Wishin’ And Hopin’

And I bet some of you have that song stuck in your head now:


But instead of a song, I bet you’d rather have a chapter – and I have one for you.  It’s a little shorter than normal, but I’m trying to tie things up – not add new stuff.  Wait – did I just say that?  LIAR – I may have added something new.

Liar – that brings me to a bit of a posting ah  . . . thing I want to comment on.  See, I have many times been referred to as Sister Mary Margaret.  This really came into MistressJessica’s new story – Chastity.  It’s ah, (whispers) dirty . . . So – I had to get my nun out.  Take a look at a recent post called Penance.  And by all means – read the story.

This reminded me of something that happened in my family years ago.  My brother Jeff was in first grade and he tried to poison a nun (my older siblings all went to Catholic School until we moved out of Philadelphia).  Well, since he was so young, the nuns decided to keep my sister in detention – since she was I think 7th or so grade at the time.  I was still at home drooling at my mother so the specifics escape me.

Enough about me and my family – here’s your chapter:

Chapter 38 – Nick of Time



2 thoughts on “Wishin’ And Hopin’

  1. I’ve read all 3 chapters & saw where she mentioned that Sr. Mary Margaret had admonished her… Me, the good Lutheran, gave her 10 Hail Marys & 5 Our Fathers and one other thing for penance. It was probably a command for another chapter…

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