On Hiatus

Hi all:

I know I have a few items to finish (but nothing is too big of a cliffy) but due to some personal issues, fanfic writing is on hiatus for a while – probably at least until Spring.

If I do have time, I’ll try to edit the next chapter I have written for Glimpses (BVB) but no promises.

Til things are better,



24 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Hope all is well with you dear. Personally, I love your work but I can wait until things are better with you and back on track the way you want them to. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  2. Hope everything is ok and that whatever is happening works out for you. Love your stuff so, of course, I’m prepared to wait patiently 👍💕😀

  3. Whatever is requiring your undivided attention right now, remember to take care of yourself first. No matter what. And your fans will be here when you are able to focus on writing again.

  4. Hope things work out well for you. Take your time, we will all patiently wait for the time to be right for you to write again.

  5. Hugs dear. Hope RL starts going smoothly for you!
    I might be MIA but I still think of you and your wonderful Erics 🙂

    Hmm, things for you to have to help you smile while you are away….

    *starts to look around… Pulls out a framed poster*

    EIM’s Eric in the bath with rollers and face mask!

    Ok, now for chocolatey goodness..

    *pulls out a huge basket of oblong brown foil wrapped packets*

    A years worth of Tim Tams! These should last at least a month 😉

    Ummmm….. Magic self-filling cup. Good for Coffee or Hot chocolate. If you need tea, I have one of those. I learnt the hard way those 3 should Never be mixed 😉

    Ok. Well. Hope you like your care package!


  6. Definitely concentrate on RL, you need all your issues resolved so you have the peace to enjoy life. So take all the time you need and remember we will all be thinking of you. 🙂

  7. Thank you for being so kind and letting your adoring fans know (visualise a hiatus sign on a Fangtasia throne)… Now seriously, I hope things get soon better for you…. Happy positive thoughts going your way… Be well!

  8. Hi Mags!
    I miss you and your stories but it’s better to take care of yourself first! Sending peace and love your way!

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