WHOO did this?  And I’m not talking about my owl cake pops (but let’s look at them again – cause they were gorgeous):


I’m wondering WHO nominated my stories (or the who’s – plural – just how do you ask that in plural anyway).

I THANK YOU (and since I’m close to philly – I can say) – I THANK YOUS for plural just in case.  I’m thrilled.

I got an email from MistressJessica earlier today – she congratulated me on my nominations.  I responded – thank you and – huh – what are you talking about.  (I tend to live under a rock sometimes).  WELL – MY GOODNESS – and I’m sure it’s no surprise since other great writers are also sending thanks – here’s the scoop:


Check out the other nominees by clicking on the image above to go to the page.

Couple of readers/friends/or writers I follow to highlight:

Queen of Area 5 – Marriage of Inconvenience

Ericizmine – Bored to Death

ficlit78 – Pretty Kitty

 kjwrit – Multiple Nominations!

InvertedMeridian – Multiple Nominations!

eys1214 – Dead Man’s Hand

kittyinaz – Multiple Nominations!

 mistressjessica1028 – A Different Life (several categories!) – don’t send MONKEYS – vote instead.  I’ll go ahead and say – we BOTH needed it after the  past two crappy weeks we’ve had!

I’m sure I’m missing someone – but my eyes are crossing at this hour – so I do apologize!!

Now  –  you’re probably wondering – is there something ELSE in this post?

A chapter?

Mais Oui!  Chapter 17 – Distraction – enjoy!

Oh – and thoughts on why I did what I did with Eric’s background – Checkout the newly renamed to Chapter tidbits for MAW – this is not a teaser page (secret’s WAS confusing – sorry bout that).




8 thoughts on “WHOO WHOOO

  1. Congratulations to a very deserving writer! Well-earned! I’m so happy for you & your MULTIPLE nominations! Congratulations to all the other nominees as well. Damn! How would one choose?
    (The plural of who is who, but you knew that! Yous Philly girls! The plural of you in yinz!)

  2. If you want to thank me properly, you could send me cheesesteaks from Genos. Congrats mags! I know I am one of the people that nominated you, but I do know of several others that did too. Congrats again!

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