Chapter 7 – Home Sweet Home

October 16, 2003

Shreveport, LA

“You’ll want to say goodbye to Jason now.”

She was confused since she figured that meant Jason was staying and she started arguing immediately. “You’re keeping him? I’m sorry I was not the perfect, sl … slave when you arrived.” She stuttered out. “I had an excuse. Please Master, take me instead. He’s gonna be a daddy. You can hypnotize him to forget this whole thing. I’ll keep my word and stay. I’ll learn.”

Eric tried to interrupt her rant to explain, but she kept going on about how Jason needed to be let out and how she would behave. Finally, he bellowed out her name and she stopped mid-sentence to look up. Just as soon as she met his eyes, she lowered them, trying to prove she could learn. ‘At least she shut up.’ “Miss Stackhouse. Thank you for your silence. I was trying to explain while you continued on your tirade. Jason IS being released, that’s why you should say goodbye. Pam will be back for him shortly. We will be glamouring him, that’s what we call it by the way, not hypnosis or hocus pocus.”


“Yes, oh. Perhaps in the future you could give me a minute to explain things before you start on a tirade.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Sookie, I don’t expect you to call me Master. In fact, I don’t want you to call me Master actually unless we are in the company of vampire, ah, management. I will explain more of that later.” He looked at his watch, since there were no windows to gage the time. “Hurry saying your goodbyes; we need to get out of here quickly.”

“Out of here? I thought you were keeping me? What about Dawn?”

“I am keeping you …. do you want to stay in a cell? I can’t be here to protect you all hours of the day, so I’m taking you somewhere else. As for Dawn? She is currently at home; the incident has been glamoured from her.”

“What’s this other place you’re taking me?”

“Sookie, you’re taking time away from your goodbye with Jason by asking questions that don’t matter. The choice of where we are going is not yours, it’s mine.”

Realizing he was right, she did have no say, she turned to her brother. “Jason.” Was all she got out before she wrapped her arms around him and started sobbing.

“Sookie, I’ll find a way, I swear.”

“No Jase, even if you remember something, don’t risk it. Go, raise that baby and take care of Gran. If it’s a girl, you can call her Sookie.”

He let out a sob at her request. “I love ya Sook. Remember what we talked about.” He whispered the last part. “You promised to behave. If the other is gonna happen, don fight it.” He added by thinking, “It won’t hurt so much.”

Eric had turned away from the siblings, giving them the perception that they had privacy, but he could hear everything. When he heard what Jason whispered, he realized he would need to watch the security tapes once he was in his bedchamber to confirm what they had discussed. It sounded like they thought he was planning to rape Sookie. ‘Gods, this is going to be an uphill battle with her.‘ Knowing he had to get to his house he stepped in to break up the farewell. “Sookie, it really is time to go. Come.”

Jason practically pushed her to Eric. Not because he wanted her to go, but he didn’t want Eric to need to ask twice, a lesson he learned the hard way. “Go Sookie. Be safe.”

Pam called Thalia, a vampire in Eric’s retinue to assist with the staging of the accident. After collecting Sookie’s wallet and shirt she left the warehouse to find a horrific piece of metal in the shape of a car in the parking area. Intent on refusing to complete her task, she spun around to go back into the warehouse but she was met with a wall of vampire; Eric had followed her out the door with Sookie standing submissively behind him. Having seen Sookie’s car himself, he knew Pam would try anything to get out of driving it. “Get Jason and go!” He ordered.

“But Eric.” She whined.

“GO. I mean it Pam. You have only about three hours before you must return to your resting place. GET. THIS. DONE. Here is Thalia now. AND NO, you will not order her to drive Sookie’s car; that is your job.”

She huffed, but walked to start putting props into Sookie’s car.

Now to bring home my new girlfriend.’ Eric smirked as he took hold of Sookie’s hand. She continued to cry on the way out of the warehouse, but Eric chose to ignore her and just headed to his car. Once they were both inside, he reached into his pocket and handed her a handkerchief. Shocked, Sookie accepted it and cleaned her face. “Thank you.” She whispered. “You’re not exactly acting like I thought based on Jason’s descriptions.”

“Well, Jason was a prisoner. I admit that I only saw him when I was drinking his blood; I normally wouldn’t visit a prisoner. In fact, I normally wouldn’t invest in training a prisoner to be a slave, but it was my hope that he would eventually leave the warehouse and remain as my slave without the need for incarceration.”

“You were planning to keep him forever, weren’t you?”


“At least you’re honest.” She whispered under her breath.

“I might not tell you everything Sookie, but I won’t lie to you. So be careful what you ask because you might not like the answers.”

Keeping her eyes down to avoid Eric’s gaze, Sookie reached out and tried to read Eric. The night so far had been too trying for her and she had not yet explored the ‘nothingness’ she got from his head. Now that she was checking his brain out, she confirmed that she heard nothing and in fact, felt something like a bubble or void. ‘I guess their brains only operate on magic and not actual brainwaves. Oh well, at least I’ll have some peace for my brain even if my body is being repeatedly raped.’ Mentally changing the subject to prevent a panic, she spent some time thinking about the man sitting next to her. She had to admit, he was gorgeous – tall, very tall like over 6 feet, broad shoulders, long blond hair – her color actually. Too bad she was a prisoner and he was an asshole jailor, otherwise she’d be attracted to him. Well, if she admitted it, she was attracted by his looks, but not to HIM.

They had been driving only for a short while when they approached the gated community that she and Dawn found just a few nights ago. Sookie was surprised they were entering a neighborhood; a neighborhood of mansions on huge lots, but still a neighborhood. Eric drove to the end of the large cul de sac and started up the long drive to the house. It looked like a very large but normal house; nothing that screamed ‘vampire’. Eric pulled into the garage and ran around to open the door for Sookie, startling her. Even though he offered it, she didn’t take his hand. Rather, she struggled to climb out of the Corvette since she was so tired. Thankfully, she was in jeans, not a dress. Eric suggested that they go around the walkway and use the front door so he could give her a full tour.

Sookie was very puzzled. ‘Why is he treating me like a guest here? I’m his prisoner, I traded myself for Jason. I don’t understand anything, but I am too damn tired to ask.‘ She simply nodded and followed him up the expensive stone paver walk. Once inside, Sookie was surprised to see a beautiful woman standing there, waiting to greet them both. “Sookie, this it Potts; she has some breakfast for you and will get you comfortable in your room for the day.”

“Hello Mrs. Potts.” Sookie said and held out her hand to shake hers. She was surprised by the woman’s head when she took her hand. ‘Wow, it’s different than the vampire void, but not voices. I actually get that she is curious, but no words at all.’ Potts giggled at being called Mrs. Potts and Sookie looked at her in question.

“I’m sorry Sookie, my name is actually Cara, but Eric calls me Potts as a nickname. You can call me either.”

The twilight zone, I’m positive I’m in the twilight zone now. Eric, the bastard vampire standing here who wanted to keep Jason and who took me in his stead, nicknamed this woman? Wait, oh maybe they are a couple. Maybe he won’t be raping me. But wait, maybe they do threesomes, Oh Jesus, how am I ever going to survive this?’

Sookie’s thoughts continued to spiral out of control while Potts and Eric watched. First the color started to drain from her face, then her breathing became erratic, and a few seconds later when she seemed to become too unsteady to stand Eric grabbed her and ran her to a guestroom. After placing her on the bed he realized she had passed out somewhere between the foyer and the bedroom. Potts was a few moments behind him with a wet cloth and some juice. “Eric, what’s going on?”

“She fainted. From what I gathered, she has been up since early yesterday and has had a very trying day and night.”

“She appeared a bit overwhelmed when you both walked in. It also looks like she’s been hurt.” She pondered her next question, unsure if he would lash out, but she decided to risk it. “Eric, what is she doing here? What’s going on?”

“She traded her freedom for Jason’s. It’s a long story, but Jason’s girlfriend is expecting a baby.”

“And you let her trade places? I don’t understand. Why is she here in your house then? I cooked for Jason, but he’s never been to your house.”

Rarely at a loss for words, Eric paused, trying to figure out how he could possibly explain. “Just know that she is here willingly. We’ll talk tomorrow, the sun will rise soon and I need to be sure she’ll be fine during the day. I’m going to give her some blood to wake her and heal her injuries. Can you bring up some food?”


Once Potts left, he sat on the bed and propped Sookie to a semi-sitting position on his lap so he would not choke her with the blood. After his blood was in her, he knew she would wake quickly and react badly to being in his lap, so he enjoyed her in his arms for a moment inhaling her scent and caressing her soft skin, before he used his fang to prick his finger and feed her his blood. Pressing on the end of the finger ensured that a small pool of blood was in her mouth before he stroked her neck to induce swallowing. It had been many years since he gave anyone his blood. Actually, his slave Theresa was the last time, and he didn’t recall it giving him such pleasure. After her first swallow, she grew a bit stronger allowing her mouth to start sucking on his finger and he felt himself grow hard. ‘Shit, I’m going to need to take care of that problem on my own. She’ll be awake in a few seconds and I’m pretty sure she won’t want to help me out.‘ As he expected, she awoke and immediately pulled away from his arms, actually moving to the farther corner of the bed. “Wh… What happened?”

“You passed out. I just revived you and Potts will be back with some food. Sookie, you need to eat and sleep. We will talk more tonight about our rel….our circumstances.” He caught himself from saying relationship, believing the word would just cause an emotional outburst that Sookie didn’t have the energy for. He also didn’t have the time to calm her down again. ‘Pam would tease me mercilessly if she knew I was fretting about Sookie’s emotional state; but I’m running out of time for Godric. If Sookie is the one, we need to move past my errors today quickly.’ He leaned across the bed to reach for her, only to see her cower further away. “Sookie, I’m not going to hurt you, I just wanted to bring you closer for some juice.”

“I don’t trust you.” When she glanced at Eric and saw him clench his jaw at her comment, she added, “I’m sorry….Master.”

“Sookie, I thought I already explained that you will call me Eric.”

“But you just got angry and Jason told me some of the things for which I would be punished, but he didn’t exactly cover what to do after I faint and we’re sitting in the same bed.”

Eric actually rubbed his face as if tired, then looked at Sookie. Again, she was looking down and he could smell her fear. Instead of reaching for Sookie to bring her to the juice, he grabbed the juice and handed it to her. “You should drink.”

Not having had anything to eat or drink for hours, she thanked him and gulped the entire glass down and commented about how long it had been since she had anything to drink.

“What do you mean Sookie?”

“I left to meet Dawn yesterday to rescue Jason and that was the last time I had anything.”

Fucking Pam, a drink isn’t a big deal, but I gave her an order. NOW I need to check to see if she handled the car crash and glamour correctly.‘ Potts returned to the bedroom with the breakfast tray so he used the interruption to call Pam, saying he would be back in a few minutes. Exiting was tricky since he had a raging hard on from feeding Sookie his blood, but he carefully maneuvered his body to hide it.

“Master.” Pam answered her phone.

“Are you finished?”

“Yes, we are almost to the safe house in Monroe.”

“Tell me the details.

“We wrapped the car around a tree on a deserted road outside Bon Temps. I threw Jason into the windshield and he landed clear of the car. We’ve added evidence of Jason and Sookie’s incarceration at the drug dealer’s house.”

“What of the drug dealers?”

“Thalia glamoured them to leave the area and not return. They had an urge to take up residence in Nevada; we also included some information making it look like they were headed there to drive the search for Sookie out of the immediate area. Thalia called 911 just as I was leaving and she’ll serve as a witness to the accident. From the glamour Jason will recall bits and pieces of his past few weeks only, but he’s been glamoured to identify them as his captors due to his loan, and that he escaped to try to help Sookie. I already have a plan in place to update the glamour as needed to prevent him from trying to find her beyond what the police will do. You don’t plan on killing him, right?

“No, Sookie’s trade is still a life for a life; you know nobody cares about the human names, just as long as a human was punished. As for the staging: well done. At least you followed that order.”

“Of course.”

“You know, Sookie was extremely thirsty when we arrived at the house. She even fainted.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Eric. I was not going to serve your prisoners drinks.”

Eric seethed, “Det var en order Pamela. Vi kommer att diskutera det vidare ikväll.” (It was an order Pamela. We WILL discuss it further tonight.)

“Yes Master.” She answered dutifully and they ended the call. ‘He’s already testy with having this woman as a possibility, she better comply soon so we can get over this love shit and save Godric.’

The discussion with Pam and his anger had at least caused his erection to go away so he could safely return to the bedroom without scaring Sookie. He could hear laughter from Sookie’s bedroom so he ended his call with Pam to rejoin the women. He walked in with a small smile, enjoying the sound of the laughter. As soon as he entered the room, Sookie looked up, stopped her laughter and replaced her smile with a frown. In response, Eric steeled his face knowing he was the cause of her frown and realized he could change nothing in the next few minutes. “Are you feeling better now that you’re eating?”

She dropped her head and replied, “Yes. Potts’ cooking must be magic because I feel really good.”

Honesty is the way to go I guess.’ He took an unnecessary breath and explained. “Sookie, I have no doubt that Potts is an excellent cook, but it’s not just her food that is making you feel so good.”

“Oh, well, what then?”

“When you collapsed, I gave you some of my blood.”

Forgetting everything Jason taught her about respect, forgetting her promise to behave she screeched out at Eric. “YOU DID WHAT?!”

“I gave you my blood. It was necessary to heal your wounds and rouse you.”

Sookie got up from the bed and moved toward Eric her hands on her hips. “I thought I tastes something funny. I told you before I didn’t want your blood. What gives you the right to make such a decision for me? I would’ve woken soon enough, you just took advantage of the situation while I was unconscious you high handed prick!”

Inwardly, Eric pumped his fists. ‘There’s the spitfire I met last night. Jason taught her a few rules, but altering her underlying personality in a night – no way. This is much better. I’ll push a few buttons since she’s forgotten about being afraid.’ Glaring down at Sookie, he informed her. “What gives me the right? You are in my house Sookie. You live here under my rules. I decided you needed to heal, I healed you.”

“What are you my father now? Am I supposed to thank you for healing me?”

“Apparently I am a high handed prick. I’m just trying to live up to my name. As far as thanking me, yes, that would be nice.” He crossed his arms over his chest and stood expectantly.

“Fuck you. I’m not thanking you for something I told you not to do.”

Eric’s erection returned from watching Sookie challenge him, but he could not change his position. He hoped she was so pissed at him, she wouldn’t notice the growing bulge in his pants. He pressed on, enjoying the back and forth way too much. “You don’t TELL ME anything Sookie. Best get that through your head right now.”

“Or what? You’ll beat me with a belt? You’ll chain me to a wall? You’ll rape me?”

That retort stopped Eric cold. Hearing her fears blatantly listed made him realize the long road he had. Arguing with her, though fun was not going to help. Well, he hoped at least she could see that she would not be punished, so maybe it would help a little. But the rape comment, that galled him. He had never ever raped a woman. In fact, as much as the Vikings had such a reputation, it was not something his clan ever condoned and he himself had put men to death who engaged in such behavior. After considering her words for a moment, Eric did something he rarely, if ever did: he backed down, both with his words and with his posture. “Sookie, you will soon learn that your place here is very different than what happened with your brother.”

“Well, forgive me if that’s all the background I have on you. I guess seeing is believing or perhaps, not being hurt will be believing.”

“Yes, I supposed time is what is needed.” He quickly looked at the window, “and speaking of time, I must get to my bedchamber. Sunset will be about 6:30 tonight, so I will see you then.” He turned to Potts who was watching Sookie and Eric with unhidden amusement and shock. “I expect Sookie will be comfortable for the day?”

“Yes Eric. We will be fine.”

“Good day then ladies.”

Sookie fell back on the bed after he left, her spike in energy gone and the events of the past 24 hours suddenly crashing into her. “Fuck. I’ve got to watch my mouth. He’s gonna kill me if he’s like Jason said.”

Not wanting to overstep her role, but at the same time, wanting to help Sookie relax she commented on Sookie’s new life. “Sookie, Eric can be just like your brother said. He can be a monster, but he can be more than that as well.” Sookie looked at her curiously so she continued. “I have lived here for many years and I have seen the monster you fear, I have also seen the man. You’ll need to see and accept this yourself, so I won’t try to convince you with my words, I just think you can relax a bit while you both get to know each other.”

“I don’t want to get to know him; he’s an asshole that just takes whatever he wants without regard to anyone but himself. I just want to find some way to survive being his captive until he tires of me, or until I die of old age.”

“How old are you Sookie?”


“That’s a pretty depressing outlook for someone so young.”

“I made a decision for my brother and his unborn child. I can deal with whatever else comes along as long as I remember why I am here.”

“Suit yourself; I won’t try to change your mind about getting to know him.”

“Why would you even want me to get to know him? Do you have some kind of open arrangement?”

Potts laughed out loud. “Oh Sookie, do you think Eric and I are a couple?” When Sookie nodded, Potts clarified. “We are certainly NOT a couple, but the reason I am here is a story for another time. For now, you’ve had a long day, so I’ll leave you to rest.”

When Potts stood to leave, Sookie thought of something. “How do you know I won’t escape during the day?”

“I was informed you were here willingly. Are you now planning to escape?”

“I am here willingly, but I’m surprised you would trust my honor.”

“Says the woman who gave herself to a vampire so her idiot brother could be with his child…I’m pretty sure you’ve demonstrated honor.”

Sookie nodded as Potts walked out the door; then she listened to hear a lock being engaged or something that would show she was being kept in the room. When she heard nothing, she got up and tried the door. To her surprise, it opened. ‘They trust me? It has to be a trap, though nobody said I had to STAY in this room. I’ll walk around later, right now; I really do want to sleep.’

Potts returned to the kitchen to clean the breakfast dishes, giggling when she heard Sookie get up to try the door. The house phone rang, and she knew it was Eric, nobody ever called the landline. She didn’t bother with pleasantries since he never did either. “You heard the conversation?”

“I did.”

“She is a curious creature, and it’s hard to believe she is related to Jason, besides the good looks.”

“Did she try the door after you left, is that what I heard?”

“Yes, she was quite surprised at your trust.”

“Well, little does she know if she ran for it, the Were guards would bring her back. No reason to tell her that, though.”

“For the moment, I don’t know that you should keep that to her for long.”

He ignored her comment about the guards. “Still, I actually think I could trust her, she just seems so … ”

He struggled for the word and Potts offered: “Honorable?”

“Yes, something I rarely witness in humans ….. I will see you when I rise tonight, Potts.”

Eric logged into his warehouse security camera feed. He wanted to see Sookie’s arrival and hear the conversation between Sookie and Jason. Starting with the one from earlier in the day, before he arrived he settled in and watched. Sookie was a force to be reckoned with. He chuckled at her dumb blond act, and the fact that she was obviously flaunting her cleavage. Once Dawn was securing the guard, he noticed Sookie just standing there with her eyes closed. ‘What is that all about.’ He wondered. He sped up to seeing Jason and Sookie together, Sookie’s return for the key and Dawn blowing everything by driving up too soon. ‘They may have actually gotten Jason out if the guard they took down had the key. That’s something to think about in the future. That two women could find my warehouse jail AND possibly take out two guards is extremely concerning. My head of security will hear about this.’ The time she and Jason spent in the cell before he arrived was unremarkable. He did notice Jason telling her to keep quiet about how she found him; then he pointed to his head, not his mouth – that either meant something or he truly was just that stupid.

He moved the recording forward to Jason and Sookie’s discussion on rules and punishment. He noted a few things including Sookie’s independent streak. When Sookie mentioned something about nobody ever seeing her naked except family, he literally paused, backed up and played it again. ‘How could a twenty four year old be THAT innocent?‘ Endlessly entertaining, Jason caused Eric to chuckle when the recording showed his reaction to Sookie’s question about whether Eric had ever attempted to have sex with him. ‘You’re a pretty boy Jason, but only my maker and I share that intimacy.’ Again, he was struck by Sookie’s innocence when she remarked that she did not recognize the very large and hard bulge in his pants as an erection. ‘What the fuck. Was she grotesque until recently? Surely the men of Bon Temps have noticed her by now.

The last part of the discussion infuriated him. Nobody had brought them food during the day? Yes, Eric had starved prisoners before, but that happened when he ordered it, not because some Weres were in a snit because a woman bested one of their own. His Were guards had made several mistakes during the past 24 hours, and there would be hell to pay. The worst mistake was onscreen at the moment and he grew angrier and angrier as he watched the two guards attempt to rape his Sookie. Scenarios with different types of torture went through his mind as he watched the video. He was smirking at his plans when he suddenly stopped short. ‘My Sookie? Why do I even care?…Wait, did I just admit that I care? I never cared about Theresa or Kathleen, what the fuck is going on?’

He stopped to think for a few more minutes then moved to his bed. His thoughts were of how to start building his relationship with her and he realized he was fucked if she is already occupying his thoughts this much.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – Home Sweet Home

  1. OMG! I can’t believe I didn’t put that together before now! “Mrs. Potts!” It’s been so long since I’ve seen “Beauty & The Beast!” My grandbabies are into “The Little Mermaid” right now since we just got the DVD yesterday; this would be after they nearly ruined my collectors’ 1st edition copy of the VCR tape my girls nearly wore out! Will Lumiere` be making an appearance? Probably through Sookie’s hands! LOL! Great chapter! I can’t wait to read what Sookie does next! She is most likely going to give the Viking more than he bargained for, as usual.

    • Of course it’s Mrs. Potts! But no Lumiere – I’m not doing the microwave fingers like the show.

      Love reading your comments and how you plow through stuff.

      So – what do you do for a living – you made those therapy comments, got me wondering.

      • Once upon a time, in a different life, I was a MH therapist & work in several different modalities of the field from private practice to the community service programs for the county in which I reside. I worked in Forensic MH with the most violent offenders, including sex offenders, murderers, etc. I also did case management, and my last job was working with children. I retired early, and for the last 5 years of so I’ve been writing book reviews as well as editing & proofing for authors. I do this freelance & at home, so it’s nice to be able to work in my pj’s if I’d like! I find so much raw talent on these blogs & on FF. I love encouraging authors to write their own work – the creativity just shines through in the ones I read most of often. There are about 10-12 of you I read regularly.

  2. great chapter he is so screwed and i don’t know how he plans to get through all this. his feelings are starting to come out and he is unsure of what they are, let alone how to handle them.. looking forward to everything. KY

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