New chapter

And nope – I’m not doing post titles to the song from Frozen this week (or again – that was hard).  I still love ya Jess!

Couple of things:

1) Have you VOTED yet?  Go check out Seph’s fall writing challenge, read and vote!

2) I’m working on my first original story!  It’s part of my writing class and my homework for next Wednesday will take some time.  I will be presenting my story summary / outline and main character sketches to the class for feedback.  Please send good vibes for me – mostly so I don’t chew all my fingernails off from worry over that.

3) What was three again? ? ?  OH – you want a chapter?  Well, grab your frying pans 8-cast-iron-skillet-individual-serving_multiple

and settle in for:

Chapter 10 – Hurt


2 thoughts on “New chapter

  1. I’m confident you’ll do just fine! You’ve been writing these stories for how long? Other writers credit you as their creative consultants! You’ve got nothing to worry over. I’m so excited for you, and I can’t wait to read about it! Break a leg! Good Luck! (Not sure which one is appropriate, but you get the idea!) 🙂
    I’ll miss the “Frozen” songs…

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