And the Winners are . . .

WOW – the support for this contest – and the number of votes – proves that this fandom is alive and well. EVEN if CH and HBO seem intent on killing it (or have). Those of us who know the right direction for these characters (E/S togetherness DUH) have spoken.
Be sure to support the winners and nominees by reading, reviewing and referring to others!

Alas – I am just reblogging today and I don’t have a chapter for you. I truly did spend Friday night and all day yesterday with my scout troop and am now about to log in for work. Enjoy your week my readers!

You Want Blood Awards

Everyone on the Authority Panel would just like to say

thank-you-word-cloud-1024x791We only hoped and dreamed for a response as large as we received.  So thank you all of you!  Now for what you are all really here to find out.


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4 thoughts on “And the Winners are . . .

  1. Yes I agree with you Mags this fandom is alive and kicking !!! I guess everybody has seen the lastest spoilers of the TB S7 and the Writers are shoving Billy boy down our throats..They are intending to make us think that he’s a super hero ready to save vampires and humans Oh Hail William Compton!!; Sookie will crawl back to him after all the bad things Bill did to her but you know Bill’s changed HE CAN BE TRUSTED AGAIN!!!! And our dear Eric will be treated like shit eventually will be infected with Hep-V !! Well Eric is really the only evil vampire in Lousiana!!! I don’t care anymore I won’t watch TB this summer and the Writers can do all the scheming that they want cuz this one Eric fan will love him for eternity…I hope that you and other talented Writers will give us fans many new stories that will righten the crap of True blood S7..Take care

    • Hi – I’m behind on replies – but I guess you see now that I didn’t get to a second chapter as I predicted – too much going on. Same problem this weekend – so no promises for Sunday.

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