Who Shot JR or THANKS

I really can’t thank you enough for the love and support you guys have given me.  I guess my thank you is the link to the next chapter of this story – down below.

I’m also posting because the comments from the last chapter told me a few things:

1) You’re all wondering about the car accident (the who shot JR bit above) – so I wanted to clear that up.

2) Connections are important.  See, I never considered the first section of my last chapter as LINKED to the second half.  Incredible lesson learned as a writer.  AM I going back to rip apart stuff – probably not – but good information to have.  Maybe I use that as a tool to misdirect for effect, maybe I ensure I don’t accidentally link things.  In any case – perfect example of using comments/reviews to HELP me improve my writing – so many thanks – and again, the thanks is another chapter.

This chapter is one of those that you’ll finish and say – I have to read it again – so much was in it.  I tried to think of ways to split it – but then you just end up with a couple shorter chapters and I know if I get something to read – the longer the better.

If you aren’t following mistressjessica1028 – then check it out and click on follow – she started working on something purely for fun and has allowed me to play along with her.  I think you’ll like it.  Don’t know when it’ll be finished and I’ll post a link again here – but go ahead and read a bit of a teaser.

CLARIFICATION – Mags’ Secrets page – is not teasers or spoilers.  I only add comments about chapters already posted and it’s simply my insight to the chapter, what I was thinking or if I’m in a sharing mood – a story from my own like that links somehow to the chapter.  My teasers’s page is a snippet from a future chapter – so that’s a spoiler.

Link to the chapter (thought you’d never get there Mags).  Chapter 16 – Damn Lemons

Have a good week everyone!


5 thoughts on “Who Shot JR or THANKS

  1. I’m trying to post the first part tonight! I’m working on editing the visuals so I can get the ones together that I want, but I’m photo-editor challenged at the moment!

    See, you yell at me for posting something while you are trying to write, and now you do the same damm thing to me. So going to get you for this woman! (You know I’m kidding!)

    Love ya!

  2. Yay! Honestly I didn’t link the accident with Pam, she seemed to have taken Eric’s warning seriously. But then again, she is desperate. I’m kinda kicking myself that i didn’t even think of the possibility, even if it was wrong 🙂

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