The words are coming…

And you’d think I could now go and finish Pick  Your Poison but those words are not coming….  And you’d think I would kick my butt and work on some of my original fiction (I have two whole books done – except editing!  LAZY MAGS).  And really, you’d think I would finally take the boxed up Christmas tree from the dining room to the downstairs storage room (go ahead, shake your head…).

But no.  I have another Fanfiction story mulling around in my head.  No promises as I’m not posting a thing until an entire first draft is done.

I must be an idiot…

Anyway – I do have a present for you today (I mean, something other than my rant above).  It’s the end of Blindsided (really, took me what, 20 months to write a final chapter… rolls eyes).

I put a fanfiction Easter Egg in here (it’s the season).  Use comments to tell me if you guessed it or not.  I’ll do a quick blog post to announce what it is (if nobody finds it).

Have a great week!

Blindsided Chapter 6 – Happily Ever After

2 thoughts on “The words are coming…

  1. Going back a bit to read some vintage work. It would be nice to hear anything from. How your doing…. Anyways back to reading. Miss ya.

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