeing any fighting. Frannie, Sam used his body as a shield, preventing two fairies from getting to her. That’s where all the wounds came from. He didn’t fight them; he stood over her while they continued to hurt him. I’ll never be able to repay his kindness.”

“He’s a good man.”

“Yes Frannie he is.” His eyes scanned the medical equipment in the room. “Will he wake soon?”

Ludwig entered the room as he asked. “Within the next few hours is my best guest. The anesthesia should be wearing off.” She handed a large glass with a straw to Frannie. “All of it this time.”

Frannie grimaced and started sucking the pink colored liquid. Eric was puzzled. “What’s this about?”

Ludwig gave Frannie a look that was best described as ‘I told you so’. “You tell him.”

“I had trouble eating while you were gone. Dr. Ludwig has been giving me these protein supplements. Problem is . . . I don’t think they taste that great so I don’t finish them.”

Now she got some of the anger she thought was coming before – when Eric had heard her profess her love to Sam. Her Daddy scowled at her. Yep, she was in trouble. “This will stop now. I’m making you something solid and healthy to eat and you will finish it before I let you back in here.”

“Daddy! Dr. Ludwig said he could be up within the next hour. I can’t leave.”

“She said the next few hours. If you really don’t want to risk it, then you’ll be motivated to eat.” He stood with her and started heading to their kitchen. Frannie knew arguing was pointless so she sat while he pulled together a bowl of chicken soup and a plate of fresh fruit. “You’re lucky I found the soup so you don’t need to wait for me to cook something.”

“I know. I’m eating.” She held up the spoon. “See?”

“I do. Be sure to finish Ludwig’s drink as well.” Her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to argue but he cut her off. “No Sam until you’re done. I mean it.”

Frannie wasn’t about to be the only one in trouble over this so she kept eating while she tattled on her mom. “You know, Mom hardly ate either.” He raised an eyebrow at her and she mumbled, “Just sayin’.”

“No, you’re just throwing someone else under the bus.” She had the decency to look guilty and he smirked at her. “I noticed your mother also lost weight and I had expected it. She tends to resist eating when she’s worried. I’ll get food in her shortly.”

She nodded knowing he’d feed Sookie. “How long until everyone else returns Daddy?”

“I don’t know. There was some additional clean-up and coordination needed when I left.”

“What happens next?”

“As soon as Sam is well enough to travel, we go to the island to recuperate.”

“You guys can go; I’ll stay with Sam and Dr. Ludwig – and guards – until he’s ready.”

He shook his head. “I may have given you a blessing to date, but I’m not leaving you alone in a house with him.”

“DADDY! He’s sick!” She put her hands up in a question gesture. “What do you think can possibly happen while he’s just laying there?”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “If you don’t know, and I’m very pleased about that, then I’m not answering and giving you any ideas.”

Frannie laughed. A full belly, hold her sides in, laugh at that comment. Since Eric joined her and they started making noise, the rest of the family in the playroom came running to see what was so funny. Frannie whispered the story into Sookie’s ear and had her giggling as well.

From Sookie’s arms, Moyra interrupted the laughing by pointing at her booster seat. “Mommy, wan puddy!”

“Yes Moyra, I’ll get you puddy.” She started buckling Moyra to her seat, Lacy had already sat beneath it.

The triplets heard the word puddy and started climbing into their high chairs and calling for puddy. They’d turned it into a chorus that included pounding with their hands.

Sookie smiled and handed out bowls of chocolaty goodness. Things were mostly back to normal at the Northman house.

Remember – we have the aftermath left for this particular glimpse – it may be late June til I get that up.


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  2. that was great. i really thought you were gonna kill Sam. that would have been awful. so sad about Uncle Des though.
    well, at least now you won’t be called poopyhead anymore. *snicker*

  3. So glad they got to Moyra before Thing 1 & Thing 2 hurt her. Poor Sam though! Hope he can be healed from the silver poisoning. And yea for Eric giving his blessing for Frannie & Sam to start dating. Maybe their firstborn can be a were tiger. Thank you for cranking this one out so quickly!

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