Make a Wish

Make A Wish

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Story Summary:

Eric receives a request from a dying boy (Hunter) to take his mother (Sookie) on a date.  He decides to give the request a chance in the hopes it will alleviate some of his boredom with life.  AU / OOC!  Rated M for language and later chapters.  E/S.  Mild angst/drama.

This story is:  COMPLETE

If you have aversions to: 

Eric as a family man or romance bordering on sappy, this is not the story for you.  I have some very mild drama planned, stuff that starts and resolves in the course of one chapter (one situation may take two chapters – I haven’t written that far out yet).

Nominated for:

make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-the-greatest-love-story make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-tissue-kleenex-award make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-best-of-the-best


make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-tissue-kleenex-award1 make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-the-viking-award make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-pins-and-needles make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-edge-of-your-seat make-a-wish-magsmacdonald-the-charlaine-harris-award make-a-wish-pam-magsmacdonald-frying-pan-award

Main characters with comments:



Vampire, Sheriff of Area 5 as normal.  Bored with life, looking for something else.  Willing to step out of typical vampire character for Sookie – he’s immediately drawn to her.

Character:  Alexander Skarsgård



Telepath with a slightly different background – she started her education and has a better handle on her shields.  Less stubborn than CH Sookie (though it can flare occasionally).  Has maintained a long distance crush on Eric for a few months.

Character:  Megan Hilty



Telepath – Totally cute and wants his Mommy happy.  He knows about Sookie’s crush so he writes a letter.  In this story, Hunter is diagnosed as terminal.  If that put you off, or you’re unsure – I do have the SPOILER posted on his situation.  It’s a spoiler – and you’ve been warned.

Character:  Billy Wagenseller



You’ll hate him

Character:  Ryan Kwanten



Not gonna be too fond of this Pam.

Character:   Kristen Bauer van Straten

Maxine Fortenberry:


What’s she doing in a fanfic as a major character?  Gran is gone and she stepped up to help Sookie and Hunter.  She’s not the annoying Maxine that we normally have.  Even Eric LIKES her!

Character:  Dale Raoul



Mustapha starts as Eric’s PI but his role grows.

Character:  Idris Elba


Genny Burke

Our lovely Make a Wish woman!  We met her in the first chapter when she delivered the letter from Hunter to Eric.  Well, I really hadn’t planned to have her back again but so many of you write that you liked her – I changed my mind.  Hope you like what you inspired me to do – you’ll just have to wait til about chapter 25 for more of her storyline .

Character:  Honor Blackman

Hoyt and Jessica:

hoyt and jessica

Adopted family for Sookie and Hunter.

Characters:  Jim Parrack and Deborah Ann Woll

The following characters appear later in the story – you won’t know how they fit in for a while – scroll further at your own risk:



Played by my own Emma at 3



Played by my Josephine at 6 months

Judge Charles Harkem:

Judge Harkem

Character:  Patrick Stewart



Character:  Allan Hyde

Ryan MacGregor

ryan macgregor

Character:  Sean Connery (YUMM)

50 thoughts on “Make a Wish

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  2. So excited about this story! Thank you so much for posting that spoiler! I wish more people would do that, maybe they’d have more readers if they did 😉

      • I promise to update every Friday. It’s already written, I just have to edit the remaining chapters. How about I’ll post chapter 6 early if you post your first chapter of Make A Wish.

        • Deal – will bite the bullet. I have the first 14 chapters done – my goal was 15 before posting. I’m struggling with a prologue or not in the beginning (essentially the end at the start).

          • I think no prologue. It’s going to be an interesting story and the end should be a surprise. I’m currently goong over a different chapter for a new story that I’m writing but once I’m done I’ll go over chapter 6 and hopefully get it out tonight. 🙂 Do you know if you can PM on WordPress?

            • I dont know how to PM on wordpress. Or even if you can. You can find me on FB (margaret Sweeney Burry – I think we’re friends) or – just say in the subject who you are so I’ll open it.
              THANK YOU – the feedback on the prologue. I’ve been on the fence. I believe you’ll see chapter one sometime tomorrow (it’s too late for today).

              • I’ve seen people talk about PMing but I’ve never seen at a place to do it. Thought I’d ask. Yes, we are friends on FB. 🙂 I ditched writing anymore on my other story to edit chapter 6. I’m an hour behind you but I may get it out there tonight. Snow day tomorrow so I’ll be up late.

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  4. I enjoy lighthearted Eric and Sookie stories with a dash of drama that’s why I read FF! I think we all get enough angst and disappointment from TB, SVM to last us a lifetime. I love the friendship that can happen between Sookie and Pam will this happen eventually or will Pam be resentful, jealous period?

  5. Can’t wait for this story to start up! Really looks like a good one,as always of course! Just wondering though, who is Hunters father going to be? Or are you going to eventually answer that in the story? Looking forward to seeing the first chapter post in my inbox, update soon!

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  8. Wow, what a great start. I can’t wait to see where you take this and I’m really happy she’s more than a barmaid. Thanks for the heads up on Hunter. Also, just want to let you know I enjoy your stories.

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  12. Who is Megan Hilty? Not that there’s anything wrong with your choice of whom you chose as Sookie; it’s all in the imagination! I’ve never seen her before so forgive me if my imagination keeps reverting to Anna Pacquin!

    I like Mustapha! I’ve never seen him before either and, no, I don’t live under a rock. I don’t watch much network TV or go to movies. I’m too busy reading & editing…

    • Megan Hilty – Broadway (Wicked) I first saw her on TV show called Smash and thought she looked more Sookie to me than Anna. Anna is too thin.
      Idris Elba – Mustapha – I found him just by searching – I found a pic of him on a motorcycle (didn’t use that one obviously) – but I like him when I saw him. I don’t even know who he is (He was in that Nicolas Cage movie where he can becoming – like fire or something – while he rides a bike). That’s all I know.

      • Never heard of either one! Idris Elba though; looks as if he walked off the pages of the books & is Mustapha personified! Anna Pacquin is too thin now, especially since having her twins! Damn, I hate women that look like that after having a baby, let alone two! I have a picture of myself from when my oldest was 5 days old, and a friend looked at it & asked if I’d “had the baby at that point?” Talk about want to commit homicide. Grr…

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  18. I finished reading what you have done so far at 3am the other morning and meant to let you know sooner that I liked it very much. You have a unique take on Eric and go into areas that I like but have no frame of reference to write. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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