Chapter 52 – Surprises and Wishes

Chapter 52 – Surprises and Wishes

July 17, 2004

Sookie and Hunter were doing some reading together in the living room when Alcide came in.  “Good day Sweets.  I have a delivery truck at the end of the driveway.  Can you check the guys out?”

“Sure, your guys have the questions?”

“Yes, they’ll start asking as soon as I tell them.”

“Hunter, you want to help me listen to the men at the end of the driveway?”

“Sure Aunt Sookie.”

The two telepaths stood on the porch and listened for several minutes while two Weres physically searched the interior, cargo area and undercarriage.  While they listened, Mustapha arrived by car, not his usual motor cycle.  After she gave Alcide the approval on the delivery men, she walked down to meet Mustapha.  “Where’s your bike Mustapha?”

“Got too many things I had to deliver today.  I needed the cargo space.  I think it’s going to be that way every day since you aren’t able to go out on your own.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mustapha, I know you like your bike.”

“I like the sound of it.”  Hunter had joined them by the car.

“Yes Hunter I know you like that Harley.  Maybe your Uncle Eric will get you one when you’re old enough.”

“YOU STOP RIGHT THERE!  I don’t want my sweet little man getting hurt on a motorcycle.”

“Sookie, you can’t protect him forever.”

“Watch me try.  Now what’s all this?”

“Video conferencing equipment for your doctor’s appointment tonight, your favorite chicken soup – that’s what you’ve been waiting for, right Hunter?”

He nodded his head and his whole body shook with it.  “Eric wanted you to try this to see if you could handle it.”

“I will, but first I’m seeing one of my favorite boxes in there.”  She said in a sing song voice.

Mustapha laughed.  “Leave it to you to be morning sick and salivating over ’The Shreveport Sweetshoppe’ at the same time.  I got your favorite but I also bought two items that may be better for your stomach to handle.”

“I don’t care if it comes right back up; I’m having my chocolate cake right after I eat some soup.”  She opened the box.  “You got – what kind of muffins are these?”

“One is whole wheat one is low-fat blueberry.”

She just busted out laughing.  “Maybe little skinny Potts wants one of those.  Not me!  So the video conferencing equipment?”

“I need to set this up in your Gran’s room.  He said it’s bigger than your room and can be more private for your appointment tonight.”

“That makes sense.  Do you need help?”

“Just make sure your Gran isn’t napping or something in there.”

Sookie paused for a moment and listened for her Gran’s thoughts.  “She’s in the kitchen but I’ll go with you and explain.  What else do you have in this trunk?”

“Headsets for all new radio communication devices.  This is way more high tech than the blue tooth you guys used for the witch war.  Eric decided it was time to make the investment.  Everyone on the staff will be wearing these now enabling them to be in constant communication.”

“Let me guess, he owns the company.”

“He just bought it.”

“How about spying?  Can anyone tap into their conversations?”

“These are encrypted.”

“I don’t even want to know the price tag do I?”

“Oh, it gets better.  He bought the company, then ordered all the equipment for us and the palace and billed it to the State.  The Queen’s paying.”

“He is devious.  Thank goodness he’s on our side.”


Later that afternoon, Ludwig arrived for Sookie’s appointment.

“Hey girly, how are you feeling?”

“Depends on the minute.”

“Hmm, a healthy pregnancy can do that.  I understand we’re calling the giant while we have the appointment?”

“Video conference.  It’s all set-up in Gran’s room.”

“Let’s get started then.”

Mustapha fiddled with the computer equipment, showing Sookie how to start a video web conference with Eric.  This way, he could see Sookie AND the information going to the laptop in the room during the visit.  Sookie just didn’t know all of what he would be seeing yet.  She followed Mustapha’s instructions and after a few minutes Eric’s face popped onto her laptop screen.  She beamed.  “Hi Sweetie, can you see me?  I can see you.  When you move it’s a little jerky but it’s still good.  Really good.”

“I can see you too.  I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.”  She pointed over her shoulder and informed him, “Dr. Ludwig is here, we can talk after the appointment.”

Eric went into command mode.  “Doctor, what can we expect from this visit?  What do we need to be doing for Sookie?”

“I’ll collect some basic data as a baseline, we’ll cover nutrition and exercise, and we’ll try to see what we can see.”

“See?”  Sookie asked with uncontained excitement.  “What do you mean see?”

The smile on Ludwig’s face was creepy and unusual but it was genuine.  “Guys, bring it in.”  Alcide, Mustapha and Jason started carrying in strange equipment.  Ludwig spent a few minutes guiding them on how to put the pieces into something Sookie thought looked like. . .

“Is this an ultrasound?”  She jumped up and down and Eric laughed from New Orleans.  He thought she would be pleased with his surprise, but this was more than he expected.  The bond was singing with excitement and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.  Knowing they couldn’t have an ultrasound operator on the property, Mustapha met with one earlier in the day to ensure he could hook it up to the laptop for the video conference.  With all this technology, Eric could see Sookie AND the ultrasound as he wanted.

Ludwig kept smiling at Sookie while she answered.  “Yes Sookie, it’s an ultrasound.  Now stop jumping, it’s early in your pregnancy and many parents don’t see much, but we’re keeping it here and I can do a check every couple of weeks.”

“It’s staying here?”

“Yes, your husband bought it.”  She turned her attention to Mustapha as Sookie stared into the camera.  A look of joy was on her face and no words were needed.  Ludwig continued with the set-up.  “Mustapha, are we all connected?”

“I need you to check, can you start up the machine?  I just want to be sure Eric can see the screen before I get out.”

Eric and Mustapha ran a quick check and when they were both satisfied, the guys left the room – except Jason who was pouting.  To Sookie’s surprise, he’d wanted to see the baby too but Ludwig ended that bluntly.  “Jason, I have to do a transvaginal ultrasound.”

“Wha. . .”

“I don’t rub the wand over her belly, I have to go up through the vag. . .”  He was out the door before she’d even finished the sentence.  “Well, that was easy.”

“Yeah, but he won’t be able to look at me for weeks.”

They both laughed at Jason’s pain before Ludwig turned serious again.  “Well, let’s get your baseline measures and talk a bit first.”

She recorded Sookie’s weight and measured her stomach.  After a review of her morning sickness, Ludwig recommended some herbal tea to help and encouraged the crackers and soda as well.  “Sometimes it’s just part of a mother’s burden.  It’s also a good sign that the hormones are where they need to be for the baby, it just makes Mommy nauseous.  Did you keep anything down today?”

“I’ve noticed I have trouble in the morning, then again at about 9 or 10 at night.  I seem to be able to keep lunch and dinner down.”

“That’s not too bad then.  How are your breasts?”

“They feel tighter and a little tender.”

“Yes, some women can experience a little swelling this early.  Too bad Northman isn’t here to enjoy that aspect.”

From the video they heard him comment to Ludwig, “You’re a cruel women Dr. Ludwig.”

“Just pointing out the obvious Giant.”

Since Ludwig opened season on the taunts, he replied.  “I’ll find a way to pay you back, midget.”

They all chuckled a little before Ludwig moved the subject to diet and exercise.  “I’m not really too worried about what you eat yet, since my biggest concern is that you just keep food down – healthy food that is.”  She handed Sookie some papers.  “Here is information for you to review.  We can discuss this more in a few weeks after the morning sickness is over.”

The elephant in the room was really starting to concern Sookie.  “What about Harold and his family?  First I’m mostly concerned about their wellbeing but a little selfishly I’m concerned about when I have to give birth.”

Eric spoke first.  “Sookie, we have no further leads on their disappearance right now.  I have several resources working with the FBI to provide assistance, but other than that, I have no news and I’m sorry.”

Ludwig continued.  “As far as the birth?  Well I was always going to be part of the birth with Harold.  I’ll just take the lead.  We can consider adding a doula or midwife to serve more as a coach if you want.  You need to relax though.  We have plenty of time to sort that out.”

“Ok, thanks for letting me know.  I’m not worried about the birth anymore, but I’m still worried for Harold and little Michael.”

Ludwig could see that Sookie’s mood was deteriorating so she changed subjects.  “Now, do either of you have any questions for me before we take a look at this baby?”

“I do.”  Ludwig nodded to the onscreen Eric to continue.  “What about blood exchanges.  We obviously need to do those as we can for the bond, but hopefully we’ll be together soon and normally we exchange daily.”

“I want you to continue your exchanges.  Sookie will need your blood to replenish hers as you feed on her, and your connection to the baby will grow with frequent exchanges.”

Sookie watched as Dr. Ludwig finished jotting down some notes and gestured to a gown.  “I brought you a gown if you want to change.  Like I told you brother, it’s too early to see anything by using the transducer on your lower belly so we’ll be using a probe I insert into the vagina.”

“Well Dr. Ludwig, you’ve seen these parts before and I want to get on with this, so. . .”  She stood up and took her underwear off.  “Let’s get started.”

Eric laughed at her enthusiasm while she and Ludwig maneuvered around the room.  Sookie blushed when she was in position and Ludwig started to conduct the exam, but her excitement outweighed her embarrassment.  It took a few minutes, but to Sookie it seemed like forever until Ludwig announced.  “There’s the little one.”

“What am I looking at?  Is that the heartbeat?”

Ludwig pointed at what would be blobs to anyone other than expectant parents.  Eric and Sookie were enthralled as she confirmed the heartbeat they were seeing, the peanut shape that was the baby and the sac.  As she continued to freeze the frames for pictures, Ludwig spoke to Sookie and Eric.  “I know it’s not that exciting, but we actually saw the heartbeat which is a really good sign of a healthy pregnancy.  I don’t want you to be disa. . .”  Her sentence stopped cold when she looked up at Sookie.  The expectant mother’s gaze was fixed at the monitor and tears were running down her face.  Eric was watching Sookie with a look of awe.  “Well, I can see you’re not disappointed.  I’m done here so let me get you cleaned up and I can leave with the video connection open.  If you want to replay the sonogram, you just click function+F4 while on the screen.  I sent a few pictures to your printer; I don’t know where that is in the house.”

“Sookie can grab the pictures shortly.  Thank you Dr. Ludwig.”  Eric said from the laptop.  “When should we see you again?”

“Two weeks.  I’ll schedule via email.”  She quickly collected her things to leave the room.  “Sookie, Mustapha can help me put the equipment away in a bit.  Take your time.”

The door closed softly and Sookie finally started speaking.  “That was our Roo Eric.”

“I know.  That was . . . I can’t think of any words for it.”  After a moment he asked her to start the video again so they could both watch it.

“God Eric, look at that large head.  Roo’s growing an ego the size of yours.”

He laughed out something that seemed like a sob, snort and chortle.  “That’s just his big brain growing so he can be as smart as his mother.”

“Smart because I finally let you capture me.”

“You’re the one that found me.  Literally.”

They both laughed at that for a moment until Eric started talking again.  “So I was reading on babycenter that you may have to pee more.  Is that true?”

“Oh god it is!  I can only imagine how much worse it’ll be when Roo is weighing down on my bladder at the end.  I love that you’re reading up on this.”

“I have the page bookmarked, and have even entered in our due date so I can receive updates in my email.”

“You’re just the cutest Papa bear ever.”

“I also read that we should start taking pictures of your tummy so we can have a record if how it grows.”

“OH!  That’s a cool idea.  I’ll have Pam take a picture tomorrow night.”

“Well I’m reading here and they also suggest ‘wearing the same outfit, standing in the same spot, and striking the same pose for each photo. Black-and-white shots and nudes or semi-nudes can be especially beautiful.’  I must say I like the idea of a nude but I don’t like that I can’t be the one to take it.”

“I think we’ll go with the same outfit and leave the nudes for when you’re back.”

“You just agreed to be photographed nude.”

“Ah . . . um.  Shit?”  The laughter coming through the phone only made Sookie cringe more at her mistake.

He had mercy on her and changed the subject, though he definitely planned to keep her to that agreement.  “So who’s in the house?  Do you have a roomful of folks waiting to hear about your doctor appointment?”

“A few folks are here, just Gran, Remy, Hunter and Jason.  Pam had to head directly to Fangtasia since it’s Saturday night.  She’ll probably want to wake me up for an update.  I bet she makes lots of noises and motions when she . . .”  Sookie stopped.  She hadn’t told him that she had Pam staying in bed with her; she hadn’t shared that little crutch and she wasn’t sure how he’d feel.

Just as she was about to fess up, Eric spoke instead.  “Sookie, I know about Pam resting with you.  She told me the first night.  I’m fine with it.”

The tears started.  “I’m sorry.  I just wasn’t strong enough the first nights to go it alone.  Knowing she’ll be there when I wake actually helps me get to sleep.  I was afraid to tell you.”

“Sookie, you’re growing our baby.  You’re caring for Gran and Hunter.  You’re overseeing a building project.  You’re still somehow fitting in your schoolwork.  You’re allowed comforts when you’re separated from your fabulous bonded and husband.”

“Jeez Eric, ego much?”  Way to work in your own pat on the back.”

“I try.”

“Did you talk to the Queen about Hadley?”

When he paused, she knew his response wasn’t going to be good.  “I did.  It was another bit of a fight but she agreed to not help Hadley – at this time.  She’s certainly going to hold it over my head for a while though.  Don’t worry about it.  We’ll leave the state – ALL OF US – before I ever let that vampire get her hands on Hunter.  What I don’t get is why she wants him though.  Becoming a vampire shouldn’t change your personality like that.  Years down the road it can – depending on your maker, but not the first night.”

“It’s classic Hadley.  She never wanted Hunter and it wasn’t until she realized that we or possibly you found him so interesting that she suddenly wanted the shiny thing she’d tossed aside as worthless.”

“And just when the two of you had been making progress.”

“I should have seen this coming.  When she was little – before her Dad left the family – they were better off than we were and I always got her leftovers:  Clothes, toys, books.  Well, occasionally she would see me enjoying one of her former things and suddenly, it was the greatest doll or puzzle or bike in the world and she would pitch a fit until Aunt Linda would arrange to get it back from me.  It happened a few times and then Aunt Linda would warn us they were stopping by and I’d hide my Hadley hand-me-downs.”

“Then my statement about becoming a vampire was true.  She hasn’t changed – and what is more upsetting is – she never listened to Hunter on any of the calls because I know he told her all about sleepovers and such before.  At least now I know what we’re dealing with.  I’ll talk to Desmond to ensure the Queen doesn’t start anything behind my back.”  He glanced at the time.  The visit and chat afterward had taken almost two hours and he was due at his first meeting shortly.  “Sookie, I must get ready for my meeting.”

“I know.  I’m really happy you were able to see the baby with me.”

“Me too.  Tell everyone I said hello and be sure to text or email me the reactions from when you share the pictures.”

“Will do.  Love you sweetie.”

“I love you too.”

Sookie left Gran’s room and when she entered the living room she was met with expectant faces.  “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on?  Sookie, you just saw my next great-grandbaby.  You tell us what’s going on.  Is everything OK?  Do you have any pictures?”

“Well, before we begin, I promised Eric I would tell him how everyone reacted to the pictures and updates, so let me just set up the video recorder.”


At midnight, Eric sent Sookie a text for her birthday.

E:  Happy Birthday my Love

S:  Hey, I’m here

E:  What are you doing up?

S:  Looking at nurseries.  Seeing Roo got me re-inspired

E:  Sailboats Sookie, sailboats

S:  I already told you and Roo NO to the sailboats

E: He responded with a smiley face – tongue sticking out

S:  Hey, I videotaped everyone looking at Roo’s first pictures.  Did you get it?

E:  I only saw that you sent me an attachment; I’ll watch it at dawn

S:  You can call me and we can watch it together

E:  I’ll do that only if you promise to go back to sleep after

S: I promise

E:  I have a meeting starting – I just wanted to WISH you a Happy Birthday

S:  I WISH you were here to celebrate it

E:  I do as well.  Sweet dreams min älskade


“You’re keeping her at the new house while we get everyone into the farmhouse, right?”

“Yes, Sam’s got two vans arriving under the guise of it being the catering.”

“And Amelia is taking care of the invitations through the ward?”

“Yes, stop worrying Jason.  It’s all going to be fine.”

“I know Potts, I know.  I . . .  She needs this party.”

“It’ll be perfect.  You’ve stayed away from her since I told you – right?”

“Yeah, it was pretty smart of you and Eric to keep this from me.  She’s gonna be surprised.”

“Gran just thinks it’s the immediate family and some guards, I hope the surprise of some extra guests for Sookie isn’t too much.”

“I’ll tell her before Sam arrives with the vans.”

An hour later, Sookie was walking to the farmhouse with Potts and Hunter.  She was excited to see Sam and get herself a burger Lafayette – at least she hoped that’s what he brought.  Instead, when she walked into the front door she was greeted with a roomful of folks shouting “SURPRISE!”  She looked around the room.  Lala, Tara, Hoyt, had joined Sam from town.  What really surprised her was Russell, Bart, Stan and Liz standing with ‘her’ regular vampires.  Toni was there as well and she quickly explained that with Godric being watched, they couldn’t be sure if he could make it or not.  As part of Russell’s entourage, Toni was easily able to attend.  She had her daughter Cecelia with her and Sookie knelt to greet her.

Before she got back up she burst into tears and Pam ran to hug her until she calmed down.  “This is just great.  I can’t believe y’all are here!”  Another look around the room and she focused on her immediate family.  “How did you keep this a secret?”

“We didn’t know anything.  Well, I got told this morning.”  Jason offered.  “I only told Gran and Remy after I knew Potts was keeping you at the new house.”

“I knew you really didn’t care about paint colors.”

“You can’t read my mind.  Pam and I have known for a few days.  I even kept it from Alcide.”

“He did all this. . . “  She sobbed again.  “From New Orleans?  And he didn’t give anything away on the phone earlier.”

Russell came to hug her next.  “He started this all at the Summit.  The biggest change is that he’s not here himself.”  Russell knew it was going to be too much for his human friend so when she started crying – again – he guided her back to Pam.  Knowing Eric permitted other vampires the occasional hug with his bonded was different than and all out embrace.

“Ok croquembouche, nobody came to see you cry.  Finish hugging your friends, get something to eat then we can OPEN PRESENTS!”

“Fine Pam.”  Following Pam’s instructions, she did greet her vampire guests and friends from town  – especially Sam who had been a big part of pulling the day off.  Sam had brought all of her favorites from the bar – which she discovered he had closed for the event and refused payment from Eric.  When she heard that from Lala’s head, she turned to Sam and said, “This catering and your bar’s closure had better have a bow wrapped around it as my present.”

“Well, not really.  You see, a few of us decided on something we wanted to get you, so we went together on it.”

Pam interrupted.  “So finish your eating so you can get to the PRESENTS!”

“Pam, it’s not like they’re for YOU.”

“Still, it’s always good to get ideas for my wish list.”

After everyone had had their fill of the buffet, they gathered in the living room for presents.  Pam sat to Sookie’s side ready to record the gifts and givers information.  She started with the large, flat package that came from Lala, Tara, Hoyt, and Sam.  The paper slid off easily from the front and Sookie gasped.  It was a painting of her Gran’s farmhouse, and it was beautiful.  “How did you do this?”

Sam explained.  “I had an artist come out while you were in Vegas and the house was empty.  I was house sitting for you so nobody thought twice about my trips up here.”

“It’s just beautiful guys.”  A few tears escaped.  “It’s just too much.”

Tara cut her off.  “Ya didn’t allow any weddin’ presents.  Ya just keep yo mouth shut about too much and say Thank you.  Have some manners Stackhouse.  I mean Northman.”  The guests chuckled at her ability to put Sookie in her place.

“You’re right.  Thank you all.”

Just as she was opening her next gift, Godric walked in.  “Sorry I’m late; I had to fly well after first dark.  I had to find a place where my take off couldn’t be seen.”

“Yeah, Toni said you were being watched?  I’m surprised by that.”

“It’s political; we can discuss it later, now come here min dotter.”

“Thank you for coming Papa.”  She hugged him and Godric handed her a small box from Van Cleef & Arpels.  “What did you do?”

“Open it.”  Her eyes grew wide as she took in a fairy clip set in platinum with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.  “It’s called the Spirit if Beauty.  Fairies have been one of the Maison of Van Cleef and Arpel’s favorite icons since the 1940’s.  This clip is from 1944.”

“Fairies, ey?”  She placed the clip on her dress strap.  “This is just beautiful, thank you.”

“You deserve beautiful things min dotter.”

As Sookie continued to open presents, she discovered a theme from many of the party attendees:  furnishings and decorations for her new home.  Some were extravagant.  A beautiful antique secretary was presented from Russell and Bart.  She knew exactly where she wanted it in the new home.  Gran had finished a wedding quilt for their bed that had Sookie misting up.  Jason had a large print of their Pledging picture framed, and had also framed a smaller version, suitable for a nightstand.  She hadn’t gotten around to dealing with her Pledging pictures yet so she was thrilled to have one to display before her new home was done.

One gift overwhelmed her, yet again:  Stan and Liz had a reproduction made of a silver food server for the dining room.  Instead of silver, they had it crafted in copper with stainless steel lining and it was just lovely.  “You remembered our conversation at Sophie-Anne’s Pledging Liz?”

“I did.  You were talking about a serving set that Mamie Eisenhower had – you read about it I think?”  Sookie nodded.  “You were going on and on while we were at the buffet saying how much more attractive the set was than the traditional chafing dishes.  I looked it up and Stan and I decided to have one made for you.”

“This is. . .”

“Don’t you dare say ‘too much’ again Sookie.”  Pam glared at her, having reached the end of her patience after Sookie tried to tell Russell and Bart she couldn’t accept the secretary.  They didn’t listen to her, obviously.

“Thank you Stan, Liz.”

“Our pleasure Sookie.”

Hunter gave her a gift, but it was more for the baby; with Pam’s help he’d found a Steif stuffed Kanga and Roo from Winnie the Pooh for the nursery.  Sookie cried a bit when she opened the box.  The meaning didn’t escape the guests who had not yet been informed about the pregnancy and a round of congratulations followed.  So excited by this first gift for the baby, Sookie even kept the pale orchid fabric ribbon Hunter (Gran) had used for the bow.  Per Hunter, the orchid would be the color resulting from mixing blue and pink – he didn’t want to pick sides.

Pam handed Sookie her last present from the pile, and it was from her.  It was the same box that the Pandora charm bracelet – now ever present on her wrist – was packaged in.  When she opened it, she found three gold charms:  A stiletto charm, a cupcake and a charm engraved with Best Friends.  Pam explained, “I also saw a Sweet Sister charm, but decided on Best Friends, because sisters don’t get to choose each other, friends do.”

“That’s beautiful Pam.  You’re gonna hurt yourself with all these emotions.”

“I’ll just dial it back later.  Maybe kill something.”

Tara and Lafayette looked horrified for a moment before Gran moved to wallop Pam on the head.  “Don’t speak like that in this house.”

“Yes Gran.”

Once the laughter died down, Sookie asked if it was time for cake.  The party had been going on for a few hours, and she knew it was already late for Hunter.  Everyone gathered in the dining room to sing Happy Birthday to Sookie and she readied to blow out the candles.  “Make a wish.”  Gran reminded her and as she bent over to blow them out, Eric walked in the door.  His hair was mussed due to his flight from New Orleans, but his smile was huge as he saw his wife.  The candles were forgotten as she raced into his arms and proceeded to cry, yet again at her own party.  He’d muted the bond so she really was surprised.  He lifted her up high enough to kiss and greet Roo then relaxed her back into his arms bridal style, their foreheads touching.  A few ‘awws’ could be heard from the dining room.

After just a moment, Pam called from the dining room in a sing song voice.  “Ooooh Sookie, your cake is about to burn.  Come in here, make a wish and blow out the candles.”

She kept her eyes on Eric as she responded.  “You blow them out, my wish just came true.”

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  2. Oh wow. I’ve got a lump in my throat from trying not to drown in my tears from this chapter! This was so touching and just so lovely. Thank you such an incredible chapter! It’s one that’s definitely deserving of another read & I think I’ll do just that. Sookie getting her wish was the icing on the cake! LOL!

    • Thanks for the review. I appreciate the support. I’ve just gotten my worst review ever (I got it over the weekend) and it still stings. So I’m trying to read the good ones to get out of the funk. It’s completely shut me down. Yes, I’m whining to you – hoping it’ll fall on sympathetic ears.

      • Whine away! You know, even though I write book reviews, I’ve never written a “bad” one. I personally believe it’s in poor taste to do so, and just downright mean. I prefer to use constructive criticism as a means of positive reinforcement rather than to focus on the negative aspects, and never, ever write anything that could be viewed as a personal verbal attack on the writer. It takes great courage to put yourself out there – to take the time & talent to put your thoughts & creativity into the written word and I truly respect these things. For someone to write a negative review of your work simply to make you feel bad is a poor reflection on the part of that specific reader! That person didn’t have to read the entire story as it stands now, nor the whole chapter, if they didn’t like it. They could have simply left the site without having left any review, however, their small-minded thinking led them to write something that was most likely rude in the hope that it would get a reaction from you. That’s what these stupid people want more than anything. I’m so sorry this happened with you because you do not deserve this. Don’t let one moron’s “review” get you down. You can’t let stupidity win over intellect. These are your stories and your characters differ from the ones CH imagines. Write yours the way you want & don’t let anyone tell you how you “should” write. When idiot reviewers begin to write their own stories, they can write whatever they want. And then we can review their work…

        • I luv you – and I’ll tell you a secret. I knew you would be able to help with this – that’s why I whined to you.

          I keep laughing in a small way – cause she didn’t like that I made Eric a pansy (which I did ON PURPOSE) in a way. Well, I hope she doesn’t read the next one. It’s probably going to be worse with the outlines I’ve been creating.


  3. That was a great chapter and the bond between Eric and Hunter is awesome and that he gives his little dude things to do. love it. it was fuckingawesome that Eric showed up to the party … KY

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