Chapter 15 – I Won’t Give Up

Chapter 15 – I Won’t Give Up

“You are not leaving and that’s final!” Eric roared as if the volume alone would convince Sookie.

Sookie and Eric had been arguing since breakfast when she announced she wanted to leave early. That was almost 30 minutes ago and they were at an impasse.

“Eric, let’s just get packed and head back. You have a studio meeting this afternoon.”

“Fuck the studio! We aren’t done here.”

Crap, he is not going to let this go. He is working several days this week, maybe that will be enough separation. Besides, the girls will be upset to leave early.’

Holding her arms up Sookie announced, “Fine Eric, you win, I’ll stay. I’m just too tired to fight anymore.”

“Thank you, but the discussion about why you want to leave is not over.”

“Discussion, if you think this was a discussion, what the hell is an argument going to sound like? The hotel is probably getting ready to call security up to our suite.”

Breaking the promise he made himself this morning, he walked over to hug Sookie. He couldn’t keep his hands off her, even though he knew he shouldn’t; not until he was certain that staying together was best for Sookie. “I don’t like to fight, especially when we’re not having make-up sex.”

“You’ll just have to pick a fight with me again later.”

If only I could be sure there would be a later for us.’ Eric thought.

They arrived home and the girls squealed with delight telling both of them about the night with Pam. She was undoubtedly their new favorite person at this point. They watched the recordings Pam made of the Red Carpet interviews and Sookie cringed at seeing herself on TV. The girls talked the whole time. Finally Sookie got a word in to tell the girls about the party, dancing and the pretty outfits. Pam watched both of them closely, ‘something is wrong.’

Sookie was in the kitchen serving lunch to the girls. Eric was in his office; Pam joined him and started right in “What the fuck happened?”

“Close the door.”

Shit, it must be bad’ Pam thought.

Eric didn’t even try to deny there was a problem and launched into the story of how wonderful the evening was until the Freyda incident. He explained what Freyda said, and how Sookie had deflated after the incident. When he got to the discussion from the hotel room and his thoughts about having to let Sookie go and then her desire to leave this morning, his voice started cracking. Pam was a bitch, but even this put a chink in her armor. Instead of becoming sad with Eric she got pissed. She was about to lay into Eric when he got up, shook his head as if to clear out the bad thoughts and announced he had to leave for the studio.

On his way out, Sookie stopped him, “Eric, Jesus just called me, he wanted to see if I was available this afternoon, is it OK for him to come over? How do I get him through the gate?”

“Sure Sookie, I added you to the gate list so just call down there and tell them to expect him.”

“Ok, thanks, I’ll see you later.”

Pam watched their interaction, it was painful. No kiss goodbye, no smiles, nothing.

Sookie called Jesus back and made arrangements. Pam was shuffling the girls out for their shopping trip. She thought Sookie could use the alone time before Jesus arrived. ‘Frankly,’ she thought, ‘until they get their heads out of their asses, I don’t want to be near either of them, they are just depressing. Nothing a little shopping therapy can’t resolve.’

Sookie started a batch of cookies (her own therapy) and cried the entire time she worked. Jesus arrived about an hour later. He walked in and Sookie invited him to the den. She put out the tray of cookies and a pitcher of sweet tea. Judging from the puffy, red rimmed eyes, it was clear to Jesus that Sookie had been crying so when they sat he wasted no time. “Sookie, I know you don’t know me that well, but I feel like we could be friends. I can see you’re hurting, will it help to talk to me?”

Sookie took a breath and told Jesus about Eric, their first interactions, the growing relationship, her concerns about her age and looks, and ended with her thoughts from last night that staying with Eric wasn’t fair to him, that he deserved someone he didn’t need to defend. She surprised herself by not crying this time. Perhaps she was just dehydrated from all the crying she had already done.

Jesus took her hand and looked directly at her. “Sookie, he loves you. I can see it, everyone can see it. Lala even took a picture of it. And you, my dear, love him.”

Sookie took a breath to interject but he stopped her.

“Don’t even try to deny it. Now, back to your thoughts, you believe you should leave him to be fair to him, but have you discussed this with him? Do you think that’s fair?”

“No, I was going to leave this week to give myself space to think.”

“Oh and how do you think you would feel after about 2 days at home alone?”

“I already decided to stay, so you don’t need to rub it in.”

“Good. So you’re going to talk to him tonight.”

“I don’t know. We did a good bit of yelling this morning. I don’t want my girls to hear that. Maybe if he comes home before Pam does.”

“Um Sookie, I made a statement I didn’t ask a question, there was no room for an excuse. So where can I take Pam and your girls tonight so you and Eric can have time to talk this through?”

Sookie laughed. He was as relentless as Eric. “You tell me, I don’t know LA.”

“I have a great idea, and Pam is going to hate it.” He said with a devilish grin.

Those decisions made, Sookie and Jesus indulged in the cookies and tea. She had picked at her breakfast and skipped lunch, so she was hungry. She decided to trust her new friend and talk to Eric.

At the studio, Eric sat in the meetings not paying any attention. Freyda was there, and he wanted to strangle her. Lala pulled him aside on a break and spoke to him. He asked about Sookie and Eric gave him a short background on their relationship which made Lafayette understand the sting of Freyda’s words even more. Eric mentioned that maybe it wasn’t fair to Sookie to continue subjecting her to the Freyda’s of the world. Pulling out his phone, Lala scrolled to the picture he took of Eric and Sookie and said, “This isn’t worth fighting for? If you gives up now, da bitch wins, is dat what you want?”

He could see his words getting through to Eric. Eric simply patted his back and said, “You’re right, thanks Lala.”

His mission complete, Lala texted Jesus and told him he pushed Eric as Jesus told him too. Based on Jesus’ response to him, the plan they launched this morning appeared to be working.

Pam returned to the house and Jesus told her to change for fun since he and Lala were taking Pam and the girls out. While dressing, the girls asked Sookie where they were going and she kept telling them it was a surprise. Jesus left with Pam and her teacups, all dressed in jeans and they headed to their surprise.

Cooking was always therapeutic to Sookie, so she started dinner. She remembered he liked her pesto chicken so she put that together quickly and had it ready for the oven. She had no idea when Eric would return, and she would just bake it once he was home. Maybe they could talk while it baked.

It was about 6PM, and she was surprised he wasn’t home yet. Sookie being Sookie used the time to let her mind wander into all kinds of reasons why he wasn’t home, none of them good. Accidents, women, bars all entered her thoughts. When he walked in about 30 minutes later, she stayed in the kitchen, unsure of what to do. He walked in as she was putting the chicken in the oven saying a quiet “Hi.”

Biting her lip, Sookie replied with a “Hi” as well.



They both started at the same time and laughed. Eric broke the laughter and handed her a gift in his hands.

“Eric, I’m not with you for gifts. You know that.”

“Are you with me? Please tell me you are.”

“I want to be, but should we be together Eric?”

“Open the present; then let’s answer that.”

She opened it. It was a framed picture of them, staring at each other at the Oscars. She sobbed as she saw it.

Eric said, “Lala showed me that today and asked if it was worth fighting for. I think it is. Do you?”

“Yes, but.”

“Sookie, do you want us to work?”


Then ‘but’ is just details, we can work through them. I’ll share my thoughts with you, if you want?”


“Let’s go sit and talk.”

They moved to the den and sat together on the couch. Eric told Sookie his concerns that he wasn’t being fair to her, that he was subjecting her to his world. However, having said that; he was too selfish to let her go.

Sookie laughed and when he quirked his eyebrow she explained that she also felt she wasn’t being fair to Eric; being a girlfriend he needed to coddle and defend when someone made a hurtful remark. Eric laughed at that. They were idiots, both keeping their concerns to themselves when it was the same concern, just from the other’s perspective.

“Pam texted me that she is out with Lala, Jesus and the girls, do you know they are at a Chuck-e-Cheese?”

“YES, it was Jesus’ idea – isn’t it priceless? I told him to get me pictures.”

“Sookie, you know they handled us today?”

“Yes, and I could not be happier.”

“Do you know when they’ll be back?”

“Late, they’re going to a movie. It’s a little late for the girls, but I wanted, no I needed the time alone with you.”

He replied “good,” then pounced on her. He kissed her like she was food for a starving man. He had missed her touch today. He moved her to lay under him and he started lifting her shirt. She did not resist at all. He reached back and unclasped her bra then pushed it up. Moving from her mouth, he attacked breast. Sookie was moaning now; so he continued. He reached into her yoga pants to touch her and the buzzer went off for the chicken. “I am not hungry for chicken, stay put.”

“We can continue, but I should at least take it out of the oven. We don’t want to set off any smoke alarms.”

Eric growled knowing she was right, and he moved so she could get up. He rose and followed her to the kitchen; not letting her out of his sight. Sookie rolled her eyes at her shadow. Once the chicken was out he grabbed her and carried her to his bed. He took off his shoes and joined her. First, he removed her shirt, and she worked the buttons on his. She kissed each new section of chest that was revealed. Once his shirt was off, he pushed her back to remove her pants. He started at the waist to pull. “Lift” he requested and she pulled her hips up so he could remove the yoga pants and her panties. Now naked, he stopped and stared at her. “Gorgeous, I cannot get enough of you.” He then started to remove his pants. Sookie looked up, wide eyed. “Relax Sookie, I know you’re not ready, but we can still enjoy ourselves as we have been.”

“Ok Eric.”

Truthfully, she was unsure what she was waiting for at this point. That did not mean she was about to yield right now. They only had a short time before Pam and the girls were home and she did not want to rush their first time. There would be plenty of sneaking in quickies with the girls and all the movie cast and crew hanging around the B&B.

He returned to hovering over her and kissed his way down her body. He paused right over her sex, “Sookie, I want to taste you.”

“Oh, um alright.”

She seemed hesitant so he asked, “Sookie, do you not enjoy oral sex?”

“Um, Sam, never, I mean, it’s not something I have much experience with.”

“Oh Love, you’re going to enjoy this then.”

Moving back and spreading her legs, he gazed down. He reached her lower lips and parted them with his thumbs. Then he licked from bottom to top. Sookie gasped and her hips jolted off the bed. Eric chuckled and the vibration sent Sookie jolting again. “I’m going to need to hold you down.” With that, he placed one arm across her hips using the hand to hold her open. With his mouth he alternated between licking the whole area, sucking her clit and using his tongue to fuck her. Sookie had reached down and began stroking his hair.

“Eric, so good. I want to try tasting you.”

With that, Eric repositioned them so Sookie was on top, facing his cock, and Eric was on the bottom with Sookie spread above his face. “Fuck Sookie, just seeing you like this I am ready to come.”

The dirty talk had an effect on Sookie, and she was dripping from her sex. Eric lapped it up and continued to nip and suck. Taking a deep breath in awe at Eric’s size, she started by stroking Eric before she took him in her mouth. He was so large; she took in as much of Eric as she could, working the rest with her hands. Sookie went first, gushing cum into Eric’s mouth as he sucked every drop out of her. He continued to pet Sookie soothingly through the last of her tremors as she continued her attentions on his member. It didn’t take long for Eric to climb the same peak Sookie was coming down from. He exploded before he could warn her, and she responded by swallowing everything.

They turned to snuggle together in the bed. “Eric, I really enjoyed that. I’ve never really experienced that the way you did it.”

“I’m glad because I could eat you up all night.”

Eric watched as Sookie blushed. ‘She is the mother of two children and she still blushes at sex talk. I love that about her.’

Sookie checked the time; they had about another hour so she suggested a shower.

“Oh, I like how you think.”

A short while later, both Eric and Sookie were dressed respectably and waiting for everyone to return. In walked Jesus carrying a sleeping Maura and Lala had Eleanor. Pam had bags of junk from Chuck-e-Cheese. Rather than transferring the girls, Sookie guided the men upstairs and had them place the girls in bed. Pam followed and helped get them changed for sleep.

On the way downstairs, Pam turned to Sookie and asked, “All is well?”

“Yes Pam, thanks to two meddling friends downstairs.”

“Good, because the payback for being seen at Chuck-e-Cheese is going to be huge.”

“I look forward to it Pam.”

Jesus and Lala were only staying long enough to say goodnight to Sookie. She hugged and thanked each of them for their meddling. While they were walking out, Sookie mentioned the trip to Universal Studios the following day. Lala and Jesus made plans to join them and they departed each with one last hug from Sookie.

Later, Eric and Sookie were together in bed, both just enjoying the closeness. Sookie interrupted the silence. “Eric?”


“I um, well.”

“What Sookie?” He moved so they could look at each other.

“I think I’m ready – no, I mean I’m ready – I don’t mean for now, mostly because I don’t want to rush it, but maybe we can plan some alone time this coming weekend, or before we leave?”

“Minx! How am I supposed to walk around with that information before we can act on it?”

Sookie laughed, “Sorry, but I thought you’d want to be aware. I know it’s not as romantic, but with extra people in the houses where we are, we kinda need to plan something.”

“Do we need to plan for more than just the time and location? Should I walk around with condoms at the ready?

“Well, I had an IUD implanted about a year after Eleanor was born, so we are covered for pregnancy. Do we need to worry about health issues?”

“No, since I’m active, well I was active before you, I’m tested frequently. I have not been with anyone since my last test and I’m clean.”

“Well that chat is out of the way, so we just need to figure the when and where.”

“I know. Now just be quiet woman, my head is spinning with ideas on how quickly I can make this happen.”

Sookie just burst out laughing.

Eric soon discovered there was no opportunity before they left LA. The schedule had been planned with too many other things and work to do. Eric pouted each time one of his ideas was shot down. He did really try hard, mapping out various plans that he hoped would work. Finally, Sookie had a solution for the upcoming weekend and when she presented it to Eric; he smiled and actually relaxed.

Eric hired a limo to drive everyone to Universal Studios. When they got in the car the girls started squealing because Alcide was there! “We missed you, the girls squealed!”

“Hey Little Ones! I missed you too. Come and give me a hug.” They pounced on Alcide. He turned them in his lap to introduce Maria-Starr his girlfriend.

“You’re pretty” Eleanor said. “But you should know that Maura loves Alcide, so you can’t keep him forever.”

Maria-Starr looked at Maura and said, “How about I keep him until you’re a bit older. And I promise to share his hand and hugs today?”

Maura put out her hand to shake and replied, “I accept your terms.”

The car erupted with laughter, except for Maura who had been quite serious.

Lala and Jesus had already fallen for the girls yesterday, but now they were completely smitten. Lala turned to Jesus, “Baby, wes need to gets us some childrens of ours own. I wants lil princesses like Maura and Eleanor.”

“Yes Lala, we can discuss that before you leave for Pennsylvania.”

“Let’s plan what we want to see today,” Pam suggested.

The adults turned to the girls expecting them to answer first, but it was Sookie. “King Kong!”

The adults stared at her. “What, I’ve never been either and I love King Kong. We can do kids stuff too, but I want one adult thing.”

“Mama, we don’t like King Kong. We’ll be scared.”

Pam saved Sookie, “Ok teacups, how about we do Curious George while Mama sees King Kong. That way everyone is with monkeys.”

“Pam, King Kong is a Gorilla, not a monkey. But we’ll go with you.” Eleanor said and rolled her eyes.

Sookie relaxed once they were in the theme park since there were no paparazzi as she had feared. Some folks did stop Eric and Lala for autographs or pictures, but they were polite. Eric had the group take the girls to The Simpsons Ride while he stole Sookie for The Revenge of the Mummy. “Eric, what’s so special about this ride for us?”

“It’s in virtual darkness. I can grab you anywhere and nobody will know.”


“You know it.”

Just waiting alone in line with Eric was erotic now that the girls were elsewhere. He would whisper in her ear, or nip at her neck; he would sneak feels on her hips and butt whenever the opportunity presented itself. “Eric, people are taking pictures.”

“I know; do you want me to stop.”

“No, just keep it PG.”

“I wish we could find a corner and turn it into an X rating.”


He just chuckled while she turned red.

Many hours later, the limo arrived at the house. Eleanor and Maura were both asleep, so Alcide carried Maura while Eric held Eleanor. Pam again followed with Sookie to help get the girls settled for bed once they were deposited upstairs by Eric and Alcide. Everyone was so worn out; they said quick goodnights and left in the limo. Sookie and Eric fell into bed and slept.

The next day, Pam, Sookie and the girls had just left for Disney when Victor arrived. He walked in, threw a paper into Eric’s face and demanded to see the ‘trailer trash tramp’ that was going to ruin Eric’s reputation.

Eric bellowed his reply, “What the FUCK are you talking about?”

“This!” and he grabbed the paper he tried to show Eric before and handed it over. Eric saw a picture of Sookie and him waiting in line for the Mummy. She had turned and was looking up at him while he kissed her nose. The article questioned his single and playboy status since the ‘top notch’ journalist mentioned that Sookie Merlotte and Eric had been spotted at the airport with two girls who were suspected to be Sookie’s from a previous marriage.

“What is the problem? The article has the information correct. Sookie has taken me off the market. The article correctly links the girls to Sookie. I’m not thrilled that they have details, but I cannot state they are incorrect.”

“Eric, your reputation! Do you hear yourself? She has taken me off the market? You are a womanizer, you’re a star and if and when you actually do go off the market, it better the hell be with someone of your caliber, someone who knows how to deal with Hollywood.”

“Get out, NOW!”

“Eric, I am trying to help you here. This infatuation has gone on too long.”

“If you don’t leave now and drop the topic of Sookie and me, you will be fired. I am your only client, how will that go for you?”

“We have a contract.”

“Through this year only; think carefully before you do anything else here Victor.”

Victor sighed and said, “Fine. I have some movie scripts for you to review.”

He handed Eric the scripts and went to depart. “Victor, I’m going to cut back on my schedule. I’ll look at these scripts, but unlike the past, I’ll need more information about the dates, filming locations and other details before I commit to anything. I won’t leave all that to you.”

Victor simply nodded and walked out. He sat in the car before pulling away thinking ‘I have to get rid of that cunt. She is going to kill his career and my income.’

Pam and the girls returned from Disneyland early enough to have a pool party and cookout in Eric’s backyard. Pam even donned a suit and played in the pool. With the evening flight on Thursday, they had only this one last night to enjoy LA. The girls wanted to spend it outside knowing it would be several weeks more before they could enjoy so much outdoor time in Pennsylvania.

Thursday was spent with Eric and Sookie working while Pam packed. She needed to arrange for shipments from her shopping to Philadelphia as well as everyone’s bags. “Pam you know your closet at the B&B is not that big, right?”

“Yes, but I have arranged for space in the lower level of the Barn for a closed clothing storage system. It will help you with your seasonal change outs.”

Sookie could only shake her head.

The trip through the airport was better for the girls and Sookie. Eric sent them through with a security man he hired; then joined them on the other side of the TSA Checkpoint. Sookie hated being separated, but it was better for the girls. She settled the girls in for the flight and reminded them they really needed to sleep. She had a tutor arriving the next day and through the weekend to help catch them up on schoolwork and they simply had to be rested and ready. Tray had offered to tutor, but she didn’t want to cut into his weekend with Grace. Once they were out, she snuggled into Eric and fell asleep herself.

Sleeping on the red eye still left the travelers weary, but they managed the baggage claim quickly and were on the road to the B&B. The good news; there were no guests scheduled for the B&B since some of the crew would be arriving over the weekend. The bad news, Holly had departed and there was no food in the fridge. So a very tired Sookie hit the road for groceries while Pam and Eric unpacked. Pam was staying in a B&B room and since she arrived first, she got first pick. Pam decided to check out each room and assigned them according to her wishes; Freyda got the smallest room with shower only bathroom. “Oh Freyda, hope you didn’t want a whirlpool or soaking tub.” Pam said out loud, even with nobody around to hear it.

The girls had their tutor sessions and everyone agreed to a movie with pizza for dinner. After eating, the girls were asleep quickly and carried to their room. Pam retired for the evening leaving Sookie and Eric in the family room. They were relaxed into each other for a while and Sookie broke the silence. “Eric?”

“Yes Love?”

“I like that you call me that you know.”

“Good. But is that what you wanted to say?”

“No. The other night, the day after the Oscars, I wanted to tell you something. But the night before had been bad, and as much as I was enjoying the time we were having then, I felt like if I said something it was like I was saying it in the middle of a bad time.”

“Sookie, you’re rambling. How about I tell you I love you, and you can go from there.”

“You do? I’m so happy. I mean, I thought you felt that way, and I know how I’ve been feeling.”



“I’m actually still waiting for you to say what you wanted to tell me.”

Sookie chuckled, “I love you Eric.”

They expressed their thoughts by kissing and snuggling and telling each other about their feelings and when they realized it had happened. They snuggled in to ‘not watch’ a movie and stayed there until the morning. Sookie woke up first and raised her head to look at Eric. He hadn’t shaved since Thursday morning and she started rubbing her cheeks on his scruff, enjoying the friction. Eric woke up and smiled. “I didn’t dream last evening, right?”

“If it’s the dream where you told me you love me and I told you the same, then we both had the same dream, or it was real.”

“Good. Love, you have made me very happy.”

“Same here. Now kiss me good morning.”

“Ooh, being bossy, I love it and I love you.”

“As I love you.”

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  1. I have no clue why I’ve got this goofy grin on my face, but it must be because that was such a FANTASTIC chapter!! 🙂 I love this story!

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