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WOW – see below.

You Want Blood Awards

Love me

Oh they do, Eric.  They seriously do…

You guys seriously rock the nomination ballots!!

We actually got through them all already.  This shocked us too.  Thanks to all that sent in information to me, it helped.  And that whole mention to my own readers of being well read in the fandom helping?  Oh my.  It really does!!!!

But we have an issue.  You know that top ten idea we had to make sure you weren’t overwhelmed?  Well it seems we have alot of ties to fill in the last of the fields.  We talked about it ourselves, and since one or more of us are often in the category, we decided to allow you guys to make that decision.  It is only fair.

So what our wonderful 4Padfoot is doing right now is putting together a vote for you guys to decide who will be filling in the blanks we…

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Let the Nominations Begin!

Hi all – check out the contest. Second post coming from me in a moment with a chapter!

You Want Blood Awards

The polls are open and you can now nominate your favorite authors and stories.

Remember we will be taking the TOP 10 nominees with the most votes from each category for you to then vote for your favorites.  Voting will begin May 15th and the winners will be announced May 29th.


1. The story must have been started or updated in the period between May 1, 2014 and April 15, 2015.

2. It is up to you, the nominator, to fill out the nomination form in its entirety. If there are blank spaces on the form, your nomination will be rejected.

3. If any plagiarism is detected in a nominated story, we will pull the nomination and any awards received IMMEDIATELY.

4. For the newcomer award, the author cannot have published a story prior to May 1, 2014, for consideration.

5. The nomination form may be submitted one…

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Nominations will begin…

Oops – meant to add this to my chapter post.

You Want Blood Awards


Nominations will start on May 1st and you will have one week to nominate your favorites in the following categories:

Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Best One Shot
The Human Award – Best AH
The Hybrid – Best Crossover
The Best of Both Worlds – Best SVM/TB combo
Mr. January – Best Lemon
The Greatest Love Story – Best Romance
Tissue / Kleenex – Best Angst
Rollercoaster Award – Best Drama
The Alan Ball – Best Rewrite of TB
The Charlaine Harris – Best Rewrite of SVM
Best of the Best – All Time Favorite Story
EIM – Favorite Author
Van Gogh – Best Artist
Eagle Eye – Best Beta
NKOTB – Best Newcomer
Pins and Needles Award – W.I.P. story you wait anxiously for updates on

We will be taking the TOP 10 nominees with the most votes from each category for you to then vote for…

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Hi all – check it out!

Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

attention wp writers

Attention WP writers, betas (and readers/enthusiasts). After much discussion on the state of our beloved TB/SVM fandom and some hints from readers here or there we feel there could be a better way to direct traffic away from ff. net, which with its creeps on PM, hateful guest reviews and random bigotry has left us all disenchanted and on occasion has stalled the motivation to write. We feel there should be one site that allows an easy overview of what the different WP writers have to offer as a better alternative to the dreaded ff. net and hopefully invigorate our slightly waning fandom. At the moment a lot of writers have a blog roll on their own page that will direct you to the different blogs, initiate spotlights or make recommendations but despite that for most readers transitioning from ff. net to WP it’s a difficult place to navigate and…

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This post brought to you by the letter G, for GUILT

I hate that I haven’t been around and posting much.  Hence the GUILT (I’m Catholic, guilt chip installed at birth, remember?).  So – you’re getting this one early (and I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me if I run out of chapters later).

Before the chapter though, I have another Christmas story.  If you read my posts, you will recall that I turned into my mother and the evidence was that I forgot to GIVE someone a gift that I purchased.  WELL . . . I’m packing lunches this morning and I turn to my youngest.

Me:  “Where is your new lunch pail?”

Her:  “What new lunch pail”

Me:  “The one with the daisies and your name embroidered on it.”

Her:  blank stare

Yes – it was still in the present hiding place.  OY!

Now that you indulged me with my story about me, how about a chapter about Eric and Sookie????

It’s NOT BETA’d.  It contains a surprise for MistressJess – you’ll probably be able to figure it out (if you read my posts and not just my chapters).

OH – and in all the holiday madness, I forgot to give shout out again to Sephrenia and The Queen of All That is Delicious for the images and help with all the next and previous page links.  THANK YOU LADIES!


OOOPS – Chapter 21  -click on the image:Bald-Eagle-pink-blue-sunset-SILH-YL8X0890-Homer,-Alaska

Happy New Year – and a SURPRISE

Hope your first day of the new year has been great!  I enjoyed a low-key gathering last night then slept til 10:30 this morning.  After making and cleaning up from brunch, I essentially took the day off (as it evidenced by my butt shaped dent in the couch).

So – I have a confession before your surprise; actually the confession IS the surprise.  An E/S from what was formerly a one-shot have been speaking to me.  You see, I had a mini-epilogue written for them, but it was never completed – nor did I have the ‘glue’ that moved us from the one-shot to the epilogue.  Today, I give you chapter 2 and the epilogue rolled into one.  Rough – again with posting on a holiday – I haven’t had this reviewed.

It’s been a while since I posted the one-shot – so you might want to start there.

Until It’s Gone – Chapter 1 – Revelations

Or – if you remember these guys, go directly here:

Until It’s Gone – Chapter 2 – Happy

What’s next?  I know you want more of Scar – but there’s another Eric (and Hunter, and Sookie and Frannie) that have been screaming at me.  You see, I wasn’t done with Beauty and the Vampire Beast.  The final few bits of the story are yet to be told.  I’m planning to take down the tree and write tomorrow – we’ll see who talks the loudest.

Wishing you a great 2015!


Merry Christmas – How ’bout a chapter for a present?

How about TWO at once????

They are not beta’d (hey, when you finish writing on Christmas you don’t send it out for review).  SO they are both ROUGH!  Read and cringe.

For giggles first:  I realized today that I have become my mother (and that’s not a bad thing).  I was cleaning up from unwrapping gifts and I had this “I’m missing something” feeling.  I was.  Under the spare bed I had left a box, unwrapped, with one of my kid’s gifts.  My mother did that EVERY year.  I still miss her.

Now – here are your chapters – the first includes Thanksgiving (at this rate, I’ll post Christmas when we are celebrating St. Patty’s day  – but oh well.

Chapter 19 – Thankful

Next – we go to one of my favorite places on earth:  Homer Alaska.  I’m going again this summer (third visit).

Chapter 20 – Homer, not Simpson

Hope to get back to my regular posting schedule once the holiday crazies are over.


PS:  Favorite present for me?  My older daughter picked out a bracelet (Wind and Fire) with a Yggdrasil charm on it (Norse/Tree of life).  She actually listens to me!!


Mags, where have you been? (not a chapter)

HERE! Completing this:

So – I finished the story I need for National Novel Writing Month – but alas, the story isn’t fully told (You know me, I can’t keep something to 14 chapters) – so It’s likely to be a trilogy.  I’ve also procured an editor (Don’t know if I can put the name here), and someday I may actually publish.

In the interim, the clothing, dishes, dust everything has been piling up while I took on the NaNoWriMo challenge.  It was worth it though – I have my first original novel done (and it’s a hot mess) and waiting for work.

What’s this mean for my current story Scar?  Well, I haven’t touched in about two weeks.  I do have the latest chapter back from my beta, MistressJessica, but I haven’t incorporated her comments.  We’ll see if I can get that done in the next day or so.  THEN  –  it’ll be a break because I’m inserting a new chapter after the next one – and it’s not done.  OY.  Hang in there folks – I’ll get this done.  I hate stories that were left hanging – so you’ll get this one finished!

Hope to be back soon!