21 thoughts on “Boss, this is everybody, everybody, meet my boss

  1. Oh, the cruel, cruel irony! At least you live close enough to have the POTENTIAL of attending and meeting him yourself some day. Those of us on the opposite coast will have to be content with staring longingly at photos of him with people like you…((sigh!))

  2. How rude! Now she gets another check for her bucket list. I’d probably stare at that picture and pinch myself! What a fortuitous encounter! So lucky!

  3. That Bitch!
    I want in on this trip. I’ll buy the drinks and bring the handcuffs. We’ll have our own Hangover weekend and hopefully wake thoroughly Skarsgarded!!

  4. Mags –

    The stars and planets will align and you WILL meet ASkars! Yes you will! You put forth wonderful positive energy so I think it will return to you in the form of a very tall very attractive Swede named Alexander!

  5. Oh that’s just not right. She could have at least invited you. Well, I’m in for next year, and she’s NOT invited!

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