Did you wish for a chapter?

Not much to say except I posted and I’m planning to post again this weekend (there are NO Girl Scout Cookie booth this weekend – of course not, the temperature went up unlike the last two weekends where I froze my badges off in the cold).

Thanks for reading – my goodness – my email in box is full of new followers and favorites and comments  – guess you really like Make a Wish.  Warms my heart (though not enough to keep me warm at a cookie booth).


Oh  and check out the tissue and frying pan warnings – now at the top of each chapter and not these posts (I know some folks don’t read this post – they go right for the link.)

Chapter 5 – Taking care of business

Ummm – to kinda make up for the frying pan warning, I updated the teaser for Chapter 6.

9 thoughts on “Did you wish for a chapter?

  1. Of course we “wished” for a chapter! If I may, I’ll speak for all of us & say that we wish for a chapter daily! LOL!
    Well you have something to look forward to! It’s in the 40’s here today, Saturday, but it is supposed to rain at some point! (I’m a human barometer) It’s so nice after 2 weeks of freezing off our collective asses! On the other hand, the germs will return in full force!
    Have some Thin Mints for me, some Samoans for my hubby, and enjoy the “tropical” temps! The ridiculous groundhog will be out tomorrow to tell everyone if there will be 6 more weeks of winter… I got news for all yinz! There are always 6 weeks between Feb. 2 & the first day of spring, March 21st! Oh, the silly things people believe…
    Frying pan warnings? Hmm….
    Peace & Laughter,

    • A chapter everyday? Well, if anyone wants to employ to write this instead of work – I’ll do that. Any takers? No, well it was worth a try.
      Groundhog – be sure to read my post when I put out the next chapter for more on that critter.

      • LOL! As soon as I start getting paid for editing, I’ll send you a pittance for writing! Someone can stuff that groundhog for all I care. It makes national news, and people actually walk around bitching about the results of “Phil’s prognostication!” Gah! “We’re gonna have 6 more weeks of winter! Now it’s really gonna be bad!” Dear God, yes, they do walk among us. Aside from our illustrious football team (Go Steelers!) that I’m always proud to be asked about, Px. Phil is one of the first things folks always ask me about PA. So we’re this HUGE state with 2 NFL teams, 2 NHL teams (I admit it, I’m really not a Flyers fan), 2 MLB teams, and Philly has a NBA team, plus all of our college & university offerings, beautiful scenery, our grand place in American history,…and we are asked about a friggin’ groundhog…? Looking forward to that post!

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