Wishful thinking?

Got a new one for you – Chapter of MAW that is.  Everyone say THANK YOU TO Sephrinia1 – she asked for more pretty words and sent me presents – so you all benefit!!  I didn’t get a chance to enjoy my presents since I spent all evening making Owl and Snitch Cake Pops for a slumber party tomorrow night.  Pray for me.  It’s small – only 6 total but 10-12 year old girls.  They can scream!


Enjoy this chapter – savor it – it’s a really busy weekend so it may be the only one until sometime next week.  Plus I have two for BVB – I think I’m calling that Glimpses – a series of one and two shots that take us into the future with the Northmans.  I really want to post them soon.

Thanks and welcome to all the new followers here.  Please let me know if you like a chapter (hit like – leave me a review) please!

Secrets – a snippet about part of this chapter has been updated on Mags’ Secrets page

Chapter 7 – Smitten

Teaser Updated (I posted something from Chapter 10)




5 thoughts on “Wishful thinking?

  1. Your cake pops are adorable! I have a small custom cake business (on the side of my regular “day job”) and I’ve been asked to make cake pops a few times, but I hate doing them. Way too much headache for something so small…I’d rather make cupcakes all day long! Yours look fantastic, though!

    • Why thank you. I can’t believe – all the HOURS it took me to make them and they were inhaled in minutes! I can see after making mine (that ARE full of imperfections) that it would be hard to make these with a profit in mind.

  2. Oh my goodness! Those treats are just darling! You are such a wonderful Mommy for doing something like that! That’s the kind of hard work I used to pay people to do when I was a working mom! They’re adorable! And I will pray for you…I do remember those days, not all that fondly. The screaming, the fighting, the tears, the pettiness; inevitably one ends up in a tiff with another and while you’re soothing one’s hurt feelings, the others start picking sides…GAH! My son was SO much easier! They would wrestle and get over it. My mother laughed & laughed at me with 2 girls…her revenge. She had 3 boys, then 3 girls. We gave her much more trouble than the boys, she’s always said. Now that they’re grown & gone, I will admit to the girls being SO much harder to raise than my son!
    BUT – by the time everyone gets up tomorrow morning, they’ll all be friends again!
    I’ll be praying for you, and I’ll even have a glass of wine for you, since you can’t. Good Luck, my friend!

    • PFFT – you know I signed on to make those cake pops to alleviate my guilt for spending so much of their lives with my hands on the keyboard typing – or if we’re out – STOP TALKING – I have a story idea I need to jot down before I forget!

      We lucked out and had no hurt feelings or anything. Well, a small incident where one of them was afraid at laser tag – but it was one of mine so I just spent a fortune on arcade coins and we did that (a secret addiction of mine anyway – when I have to leave my PC).

      Thanks for the prayers – and yeah, you having that wine really helped me (NOT).

      So now I just need to manage a cookie booth for a few hours then NAP TIME!


  3. LMAO! Woman, you wear me out just from reading all you plan to do in a day! I can’t imagine doing it all over again…and I’m not real sure how I did it all the first time! I do remember our little house being overflowed with “guilt” offerings though. This time around it’s called “spoiling” and “revenge”. Then we send them home to the parents! It’s lovely!
    So happy for everybody (especially you!) that all worked out well, and no hurt feelings or fisticuffs occurred! I’ve never seen Laser Tag or played (paid for plenty of it). As an epileptic, I can’t be in those types of things, play video games, etc. I play a mean game of Whack-a-Mole (highly therapeutic too!), and the kids always loved the ticket accumulation…more guilt…I’ve thought of several other names for it, but CC (aka the huge money-sucking rat) has no sense of humor, and they no longer sell alcohol. That was a wonderful thing when mine were small…
    Speaking of, yeah. Sorry the wine didn’t help you; didn’t help me either since I had none! SORRY! I’ll try next time I do to figure out a way transmit my blood alcohol level from Pgh to Philly specifically to you! Where’s a witch when you need one? Amelia…? Octavia…? Glinda…? Mother…?
    You’re in the cookie booth again! I want some Thin Mints! (imagine a rather well-preserved – LOL – older looking, short, chubby, frumpy, bottle-auburn woman rolling around on the ground like a 4-year-old, hands in fists, stubby legs kicking, high-pitched cry…I babysit…) Why can we not find them here? Could it be someone in this house has self control?
    Enjoy nap time; or, as we call it, the most wonderful time of the day!

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