Wishing for Snow Snow Snow . . . I mean sun sun sun

We had 18 or so inches – we have a tunnel on the deck that leads out to the back yard (for the dog of course). I work from home, so I just sat in my home office and worked – poor hubby and the kids had to clean up two straight days in a road.

Thanks for all the reviews and favorites and followers – love it!

snow day 1 snow day 2

So Mags, are you just telling us about snow?  No – while I’m wishing for the sun to show me a driveway again (you can only snow blow down so far on gravel) you guys are getting you wish for Make a Wish (hopefully that’s your wish.).

Before your chapter link – some promotions:  Redemption by Gyllene is finished (sniff, don’t get me started – I loved that story).  It’s a sweet and fast read (12 chapters) if you’re looking for something like that.  I admit it – the first few chapters scared me – but the hard part is over quickly – I promise.

For a longer read – and heavy on drama/angst – try California Kat’s Comfortably Numb.  Not every page is easy to get through – no doubt – but it’s also really satisfying to read.  I put this one off (angst) but once I picked it up – I ignored my family to get through it – it’s that good.

And now that I made you SCROLL – ACK – Chapter 8 – Brotherly Love and I updated my secret’s page for this chapter as well.

AND YAY – 4 more inches of snow tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Wishing for Snow Snow Snow . . . I mean sun sun sun

  1. Looks like home. I barely got out of my driveway yesterday. Just wanted to let you know I love your stories. Glad to see a Sookie who is not so ungrateful. Can’t wait for more updates.

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