Your wish is granted

Imagine Mags waving a wand around with sparkly things flying around . . . on second thought, don’t imagine that.  The effort to vacuum that up is too scary.

But, you do get your wish:  A new chapter of Make a Wish!

Thanks to:

My creative consultant (that’s what I’ve decided to call her):  Gyllene.  She’s been helping me with story direction and it’s been great fun having someone to chat with.  She’s working on a better version of DEA – My Dead Ever After.

All my readers!  THANK YOU!  Love to read the comments and here what you’re thinking about this story.

ALSO – by request – a banner for Mustapha and others on the Make a Wish page – thanks Sephrenia!

And – THAT’S IT – I’m giving you your chapter link –

Right Now


Right Here:

Oh – um, after the link for the TEASER to chapter 16 – my take for this story on the Jason AHA.

Here’s the chapter.  Grab some tissues and get reading!  Chapter 12 – Something you should know


20 thoughts on “Your wish is granted

  1. Well, gyllene! You’ve moved up in the world! Congratulations! So happy for you! 🙂 Let us know when you’ve got the new story going!

    Mags! I just glanced at the first part of your sentence “waving a wand around with sparkly things flying around,” and didn’t have to read the rest! I had the same thought! Who’s gonna clean up that mess? You have to buy the magic wands that don’t spread any fairy dust!

    • I wrote the first chapter about ten months ago and posted it. I wasn’t sure it was going to be a one shot or not, but many had asked for more so I’m trying to finish up the story. I posted chapter 2 on Friday and hope to finish writing chapter 3 this weekend.

      • Oh goody! I’m going to wait until you post Chapter 3, then go back & reread 1, along with the new ones! I’ll go with the crowd & beg for more! LOL!

        • Msbuffy, I only noticed tonight that we are both betas for Answer to the Master. 🙂 I’m getting close to finishing chapter 3 but it be two weeks before I post it. Next week I’m posting chapter 2 of Lover’s Amnesia.

          • I know!! It’s so much fun, isn’t it? What stories are you working on, other than ATTM? I don’t do any posting; I just proof, edit, and then return to Her Majesty. I love it! 🙂

            • I don’t do any posting just proof and edit like you do. I’m going to beta for The Darkness Within and a new series she’s going to write called Through the Looking Glass.

              I also help Virala with her stories and now I’m the creative consultant for Mags for this wonderful story. 🙂

              What other stories are you working on?

              • I’ve got the first 10 chapters of “The Darkness Within,” and most of it done, and I’ve done most of “Lifting the Veil.” I did the Christmas story, and then this one until you joined us! I edited up through Chapter 47. I haven’t received anymore chapters so I assume you’re getting them. It’s good that there’s two presently. It’s always better to have an extra set of eyes!

                I’ve done some beta work with a couple of writers on FF, but I’m not an official beta on the site. I’m not a writer; I’m an editor! It’s what I do! I think what you’re doing with Mags is fantastic! You two work so well together!

                • I’ve done up through chapter 47. I told her I’d do the other two in December or January. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten anything new from her. I think it’s very good to have an extra set of eyes on stories.

                  I love helping Mags with this story. I’ve read up to chapter 25 or 26 and I’m in love with this Eric.

                  • I guess she likes your work more! LOL! I haven’t received anything since right before her mother passed. I’ll finish what I’ve got because I said I would, and not expect anything else then.

                    This Eric is wonderful, so able to be both sides of the coin.

                    • I don’t know about that liking my work more. I knew she needed someone for her stories so I volunteered. It’s been since January that I’ve gotten anything new from her. I just wait until I get a message from her telling me to work on something.

                    • Same here. They asked, I volunteered. It’s what I do for a living, and I love finding raw talent & encouraging those with it to do all they can to expand on it. Write anything & everything you want! There really are no creative boundaries with it. I’ve had so fun over the last few years watching some of the best FF writers go from that site to developing their own. I love yours, BTW!

                    • Thank you! 4Padfoot and I have been working on it for the last couple of weeks and I love how it’s turning out. 🙂 I now prefer to read on someone’s WordPress page then

                      Sounds like you love your job and that’s awesome to be able to find talent and encourage them.

                    • You’re welcome! You’ve done a terrific job with it! 4Padfoot is quite popular these days with all the work she’s been doing on everyone’s WP sites. I prefer WordPress blogs/sites over FF as well. I abhor anything that even remotely smells of censorship. There are still a few writers I’m following on the site, but I’ve pulled away as much as possible.

                      I do love my job! I love it more because I’m able to work from home & sometimes even in my PJ’s! I’ve always been a reader so I was fortunate to fall, almost literally, into this line of work. Finally, in my later years, I get to do what I love most, and I get paid for it! I write book reviews as well. If I’m not reading, I’m writing a review. Reading all the different SVM & TB fics are my escape, and that’s where I find all the hidden talent! There are probably about 2 dozen of you that I’ve found who are just amazing. You really must spread your wings a little more – when you’re ready – and write your own characters! You & Mags have such incredible depths of creativity!
                      We should probably quit chatting up her space! Sorry, Mags!

                    • Thank you! I do have an idea for an orginal story that I’ll someday write. I’m writing Lover’s Amnesia and My DEA and then Virala and are going to collaborate on a story. I wish WordPress have messaging. I guess you can comment on one of my pages and we can comment back and forth.

          • Duh! I just read that comment completely out of context…too many bleach fumes from laundry today! You were commenting on your story that I asked you about yesterday! (Sucks to be old & feeble-minded)
            OK, I’m putting you on my list now for updates too!

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