Wedding Wishes and a hard decision

SHOCKER – the next chapter is the wedding.  I’ve had the banner up most of the day – and I know some of you saw it (57 of you to be exact, unless some of you just kept checking and checking so it might just be one of you checking 57 times).

PLEASE READ – after spending a few hours trying to catch up on comment replies, I have decided I will reply to questions but not all comments.  I hope this does not offend readers or prevent you from leaving comments.  I’ll scan them and might find some I can’t resist but if I don’t reply to you – it’s not personal.  I only have so much time and my muse kicked in on Friday and I must take advantage of that.  Please email me if this causes significant concerns to you.  I DO Appreciate EVERY comment, I really do.

I don’t have much else to say but this:  Next FRIDAY (the 13th) is the last day of elementary school for my youngest and that could cause tears, making it hard for me to see and therefore impossible to post.  Just keep it in mind.

Enjoy the wedding from Hunter’s perspective.  Thanks Gyllene for giving me extra help on this chapter.

Chapter 37 – See Daddy Marry Mommy


Will write for comments, please help . . .

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