Making your wish come true

That is – if you’re wishing for a new chapter!

First (It’s me, there’s always something before the chapter) – new character banners from Sephrenia:

Judge Charles Harkem played by Patrick Stewart (a personal yumm for me.  Yes, I’m a trekkie – don’t like it – live wrong and fester.  I mean, live long and prosper).

Judge Harkem

There are two others on the main Make a Wish page – you just haven’t met them yet.

AND – a story banner from Gyllene has also been posted to the Teasers Page since you see something in the banner but you don’t know where it fits in YET.  (she worked hard on this one – I was a PAIN IN THE BUTT with my request).

We get to know more about Celia tonight:


Don’t forget about:

The Kittyinaz Facebook Group would like to present . . .

You Want Blood . . . the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards

Nominations will be accepted beginning May 1, 2014 (fingers crossed).  There is a list of categories that you may nominate TB/SVM stories for.  Stories can be WIP or complete.  We will be accepting nominations from various formats (WordPress,, blogspot, LiveJournal, TWCS, etc.).  There will be a one-week nomination period.  Once the nominations have been tallied, there will be a two-week voting period.  So start thinking about who you want to nominate.

Oh, and one more thing, only one vote per ISP.  Gotta keep it fair.

 And – Drum Roll Please:

The Chapter for tonight:  Chapter 26 – Hope

Things are baaad at work – I have major project deadlines for Wednesday so enjoy the chapter – you might not get another one before next weekend – and next weekend?  Birthday slumber party for my 10 year old (the baby playing Celia up there in the banner – TEN!)



4 thoughts on “Making your wish come true

  1. ::taps on the computer screen::

    Umm, excuse woman, did you plagerize me in that post? That announcement about the awards looks AWFULLY familiar…. Wonder where I’ve seen it before????

    Love the banners…..I think I stole another one from you yesterday though. oops.

    Hope you feel better…hope work doesn’t suck too much….hope you survive the horde of 10 year olds!

    Hugs and kisses (Unless you are still sick. Then it’s tissues and Lysol.)

    Jess 🙂

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