The stories you told me . . .

More Glimpses of our Northman family tonight (no, it’s not MAW, but I hope you like what I’ve got).

After I posted She’s a Teen (Beauty and the Vampire Beast glimpses) I received many comments from you on your children’s or your own teenage antics.  I was howling at some stories.  I never shared one of mine:  I was the youngest of 6 – and had a very ah mischievous brother.  He was a teenager and one night he climbed out his window, drifted the car out then started it in the street.  Fast forward to the whole family leaving for church the next day (Hello six kids = Catholic).  My mother walks to her side of the car and screeches.  It’s completely dented in!  My brother (window escapee) walks around and says – Someone must have driving into the driveway and hit it last night!  I was maybe 7 or 8 – I had no idea what was going on . . .

Anyway – I had some inspiration for this chapter from Padore – please read the acknowledgements at the end for details.

This one came to me fast – I was watching (glancing) at the Olympics and it fell out of my fingers (thanks to Padore).  I NEVER post anything this quickly so it’s probably LOADED with errors (yes – I know that I wrote it like 3 weeks ago – but that’s fast for me).  Just enjoy the story part and not the grmer and speling.   (um, that spelling was a joke).

I am working on Make a Wish – I swear – Moyra and Frannie just yelled at me until I typed this one and I finally finished editing.

Glimpses 3 – Daddy’s Woes

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