That good old last minute. . .

I truly do live by that phrase, if it wasn’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.  I’m pretty sure 11PM on Sunday is pretty darn close to the last minute since I promised myself I would post today.

Now, I must sleep.  I truly hope you enjoy what happens in this chapter.  I enjoyed it and some of the subsequent sections so much I had to rewrite 8 chapters to change something.  What is that something?  You won’t know until Chapter 52.  I’ll explain it at the end in an author’s note.

Thanks to all that are following, reviewing and reading.  I truly appreciate you.

I updated the teasers page – it’s especially juicy this time.  Take a look.

Chapter 44 – Great Expectations

Teaser page for Chapter 45

Will write for comments, please help . . .

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