Do your eyes deceive you? NOPE

I told you Chapter 8 and 9 go together and I wouldn’t keep you waiting.  It must have been the NAP I took while taking the girls and two of their friends to see The Lego Movie that gave me the energy I needed to get the edits done tonight.

The Lego movie isn’t bad – some of it was very cool and the last 15 minutes were nice.  It was just dark in the theatre and I was warm in my coat and the next thing I knew – I’d missed a chunk of the plot.  My sister in law and brother who joined us confirmed that I did not snore or drool (thank heavens).

So – I have a BIG THANK YOU to Gyllene for taking on the role of ah – creative consultant, story line feedback provider?  She’s not a beta so all those verb tenses and OVER USE OF COMMA are all my fault – do not think badly of her beta skills for this piece of work.  But she’s been fabulous and providing content feedback.  Thank her folks – she’s helped me with stuff that I hope makes it better for YOU.  So – if you’re wondering what this means – basically, she knows something that you don’t know.  I’m the mental age of 8 – I don’t deny this.

On with the links:

Chapter 9 – Taking care of business, again

Mags’ Secrets updated for this chapter

No more til next weekend – got to pace myself – well that and I have a HUGE project due for work next Friday – wish me luck!  It’s a new process being written on a new tool and we’ve been called guinea pigs – isn’t that special?

7 thoughts on “Do your eyes deceive you? NOPE

  1. gyllene is awesome! My co-beta for the Sunset Queens, she is the one who probably finds all of my errors! Her own blog is terrific, and I’ve just starting reading “Redemption.” FANTASTIC!

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