Guess who finished her taxes already?

Guess what you get in return?  Did you see that – I used ‘return’ as a pun on – oh – nevermind.

You get something that you all knew was coming.  It’s a big fat chapter – I want lots of LOVE (Comments and likes) for putting it all in one chapter  –  NO CLIFFY.

As a result if posting already – I haven’t replied to comments – I WILL!

Go read and review:  Chapter 22 – That Pam!

And – this is my last post before the voting closes so I’ll just remind you:  Voting closes on the 14th




2 thoughts on “Guess who finished her taxes already?

  1. Thank you! Aren’t you kind? Glad you finished your taxes. I don’t work & my husband hates to do any itemizing so ours are pretty easy. Return? What’s that? A return to work so you pay more for next year!! Haven’t seen one of those since the kids were living with me…and they got lower as they got older…

  2. We were hit badly this year – still panned out at the end – but no return to speak of. NOT that this is the reason to miss him – but in 2012 I still paid a great deal for my Dad’s living expenses so we could claim him. That changed last year with . . . well all those changes.
    Anywho -off to try and catch up on these comments (that;s getting harder in case everyone hasn’t noticed) – but I hate to not respond – even if it’s late.
    Oh – and ah work. Yeah, work.

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