I’m back, kinda

Hi all.  Returning to writing has been harder than I thought it would be.  I left you guys at the end of the year when I was diagnosed with . . . well I’ll leave it at this:

bc ribbon

Many of you took the time to wish me well not knowing what was happening.  I appreciate it!  I’m fine now, 100% cancer free and thinking about taking the ‘never come back again’ drugs.

Enough of that.  I was saying how hard it is to write.  It’s like getting on a bike, but I was wibbly wobbly and not able to do it for long periods of time at first.  I’m getting better.  I have a short story 2/3 done (and I don’t know it it’s going to be fanfiction or original as it can go either way).

I also have a REALLY SHORT chapter from our Beauty and the Vampire Beast family.  I’ve only read it twice and there is no beta – so be kind.  I mean, you wouldn’t be mean to a woman that just fried her boob for cancer, right?  (Yep – I used that one at work a few times.)

I’ve also finally added my short story from the Fangbangers Anonymous site that I wrote for Advent.  It’s called I.O.U..  If you haven’t read it yet – take a look.

See images for chapters below.



29 thoughts on “I’m back, kinda

  1. I’m so glad to see you back at it, but very sorry about what you’ve had to go through. Congratulations on being cancer free! One of my best friends battled breast cancer recently, so I know what a tough fight it can be.

    Take your time with the writing. It will come back to you with time and your loyal readers will be here when it does. 🙂

  2. So grateful that you are here with us! Sending up prayers and good juju for that “never ever” pill to keep that crap away from you!

  3. I’m so happy you are cancer free and feeling good enough to write. It’s great to see you. ❤

  4. How great to see you back! Glad to know you came out the victor in that fight.
    I could not comment on the chapter of B and The VB. It was fun! I hope you will
    soon feel up to writing more but don’t stress about it.

  5. We missed you but your health is what’s important. Kiss that cancer goodbye 😛 So happy to see you writing again. I told you your readers would still be here for you. Take all the time you need. Well, hopefully not too long 😀

  6. Congratulations on the win! That is a hard fought fight and I’m so happy for you.
    As for writing, do it how you feel, slow fast or just whenever. We will be here! 😘

  7. So lovely to hear again from you and healthy too! Very excited that you are already two thirds into a new story… In all honesty that’s VERY impressive!!!

  8. I’m so glad your back! I can’t imagine what you went through and how scary it must have been for you and your family. Thanks for thinking of us and sharing your gift of writing!

    Continue healing and taking care of yourself!

  9. So happy for you! I had no idea it was so serious, but I am thrilled it’s over. The only serious things we need are life, love and the ever irritating…BILLS! Glad to have you back 💖

  10. So sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but sounds like your kicking it’s ass. Keep up the fight, positive healing energy coming to you

  11. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz's Reblog Page and commented:
    How the hell did I miss this one? Either way, Glad to have you back. Also if you ever want to talk about it, My mom had just battled her fight a couple of years ago, and is going through all the fun after stuff.

  12. Dear Mags, I’m so sorry taking so long to comment. I’d been wondering how you were as its not like you to go quiet all of a sudden. I’d never even thought that it’d be that scary scary C thing sneaking in and trying to assimilate you. That bitch! Not fair at all and I’m glad you’ve managed to kick it well and good. Hope the future is bright and you are able to breath a little bit easier and enjoy life again. Take your time and if you’re ever around, come say hi again. My sister is moving to NY so I might be visiting the East Coast at some point in the future.
    Lots of love, Kajsa

    • I would love to show you my part of the world! I have no plans to head your way, well unless my nephew and his wife start a family. That could get me on a plane, but the baby would need to be really cute! Just kidding . . .

  13. I’m so thankful you were able to defeat the Monster that invaded your body. I hate that bastard; he’s visited some of my family & friends as well. You’ll feel like writing more as your stamina increases. Channel the Monster when you describe Appius, Felipe or Victor; the Monster is scarier than any of them. Take care – we’ll wait – your stories are worth waiting for.

    • Thanks. I’m finally feeling like myself again. I have something close to being ready for posting. And that thar was some fer hoodled English but I think you understood. Love the check in. Tell all I said hi!!

      • That’s fantastic – VERY glad to hear it!! No rush, no worries, but hurry the heck up! 😀 (I’ll always opt for ‘conversational English whenever possible.) Also: please ignore any loud squeee’ing you might happen to hear… 😀

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