Lots of stuff . . .

First – if you don’t receive updates from Fangbangers Anonymous – well go and sign up.  For December, there is special content everyday – go here:

The Fangbangers Anonymous Advent Calendar

I wrote a new story being posted through this site (later on my site). It was a gift for Valady, one of their hard working blog contributors.  Here is the first chapter:

I.O.U. Gift for Valady

There will be a total of four.  Hope you like it!

Second – A few weeks ago, we had a bit of an uproar with a witch hunt on fanfiction (NO MA ALLOWED).  She’d turned off PM by the time I got there – but I did see something exciting:  I MADE THE LIST (and what’s strange is – I took all my naughty chapters off FF – so I’m not sure what’s she’s smoking).  Anyway – in the days following my name being added to her hunt – I got new followers!  SO THANK YOU NO MA ALLOWED – you got me new readers.  Well done.

Finally  – I have new babies!  If you’ve followed me for a while, you might have met my cat Peanut. Well, Peanut had a run-in with a fox and he fought hard, but after a month of trying to help him with the vet’s help, he lost his fight. I couldn’t stand it since he’d been my work buddy for 18 years. I filled the gap with:

Chirp (She’s my baby)


Mushu (He’s Josephine’s baby):


Taz as in Tasmanian Devil (He’s Emma’s baby)


That’s it for now!

JUST in case I don’t post again before all the holiday stuff – have a great one (Merry Christmas if that’s your thing) and Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “Lots of stuff . . .

  1. Sorry about your Peanut, hope the new kitties ease some of your pain. There’s nothing like having young cats around to make you smile!

  2. Well, my goodness! You’ve certainly had a busy time of late, Princess Smutty! LOL! You know only those who wrote smut made that list! I don’t get how “Sybil” compiled that list for FF seeing as how most of the writers listed are from WP and no longer post on FF.net. Oh, well, I figure she’s boosted reading levels for all, no matter the site one which one posts, or if you post on both, so YAY for reading and YAY for reading your blog! Sybil could have done more favors to the writers than everyone’s aware (still I wish she would just go away as most trolls do).
    I’m so sorry about Peanut. My heart goes out to you. To go up against a fox though? That’s one brave Peanut! I know you’ll miss him. Your little family looks adventurous though and will no doubt bring you many smiles and endless laughter! I hope you’re getting some sleep! Their names are adorable! 🙂 I hope they stay out of the tree!
    Merry Christmas, my friend!

  3. Sorry your Peanut lost the battle, he must have been strong to fight off a fox and hang on as long as he did..
    Your new babies are adorable and while they can’t take the place of the one you lost, they can give you new love and pleasure.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you again for my story.

  4. So sorry about Peanut. He went out like a Viking though…going up against a fox. What a warrior.

    I’m thanking Sybil too, because she turned me back on to some writers that I had lost track of and hadn’t realized had new stuff. Yay for me! You’re right though, at least half the readers and she flamed hadn’t written on FF in years and most of the stories she plargarized weren’t posted there. She must have put in some serious effort to find them all. How’a that for a messed up psyche?

    I loved the beginning of the new story and cannot wait for more! Enjoy your new kitties, they’ll never replace Peanut, but you can love them too.

  5. Sorry to hear about Peanut…
    I’m already loving IOU can’t wait for the next chapter!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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