Thank you – with a mid-week gift

I should be cooking dinner but instead I’ll post to thank you guys.  I’m very excited to have Make a Wish honored and it’s thanks to those of you who voted:

10306763_564744270306386_9176386790231168763_nmake a wish award

Folks – I’m floored – to be nominated and win the True Blood all-time favorite with Queen of Area 5 and THE SVM writer – the person I know I measure myself against – Ericizmine?  FLOORED!  Thank you!  I appreciate the votes and the tough choices in the mix – especially ficlit78kjwrit; eys1214; and my dear friend:   mistressjessica1028 (I send monkeys and frying pans to those I love – MMUUAAHH!).

Now, what could possibly be a good thank you for all those votes.

Girl Scout Cookies – naah too expensive to ship to all those addresses.

A song?  PFFT – even my Girl Scouts have asked me NOT to sing anymore (it’s that bad).

I know I know – a teaser?  I DID update the teaser page, but I’m unsure if that is enough.

AHA!  A chapter?  I bet that would do it.  Chapter 25 – Going to the Chapel


11 thoughts on “Thank you – with a mid-week gift

  1. Congrats and very very deserved. This is a lovely story that takes Eric & Sookie into a scenario rarely explored, very much family-land (also the land of the fabulous Multiverse that Angela so generously gifted us) and it has great plots, great character development and fab dialogue too. So yeah… Well done!

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