Trying . . .

Trying . . .

  • To find time to finish Beauty and the Vampire Beast (got ONE for you tonight).
  • To work on my second original work (my first is in the edit phase).  I hope to have a summary of that by my next post.
  • To keep my house clean (That’s a lie – I’m not trying at all).

Tonight’s chapter has been brought to you buy my hubby’s trip to Hershey Park with the girls.  AHHH, It’s been a good day: watched a truly sappy movie, editing (OMG – I DID get to some chapters done for kittyinaz), editing the chapter you’re getting tonight, and cleaning (NOPE – my own bullshit meter is reading as false).  Now – if Eric wants to come and use his own bullshit meter, or anything else . . . Wait, I got off track.

Here’s a time jump for our BVB Northman family.  Hope you enjoy the kids a little older.


Glimpses 14 – Who invited Pearl, Vicki and that Agent anyway?

7 thoughts on “Trying . . .

  1. I hear you on the ‘Trying!’ I got one room clean only because I had to put the summer stuff away and decorate for fall, and the dust was overtaking everything… In the middle of that, I had to help clean the garage. My way of helping? I threw everything away, didn’t even look at it. This includes the things I have to do because I can’t get away with NOT doing them! Then I stay up all night editing, look at everything after a few hours sleep and three cups of coffee, and really, thank goodness I do! I’d be so embarrassed to send the chapters back looking the way they do! Somewhere in all of this I manage to get in a few showers, get to my stylist for my hair’s youth serum, and squeeze in a visit or two with my grandbabies! Thank God for crockpots and my husband’s changing bi-weekly work schedules.
    How do you manage things with a full-time job and young children at home? You must be Superwoman! You are my hero, you know?
    Thank you for another chapter of my favorite fictional family! 🙂

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