Happy Groundhog Day!

Let me explain.  My husband and I are together because of Groundhog Day.  You see – for several years, as a bachelor my husband and his friends hosted a Groundhog Party (completed with a groundhog pinata and groundhog jeopardy).  Well, I attended twice (I was already friends with his step sister) and the second year (about 8 years after we met) he asked for my phone number.  So – while the whole groundhog thing is weird (ask msbuffy – go ahead – she loves to talk about the holiday) we have continued the parties some years (not recently, but one of these years we’ll do it again).

Fine Mags – where’s my chapter?

It’s here – it’s below.  Just wanted to recognize this important day.  There’s something else happening today – but I don’t remember what.  Whatever it is – my husband’s been quiet and kinda missing so I’m getting some writing time.

Hope you like our next chapter.   Things might be slow for a bit – my Kindle died (the third one in our house to die from battery problems – so I’m torn about buying the same thing.  Well, the Kindle is a huge part of my edit process.  I send my books to my Kindle and use the note and highlight feature to edit.  I can do this on my phone – but it’s slower.  SIGH – I’ll figure something out.  Right now, I’m just mourning the loss of my Kindle appendage.

Finally – I added a new page – all my secrets – what the heck was I thinking when I wrote something.  It’ll have chapter numbers before the secret.  Right now there’s a note about the whole story.  Just tidbits.   Mags’ Secrets for MAW.

Chapter 6 – A Good Start

Teaser updated

3 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. I’m so happy you & your hubby have one another because of Groundhog Day! There are many Groundhog Day anniversaries in my family. Why not? My hubby would do it for the Superbowl…as long as he got to watch all the stuff afterward!
    And I actually only talk about the day with you! I think it’s the MOST ridiculous holiday ever! I hope you & your hubby had a lovely day though, if you still kinda celebrate that stuff. We do. My condolences on the loss of your Kindle. It’s why I won’t get one. I’ve been through 4 laptops in 3 years….OOPS!

    • We haven’t celebrated like that in years. I was looking for some junk in my storage room earlier today and found all the boxes and boxes of groundhog – ah – junk. We need to have a party next year just to get rid of it all. I was only teasin having folks go to you for the holiday stuff – cause I know how much you ‘love it.’
      I was wondering where you were – I thought – where’s my msbuffy!!??
      Hope you’re staying warm. We’re trying to keep up with the power fluctuations. We have a generator – but its been up and down all day – and that’s horrible (for poor hubby) we have a manual generator so its – go switch stuff over – oops the power’s back – its off again – all day long! I called in sick – I wasn’t getting anything done at work – but I did WRITE!

      • That’s terrible about all the power stuff! I’d go nuts here if that were happening, but we rely on gas heat for heating (obviously), cooking, & hot water. For electricity, the worst that could happen for most folks is the cable going out. Then we just all wait for our computers to run out of battery power, if you don’t have backup. I’d just get under the covers & read! I remember all those snowstorms in the mid-90’s though. The kids were home for week, I had 2 broken toes, and I thought I was going to lose my mind! I kept hearing this scraping outside; it was my neighbor! She & her boys had shoveled down my driveway to bring us milk & cereal, and she bought me presents – beer & cigarettes! We had a horrible snow/rain/ice storm here today & I think my hubby killed the snowblower. We’ll see. Supposed to have a HUGE snowstorm here Sunday. I hope it’s another misforecast. I hate winter! And I knew you were kidding about the groundhog! We got a good laugh from that! I’ve been trying to catch up on my “beta” work that’s not for Sunset Queens, and thinking about Queen of Area 5. She lost her mom over the weekend, and it was all so fast & unexpected. My heart is just breaking for her. I still have to write to her.
        I’m glad you got to write today!!! Your fans will love you for that! I love this newest story, BTW. It is just precious… Precious & vampires. Did ya ever think those words would be in the same sentence?

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