Hey everyone!

In my writing, I’m approaching the end of this saga and like with Nowhere to Now Here, the writing process turns into molasses when that happens.  I think it’s mourning over the loss of the characters that I’ve come to love so much.  Send me good muse thoughts please.

I already have my next story brewing, so after some time in between the end of BVB, you’ll see that one.  Be sure to set up author or wordpress alerts so you see that when it comes out.  It’s another vampire story and will be titled ‘Make a Wish’ and for now, that’s all you get.  I’m thinking of posting a teaser as I have a key part of chapter 1 written (yes, my muse took me there this week then she was being stubborn about BVB).  Use comments or review to let me know if you want that teaser (shameless Mags, pushing for comments and reviews like that.  Who me?)

Hope you guys have a great week and if my muse kicks in, I’ll post again on Thursday (big IF).


Chapter 48 – At least the Pledging was fun

Teaser for Chapter 50 (yes, I skipped one).


Will write for comments, please help . . .

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