Moving Right Along

Hi all

Just trying to keep up with posting two a week til we’re done, so here’s the next chapter of Beauty and the Vampire Beast.

Aaaand – I finished this story a few days ago, so I thought.  See a viking came and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me he had more to say.  Unfortunately, the tap was virtual or imagined or part of the thing that makes Mags insane and there wasn’t really a viking here – I checked, even looked under the clutter tree. . .  nope – no viking.

So I wrote and I have finished it and in only edit mode.  Won’t be long now folks.

‘Cept I already planned an outtake – but that’ll be after I start Make a Wish.

Also – I made a big hairy mistake last chapter – Ir’s fixed, but I mentioned Sookie had a pony tail – which she does not (hair’s not grown yet).  Thanks murgatroid-98 for catching!

Aaaaand now I’m done babbling.

Have a good weekend.


Chapter 69 – Here comes the sun

Will write for comments, please help . . .

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