Season of…

Writing?  Actually, yesterday I went out to start store shopping (as opposed to using Amazon Prime for everything), and when I put yet another bag in the trunk, I looked and started singing, “It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas”. Nobody freak! Of course there are other things that make me think that too – it just caught me when I looked at it.

Well, maybe a little writing.  I do have another chapter for you today – it’s short but it seemed like the right place to end it.

WARNING:  Next week is horrible with activities and such – so you’ll likely get only one more chapter before Christmas, then I’ll finish it up over my Christmas break.

Enjoy the chapter and if Christmas is your thing – have fun getting ready (cause it’s all over too quickly!).  Remember I do my own editing.

Chapter 4 – You’re My Forever



4 thoughts on “Season of…

  1. There isn’t no comment box at the end of the chapter so I’ll my review here.
    Loved this chapter….loved Sookie’s nervousness for her first date but most of all loved how Eric told Sookie that she wasn’t only his sweetheart but his forever….

  2. Same problem as noted by Jackiedm69 above. What a sweet first date, everything went so well. Loved her winning the unicorn, and evening ended on just the right note.

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