Couple of Important things (and something you’ve been WISHing for)

Somebody booked GIRL SCOUT camping for the service unit for this Friday and Saturday (OY!).  I’m currently putting together my workshop on trees (no, I know nothing about them ‘cept they drop leaves).  Then we have Easter – so I’m doing my weekend post early.  Before you get to that – let me clarify a few items:


I love the shit out of MistressJessica1028.  However, she did challenge me.  She posted photos of admittedly large fry pans – however – let me propose this:

1) They aren’t even in her state – let alone her kitchen


2) I’d like to see her wield one of them.  Especially with those tiny raccoon arms of hers.

I, on the other hand, have IN MY KITCHEN a professional 14.5 in fry pan that I can in fact wield.  Proof?:

fry pan

No, they were NOT happy to be used in the picture for a post.  That’s Josephine (AKA Celia in our story – just wait or honestly I call her mini-me) and Emma (AKA Johanna).  Now 10 and 12.


Have you ever wondered?  We’ve never SEEN a picture of KJWRIT – right?  I think I’m onto something here – because I believe she is in fact:


Because try as I did.  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!

I swore I wasn’t going to start The Debt until I was done writing Make a Wish – I just have too many other stories I’m reading.  I made a promise to myself and my readers that I wouldn’t let it distract me.

I have failed.  It’s (as everything she writes) perfect, fantastic and any other synonym you can think of  . .  oh hell, just go read it if you haven’t!


But – none of this is what you wanted.  You greedy readers all want a chapter I guess:

Tonight, I offer:  Chapter 23 – Cure

Happy Passover, Happy Easter or just plain Happy Spring

I promise I’ll respond to comments as soon as I can.

and for those who are on the list:

Coachella 2015 – here we come!

Thanks for reading and commenting.  ~Mags


11 thoughts on “Couple of Important things (and something you’ve been WISHing for)

  1. Let the games begin!!!

    I do have a cast iron frying pan and a stainless steel frying pan. I just thought those pictures were more impressive. Spoil sport! :-p

    I love the shit out of you too my friend!!!!

    Coachella is going to make for one hell of an interesting road trip….

  2. You van tell how old a tree is by the number of rings in its stump. SO if any are cut down you can have them search for the oldest tree. Just count out from the center to the end.

  3. Your comment about kjwrit is bang on! Everytime she has a new story I swear I’m not going to read it until she’s finished it or I’m finished the story I’m currently reading but it never happens that way. I deliberately only read half a chapter at a time to draw out the story as long as possible!

  4. kjwrit is indescribable! I’m powerless when it comes to her stories. Have to read, have to read… Your girls are beautiful, and judging by their ages, they really do look thrilled to be helping you with your story. That’s a great handle on that skillet! I have one that big, but the handle is cast iron too & not nearly long enough; yours is great! Your weekend sounds positively frightening & exhausting. You’re becoming my hero. I get tired just reading about all you have to do!

  5. The girls are cute. I have a frying pan bigger than that. Its for out door cooking. But its not an iron skillet. I don’t think I could lift it if it was.
    KJwrites is funny. I just love her stories. Coachella 2015 that would be a fun trip. We could all meet up and go Skarsgard and Richie Sambora hunting. Both were there this time.
    Happy Everything!

  6. Ha ha… you made me laugh trying to resist The Debt… It is too good… Happy Easter to you and thank you for all the awesome writing…

  7. Thanks for pimpin’ me out, Mags!

    And are those your daughters? They’re adorable. But I’m not sure what’s going on with you and MistressJessica1028 and frying pans. Is it a cook-off? Will bacon be involved? I could always go for some bacon.

    And as for pictures of me, just you wait.

    And watch.


    Because I’m sure they’ll be the ones to post my perp walk post-Skars attack. 🙂

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