Glimpses 11 – Aftermath

This one is special for:  Colette Hart – hope you feel better soon.  Thanks for reaching out to me.

Comments:  Remember this is glimpses – BVB all family type stuff going on here.  We learn more about the kidnapping in the next one.  This is the family settling in.



Glimpses 11 – Aftermath

Sam woke in a dimly lit room and gingerly looked around as best he could with bandages on his head. Gazing down his chest he could see a head on the side of his bed; a head with hair that looked like Frannie’s. ‘Could it be Frannie? Where am I anyway?’ He tried to move a hand to touch her but he realized it was being held down. His movement woke his guest and she turned to him. “Sam?” Her face lit up animatedly but her voice was soft. “You’re awake?” Frannie watched as he tried to say something but he was still weak. “Don’t talk. I’ll get Dr. Ludwig.”

“I’m here little girl. Take a break while I check my patient.”

“But. . .”

“He’ll be here when you come back. I need twenty minutes.” The doctor waved her hands in a shooing motion and added a forceful, “GO!”

Frannie left the room but stayed by the door until her father walked by. “What’s all the commotion?”

“Sam is up.”

“I thought I heard you talking to him. Any update?”

“Ludwig’s giving him a checkup. Said she needs twenty minutes.”

He put his hand out. “Let’s take a twenty minute walk.”

She shook her head. “No, what if she needs me?”

“There are two nurses here.” He moved closer to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “When she’s done I’m going to lose you to that room for hours probably. Give your Dad a few minutes?”

“Master manipulator.” He barked out a laugh as they headed upstairs.

They made their way to the front gate where a few members of the Bon Temps church were gathered for Sam. Mustapha, Thalia and Holly had seen to their comfort while they held vigil, and Eric could see they were sitting on comfortable chairs and had a cooler held drinks. “Thank you for coming. Sam is awake and we’re waiting for news from the doctor.”

Catfish replied for the group. “That’s good news. We’ve all been worried. How’s the baby?”

“Attached to her mother right now and doing well.” He scanned the faces gathered at the late hour. “You’re welcome to stay; I’d also like to offer a ride home if that’s needed or feel free to come in.” Eric didn’t believe for a moment that any of these people were a threat. He knew Sookie and Hunter had read them all.

Hoyt’s mother, Maxine, stepped forward. “We’ve had plenty of people seeing to our needs this whole time. We’re in good hands and we’re fine out here. In fact, we chose to stay here since the news got wind of Moyra and Sam; we want to ensure everyone sees the support you have from this town.”

“Very thoughtful.”

“We’ll stay until we get the update on Sam.” She nodded her head in Frannie’s direction. “You enjoy a nice walk with your daughter.”

“I will.” Eric guided Frannie to their newly built barn. The horses were scheduled to arrive over the summer. “Are you excited about the horses?”

“Not like Hunter and Mom are. I mean, I’ll try it out . . . they’re so big though. It scares me.”

“I’ve ensured we have two American Quarter Horses coming. That’s the best breed for beginning riders; docile.”

When they got to the tack room, Eric took the time to explain all the equipment, infusing tidbits of his life and history. Frannie loved when Eric shared his long life with her; she knew only those closest to him were privy to the stories. Tonight though, he caught her checking her phone twice for the time. “I still have ten minutes and I’ll fly you to the house if needed.”

Frannie looked up and bit her lip, knowing she was caught being preoccupied with the time. “I’m sorry Daddy.”

“I know you want to talk to Sam, we’ll head back.”

Trying to make the most out of the seven minutes left, Frannie struck up a conversation about the new daywalker status. “So, what will happen now that you’re a daywalker?”

“I’ll still need to see to business at night but probably not all night. I guess we’ll adjust our hours to be closer to standard.” They walked a few more feet before he added with an excited smile. “Maybe I’ll sleep.”

Frannie returned the smile, delighted for her father. “Like dream and everything?”

He shrugged. “Who knows?” They paused to speak to a guard near them; then he returned to the chat about his day walking status. “I do believe we should move upstairs though.” When Frannie opened her mouth to speak, he stopped her. “Don’t worry, that will include Sam while he recovers.” She laughed. “I know you always liked the room with the window seat so that will be your room.” He paused. “Since I felt your burst of excitement, you like this plan.”

“I do like the plan. I also love that room, but not because of the window seat.” He was surprised by her words. “That room is where you first reached out to connect with me. Do you remember? We were taking our first tour of Sharanya that day, well the house was called Tara back then.”

“I remember Lilla.” He took her hand softly, exactly how he’d first done it years ago on the day she was recalling. “I was trying to help you fit in and feel comfortable.”

“You did help.”

He gave her a soft smile and admitted, “I was nervous.”

“Me too, but I didn’t know you were.” She laughed while a few tears escaped then explained. “I think we’ve had too many hard days in a row for this conversation. Let’s get back to what else will change now that you can tan.” She stopped short. “Wait, can you tan? Will anyone know?”

“That’s a conversation I have yet to have with my father and your mother.”

“That would suck if you couldn’t.”

Ever the father, Eric gently corrected her. “Lilla, proper young ladies don’t say suck.”

They’d made it to the front entry way by now and she looked up at him; the same look of adoration Moyra had given him earlier. “Yes Daddy.”

“You go on to Sam, I’ll be in shortly. I’ll give you time to . . . talk.”

She wrapped her arms around his waist and held on for a hug. “Love you Daddy.”

“I love you too Lilla.” Eric watched as his daughter, his Lilla, walked away to tell another man that she loved him. Eric sighed. In that moment, he knew that Sam was suddenly the most important man in her life. He didn’t begrudge Sam and he wasn’t upset with Frannie; this was bound to happen. It did hurt though. Before he could wallow in his sadness, the door opened and a group of the rescue party from Fairy walked in.

“Your majesty, how’s is everything here.”

“Much better Peter. I was heading down to get an update on Sam. Who is left on Fairy?”

“Your father, Pam, and the two daemons.”

“Two? We had three, Desmond and his nieces.”

“Your majesty, you must have left before we assessed the situation. Desmond was killed in the battle.”

Eric’s face turned grim and he tried to control his shock and upset at the news, but didn’t. Sookie was running up the stairs before he could put a lid on his reaction. “ERIC!” Sookie cried out. “What’s wrong?”

Before answering Sookie, he turned to Peter. “You have my thanks. Can you confirm we have coverage as needed?” Peter nodded at Eric. “Then please go and be with your family. It’s only been a few hours for you, but they haven’t seen you for over ten days.” Peter nodded and headed off as instructed. “Let’s go downstairs Sookie.”

“It’s bad isn’t it?” He nodded. “Pam, Papa? Who Eric, who is gone?”

Eric could see he wasn’t going to make it to the lower level so he pulled her into the closest room and told her. “Sookie . . . your Uncle Desmond didn’t make it.”

Taking Eric with her, she fell to her knees sobbing on the way down. “NO!” She cried with a look of anguish on her face. “How will I ever be able to face his nieces?”

“Everyone knew the risks when we left for fairy, he died with honor.”

It was spoken through tears, but he heard her say, “I know . . . I know.” She gulped in a big breath of air. “It still hurts.”

He allowed her to cry it out as she needed, then he helped her stand. As he wiped her tears away, he validated her comments. “Of course it hurts. We’ll do what we need to help Glad and Diantha through it.” She put his arm around her to guide her downstairs, and said. “For now, let’s focus on getting everyone well.”

She nodded “And Sam is our first focus. Let’s go see him since the little ones are asleep.”

Eric shook his head. “I told Frannie we’d give them time to talk.” Eric said, but since he was still walking toward the room, Sookie could tell he wanted to go in.

“We’ll say hi; then leave.” Sookie offered and Eric nodded in agreement. They turned into the bedroom and stopped cold. Frannie was leaning over the bed, kissing Sam. Sookie felt a sharp pain from Eric followed by lingering hurt. His reaction was a surprise, since she would have guessed ‘daddy’s’ reaction would have been anger. She tugged gently on his hand and they backed away. When they got to the den and sat, she asked, “Want to talk about it?”

“He’s her most important person now.”

“They haven’t been on one date yet. Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun a little?”

He shook his head and looked down. “No. She loves him, I can feel it. You read his note, they’re in love. He’s the one for her.”

Sookie took his chin to raise his head. “Then she couldn’t have done any better, right papa bear?”

“Yes, very smart mama bear.”

He leaned over to kiss her and Frannie interrupted them. Figuring, turnabout was fair play, Eric continued with the kiss until Frannie claimed, “GROSS! Stop it you guys.”

Eric turned with a serious expression. “I didn’t tell you to stop.”

“Wha . . . what?”

Sookie laughed. “We walked in on you.” Frannie turned bright red at Sookie’s reveal. “And your father is having fun at your expense. But it’s better than him taking Sam’s head off. I mean, Dr. Ludwig spent all that time fixing him up.” Sookie held a serious face for a second but caved in and laughed out loud; Frannie and Eric joining her. “Come on honey, take us to Sam; your father and I have some gratitude to dole out.”

As soon as Sookie saw Sam, she ran to give him a hug. “I’m so glad you’re recovering. I was so worried.”

“I’ll be fine Sookie.”

“And Eric and I will spend forever thanking you for your actions.” Eric joined Sookie at the bed and took Sam’s hand, offering his personal thanks. The four talked about the abduction, Sam’s actions, the details of Moyra’s glamour, and the plan for Sam’s recovery until Frannie and Sookie needed to sleep. Knowing fighting the Sam and Frannie situation was a lost cause, he had another bed brought in next to Sam. Frannie smiled and thanked her father. He warned, “Don’t think this is an open invitation for sleeping in the same room. This is while he’s recuperating only.”

“Yes Daddy.”

Before he and Sookie left for their room, he leaned down to give her a hug and whispered into her ear, “And put on full coverage pajamas. Flannel if you have them.”


The next afternoon, Moyra woke in bed with Eric, Sookie and Lacy (the dog was staying glued to her). She spoke quietly to her dog-friend waking Sookie. “Hi acy. You sweep good?” Her voice woke Sookie.

“Good morning Moyra!”

“Mommy.” Moyra smiled and snuggled into Sookie’s side for a few minutes. Before retiring in the early morning, Eric and Sookie spoke about his daywalker status privately. They hadn’t told the youngest kids anything. Though Eric returned from fairy before sunset, nobody thought anything about it since Eric had taken fairy blood for the rescue.

While Sookie and Moyra spoke, Eric waited for the planned surprise. Finally Sookie told Moyra, “Give Daddy kisses.” It was something Moyra did every day when she woke though normally, Eric was dead. Today, her father was resting as still as possible waiting for her to climb on him to give kisses. Once Moyra had settled with her chest pressed to his, she leaned down to his face and three things happened at once: Eric moved his arms to hold her, he opened his eyes, and Moyra screamed louder than anyone had ever heard before. It quickly turned into giggles when she realized he was up.

Sookie was out of bed to collect the triplets – all three demanding to get out of their cribs – when Hunter walked in. “I knew it! I heard Lala talking about it.”

“Well, your eavesdropping ruined your surprise.” Sookie said.

“I think Moyra screamed enough for all of us.”

“She sure did.” Frannie added as she came in. “She woke Sam and me.” She moved to hug her father while she asked him, “Did you sleep or dream last night?”

Eric frowned. “I did sleep and dream. Though, given yesterday’s events, I didn’t care for my dreams.”

“I’m sorry about your dreams Daddy. But I mean, now you’re like us.” Frannie started misting up at the thought. “You get to spend all day with us if you want – every day now.”

Frannie’s nerves were shot with the kidnapping and Sam’s recuperation; she broke down and started weeping. Since it was contagious, Sookie joined her. Hunter looked at them like they both had two heads. “Frannie, Mommy, this is good news, not crying news.”

“I know that goof, I heard about this before but I didn’t get a chance to let it sink in.” Frannie sobbed and took in a breath. “Let me be.”

“How’s a guy supposed to keep up?” He threw her hands in the air in mock frustration. “Sad tears, guilt tears, happy tears. I’ll never understand women!”

The room needed the excuse to laugh and Hunter knew it. Eric hugged him. “Good work Hunter. We needed that laugh.”

Frannie agreed while she wiped her eyes. “I’m getting back in with Sam now that I know everything is fine. He’ll want an explanation.”

“We’ll be in after we get the kids organized.” Eric said.

Frannie, feeling better about life overall, deadpanned. “So . . . never?”

“Har har. Tell him we’ll be there in twenty.”

“You got it.” Frannie spun around to leave and stopped dead. “What are you three doing out of your cribs!? How did you get out?”

Hearing Frannie’s words, Eric and Sookie ran to investigate. Sookie put her hands on her hips as she looked down at her three rascals. In her best ‘mom’ voice, she asked, “What did you do?” Jarl, obviously the leader of the operation, smiled up at Sookie.

Moyra offered, “Dey oopsy, reawwy oopsy!” To the situation.

Knowing she was trying to read his little Houdini’s minds, Eric asked, “Can you see anything Sookie?” She shook her head ‘no’ and turned to see Hunter doing the same. “I’m dying to know how they did it. I’m putting a camera in their room in case they manage to keep their escape method shielded from you.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have started working on shields with the triplets.” Sookie scoffed, “Not only can they keep from hearing other’s thoughts, but they can prevent Hunter and me from getting in. Eric’s right; to find out how they escaped, we’ll need to wait for the camera and hope they can repeat it.” She shook her head. “What am I saying!? I don’t want them to ever repeat it!”

Frannie shook her head. “Mom, you’re delusional if you think this was a one-time thing. They’ll certainly repeat it. Those little mischief makers are freakin’ geniuses and you know it.”


The next few days while the Northmans recuperated, they also moved their living and sleeping quarters out of the underground chamber. The space would still serve as a guest for visiting vampires and of course, the playroom would remain but their bedrooms would now be upstairs with windows.

With Eric home, Sookie also found that she was relaxing and allowed the kids to spend time outside when Eric was with them. Eric had been shocked when he heard Sookie sequestered them all in the house while he was gone. He met with his security staff coming up with plans to prevent fairies from getting on their property. The problem was, his family included fairies so there were no viable options that Ludwig would approve. Anything suggested could impact Sookie and the kids over time.

He knew Sookie wasn’t going to be pleased but he had to break the news to her. “Min älskade, I have news for you on the security meetings.”

The kids had gone to bed and he and Sookie were in the den they’d moved to the second floor so they could relax and stay close to the sleeping kids. “I can feel your apprehension, so I’m not going to be happy.”

“No. I don’t have an absolute option for you. Anything that could prevent fairies from getting onto the property could hurt you and the kids. We know you can touch iron and not burn – but prolonged exposure?” He shook his head. “Ludwig wouldn’t sign off on it.”

“Do we have any options?”

“The ill-will wards. They prevent any persons or things onto the property with the intent to harm.”


“But a fairy could have a mental talent that could fool the ward.”

Sookie thought about what he was saying, processed it as Alcide would have said. With some further discussion and convincing from Eric, she realized that this was her best option and she couldn’t live her life in fear. “It’s the best we can do. Hopefully Niall will take the remaining threats – possible remaining threats – seriously and capture any of Breandan’s followers.

“Agreed. We’ll need to discuss this with him as well.” He pulled her close to kiss her. “So for now, you’ll let the kids play outside?”

“I guess so.” She sighed as she tucked into his arms. “Anything else to discuss?”

“Have you decided on an interview about the kidnapping?”

“Yes. I’m going to call Angie. She did right by us after the incident with the former mayor, I trust her.”

“I agree.” He turned his head to face her with a look of lust in his eyes. “And now, Mrs. Northman, time for us to go to bed.”

She sent a jolt of lust through the bond but contradicted it with her words. “But I’m not tired.”

“I’ll tire you out.” He gave her a preview by attacking her lips; then kissing down her neck to her belly button, unbuttoning her shirt to expose sections of skin along the way.

She responded breathlessly, “I’ll meet you in our new sitting room; give me a minute to put on something more comfortable.” Their new master suite was large enough to have a separate sitting room. Sookie was sure it was going to reek of sex for months with all their interludes taking place in there.   Moyra was still in their bed; no way was Sookie ready to let her go back to her own room yet.

They were headed out of the den when a guard texted Eric on his phone. It was short message telling them to check out the video feed from the triplet’s room. Eric stopped Sookie from leaving, clicked on the feed link for his phone, and they watched, wide-eyed as the escape artists worked.

When they turned on the video, Jarl had already pulled Pammers’ crib next to his and he was helping her climb in. They would check the recording for what they missed later but Eric was sure Karl used the sheet to pull Pammers crib to his. With Eric’s DNA, they had long arms and legs and Jarl used a sheet to help pull Pammers up. It took a few tries, but he got her over. Once she was in his crib, she got on her belly and he used her body as a step to get over the bar; then again to ease his transition to the ground by stepping on her again through the slats on his way down. Sookie stared slack-jawed at the actions while Eric beamed at their brilliance. Free from his crib, Jarl then ran around and unlocked the sides of Pammers’ and Addie’s cribs. Pammers was fine from there; Addie needed help to climb down since she was the smallest of the trio.

Lastly – and to both Eric and Sookie’s utter shock – Jarl replaced the sides of the cribs, returned Pammers’ crib to its usual spot, and put her sheet back in the crib so all evidence of the escape was hidden. While Sookie and Eric stared at the video, the three came running into the hallway near the den upstairs; giggling out loud.

Sookie schooled her features, pointed her hand to their room and told them, “Back to bed, right now!” She grabbed Jarl and Eric picked up the girls. While Sookie got them in their cribs, Eric quickly adjusted the wheels on all three cribs to not spin (hoping that would prevent any further escapes). One of the guards arrived to help Eric secure the cribs. For now, they added weights to the legs of each crib. In addition to getting a good laugh, the guards had watched and came up with an idea to help right away. They were sure a more permanent solution (like chains) would be needed going forward. It took almost an hour for them to get the kids settled again and Sookie was yawning. Eric was afraid sexy time was about to be canceled for sleep.

With the triplets secure, they walked out of the room, Eric looking more frazzled than usual. “What’s this? Not so proud of your three tiny villains now?”

“Not when they interrupt sex and make you too tired to start up again I’m not.”

“DADDY!” Frannie gasped from outside her door. “EW!”

Neither of them had heard Frannie approach so they were surprised, but Eric played it cool. “Please. I keep walking in on you and Sam. When Ludwig’s not tending to him the two of you are attached. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need mouth to mouth resuscitation all the time now. Given what I’ve endured, you can hear me say the word sex at this point.”

Frannie opened and closed her mouth a few times before she finally huffed and walked into her room.

Sookie laughed. “You’re doing good Papa Bear. One would think you’ve come to accept that she’s starting to be physical with a man.”

“I’ve accepted nothing. I’m plotting ways to keep them apart as much as possible all while putting up a good front.”

Sookie whacked him on the butt. “You. Will. Not!” She huffed as he picked her up and carried her to their room. “You should use this time to get used to your daughters and boyfriends.”

“No. I’ve decided, we’re leaving your church and joining the Catholic Church in Minden. Moyra will be a nun. Sister Mary Moyra. ”

Sookie laughed at him, though his face and his feelings were serious. “Addie and Pammers? Sister Mary Adele and Sister Mary Pam?”

“Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, no convent can control those two. They’ll have chastity belts and be chained into their rooms.”

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11 thoughts on “Glimpses 11 – Aftermath

  1. Love the update! The triplets crack me up and Eric dealing with Frannie is terrific! Glad to see you’re back and loved the pics you posted!

  2. I love the banter between All of them. Frannie and Eric together are fun! The triplets are gonna be more than a handful growing up, that’s for sure!

  3. Thank you sooooo much. I didn’t tack on before that I had to send my Grannie to the hospital as soon as I got home from the hospital. She is back home and mom and I have been helping to take care of her. Your dedication of the chapter to me brought tears to my eyes ( happy tears) thank you again. I love reading your work.

  4. Those triplets are diabolical. Adorable, too. I’m glad the family gets a break from threats for a while, at least I hope they do. They weren’t at home when the kidnapping happened, but the next try might find them there. Frannie and Sam are so sweet together. I’m glad Eric realizes it’s pointless to object. I also love how their friends in Bon Temps gathered for prayer and support.

    I envy your trip to Alaska. It’s one of the place I’d like to see before it’s too late and I get too old and feeble.

    I do have questions about your original stuff. Are you already published? Is your editor with a commercial publisher or free-lance? Or are you planning to self-publish? I’m just curious. Your fan fiction is wonderful, so I know any original fiction will be good, too. I don’t have anything ready to submit to anyone, but I’m thinking I’m too old to try struggle getting a commercial publisher to look at my work, much less buy it.

    • You’re never too old! I’m on my third career, first since retirement, and the best one ever! It helps being your own boss too! 🙂

  5. Naturally Eric’s son would be masterful at any plan, but adding in his sisters makes it all the more fun! I wonder what they’ll think of next? Eric accepting Frannie’s relationship with Sam is great. It’s a very difficult thing for a father to understand that he’s no longer number one for who will always be his little girl, no matter how old she gets, but Sam is a good man. He & Sookie better watch out or they’ll be adding more cribs to that nursery! I love how Moyra talks! You’ve created such a beautiful family for E & S.
    Oh, loved the blue poppies! I’ve never seen them before and now I’ll be looking for pics everywhere. They’re beautiful! Thanks again for sharing!

  6. love the triplets, they are too much fun. Pappa Bear is being a good sport about Frannie, it makes me so proud of him. poor Desmond but i am sure Eric will take car o f the flowers. KY

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  8. Woo hoo, an update. Your vacation sounds amazing and pictures are awesome . Love: Eric accepting Sam, the trips are a trip and Hunter still adoeable. Hate: next button still sux and it feels like you are winding this one down… not sure how I will cope, they’re like awesome relatives I get surprise visits from. Glad to hear you are doing so well on your original, I know it will be great.

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